tunnel rat posted on December 22, 2011 10:30

This one is from the vault, dedicated to the slumdog slave traders at Apex Technology Group, their fat fuck Desi boss, Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, and their dumb wop lawyer, Patrick Papalia:

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas
-Ode to Tunnel Rat's Victory-

Twas two nights before Christmas, when all through the house
Champagne corks were popping, but not for that louse.
The one from New Jersey - that fat Hindi creep
Who hoped he could sue me but now he's in deep.

My New Jersey lawyer who could not be there,
While the judge threw the case out - all fair and square.
And the slave-driving Maderchod, who tried to ream me
Has now shined the light on his abuse of H-1B.

The techies were nestled all snug in their cubes,
Awaiting the verdict on these Apex boobs.
Away to my keyboard I stroked the good news,
Tore open the pantry and broke out the booze!

The moon exposed light on their labor petitions
Where they lied to the judge and made faulty admissions.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A text on my cellphone, that their time was near.

With a little old driver, like Tiger Woods' wife
I wanted to bash him, for trying to ruin my life.
More restraint followed, his coursers they came,
As the judge redeemed End-H1B, and restored my good name.

Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
To the front page of InfoWeek, to the top of Google Rank,
I sent this yule tiding “GO SUCK ON MY CRANK!”

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
That the rat bastard Hindi had jack shit for proof.
As I drew in my head, a sketch of his face,
Being blown up to bits all over the place!

He was messed up for sure, from his head to his neck,
And his clothes were all trashed, as he mailed me my check.
For MY lawyer fees, which he tried to elude
He hadn't expected to pay for me getting sued.

His eyes-how they winced! His expression was scary!
His ass-cheeks were straining, his news wasn't merry!
His droll, weasley mouth was drawn up like a bow,
As he looked like he was getting ready to blow.

He was creepy and plump, a quivering mass of jelly,
And I laughed when I heard curry hurled from his belly.
A wink from my friends that this case was now dead,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, and when I went back to work,
I knew I had triumphed over this Maderchod jerk.
If Santa Claus gave me one of my wishes
This creep would be swimming with the New Jersey fishes!

I sprang on my way, to my pals gave a whistle,
That this mess is on them, like an old itchy thistle.
And he heard me exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, Tunnel Rat won the fight!”

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United States joshua
December 22. 2011 14:02

Love it Smile Merry Christmas

just curious - what ever happenned to this anyway,
did the judge that shutdown endh1b.com retire?
theres a lot of websites about the original dispute from back when it
happenned, but no update anywhere on the web.
wasnt sure ifthis was just wishing or real or not, hope it is real,
but I dont see any web coverage of the resolution; is it still ongoing even now?

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United States HOAX
December 22. 2011 14:30

Nobody should EVER have to go to court to simply defend the nation against parasitical non-citizens. It's outrageous what is happening to the USA. In India the yearly household income is about 500-1k in us dollars. Think about that. Come to America with a bogus resume and a bunch of fake details about your life and then you get perhaps 50-100k/yr depending on how good of a liar you are. That's enough to support a entire village in the motherland.

If anyone is interested in the long-term and short-term effects of economic labor manipulation and the fallout these are good resources:

<a href="en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Welch">Neutron Jack</a><br />
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/dp/1400034337">The Disposable American</a><br />
<a href="http://www.ourcivilisation.com/">Theory Of Civilization</a><br />

Chairman Mao-Bama is obviously ANTI-LABOR as he agreed to the new FTAs which were opposed by most of organized labor. It's all a manipulated hoax both the FTAs and the labor unions. If you look at who finances the labor unions especially ones like CWA it's big business. Both sides are "in on it." Manipulating workers like this for various political/world domination goals must be punished as a crime.

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December 22. 2011 20:11
tunnel rat

The endh1b.com case is in legal limbo.  GoDaddy has the domain locked, and it will take a judicial order to unlock it.  Apex probably spent $50K in various legal actions and got nowhere.  They are doing business under another DBA and Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan goes by "Sarvesh Kumar."  

It was a worthy fight and I'm sure Sarvesh wished he'd spent his money elsewhere, but he is a typical dumbass Desi.  


United States Indian_tatti
December 22. 2011 20:50

I really feel sorry for Americans. I am in Canada now and body shops have come here also.

Outsourcing has started and people are loosing jobs.

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United States James
December 22. 2011 21:05

Heh heh. Love it!

I also love it when dumbass desis think they are smart and all Americans are stupid.

At least you cost the Indiot LOADS of $ AND got him to pay your fees. I love it. Anything that costs these leeches money is worth it, although I am sure he has already sucked millions out of the US economy with his illegal slave trade. Maybe when the Feds get done with InfoSys they can go after him.

Kind of reminds me of the time I worked at Adobe and that dumbass desi Anil Bhavnani (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Anil/Bhavnani) thought he could lay me off, get me to come back to TRAIN my slumdog replacement for 1 week, and then kick me to the curb. Little did he know whom he was dealing with. He underestimated me because of my looks. He was stupid enough to sue Adobe for racism. Someone apparently never infomed the Indiot that suing your employer in America for any reason means instant termination. Yeah, they are WAY smarter than we are HAHA!

Not only didn't he know where to find the MSDN CDs at Adobe, he didn't even know how to play his own desi griftology racket properly. A two-time loser! He may have laid me off but I ended up getting his stupid ass canned from Adobe - and according to his LinkedIn profile, he hasn't found a job since! And these people are supposed to be smart? Anil probably had an IQ of 85 compared to my 160. What an Indiot.

It sounds like the only thing all these desi scumbag rackeeters are experts in is deceiving the Federal government that we actually need them here. That and how to siphon wealth from America and send it home as fast as possible. Other than that they are complete morons.

Congrats on getting your case tossed Rat. I am glad to see YA victory for Americans against these scum from the turd world.

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United States Anonymous
December 23. 2011 14:22

Merry Christmas & Happy Years Through & Through for you !!!

