tunnel rat posted on December 28, 2011 10:11

Yet another in a series of numerous lawsuits targeting the slumdog slave trade, one of which (not this one) I am currently a plaintiff in:

     DALLAS (CN) - A federal class action alleging forced labor, human trafficking and RICO violations claims a financial services tech company uses bait-and-switch tactics to lure foreign workers, whom it defrauds and underpays in violation of their employment agreements and of visa rules.
     Lead plaintiff Venkata Sudhakar Amerineni sued Maruthi Technologies dba Anblicks, three Maruthi officers, and Gavs Information Services dba Gavs Technologies.
     Maruthi's home page on the Internet claim it offers "innovative solutions for moving forward and navigat[ing] the road to recovery for financial sector."
     The class claims Maruthi uses bait-and-switch tactics to recruit foreign workers, then does not pay the full, legally required prevailing wages to workers with H-1B visas.
     Defendant Vamsi Kadiyala is described as a U.S. citizen and resident of India, who travels to the United States to do business for Maruthi and himself.
     "At all material times, Vamsi Kadiyala has been an owner of Maruthi. Vamsi Kadiyala was responsible for directing fraudulent operations and making false representations and attestations on behalf of Maruthi with regard to H-1B workers, including representations made regarding the plaintiff's H-1B visa application," the complaint states.
     Defendant Padmaja Kadiyala also is described as a U.S. citizen who lives in India and travels to the United States for business. She is accused of being "responsible for directing fraudulent operations and making false representations and attestations on behalf of Maruthi with regard to H-1B workers as discussed herein, including representations made regarding the plaintiff's H-1B visa application."
     Defendant Kumar Tirumal, of Irving, Texas, "has been the operations director of Maruthi," the complaint states. "Tirumal was responsible for directing fraudulent operations and making false representations and attestations on behalf of Maruthi with regard to H-1B workers as discussed herein."
     According to the complaint: "The Immigration and Nationality Act ('INA') limits the types of foreign workers eligible for H-1B visas, and imposes prevailing wage requirements on H-1B sponsor employers in order to protect American workers. "These wage requirements include that sponsor employers are required to pay their H-1B employees the higher of (a) actual wages the employer pays co-workers in related positions or (b) a 'prevailing wage' for the specialty, as determined by an independent survey of wages paid to workers similarly employed in the geographic area of intended employment. Sponsor employers are further required to provide prevailing wages to H-1B employees during the periods that they are in nonproductive status (commonly called 'benched' status): that is, when the H-1B worker is not performing work due to a decision by the employer, e.g., because of lack of assigned work. ... These wage requirements are designed to both prevent exploitation of foreign workers and to avoid the influx of cheap foreign labor for professional services."
     Amerineni claims Maruthi promised him $63,000 a year, but when he arrived, told him there was no work available and that he would not be paid for nonproductive time.
     "Maruthi requires these H-1B employees to obtain third-party consulting work and steer income from that work to Maruthi before these individuals are paid any wages," the complaint states.
     "In addition to unpaid 'benched' periods at the start of their employment relationship with Maruthi, those employees who do eventually find third-party consulting work often experience gap periods between consulting projects. These Maruthi H-1B employees are not paid the required prevailing wage, or any wages, during these gap periods of nonproductive/benched time.
     "Maruthi H-1B employees who do find paying project work continue to be underpaid by defendants, and receive less than the required prevailing wage or the wage promised by Maruthi," according to the complaint.
     Gavs is accused of participating in the scheme by arranging third-party work for Maruthi's H-1B workers.
     The class consists of all H-1B workers employed by Maruthi in the past 4 years who have been paid less than the full prevailing wage. It seeks damages for RICO violations, forced labor and human trafficking, and breach of contract.
     It is represented by Michael Brown with Peterson, Berk & Cross in Appleton, Wisc. 

