Tunnel Rat posted on January 23, 2012 12:35

Check out this buck-toothed slumdog "student" trying to get someone to vouch for his experience at these big companies:

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United States db
January 23. 2012 18:46

Yup, they're even becoming more desperate. Many jump ship and simply disappear into the wilderness if their job ends. No reason to go back to India they must think. ICE probably has its hands full tracking down all of the loose ends. This is a catastrophe and I'm sure the slumdogs are looking for scraps, job referrals or anything.

I was just at FedEx Kinko's today doing some printing. The self-service printers they have there do not properly parse strings together. For instance, I just printed off 50 copies and they are all ruined. For instance spaces between words disappeared, commas were eliminated. Something else I just noticed was that Go Daddy's MX servers are not properly configured. I can't receive mail from various clients or vendors since Go Daddy uses some obscure and bizarre "mail reputation" pre-filtering which auto bounces emails even if they are from a legitimate sender. Have lost job contracts due to this. My only guess is DESI MORON SLUMDOGS are behind all of this crap. 10-15 year ago everything was humming nicely in IT. Now they are breaking all of the systems. At Kinko's if you typed a sentence for example "the lazy dog jumps over the cat" it would print out "thelazydog jumps over, thecat." No American IT or computer science graduate would be that stupid to engineer a system that eliminates characters from a print queue.


United States James
January 23. 2012 19:47

Please please don't send me back to that hellhole India - I am begging you - please give me a fake reference so I can stay in the US and continue to drain its economy and send all of its wealth back to my 65 relatives in India who are all unemployed.

Now my fellow Americans, you know the REAL cause of our economic mess - MILLIONS of these faking slumdogs cleaning out our companies right and left!

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United States debug
January 27. 2012 00:35

this is brutal asking for fixed up references

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United States Babu Rudeboy
January 27. 2012 10:49
Babu Rudeboy

This dude is a walking advertisement for slumdog dentistry at its finest

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Canada indian_tatti
January 28. 2012 02:11



one more fake news...

When did they hire Computer Science graduates....

By Kelvin Soh

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Infosys, India's second largest software services exporter, aims to expand its workforce in Europe, but is having trouble finding the computer science graduates it needs, the head of its European operations said on Friday.

"The biggest problem for us with regard to hiring is that there aren't enough people who want to study computer science in Europe and the UK," said B. G. Srinivas, head of European operations at Infosys .

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Srinivas said the company aims to expand its European workforce by 10 percent, adding 5,500 employees.

"We've had to hire maths and science graduates," said Srinivas. "If we hired only computer science graduates, I'd be looking at a very small talent pool."

Infosys competes with companies such as Accenture Plc ..

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United States James
January 28. 2012 11:08

""The biggest problem for us with regard to hiring is that there aren't enough people who want to study computer science in Europe and the UK," said B. G. Srinivas, head of European operations at Infosys ."

More BS lies from India - same BS they used in the US in order to claim they need to bring more people in. This is how they further their takeover agenda. And it is how they are stripping the west of its wealth. All part of their propaganda.

They claim the same thing in US even though US graduates 200K CS people per year and there are nowhere near that many new CS jobs created.

Indians - as always liars and usurpers.

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United States hollydollydoo
January 28. 2012 12:43

You are right about Fedex/Kinko's.  A few years ago, I was in a Fedex and I overheard one of the managers talking about outsourcing the work to India, because 'they do excellent work'.  And this guy was a brotha - wha?

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United States Anti-H1B
January 29. 2012 01:33

Will there ever be an end to the criminal cartel of INDIA?

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United States asdf
January 29. 2012 06:47

Were these Indians always like this since the dawn of time? Have they ever for once in their lives never been shitty or had a shithole country?

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United States Anti-H1B
January 29. 2012 16:48

Before the British pillaged India, I am sure that maybe 1000 years ago India was a rich country after all the Europeans like Marco Polo dreamed of making it there for the spices. No, the British changed Indians to be criminals.