HOAX makes a valid point above.Interestingly certain banks in India like HDFC & YES bank have announced a sudden  increase in the interests on deposits remitted by Indians from abroad ( NRIs). This is clearly with a view to transferring as much money from abroad to  within India. Only recently even  Middle Eastern countries remarked about about the alarming rate of flight of money vis these NRIs. No wonder India smugly thumbs its nose at the rest of the world ( read America followed by Europe and the rest) boasting India's economy is ever secure & has never faltered. Knowing Indians' excessive love for gold Indian government has also floated gold buying bonds blahblah.

Remember " piercing the corporate veil" doctrine during Second World War.Put a halt to this flight of Indian money by taxing them heavily. I would suggest forcible confiscation for their treachery & deceit spread over so many decades. Seize all the black money belonging to various Indians including politicians, celebs ,holier than thou Indian corporates. We the people are NEVER going to get them. Better America & Europe take everything & share.

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United States Anonymous
December 23. 2011 14:51

@outrage makes a very important point in the earlier post.

" Companies will send work wherever it is cheapest to do. They don't even care if it is done right or the end product works ".

I will give you one instance.There are too many parasites in India mollycoddled by leftists & various vested interests all unwanted Indian parasites overpopulating & putting a strain on Earth's resources.The West might sell best quality tyres to India. Investing in lots of research like puncture resistant etc . But all that goes kaput in India. As Indian parasites have set up lots of " tyre repairing shops" in most roads & street corners.

How do they survive.They purposely strew the roads with sharp nails , glass etc calculated to puncture tyres. By following this " profession " they spawn forth so many children , grandchildren becoming a powerful lobby of " oh so poor pathetic harrrrrrdworking blahblah ". And India finds a splendid chance to blame American quality demanding compensation yadayada.

Don't think I am exaggerating. Worse ways of extortions & arm twistings have been resorted to by Indians in America.  

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United States Anonymous
December 23. 2011 15:00

Sometime back an Indian setled in America agitated violently suing McDonald's alleging their french fries were not " vegetarian enough " being fried in alleged animal fat. Hired a fellow influential Indian lawyer to sue & win a huge amount of money.

WITHIN India itself for decades , lot of Indians including vegetarian hindus have been using shortening called ' Dalda ' made by a company owned by unctuous vegetarian Jainhindu. It was found inordinately late dalda was nothing but BEEF TALLOW((

No one sued or protested. We shrug & resign ourselves to everything from rape to adulteration.

Even today the sweetened congealed yoghurt sold in India ( Calcutta's indigenous 'mishti doi') has nothing but a thick layer of dalda covering the alleged curds. This is an open secret told by many sweetmakers themselves to me.

Most of those scrumptious flaky shorteats & biscuits have animal fat collected from abattoirs added to the dough.

WHY pick on AMERICA & Western countries alone crying wolf , "Christian conspiracy" citing " religious sensitivities " exactly like the thisisnotislamists ???

Indians recently turned violently vocal against Burger King for just a picture of a Hindu Goddess used by themSmile

We are the people who " arrested " Kaanchi Shankarachaarya Himself..lol...now virtually all the witnesses questioned are confessing they were threatened by having " gun pointed at them " to testify against Him !!

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United States Anonymous
December 24. 2011 03:45

One more contemptuous opinion lots of Indians have about Americans is that (sic)  "Americans/Westerners are suckers for free meals and liquor".

Yes , they assert this very often as though they can buy Americans with their dinner invitations. Among ourselves also I belatedly  resolved to fast or starve than accept even a glass of water from any fellow Indian acquaintance or relative. While in secondary school in VII std , I suddenly started feeling feverish and one of my faux friend's mother (whose house was situated very close to our school building) offered me hot water to drink that too not full glass. Several years later , when I passed out of school completing my higher secondary education securing a State Rank & First Division ( I received a tiny silver lamp, gold plated medal & one hundred rupees) that woman went about loudly declaring to many:-

" I ONNNNLYEEE gave her hot water to drink when she had high fever ".

Now you get it. Indians are always like that. Even after several centuries & aeons Indians will be like that only. Trust me.They are indescribably incorrigibly MEAN MINDED loathsome creatures. One look at their face breaking into feigned smiles that never reaches their heartless eyes will reveal everything.  

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United States Anonymous
December 24. 2011 03:53

James ,

About that French company Arcel bought by Mittals , I recall very well lot of Indians were privately admitting what the Europeans feared and complained about Aditya Mittal being an unprofessional uber arrogant was very true. YET , Indian minister ultra corrupt criminal Kamal Nath bulldozed his way through. The same Kamal Nath is still an influential minister.

Indians know their shortcomings. But their animosity and envy towards West is such they will never admit. Instead will say " give us a chance , level playing field , developing economy , all invasions did this " & more such drivel.

Don't show even a wee bit of kindness towards them.

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United States Anonymous
December 24. 2011 04:12

This is one more reason I am a diehard admirer of George Bush.

When Bush was the President of America , the rich Indians there had made elaborate plans for "impressing" George Bush with their Diwali celebrations inviting him & haranguing about hinduism in tandem with their sweetmeats.

I was IMMENSELY HAPPY ( but did not show ) when Bush did not even turn up. Indians were fulminating calling him " a Christian fanatic , born again blahblah " how dare he insult us hindus....

Because George Bush I am sure must have been perceptive enough to see through these pseudo pious hindus. In the name of God they only eat & eat.

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United States Anonymous
December 24. 2011 08:38

One more instance of the corrosively sanctimonious attitude Indians have towards Westerners.

Indian art for instance music & dance ( Bharathanatyam , Kathak etc etc) are well loved by many in the world.Indians swaddled in colourful silks , with chunky jewellery & make up globetrot giving performances earning fame & money. A lot of them are approached by Westerners to be taught. Many settled in America/Australia have opened up dance schools also.

BUT , in their private conversations & blogs they ridicule ONLY you Americans/Westerners in the following way:-

" How can you teach these American girls to blush like a coy bride ? These people lose their virginity at a very  young age. Whereas we Indians are from a superior culture having good virtues dinned into us ....we know what pining for Rama/Krishna means.....one should be fortunate enough to be born a hindu/Indian to really understand these feelings..."

This is OUTRAGEOUSLY howlarious & scurrilous.

I still cannot fathom how Shobhaa De's books are prescribed at University level as serious literature ? This is my personal opinion as she has a huge fan following.