Comments (21) -

Canada Mark
December 28. 2011 14:44

Sounds like all firms that use the H-1B are guilty of similar.  But the government doesn't care.  Remember, its the same government that let a bunch of tech firms engage in a conspiracy to depress Silicon Valley workers' salaries through a set of no-contact/no-solicit agreements with minimal punishment.  

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United States debug
December 29. 2011 01:04

more supporters against the h1-b visa program

and they back it up with facts and not NASSCOM  propaganda


slave traders GAME OVER...CHECKMATE

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United States RJ
December 29. 2011 14:48

Yes there is definitely a need to reform the H1- B program but before that most critical thing to look at is the L1 program which brings in lot of people (even more than h1) and on an even more temporary basis than the H1. People on L1 sometimes do not get salary in US (rather paid per diem) and do not contribute towards taxes. Since they are on temp basis they do not contribute much to the US economy.
Hope the govt looks into this on an urgent basis and also look at reforming the H1 B program.

no site

United States IT_one_percent
December 30. 2011 01:33

My reply has nothing to do with the post.   I discovered this site recently and catching up on this blog and past posts.  I feel like I finally found fellow IT AMERICANS that are on the same page with me.  I am so sick of the upside down world that we have in most corporate IT shops.  If I took a photo of my work place, you would think I'm in India.  I've been in IT for about 20 years.  I've seen the decline in quality, career, and pay due to these foreigners.  I recently had a "panel interview" conducted by foreign indian workers that are half my age and a manager who is also weaseled his way into a FTE job.   It just seems so wrong to be an American who also served my country to be in a situation in which my livelihood is determined by foreign workers are less qualified.    

In any case, I hope the there is a reverse transitions but unfortunately, the companies that handed the keys to the Indians will soon realize that it is going to be painful to take back the keys.  These indians have no integrity.

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 01:51

The current economic crisis , various medial insurance schemes who are in open nexus with hospitals , medical colleges that are run like avaricious corporates , the scale & depth of insecurity plaguing every person , the ill conceived zeal for venturing into genetically modified crops--in all this confusion we have forgotten a very precious adage:-

" Health is Wealth ".

Good health is the very foundation as sound mind in a sound body & all that.

Useless Indians breeding irresponsibly ( Bangladeshis notoriously & wantonly breed & breed taking lots of wives , doing prostitution business as their jihad factories called madrassas really EXHORT them to do so to make this world rid of "infidels". Lot of it once I watched in BBC. India being geographically near & thriving on muslim votes have long abetted this ( President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed issued plenty of bogus ration cards to them turning them into bona fide voters.

Today these criminal Bangladeshis are so all pervasive right in Europe & God alone knows where else.Intrinsically the character of Bangladeshis & lots of Bengalis ( muslims followed by many of goofy religious patinas)is not something worthy of emulation.

Yes , many are intellectually inclined I agree. But the majority of them are incredibly lecherous hard core rapists.I grew up in Calcutta.Bengalis themselves talk about this trait with leading to  bawdy pithy phrases summing it up very crudely. Once a playback singer's (Kishore Kumar)scheduled concert was cancelled as he could not come from another State. At once within the closed big auditorium situated near a well known lake the men pounced upon womenfolk tearing their clothes , slashing their breasts with blades , knives , mass raping that eventually when the exit could be opened many women in large numbers jumped into the lake committing suicide.

While commuting , in workplaces groping , molestation , spitting , hitting with cricket balls , football targetting the breasts , breaking the windowpanes of Tamilians particularly ( we are not liked that is our chimerical unity & national integration , ridiculed for our dark complexion , language , cuisine  particularly curd rice followed by tamarind ; even now uberarrogant Shobhaa De has ridiculed as she has managed to hook a rich Bengali a shipping magnate/tycoon whatever is the apt word ) excessive sexual abuses by bengalis has always been a given. Tamilians could & would never be able to hit back or even protest verbally as bengalis invariably band together as violent mob. Rabid communists.Their very mentality is always that.