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United States James
January 30. 2012 02:52

India was never a rich country. That is a con they tell their kids in school in order that they not revolt against their gov't which messed up by following commuism for 60 years. India is and always will be a shithole because its people are animals and they act like animals. Can't have it both ways.

The west is "rich" because the west invented everything the modern world enjoys and took the risk and paid the cost of crossing the oceans to discover the New World.

Did the slumdogs even have technology for sailing across the oceans 500 years ago? Apparently not, which only proves further how stupid they are.

Instead of spending all their time whinning about how the west robbed them and trying to steal back wealth that was never taken from them, why doesn't the Slumdog Subcontinent try inventing something for the modern world.

BTW, the Brits tried to civilized India, but in true Aztec fashion, India would have none of it and kicked them out. Hence the squalid conditions that continue today in that country.

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United States Dean
January 30. 2012 13:27

I'm not suprised by this at all. I've been forced to interview literally dozens of Job-Robbing AN slumdogs, and almost every single one had a bullshit resume. At first I was surprised by what I suspected. As time went on, I realized that is just how they do business. Lying and bullshitting their way from one job to another, leaving a wide traile of crap in their wake...nothing but bad news

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United States mark
January 30. 2012 14:31

Thank goodness for this site so I can be amongst people who hate indians.   I swear, that desperate plea for a phony is no surprise.  They fake their resumes all of the time.  Notice that they always put "5 years".  I know this one lying piece of shit who claims he had 5 years of database and ETL experience.   I suspect he had less than six months and learning on the fly.  He didn't even know simple basic UNIX commands like "mkdir".  I told him, it is the same as DOS "mkdir".  He didn't know what I was talking about and wanted me to Instant message him.  Mother fucker.  

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United States asdf
January 30. 2012 22:29

Oh I don't know about that James, both Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan tried to sack the entire sub-continent, but they failed so there was obviously something. All these Muslim warlords from Central Asia, wouldn't have tried to invade the place if it wasn't a place filled with something. Things like Judo, Jit-jitsu, martial arts had origins in India as well as the decimal positioning system. The West took & copied a lot of it's technology from other sources, so it wouldn't have been able to do what it did without the help & ideas of other civilizations. You are forgetting the Sikhs and how they saved Britain in WWII, the Sikhs are the only group from that place that don't behave in typical backwards garbage curry fashion and their state don't resemble the dirty filthy slumdog concentrated filth. They seem to fight their battles without being pussies & distribute  & help society as warriors, which their entire religion is based on. Obviously the curry poop toilet bowl was worth something in some past age or another.

Otherwise I agree with you on everything else in that it's a shit backwards culture that can't innovate or behave in a civilized manner for shit. Fuck I hate those stinky greedy short-sighted Indians not to mention they are ugly as fuck. They destroy & reproduce the same shithole wherever they go on Earth, and their backwards tribalistic Hindu religion seem to give them a basis for their despicable tribalistic behavior which is a product of them being backwards ugly primitive monkeys. I had to go on an airplane full of these stinky slumdog Indians once and they had absolutely no manners or decency whatsoever; this one slumdog old ass female put her dirty ass feet near me while I was sitting, it was disgusting with old ass filthy nails filled w/ dirt and didn't even apologize or have the proper decency to put her feet on the floor or somewhere else when I asked her to. Someone should just nuke the fucking country already, please get into a nuclear conflict with Pakistan, all you people resemble piles of feces and your entire region is a pile of shit. This way they can start from scratch.

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United States James
January 31. 2012 03:53

"The early history of judo is inseparable from its founder, Japanese polymath and educator Jigoro Kano (嘉納 治五郎 Kanō Jigorō?, 1860–1938), born Shinnosuke Kano (嘉納 新之助 Kanō Shinnosuke?). Kano was born into a relatively affluent family. His father, Jirosaku, was the second son of the head priest of the Shinto Hiyoshi shrine in Shiga Prefecture. He married Sadako Kano, daughter of the owner of Kiku-Masamune sake brewing company and was adopted by the family, changing his name to Kano, and ultimately became an official in the Bakufu government.[3]"

"The West took & copied a lot of it's technology from other sources, so it wouldn't have been able to do what it did without the help & ideas of other civilizations."