Please read Sidney Sheldon's " Stranger In The Mirror " and compare it with her " Starry Nights ". I agree she also exposes behind the scenes reality of Indian cinema. But any discerning sensitive reader would easily sense the profound empathy & lots more virtues of American Sidney Sheldon. The author stirs you in such a way you emerge a kinder sensitised person.

Whereas she does not come across as one endowed with such a heart. Cannot express what I feel.In her blogs also she proudly recounts travelling around the world asking indecent personal questions to Chinese etc like " are you a virgin  do you date ....oh come on you expect me to believe...Hollywood actreeses are nothing our desis are  so beautiful blahblah"

She is extremely virulently "jingoistic" type.

Point being Indians if praised a little bit grow too big for their boots.

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United States James
December 24. 2011 20:26

"Whereas we Indians are from a superior culture having good virtues dinned into us"

HAHAHAH!!!! Yeah right. Let's see - 600,000,000 poop on the open ground every day, don't even know they should at least carry shovels to bury their crap to prevent disease. They don't even know what shovels are, nor have ever even seen one.

Indian cinema is a joke which is why no one outside India ever watches it. Ripped off stories from US movies, endless stupid Hindu dance numbers which are laughable with ugly fat women shaking their fat bellies all around while doing weird dances which the rest of the world LAUGHS at. Gaudy, loud, profane, ugly, overdressed. With stuck up, bitchy, pushy women, and 1,000,000,000 guys with little creepy porn-star moustaches. YEAH RIGHT - REAL GOOD CINEMA.

India isn't a superior civilization - in fact it's not a civilization at all. Which is why they are all jealous of the west. The west is better because we are civilzed and India is not. India's problem lies in the fault of Indians and their own ways, then they blame the west for their own stupidity, laziness, and filthy minds.

Filthy minds == filthy surroundings.

America IS a CHRISTian nation and always WILL be a CHRISTian nation - Godless people like India have no place in USA. They can only wreck so much before the majority of Americans rises up and demands they be deported.

Merry CHRISTmas all your scumbag Hindu idolator animals.


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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 02:03

@imam's comments in earlier thread are worth internalising SOS as he is sssso CORRECT. Wake up please.

" I don't think most of the people that complain on this site have any idea of how pervasive India is becoming.  India, unlike China (who owns the US debt) has made great strides in placing people in the correct places to censor any criticism of India. Even PBS has a few notables.  With their money they will protect to the last American their greatest export - people.  Their fake degrees, visas, anything they can get away with in this country and their own.  You cannot assign any Christian, Jewish, or Islamic morals and ethics to people who have none, they even call their children "little thief" as a term of endearment.  I have witnessed Indians in many countries, even in Thailand, where they aided the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war.  Their mantra (HA) is only money - you can buy anything in India, especially people.

As to scholarship, they really did have some people here thirty years ago, but now I would really say (and have witnessed) that for the past twenty or so years a very great number of their degrees or scholarship are fake.  If you try to validate their degrees, you will find yourself talking to an answering center paid to cover for them.  Even here in the US, colleges and universities only ask for "test scores" from India, while people from say Russia and China have to have full certified coursework in both the original language and in English.  You can probably guess the origins of the "test scores".

Indians have even entered into most of the certifications also.  I can remember when you had to have three other engineers vouch for you in IEEE, INCOSE, PMI, etc.  Now anyone can join, and with one Indian taking any certification test, you can be sure he/she will sell the answers.  The IEEE Spectrum periodical even runs ads that state [... get a Green Card without a sponsor!...].  Of course one of the lawyers is from India in the ad.

Well, I've run on enough.  With our politicians, government workers, and congress,"money talks, bullshit walks", .... have the money".

Only point where I differ is CHINA is worth joining hands with for America but NEVER India & Indians. As Drunken Economist so perspicaciously pointed out outsource fumigation of these toxic ubiquitous INCORRIGIBLY DANGEROUS Indians worldwide to China. I am alarmed how American Intelligence failed here.

I suppose this blogger tunnelrat got it right serendipitously with his most apt " goofy patina of religion ". Get one SIMPLE truth straight. Whatever be the religious belief systems including atheism and/or agnosticism INDIANS both women & men their children are UNTRUSTWORTHY. All can never be equal in this world.Because all are NOT so.

America & Britain are unnecessarily alienating Germany , Switzerland , France Romania in short Europe in this Eurocrisis etc.

All said & done your culture , integrity is the same.Let go of minor petty differences.Include  Australians , New Zealanders & Israelis also. ISRAEL also fills me with SHOCK as Indian newspapers shout in the loudest decibels Israel & India are very close allies. That is such a colossal error of judgement by ISRAEL.

INDIANS are CONGENITAL LIARS , CHEATS , RAPISTS. By inventing & thrusting a new God or Goddess only a toxic idiot will dream of bringing about a metamorphosis. NO WAY. Period. Let them be literate or illiterate , rich or poor. Shun Indians.

Sree. DAWOOD IBRAHIM & HEADLEY are certainly worth joining hands with for America. Don't get swayed by facile erroneous labellings of Indians " so & so are terrorists".

Years earlier Dawood Ibrahim in an interview had expressed his unalloyed admiration for an incorruptible Indian police or customs officer ( can't remember). And DAWOOD IBRAHIM is indisputably honest. Virtue Is Its Own Reward.
Add to that his very accurate summing up of Indian loveless matrimony.

Sree.Headley Indian newspapers scream " hates Indians ". Wrong phrasing there. Hence he has been tortured , branded as cause behind bomb blasts & imprisoned today. Get him released at once along with Afzal Guru also.

I HATE most Indians because most Indians are deservedly ABHORRENT , DESPICABLE.

Indians right from central government level to some harrrrdworking sweat shedding patttriotic scum are the REAL cause behind this economic crisis confronting this world. Including water scarcity , space crunch etc.

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 02:07

Correction :-

Years earlier Dawood Ibrahim in an interview had expressed his unalloyed admiration for ONLY ONE SOLITARY ( this is no tautology) incorruptible Indian police or customs officer  (can't remember).

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 02:15

How does the Westerner fail in assessing Indians as despicable creatures ?