Very important when this Shobhaa De ( she has enormous clout a powerful opinion maker feted by illinformed feminists & toxic idiots)went to Europe & met some useless bangladeshi selling fruits in France , she could give full vent to her venomous hostility towards Europeans embracing this bangladeshi poisonous parasite there in devious ways). All Indians are like that.Their anti Western animosity automatically makes them rally together calling themselves "we are southasians sharing common background heritage" yadayada.

Henry Kissinger & Richard Nixon were ABSOLUTELY right in asking useless India to remain neutral when Pakistanis & Bangladeshis went to war. Richard Nixon described Indians in overcharitable words " sanctimonious bastards".

Even today overwhelming number of Indians hate Henry Kissinger & Richard Nixon & thus entire America , Americans with vitriolic hatred.

Exterminate these parasites. You can never reform or transform them.

Then it would be a cakewalk for industrious Americans , ISRAELIS & Europeans  etc to do extensive horticulture , agriculture & whatever pursuits you want to. " Food is Thy Medicine ". Space , water , air all of it is constant. Space is never created . Remove the clutter , you get space. Kill the evil parasites.Water scarcity vanishes.    

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 02:06

While in Canada the Indian students along with Bangladeshis presented a cultural programme called 'Parichay',they do it every year. It was so revolting full of lies. What is alarming , Canada has more of such Indians , bangladeshis etc etc (south asians) than your very own CANADIANS. Mercifully , Chinese keep a distance from these scum I noticed.

The students are all postgrads , post post research scholars , hoohaa doctorates I was so shocked ! How could such egregiously illbred people gain entry into your country & educational institutions. Religion wise also the whole world knows how murderous they are.In front of the Canadian Vice Chancellor ( a Lady) these treasonous south asians proclaimed :-

" These people invaded our country......blahblahblahblah " breaking into lugubrious songs with equally lugubrious tabla beats etc only perpetuating such falsified history.

They wreak a lot more havoc I cannot write here.The non thinking people bitten by political correctness would call it all (sic)" paranoia/hypersensitivity".

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 03:34

Language fanaticism that invariably manifests in violent rapes & relentless persecution is a given with Indians. As India is linguistically divided into various states.

While I was working as a clerk in a bank in Calcutta from the day I set foot ( I was FORCIBLY dragged by a stranger Tambram family Swaminathan & Lakshmi Swaminathan with three children. That Swaminathan ( died very old after doing considerable damage to my Father S.Janakiraman , his Parents & my late brother J.Prakash & my life ) held some very ordinary post in New Central Jutemills. Though claimed they were tamilians actually hailed from Bangalore Karnataka. Were typical southindians besotted with watching ALL Indian movies released , buying ALL useless records of indian films including hindi.Any tamil speaking yuppie to wannabe yuppie yearns to learn hindi as they are that enamoured of Nargis Rajkapoor blahblah. They look down upon non hindi speaking fellow tamilians as " bucolic unlettered non cosmopolitan tamil fanatic".

These prejudices spill straight & neat into cuisine also.When in Nagpur , the tamilians settled there ridiculed me for adhering to traditional idli , sambar , rasam telling:-

" No wonder you are so fat( Thanks to some  American (God Bless Him he has written many books on Toxic Psychiatry , much later I came to know my obesity , incontinence , sudden appearance of hair on my face , arms & legs & hypothyroidism , baldness were all caused by psychiatric medicines)we all eat roti , sago vada , sago kichdi" blahblah.

That Swaminathan & his wife were blackmagic experts. Were openly hateful towards only my father. My mother Jayalakshmi who also HATED my father would always join hands with anyone disliking my father. Swaminathan was notorious for stealing some foundry equipments my father found out. Most of what followed you know by now. Suddenly they became uber uber RICH as they entered into some lucrative business with some American New Yorker ( a Jew), he resigned floated "Lakshmi Enterprises" said they were making & selling foundry equipments. Became agents for some table , pedastal fans diversified into I don't know what were the first family to own a washing machine , make endless trips to Singapore , Malaysia & America also. They were ssssso rich & lavish I cannot describe all too suddenly.  

