I made this video about two years ago and it was taken down off of YouTube, first because of copyright issues by the original movie company, and most recently by a court order issued by a delusional New Jersey judge (is there any kind) that was bribed by Apex Technology Group boss Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan and his mob lawyer, Patrick Papalia. Enjoy!

Apex Technology Group from Rudy Torrent on Vimeo.

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United States Indian_tatti
January 1. 2012 19:11

hahaha.. Loved it ....

Going to Share it with others....

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United States dean
January 1. 2012 20:10

this is friggin great, I love it. Pure genius!!!

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United States James
January 2. 2012 09:00

Dood this is incredible. Hilarious. We all need to be making more stuff like this to mock those Desi Nazis who love to buy Mein Kampf in Mumbai and plot their ethnic professional extermination plans against Americans on our own soil.

We need to flood YT, Vimeo, and Hulu with loads of this kind of stuff mocking them to the core.

You have real talent and genius. We need to start making some of our own feature-length movies exposing this crap.

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United Kingdom no one
January 2. 2012 17:40
no one

Some old movies about the slave traders could easily have words added to show the kind of slave trading those evil people at Cognizant get up to!

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United States minicoopsmom
January 3. 2012 12:40

You must be doing something right if you have all this attention. Keep it up!

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United States Chavii
January 5. 2012 11:52

TR burn in hell for insulting my husband and calling him hitler

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United States db
January 6. 2012 12:23

INDIA: Systemic Political Corruption

"This summer, a powerful, organic, and populist movement emerged to combat the systemic political corruption that has plagued India for decades. The front of the movement, Anna Hazare, spearheaded an effort to pressure the Indian Parliament to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. This proposal would establish an intermediary organization between the people and the government to investigate and root out corruption in government bureaucracies. Although initially contentious, the effect of Hazare’s hunger strike and the nationwide protests in support of his cause led the government to accede. As this issue goes to press, a legislative committee has been drafting legislation in support of the movement’s goals."


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United States db2
January 6. 2012 12:30

Now we are starting to hear the truth:

"The average Indian has long been harassed by the prevalence of corruption. The prevalence of bribery has thus enabled the anti-corruption movement to gain support across age, ethnic, and religious barriers. The dichotomy of an old-fashioned Hazare-style protest and a modern Facebook and Twitter social media-choreographed impact has allowed the movement to reach a broad population, attracting to the rallies young college students and aged anti-corruption stalwarts alike. Sonya Mehta, a rally participant, told the HPR, “I don’t think there’s any Indian who hasn’t paid a bribe. Once an income tax officer asked for a bribe to accept my returns. It’s a pervasive cancer in the system."


Did you hear that folks? These are the best and brightest we so lovingly accept into the USA:

"I don’t think there’s any Indian who hasn’t paid a bribe. Once an income tax officer asked for a bribe to accept my returns. It’s a pervasive cancer in the system."

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United States Indian_tatti
January 6. 2012 13:58


Don't take tension, we all are here to help you when ur Husband (hasane wala band) is not there.




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United States amit1982@gmail.com
January 6. 2012 13:58

Hi Chavi

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United States James
January 7. 2012 16:50


Don't you mean remit 1982?

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United States James
January 8. 2012 02:39

Looks like NASSCOM hired some more shillls to write this book just like they paid Tom Friedman to write his 2 bookson India:


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United States joshua
January 8. 2012 18:38

hey everyone

we have to all go and vote down the 'yes' ones
looks like someone up-voted them using a script


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United States immam
January 10. 2012 16:03

Not on the theme, but a good example on how the slumdogs want to be here in the US, and not in their own country............

The following is a very good story from the Huffington Post:


The funny(?) thing is that the Veterans Administration hires quite a few "guestworkers" and other Indian immigrants for VA hospital work.  I have stated to the VA that I refuse to be treated by these people at the VA clinics or hospitals in any way, shape, or form.  

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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