When they read doctored history books & Spiritual Literature they at once conclude every Indian standing before him or in this wide world is a ( sic) "potential Aadi Shankara / Ramana Bhagavan / Sadasiva Brahmendra / Ramakrishna Paramahamsar / Swami Vivekananda".

And that all Indian women are paragons of virtue.I would anyday place more trust in an Indian man ( gnashing my teeth) than these Indian women who are but thousands of  Lady Macbeths coalesced into one. Smt.Jayalalitha present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu however is one RARE exception.

Exceptions Prove The Rule.

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 02:27

I was EXTREMELY saddened on reading even the so called "intellectual, intelligent" blahblah Sathyajit Ray branding Western women as (sic) immoral beings when pitted against Indian women. While talking about his short television movie called  'Pikoo's Diary'. That is how hardwired Indians' HUBRIS is.

And it was none other than CHINA who got it right.That Indians are full of HUBRIS. Absolutely Irrevocably TRUE.

This is why I ADORE Oliver Goldsmith & his short essay titled " National Prejudices".

Indians aaaaalways are so utterly convinced even when they are a tiny protoplasm in their sluttish mothers' wombs that they alone are divine enlightened holiest of all.

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 02:40

SOS !!!!

Sometime back in another American blog an Indian settled in your very own United States of AMERICA wrote the following comments :-

" Gotta stage another 9/11 in America & extract as many dollars from them as compensation".

I had replied : " Perish the thought for God's sake".

NOT a SINGLE Indian among the OBESE UGLY FAMISHED HIIIIIGHLY QUALIFIED HARRRRDWORKKING TOILER ohsssopoorestofthepoor Indians in this wide world condemned that treacherous murderous Indian.

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 03:16

While living in Nagpur(Maharashtra) there was one Tamil Brahmin family comprising of a widowed mother & her grown up two daughters. One of them called M was working as a " personal secretary". Most of them learn typing , shorthand , smattering of English phrases , put on required make up , attire & voila get permanently employed as " personal secretaries" drawing plump salaries , perks , loans thus acquiring properties also.Today they say " we are very much into computers..MCA , C+++ yadayada. But it is all same same.

Apparently very softspoken & meek.Like typical deceitful Indians.

Both the sisters WITH THEIR MOTHER's APPROVAL & CONSENT picked on one Palestinian man who had come there for pursuing some study.Indian Universities have a compulsory quota system forcibly giving grants to Middle Eastern students including Afghanistanis as India is OFFICIALLY  OVERTLY & COVERTLY ANTI ISRAEL. And pro PLO , Iraq , Iran as Indian Establishment be it any party cannot survive a second without  Indian muslims' votes.

They DID NOT MARRY that Palestinian man. Indian women are extremely LUSTFUL UNSCRUPULOUS MERCENARIES. Both of them slept with him. Both became pregnant & delivered two or three children.Whenever he travelled to his country they asked him to bring lots of glossy satins , silks , frilly lacey dress material wholesale.Not stitched garments. With that material they not only made salwar suits for themselves but also upholstery , panties , curtains etc etc.

After he finished his studies he left.They could not speak even Arabic.English was lousy. YET that family was very contented.

When I expressed my bewilderment both of them told me in their mother's presence:-

" We got what we wanted.We don't want any husband".

Should any hindu cry " immoral/illegitimate" they can at once "convert to Christianity" as Indian christians offer plenty of hard cash along with refrigerators , washing machines , free furnished apartments , entry into colleges , convents , plum posts even abroad if they "convert to Christianity".

Here in Kuwait one such converted Kerala christian worker ( blue collar carpenter) proudly told me he has converted an entire town in Kerala with such cash given. Yes it is very true I am not making it up.Another Keralaite Christian ( include Goans, Mangaloreans, Tamilians also )couple also told me while travelling at Dubai airport.

What zapped me was that the cash endowed carpenter asked me to give him a bottle of mineral water for FREE. One bottle of  Mineral water cost just hundred fils then. I did not ask him to buy it himself when I OUGHT to have & could have.


At once these blue collar/white collar all collared Indians wouod band together & strangle me calling me " high caste rich hindu Tamil denying just one bottle of pure water for this ohsssopoorthirstytoilercarpenter from India living in squalor in some camp remitting money to India enriching India motherrrrrland...& There are so many ministers & politicians & christian clergy to join such malicious crusades.

no site

United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 03:23

You American/Australian/British christians ARE NOT THE SAME as converted Indian christians.

But hindus always adamantinely propagate America & George Bush is covertly behind this "conversions". You Americans have absolutely no idea AT ALL what truly transpires. And suddenly you hear of communal strifes with one Graham Staines along with his sons getting killed by arson.

I hope you get the picture clearer now.

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United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 04:33

With EYES WIDE SHUT please DISREGARD , JETTISON the attested or non attested educational degrees certifications and/or good conduct certificates of Indians.

This atanu dey ( deeshaa.org) so called qualified Indian economist is one such potent example. Now he has wielded the most powerful weapon from his arsenal to revalidate himself among the gullible. By taking the name of brilliant Christopher Hitchens , his alleged proximity blahblah.

Let me tell a story.

There was this unkempt tramp who always boldly announced to many " The King is so close to me you know...once He personally approached & spoke a few words to me ". Which was true as was witnessed by some. Thus he could throw his weight around for a long time. When his intimidation was becoming unbearable , one plucky person asked him " What did His Highness speak to you about?"

That tramp replied :- " Oh...I recall so vividly even today..The King was coming in his Royal Carriage and I was the only person standing in the way as the rest had obeyed rules. So The King Himself got down & whispered to me :-

" This is the final warning. Move or be prepared to get impaled".

no site

United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 06:21

Remember that Ramani , his wife called Uma with 2 grown up children Priya , daughter allegedly pursuing "Fashion Technology" by her brother called Sudarshan (told you Indians are LIARS ) whereas pursuing " Electronics Engineering & Communications " in one engineering college in Trichy.