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 04:02


That Swaminathan was an enginner.Certainly knew nothing about Jute Technology.

Whereas my father S.Janakiraman did his B.Sc in Physics from Vivekananda College Chennai & then went straight into pursuing Jute Technology proper by doing a full 3 or 5 year course I don't know. It was newly introduced by setting up that Institute of Jute Technology in West Bengal. My father was exceptionally brilliant not just academically but in INTEGRITY & ETHICS too.

Among Indians & within India ( as in most places if one wants to generalise & deflect) any ethically upright person cannot survive at all. Best vocation is to become a renunciate. We were living in communist corrupt West Bengal marooned among such lecherous hostile faux friends , faux relatives & faux acquaintances.

Bengalis like to bask in the reflected glory of their Rabindranath Tagores & Sage Aurobindo & their English , culture. But me a tamilian clerk speaking good English along with TRUTH filled them with barely cloaked murderous hostility. Bengalis in that bank including some southindians did no work at all. Came very late daily , smoke , smoke ,play carrom , talk politics & cricket football discussions. Only once I pointed out their hooliganism when all of them tore me apart telling :-

" Your British are the hooligans certainly not us....you tamilians brew arrack & die in all street corners ...." blahblah.

The years I spent working in both State Bank of Mysore ( Bentinck Street) for six months (7 April 1978 7/4/1978)& later in Uco bank were traumatic beyond description.  

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 04:18

While working as a temporary clerk in State Bank of Mysore headquarters in Karnataka (I was the only one temporary worker as their rich account holder Swaminathan family had "fixed " this job for me there)I could never leave at 5PM as everyone else left. I was made to work even till 9PM by one Tambram manager hailing from Kumbakonam Ramasubramanian very close to this account holder overshrewd heartless person & one Bengali officer called Rupnarayan Bose whose sister was some famous sportsperson in West Bengal.

Others knew but NOBODY cared enough to warn me. That Rupnarayan Bose was a thug a lecherous unscrupulous THUG. Not only was I subjected to verbal & physical abuse along with pay withheld but once he asked me to come & stand in Park Circus area Calcutta as "he had some work for me".

I had no idea what he was up to and had no father by then. Earlier when I came home crying about sexual abuse both Mohan & my mother were not perturbed AT ALL. They said:- " money is all that matters...these things happen...you should learn to be smart enough to handle...so many are working..are you the only girl stepping out.....always crying..if not get out of the house  here and now...you are such a burden...."

That evening I went & waited in Park Circus area for about one hour.He did not turn up at all.Later I came to know he had made plans for selling me to some pimp turning me into a prostitute.

How come he did not turn up ? My father who was dead by then SAVED me. How I shall not say.

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 04:21

That Park Circus area in Calcutta is full of bengali muslims lots of bangladeshi muslims also notorious for debauchery , pimping & abductions. Others knew but I came to know decades later.

no site

United States Anonymous
December 30. 2011 07:36

There is another uber rich Marvari industrialists called Ruia in Calcutta.Like most rich marvari businessmen were strict vegetarians , close knit bonhomous families, hosting periodical satsangs like Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas recitations etc etc. One of the men called Pawan Kumar Ruia was attending Calcutta Law College where I had joined as I was coerced into taking up company secretaryship course (ACS) along with law by this Duryodhana brother Mohan ( now in Canada).But even one paise my family did not give.

It was a Muslim friend in Rani Birla Girls' College who gave me money with no strings attached. I did not fall at her feet.I wonder if I even said a 'thank you'.In fact I did not even approach her.Till date I have not returned as she never called it a loan.

Because of the sudden unexpected death of my father my college education was going to be discontinued. At once one Keralite converted christian family whose two daughters were in the same college ( Philomena Joseph & Annie Joseph...ohsogoodygoody good samaritans that would outshine even the very Jesus Christ kind of people with such a false demeanour) who at once said they were ready to give money. Those days I was not aware of this evangelizing business AT ALL. When I called them over telephone they were so evasive & flippant repeating " you should come & talk to a father in church ".