Haha. Another slumdog lied to in Indian schools. You must be one of those people who think "All software comes from India", and "Microsoft is an Indian company". Stop believing the lies you are fed in your toilet schools.

"You are forgetting the Sikhs and how they saved Britain in WWII"

No, the USA saved Britain in WWII. Ever hear of D-Day?

I suppose next you will be telling us the internet really originated in India but the USA stole it somehow. LOL.

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United States asdf
January 31. 2012 10:08

James, just read Robert Lindsay's take on these people, since it's much more detailed about them.  I am not an Indian or a slumdog but you have to be joking about the West not taking ideas from other places such as gun powder from the Chinese, numbers from the Middle East etc. I'm not the biggest fan of India.inc but you have to give credit to these Sikhs, there were large amounts of them serving in Britain and they are culturally & physiologically different from the rest of the slumdogs and Jiu-Jitsu is from there.

Otherwise the rest are all pieces of shit who aren't willing to change anything, or are too lazy to do anything about their station in life. They are for the most part, parasitical darwinistic dirty animals that will never change their ways or ever fix the toilet bowl concentrated filth of their own country. The world will never accept a system such as India Inc, it's culture & people have already fucked up it's neighbors and have polluted the world with their downtrodden culture. As for the internet, well obviously Al Gore invented it.

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Canada ezygoer
January 31. 2012 12:45

Well it takes 2 to clap and make noise - slummers and Corp. America who brought in over a million over the last decade and shipped over half a million jobs to India for quick profits.
Also the entire manufacturing base to China prime example GE and Jack Welch got a billion $ retirement package! So slummers only exploited the opportunity given to them by Corp. America and way past time to wake up and realize the folly of doing so !!

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United States James
January 31. 2012 13:18

"gun powder from the Chinese"

It was fireworks, not gunpowder and it was over 400 years ago. 1 invention in 400 years. What geniuses.

"numbers from the Middle East etc."

Calculus was invented by Sir Issac Newton, without which space travel would be impossible. Yes, Algebra was invented in the mesopotamia 5000 years ago. So what? What else have the sand-eaters invented since then?

Anyone who does not understand that the USA saved Britain, Europe, and China during WW2 is ignorant of history. I don't care how many Sikhs were involved. They didn't storm the beaches at Normany, the US Army did. They didn't liberate Auschwitz, the US Army did. Without the US, it's highly likely fascism would have taken over the world during WW2 and you wouldn't be free right now. Ingrate. Perhaps you will like the world better when China, the ultimate dictatorship is running it.

I don't see any US companies anyone has heard of being created by Sikhs. Can you name some?

I'm not the biggest fan of India.inc but you have to give credit to these Sikhs, there were large amounts of them serving in Britain and they are culturally & physiologically different from the rest of the slumdogs and Jiu-Jitsu is from there."

Jiu-Jitsu did not come from India. It came from Japan, or possibly China.

"Several theories explain the origins of jujutsu. One theory holds that in the 17th century, a Chinese man named Chen Yuan Ping introduced the techniques of jujutsu to three ronin - Fukuno Hichiroemon, Miura Yojiemon, and Isogai Jirozaemon. The other theory propounded by the Yōshin-ryū holds that a doctor named Akiyama Shirobei from Nagasaki devised jujutsu upon his return from China where he learned the art of hakuda. Yet another theory claims that jujutsu began "in the age of the gods" and is a purely Japanese invention.[5][6]"

Are you reading the slumdog edition of Wikipedia or something?

Sikhs may or may not be better than pure land slumdogism, but I haven't had any experience for them and most of the slumdogs imported by the organized crime rackets called India, Inc. don't use them.

So, the point is moot. Slumdogs are the problem and they are the ones raping the US economy currently. Hence we need to focus on them, not on the few possibly honest Indians who may not have an agenda.

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United States joshua
January 31. 2012 17:12

Can anyone find me the video clip corresponding to this woman
talking to Obama about her husband being unemployed for three years
and about H1B visa


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