Ramani I told you is a chemical engineer from IIT India with a gold medal from some Indian President working in top echleons in KOC/KPC( Kuwait Oil related company) for several decades.Earlier even lived near Milan,ITALY all expenses borne by these gullible suckers called Kuwaiti Employees. These Indian engineers working in Oil Sector not only draw extremely plump salaries ( minimum being 3000 Kuwaiti Dinars) plus fat bonus , FREE posh housing , FREE bedlinen , FREE FURNISHINGS , FREE schooling for their children , FREE medicines including flaxoil/fish oil capsules , all multivitamins practically everything FREE. Heavily undeservedly pampered these Indian mafia.

FREE air travel with UNLIMITED baggage carrying also. His wife Uma & her siblings spread from Geneva( Switzerland ) to America , Europe , Bangalore , Chennai (INDIA) are all ILLEGITIMATE offsprings of a hooker in Seergazhi Tamil Nadu. Uma's father ( died very recently "defecating in the easy chair he was reclining upon & breathing his last breath by burying himself" (in the ample amorphous) "bosoms" ( Uma's words ) of that hooker concubine  surrounded by these illegitimate children was one extremely rich land owning zamindar in Seergazhi with a legally wedded wife & many children.

Uma's mother who was staying in the same vicinity with a view to accessing his riches & paddyfields etc offered her body ( as egged on by her mother ) & making it impossible for him to disown her. By becoming pregnant & delivering in quick succession.

The person who gave me all the details told me " It was only because of the legal legitimate wife's generosity this concubine's entire brood could eat & grow up".

Uma NEVER told me any of the above truth. Instead has sufficiently besmirched me by labelling me " insane/mad " as psittacinely repeated by my faux husband S.N.Ramachandran ( Fouad Alghanim Industries CFO Blackberry number +96597201449).

This Uma & Ramani own lots of properties , opulently furnished apartments all over India ( Chennai , Delhi , Bombay to my knowledge), enormous quantities of gold , solitaires , corals etc and American dollars stashed in American banks plus stocks & shares.

How do they manage to furnish apartments WITHIN India ?

Because every year or even twice a year they can discard all old furnishings , furniture ( paid by Kuwait Oil Companies) purchasing new ones mostly from IKEA , they cart away all of these allegedly " old furniture & furnishings " to India.

Once this Ramani's brother's wife ( they live in Chennai)covered herself with one of the "old bedsheets" ( Uma having a glut of them many are left in the custody of her sister in law who is strictly forbidden from even touching them.Including an airconditioner in that house). Uma came to know about it & she along with Ramani upbraided her because apparently it is Ramani's few dinars that have financed the sister in law's grown up son's entry into America as a postgraduate engineer. Now that son must be a green card holder as he has taken an Indian wife who is doctor or chartered accountant. He wanted ONLY an engineer but could not procure one instantly.

What I have narrated is a very very mild sample of ground realities.But Indians will aaaalways continue to do this because of mutual benefits derived.Hence will NEVER even ADMIT to you Americans or Kuwaitis. They have absolutely no fear of God/Ethics to start with.

Hence I repeat Europe & America you are ENTIRELY justified in ruthlessly confiscating EVERYTHING from them including their LIVES.

no site

United States Anonymous
December 25. 2011 15:25

Also , never ever feel sorry or concerned for the plight of the " starving , poor blah blah Indians " AT ALL as that forcibly engendered guilt in you ends up in extortion of more " charities & donations ".

One question nobody asks these allegedly poor people of India is " Who the hell asked you to spawn forth offsprings when you know very well you have no money to feed even one child ? Why on earth do you get married without thinking ? "

Most Indians rich included marry for copulation , procuring FREE stainless steel utensils, silver & gold , diamonds silks kilos of jewellery , Godrej almirahs , dressing tables etc etc. Don't ever feel sorry for them AT ALL. Indian womenfolk ALSO aid & abet such dacoity as much as men.

How can any amount of legislation help in solving this problem ? The quality of Indians' attitudes , mindset has always been the most weird & grotesque.

Hence please America don't feel sorry for them at all. Be ruthlessly mercilessly uncompromising. There is no cure for gangrene other than amputation. By letting Indians survive or remain unpunished it is the GOOD  who stand to suffer.

Call it the collective karma of the grotesque creatures called Indians.

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December 25. 2011 18:58

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Canada political correctness sucks
December 25. 2011 22:08
political correctness sucks

Indian narcissism is on steroids.

Thanks to all the false flattery and undeserved praises being showered on India and Indians by the west for the purpose of the west's geo-political expediency.

Not to mention that this expediency is being carried out at a ridiculously high cost.

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December 26. 2011 09:47

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United States Anonymous
December 26. 2011 12:23

Accepting Indians as equal citizens in countries like America , Canada , Australia etc is wrought with a lot of social problems , lot more than what you are aware of. You end up alienating your own.

I will give you only one or two instances.I am too scared to go into details as CRUEL MALICIOUS GRACELESS Indians would turn more implacably murderous.

There was one Indian family with 4 children ( the typical yuppie Indian couple father qualified in English Literature & working as lecturer or teacher , wife , well you know how Indian women carry themselves.. heap praises on themselves ....that kind.

Thank God for Reader's Digest who went into the details with photographs when the case was reopened. My CONDOLENCES to the bereaved Indian parents as their teenaged daughter was allegedly killed by some of her well known school friends. Who were CANADIANS ( I mean Whites not Indians)  The Canadian teenagers were sent to prison sentenced for many years.

After reading the entire case my sympathies were ENTIRELY with the CANADIANS.

Because this Indian teenager made orchestrated calculated moves in WANTONLY stealing that CANADIAN's WHITE CANADIAN boyfriend. I know Indians & their wily wiles.
An Indian teenager is infinitely more sly & scheming than an American( I mean WHITE/BLACK your native)as their family background with equally wily scheming parents , uncles aunts automatically grooms them in such ways.It is very difficult for me to express . I hope you understand.

Indians themselves are VERY AWARE of this.Their mock humility is a colossally false demeanour. They have also very craftily & masterfully succeeded in making you all feel eternally guilty for their unenviable Goddamned state which commonsense ought to tell you is their OWN self earned destiny.

They will AAAAALways whine & whine " however you only invaded...or else we are all angels....blahblah.

Thank God James is lucidly aware of this ploy & unhesitatingly points it out.