By God's Grace that Muslim friend gave me so much I did not have to go to any other person including Mohan & my mother.

That Pawan Ruia ( studied in Renukoot UP or MP not sure I vaguely recall he said) also had made plans to take me to Nepal & sell me into prostitution.He said:-

" There is no need for even a passport to go to Nepal.Come with me.Before marrying a girl I want to gather experience in sex So I want to take you.."

That he could walk straight into my house several times & say these things left Mohan , my mother & the rest unfazed. Had Prakash & I not been given psychiatric medications we could have easily seen through the diabolical strategies of this Mohan.

no site

United States currycockroaches
December 30. 2011 11:20

Destroy them--America is impotent--Tunnel rat post my message.

Fuck these curry cockroaches like australians did--start a rampage , they dont understand normal language

They understand only violence, i cant understand why american pussies sit in basement and start useless forums and debate useless things

if you want to know why USA stinks today--ITs your own impotence that made you like this

Take arms and act against these parasites, let them cry racism or any filth they like


no site

United States currycockroaches
December 30. 2011 11:49

look all those names are from andhrapradesh.. just look at their profiles all are from same state--either andhrapradesh or tamil nadu

no site

United States tunnel cat
December 30. 2011 20:34
tunnel cat

down with those shady indian firms

no site

United States Anonymous
December 31. 2011 04:37

I always maintain correctly India has absolutely no scruples AT ALL. America can always trust countries like Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , UAE , China , Pakistan included striking meaningful mutually beneficial relationships but NEVER with India & Indians.

Even today the so called well known Indian journalists , Indian corporates & Indian Establishment has the galling audacity to declare (sic>>>America & Israel India can easily override ; GCC countries also we need not bother about. But Iran & its allies are very important for India for its natural gas>>> yadayada.

I am sorry I don't have the full authentic background of Mukesh & Anil Ambani the allegedly one of the richest industrialists in this world. I read it long time back & was speechless with shock. Out & out unethical & devious ways were followed by their father Dhirubai Ambani to set up their enterprise. And these people work behind the scenes in Indian movie making also. Thus an arrogant Mani Rathnam ( Indian moviemaker) was provided the required money to make a movie starring Miss world Aishwarya Rai & Amitabh Bachan's son with a lot of sophistry &  craftiest artifices thrown in to establish this Ambani family as beyond blemish , victims of the then prevailing conditions , generated employment for many & all such lies.

Some galling temerity these unscrupulous Indians must have in making endless visits to Thirupathi Temple(s).Shobhaa De the telegenic articulate oversmart columnist writes encomiums on him. No wonder this Ambanis were crowing they were causing an exodus of Indian engineers & accountants from Middle Eastern countries thus making India a superpower.

In one of these Middle Eastern countries that Dhirubai Ambani visited as an ordinary seemingly harmless person , did he hatch upon the most audaciously nefarious schemes of making sudden wealth.Then started more such beguiling schemes. Most people don't know at all. Government of India is THAT CORRUPT.

In today's newspaper another columnist writes " Indians abroad never break rules,are so law abiding & in huge numbers.Thus should breed & proliferate fast colonising all the countries."

Indians will always oscillate between self congratulatory smugness and mock humility.

no site

United States joshua
December 31. 2011 12:11


-welcome to our webpage community, and thank you for your service to our country!

yes there are many like us out here who are tired of corporations abusing
the H-1B and other visas to import cheap foreign labor to replace hardworking
Americans. Don't be afraid to go ahead and take those pictures, send them
on through and let the public see for real what is going on.

no site

United States db
December 31. 2011 20:48

The problem is, there are probably a authentic handful of expert foreign nationals who would do genuine benefit to the US economy. But, there are already visa programs under the alphabet soup which handle these situations.

Look at who introduced H1B back in the 1970s. If I am not mistaken it was Ted Kennedy. Then you have other Roman Catholics like Geoffrey Boisi who were involved with GE’s Jack Welch (aka Neutron Jack) who began the back office outsourcing of GE’s support divisions to India.

