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United States James
January 19. 2012 02:39

Looks like the bankers are running scared. They can't control the internet and people ignore TV now. The elites, then bankers, and their globalist cronies are being exposed at every turn on the net and they are terrified. So they have to get a way to control the net and shut down sites at will. They claim it's to stop piracy, but we all know it's so they can control free speech and control the message they want people to hear. Americans have stopped globalization cold in its tracks and the elites can't stand it.


SOPA == SoPathetic!

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United States Anti-H1B
January 19. 2012 10:07

Great update on the film! Brilliant! Funny but the Nazis and Adolf Hitler remind me of many Indian managers and H-1Bs I have had the displeasure of dealing with in past five years at workplaces! And many believe in the same ethnic cleansing of Americans just like the Nazi SS used against the Jews!

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Canada Mark
January 20. 2012 22:42

Looks like a Federal Reserve H-1B ripped them off.

Why the hell has the Federal Reserve been hiring H-1B's when all of the occupations the Federal Reserve needs to fill are in abundance amongst the US citizen labour force?

Talk about traitors!  

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United States James
January 21. 2012 17:05

It makes PERFECT sense that the Fed would hire H-1Bs. After all, THEY are the ones who want wages driven down - so that they can avoid another 90s-style surplus which PAYS OFF DEBT!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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