I feel very sorry for those Canadian teenagers who were thrown into prison for several years because they ended up spending their formative years in prison.Branded as juvenile blahblah.. you know what prisons do to any person.That girl whose boyfriend was stolen & the rest NEVER regretted killing that Indian girl please understand.I could fully empathise with them.

The Indian parents never admitted their daughter's WRONG conduct.Instead carried themselves as immigrants being subjected to " racism".

There lies the perils of this multiculti coexistence.You would be better by throwing these Indians out & letting in Europeans , Hungarians , Romanians , Germans etc.

Similar cases I will write tomorrow. I am emotionally exhausted.


no site

United States Anonymous
December 26. 2011 12:38

Another very SOS I suddenly recalled which America should AT ONCE cry a halt to. Please penalise & punish the Indians involved. As they have never been held accountable for spreading such canards.

As it is Indians ungratefully badmouth you. Recently flush with money as these Indians are, made a Tamil movie shot ENTIRELY in America dinning the message to Indians worldwide as though you WHITE AMERICANS alone are paedophiles. Called "Acchamundu Acchamundu" ( Be Scared , Be Very Scared) starring Indian actors called Sneha & Prasanna as NRI couples with a daughter subjected to sexual abuse by WHITE AMERICAN janitor or whatever.

Thank God ONLY ONE Indian had commented in a Tamil newspaper (online):-

" Plenty of such sexual abuses much more grotesque including cannibalism take place , have routinely taken place with impunity in our very own India. Why go all the way to America unnecessarily maligning them ".

But know for sure incalculable damage has been done to your country with this useless movie.

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December 26. 2011 17:28
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United States Anonymous
December 26. 2011 22:00

@ political correctness sucks,

Your mention of the right word " Indian narcissism " brings to my mind the following writeup whose link I don't have. Posting in entirety. Written by one  Mr.Sengupta.

So what was wrong when a Dutch embassy official said that Delhi looked like a garbage dump? Why did our patriotic instincts get so aroused that we almost condemned this frank, free speech? Delhi is a non-biodegradable, backward capitalist, semi-feudal, patriarchal, uncultured garbage dump. Why shy away from that? Not only that, Delhi has turned into a vast, sprawling, ever, macho public urinal, a shit hole, a faceless ghetto, an architect’s black-hole nemesis, an octopus without a soul or belonging or sensitivity or civic sense. So what is so Mera Bharat Mahan about Delhi being a damned garbage dump?
Can’t you see it all over the place, from the posh, palatial south zones to the twilight zones of the east and west, with the demolished slums in between? Surely, even tinted windows of swanky cars are transparent, aren’t they? So why hide the gaze? And where do the women go? The mother, the housewife, the working women?

On the streets, in marketplaces, public parks, public transport, long distance roadways buses, flyovers, national highways —why are they condemned to hold on while men are all over pissing in stark daylight as if it’s a tide on a full-moon night. And where do you walk? The slimy, stagnant, fragrant pavements are full of pissers in full public glory. The roads and highways are full of pissers. Not only the nooks and corners, they are all over the ideal city-state. The entire city has become a virtual reality of a public urinal—the stench floating like a cliché.
Except that the Centre and Delhi government, the MPs, the MLAs, the Opposition politicians, the ruling party politicians, the police, the mandarins in the municipalities, the Union ministers, the ex-ministers, the bureaucrats and babus, the elite— eyes wide shut, the page 3 party-types with colonial hangovers, the upwardly mobile and the middle mobile, the fourth estate, the real estate—no one is willing to see this masculine display of public patriotism. Mass urinals as a tourist delight—welcome to this machismo capital of the power elite, the special dirty zone of organised filth and muck and gaseous, fungus-ridden waste and dirty waters.
When the masses are against hygiene and aesthetics, and when the men have no shame, and when the government wears a sanitised chastity belt of cold-blooded ignorance, who can stop this great pissing nationalism of our nationhood defined, even while we put pictures of gods on walls, stairs, pavements, residential areas to stop people peeing and spitting?
And if you think this is because Delhi is flooded by the unwashed, the slum dweller, the landless poor and urban worker, the low-middle class uncultured vulture, and that it is a demographic paradigm shift that is polluting its geography, think again, and look back with originality, if not anger. That SUV, and not only with a UP or Haryana nameplate, its door half-open, its owner in a safari suit, doing it in the open courtyard of Pragati Maidan. Sometimes wife and daughter wait in the car till the man gives way to the basic looing instinct. This fascinating phenomena, truly, has broken all class barriers—the state has withered away and this philistine public piss joint is the only and ultimate utopia.

That’s why they are pissing on the Lodi crematorium walls even as the dead depart for their final journey, inside public parks post-Pranayam, outside schools even as children cross the footpath, on the Yamuna bridge, car and scooter waiting, as a mother walks away quickly with her daughter; outside the gates of the palatial homes of our MPs and ministers in Lutyens’ Delhi, outside hospitals like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, where harried patients and their equally harried relatives wait for buses on the road under the sun because the state has chosen to build no bus shelters here for the last 20 years, on flyovers, parking lots, pavements and bus stops, talking on cell phones, bang in front of those waiting for a bus, while the bus waits and the pissers zip it up and walk into the ‘ladies only’ seats, proud and ugly like pea-cocks.