Why has it always been Roman Catholics who were at the forefront of all of this? They have a bad history of Social Justice and Liberation Theology akin to Communism. Could it be they are upholding Canon Law by attacking majority Protestant nations and not giving them aid or comfort?

This is a legitimate argument. Just look into Romano L. Mazzoli. Particularly examine 101-S.358 and 99-S.1200.


no site

United States James
January 1. 2012 17:17

Ted Kennedy did not start H-1B nor was he a Roman Catholic, though he claimed to be. He was a confirmed known womanizer and 14-year wannabe child molestor (see the report where a friend's 14-year old daughter walked in the room and dear Teddy said "I want to sleep with that". Ugh.

The Church has however been infiltrated by communists. There is even a book about it on Amazon if you look.

H-1B started in 1990 and it was Johnny Boy McCain who sponsored and started the BS. No doubt he took some massive payoff from India (and corporate America) to do that.

The real reason for H-1B is cheap labor but also because the "establishment" biz people and pols are AFRAID of the American IT intellect. We invent the future and everything in it and the good-old boy biz network is AFRAID of us. They are afraid because we are smarter than they are. There was even an article on the web about how the bankers were jealous of us, but the article has since been pulled. It read in part:

"I like to write books that read like novels - stories that are about big things. Obviously, Silicon Valley was a big thing. All these people from Wall Street I knew were complaining that these people in Silicon Valley were making more money than they were, or they were quitting jobs on Wall Street to go out west."

The article was entitled "Silicon Valley? It really sucks". But as I said it has since disappeared because the bankers don't want us catching on to their game.

They would rather try to control the IT companies but have cheap, docile labor that isn't a threat to their power.

That is why WE AMERICAN IT WORKERS are being deliberately kept out of IT - the powers that be hate that we took their prestige away from them in the 90s and all eyes were on us. Hence their need to FLOOD the US with these cheap scabs.

But in the end the bankers will fall too as their actions are destroying America and turning it into a country Not Worth Living In.

The bankers want it ALL and they want us broke and starving. This is ALL deliberate.

no site

United States Anonymous
January 2. 2012 02:13

It is far far worse than what you Americans are aware of.

I was appalled beyond words when I found the worstest possible Indian putrfying carcass called Laloo Yadav ( a politician , ex Chief Minister of Bihar ) being honoured & feted in HARVARD UNIVERSITY within USA.

He was  projected as some (sic) >>>special rustic person with great leadership qualities & lateral thinking by many including one Andrew Whitehead reporter of BBC.I was so puzzled how could an Englishman be this idiotic?? I got the answer when I came to know this BBC reporter is married to an Indian within India.

Ditto for one French Francois Gautier who wrote a hagiography of this charlatan called art of living SSSSSSSRavishankar. That French has married an Indian woman. If you marry Indian idiots you automatically become one idiot. (Is this the OSMOSIS  theory I was taught in school I wonder).

Think about it. You have too many Indians wielding enormous destructive clout.  

no site

Canada ezygoer
January 2. 2012 23:34

Visa programs have nothing to with religion or race .. it's just money making for Corporate(Tech. MS, Sun etc) America and India Inc.(Infosys,Wipro et all) everything you see was put in place by Corporate America about 15 years ago over time and has come to peak with what IT1%'s reporting !! Indians got in the game early and others followed to a smaller degree!! Cant recall non Indian consulting setups though !

Kind of like the housing mess bit by bit various pieces put in place like loose lending to sub-prime segments, bank de-regulation etc another example of Corporate (Banking) America running wild.

Both examples of course highlight the plight of the wage earning American worker.

no site

January 5. 2012 06:45

A further issue is that video games are normally serious naturally with the principal focus on mastering rather than enjoyment. Although, we have an entertainment factor to keep your young ones engaged, every game is normally designed to work on a specific set of skills or curriculum, such as math concepts or science. Thanks for your publication.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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