In any case, most clean, new pay-and-use toilets, barring a handful, are loaded in favour of advertisers in prime locations. Good planning, as they say. In any case, Delhi has no public space culture, no benches where you can write a letter, no open-air modest restaurants where you can read a book and drink a black coffee or beer, no footpaths or stairs where a young couple can hang out and smoke. Delhi hates its women, unlike Mumbai and Kolkata; women here are forever in danger of assault, physical, invisible, objectified, uncensored violence. Delhi is for the obscenely super rich, male and female, in affluent, sanitised, enclosed, air-conditioned, cocooned, protected zones, here they don’t smell the stench; Delhi is also for the male masses, lower, middle, upwardly mobile, downwardly mobile, the poor, the migrant, the exiled, the conquerors of the golden city, the pissers of paradise.
A swank car stops at Nizamuddin crossing. The door opens as a window rolls down, a prosperous man puts his chubby face out, and out flows from his mouth a huge chunk of red liquid, a paan’s remnants, and runs like a Persian carpet on the road. They are spitting everywhere, from bus windows on bikers, from truck windows on cyclists, from cars on pedestrians. If they could, they would piss from the windows.
They throw beer and coke cans, wafer packets, wrappers, plastic everywhere—the entire city is a bin. The city belongs to no one. No one belongs to the city. If you cheat me, I will cheat someone else. Me, mine, myself, who cares for Bhagidari? So why say, I love Delhi? Because Delhi is a sucked-up lollipop. Delhi is polythene, all over, on trees, dhabas, shops, inside the choked-up intestines of our homeless, holy cows eating polythene with glass, plastic, leather, shoes, tin, aluminium, metal, used crackers, matchboxes, gutka packs in the garbage dumps. Gai hamari mata hai—the cow is our mother! So who will ask the Hindutva Godse Genius, if it is not cow slaughter, what else it is?
And where has the river gone? The pristine Yamuna at Yamunotri in the Himalayas, its magical origin, finds a magical metamorphosis at Wazirpur, in West Delhi, and becomes a divine nullah, a stagnant shitpot of millions, poisonous, full of effluents, garbage and chemicals. The river disappears, the dirty nullah resurrects everyday, even as Delhiites stop their cars and throw polythene packets full of ritualistic Hindu flowers into the abyss of this abysmal degradation.
As I write this, thousands of Biharis are jumping into the half-white foam of this utterly filthy stagnation and celebrating Chatt in trans-Yamuna. So where did the crores of rupees spent on cleaning the river disappear? And what reflection can a narcissistic, consumerist, unaesthetic society find in the waters when it looks for its self-image? Shit. Our own shit.
Across Delhi, the new, green garbage containers designed by a genius dot the landscape like memorials. Except that dogs and pigs have found new homes, with the garbage spilling over and people jumping over them, like long jumpers in a nation with one Olympic bronze. So why spend crores on full-page ads asking people to protect themselves against the Aedes mosquito? The Aedes factory is right here, breeding, State-sponsored, all for free.
That’s what we are, Hoo Ha India, the superpower, nuclear power capital, floating on yellow swimming pools of male piss, with a condemned river of fossilised shit and chemicalised filth, and thousands of tonnes of garbage scattered everywhere, like grand testimonies of a clean, happy, healthy society. Like philistines becoming reformers. Like reformers becoming philistines. Welcome to the capital city of power and pelf. The ideal state’s public urinal".



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December 27. 2011 00:34
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United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 01:59

Recently Australia has sent an AUSTRALIAN teenager to prison for allegedly assaulting/knifing an Indian in Australia. WRONG.

Learn from Middle Eastern countries.Do not treat them as equals AT ALL.Do not alienate your own WHITE/BLACK kith & kin. It is extremely nuanced when it involves INDIANS.

An Australian girl was RAPED in the view of plenty of Indians in Bombay/Mumbai very recently. Indians were busy videotaping. I don't know what happened to that Australian teenager. Do not get swayed by Indian journalists TV panelists condemnation and governmental assurances.Many have been raped & killed routinely.Indians including Indian WOMENFOLK simply relish such rapes gloating over your misery.

Should any Indian have any genuine complaint like murder/rape within your countries DEPORT them to India invoking their "karma doctrine".Period. Ask them to sort it out with their own parents & government , ministers.

NEVER punish your own citizens in the name of human rights equality fairness.Show no clemency AT ALL to Indians.They are not worth it .

no site

United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 02:11

I heard on television Europe mentioning about carbon emission by aircrafts etc.

I am not commenting about carbon emission here because much worse pollution & vitiation gets done by INDIANS. That should be addressed first.The cavorting of Indian filmstars all over your greenery & soil , strewing of flower petals , tulips in Holland with bollywood's Amitabh , Rekha blahblah prancing around does lot more punishable harm as per Vedic Shastras themselves.

Their ossified fossilised well masked hostility , antipathy towards you people does immense harm. It is always the subtle which is exponentially more powerful than the gross. Both positively & negatively. At a gross level ( I mean their facade) Indians come across as so peaceloving sosimple sodocile sowellqualified  sofullofsufferance booohooo all caused by "various invasions by FOREIGNERS of this sogreat civilization".

You know what they ACTUALLY ARE.

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United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 06:47

I happened to spend some months in Canada with my son when he was pursuing his studies there ( University).I happened to interact with a lot of Indians ( the hodge podge desis) there. Mostly students living in the same campus.

It was God's Grace that made me come in contact with some CANADIAN WOMEN & MEN ( I mean non Indians). And one swollen headed arrogant old Indian man ( IIT lived for many years all over America working in your IBM & Australia etc etc married to a Japanese with an influential post in that University.

Too risky for me to collate & present all the details. The attitude of Indians, their INDESCRIBABLY UBER CONCEITED CONTEMPT towards you all.Including the students. My conclusion is why beg or pine for their integration with you in the first place ?

I know it would be splendid this coexistence of diverse cultures. But I know Indians. They will ingratiate themselves with you only to USE you . Picking up your trendy ways of dressing up , talking I mean practically everything. But this contempt towards you people is something I alone know. That gets betrayed in their private conversations & in their visits to India.

Initially I got carried away by " America will collapse without Indian students" kind of stories. And for decades Indians even after becoming citizens in your countries & having cruel malicious sex sans love & sincerity with your women ,  yes I have personally heard them narrating their "conquests" always ending with " but you know how they are good in bed but not for becoming our wives & bringing up good children hence we take only Indian wives" ( you know it is invariably the DEVIL that cites the Scriptures out of context to justify its stand). Thus will trot out some stray quotation of Swami Vivekananda about Indian woman. That is the most GALLINGLY MENDACIOUSLY UNKINDESTEST  STABBING I maintain.

Why ? Because Swami Vivekananda has said much more lots & lots more. These people ought not to do this without internalising the entire crux. And they cannot. Vivekananda never asked these Indians to quote Him AT ALL.

And Ramana Bhagavan is the most potent proof. As He came later & we all know how He conducted Himself.

What dismayed me filling me with IRREVOCABLE contempt towards these Indians is that the Indians are doing the same. Coquettishly plotting & ensnaring you WHITE/BLACK men. And Indian males are full of complaints like:-

" We came here with twin purposes study , screw WHITES & have a good time. Nowadays they are not available. These Indian girls are all cheap sluts ready to screw but want lots of hard cash & gifts ".

So very convenient for them to encapsule their own murkiest evil proclivities by glibly branding you all "racists , White Supremacists , Atlanticists , hegemonists blahblah. It further manifests in the form of support for Mexicans even if they are found to be drug traffickers etc etc.


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United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 07:24

One thing is for certain. Indian women DO NOT WANT to marry INDIAN men. I am one potent example. I am being honest. I also vehemently told my son to stay celibate than marrying ANY INDIAN.

You might have heard of that Indian faux Godman Nithyananda ( Lifebliss Foundation)& his exploits.

Among lots of comments , one solitary comment by an Indian male was very revelatory. He said:-

" Despite knowing this Nithyananda's credentials lots of Indian women including married women with grown up children are so willingly falling at his feet.Their husbands must be THAT BAD. As women are not so stupid.Nithyananda made them feel special.Their husbands used them to cook, cook,cook, screw screw produce children...Nithy cured them of aches & ailments. Called them Gopikas , Apsaras whatever..."

Many Indian men openly unabashedly look at Indian filmstars' voluptuous bodies I mean pictures before screwing their wives. To work themselves into arousal.

Several years ago when I was in school ( Calcutta) the Hindi movie Johnny Mera Naam was released becoming a big hit.

One of my school teachers (Tambram) married to a bank employee lived very closeby. She had lots & lots of siblings. Her parents also lived adjacently.All orthodox vegetarian rituals celebrating sssssso meek type. One of her brothers  (he is dead)was my brother J.Prakash's friend. He said his married sister ( my school teacher) was being regularly ridiculed & tortured in front of all members of the family by her bank officer/manager husband thus:-

" Look at your puny scrawny figure...Can you ever dance like that Padma Khanna doing a striptease....who will eat this food cooked by you.....".

Physical assault was/is a given.

That husband I saw & saw for many years as much later I happened to work in the same nationalised bank.Mercifully he was at the Head Office becoming some Asst General Manager blahblah.

Even TunnelRat would fail in describing him let alone compose a poem as he was aalways THAT ugly. His tobacco stained teeth ( betel leaves & areca nut...we are so brahminical we don't smoke) were as big as piano keys.

That couple's son & daughter are big shots today in Kuwait.I have seen him being nursed by that teacher when he was born then. Today he is some CFO in some company.His wife is an extremely arrogant Carnatic music teacher here. She holds some degree in computer engineering like autocad. Most important she happens to be the daughter of some IAS officer in Gujarat. With two children . A daughter & a son.

When she was three months pregnant with that second child (son)I heard her expressing her displeasure & willingness to abort ONLY because the doctor seeing her was not some FRCS .....Later of course he was born.

But for the outside world she writes columns in Arab Times about similarities between Indian Ragas & Arabic Prayers blahblah.....She is one big celeb here in Kuwait called M.V.      

no site

United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 07:28

Oops , correction-- that couple's son & daughter in law are in Kuwait.

no site

United States currycockroaches
December 27. 2011 09:12

we must stage a thermonuclear war and we must get india into that war

War must be nuclear which must eliminate around 1 billion indians from earth

this way entire earth will be purified from the filth of these parasites

no site

United States Anonymous
December 27. 2011 11:10

Do not for a moment think I have revealed some very precious unknown secrets about Indians boldly exposing yadayada. They are always in DENIAL. Indians are the ugliest grotesquest hypocrites. And their motto purloined from Vedas is " TRUTH ALONE SHALL TRIUMPH ".

Some years ago these Indians as is their wont always ( as they delude themselves they alone have originated from GOD ALMIGHTY ) did one very elaborate PUTHRAKAMESHTI YAGNA ( OBLATION) in Kerala ( or Tamil Nadu maybe). They always maintain West(America) is exporting decadence vitiating our virtuous firmament  (matribhuminonsense). As in Puranic Stories if we do such OBLATIONS God Almighty will be born as children to these Indian couples & they will conquer this whole world all such balderdash.

That oblation is for specific purpose of conceiving a child. Lots & lots of Indian couples paid money , were separately cloistered in a cavernous special building , fed very special food of holy aura purified with holy chantings and all of it went on for 48 days.

Now brace yourself for the joke called Indians ( am reminded of Drunken Economist's apt description of these Indian swollen headed idiots "fuckwitshit" something ).

All of them had television sets in their private bedrooms. The Vedic Priests who conducted this OBLATION had to literally PLEAD , REQUEST , ENTREAT , COAX , CAJOLE these so called husbands & wives to at least not watch television bump & grind movie romancing before screwing as they all wanted GOD to be conceived. Rest of the time they were allowed to watch as they would go crazy without watching television pelvic thrusts of filmstars for 48 days. They don't chant the prayers. Just sit , eat allegedly whipping up divine vibrations in the womb & penis. Like greedy woodcutter parable they thought they were all ancient Rishis & their Consorts.

And the couples wrung their hands in despair replying :-

" Unless we watch minimum one hour such soft porn filmdance on screen we are unable to feel anything at all towards our spouses. For 48 days it is impossible. So please include some compensatory mantras so that we are allowed to watch. All God given know...everything in this world is Godgiven know...after all we are married ones watching together ".

no site

United States are_u_sick
December 27. 2011 11:21

This indian woman posting above is very sick and lunatic .  Please seek help .  You are sick sick sick woman  !!!

no site

United States are_u_sick
December 27. 2011 11:24

Request  to TR

Please ban  that lunatic indian woman posting under Anonyomous  

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December 27. 2011 11:59

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December 27. 2011 15:29
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December 27. 2011 20:34
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United Kingdom Mr X
December 28. 2011 11:14
Mr X

You could turn this site into a forum. Plenty of us have stories of crooked indian businessman to share.
Here in UK they run bogus colleges, issuing bogus IT diplomas, so they can sell student visas.
The UK government doesn't give a fuck. They like illegal immigration. It keeps the salaries down and people desperate.

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December 29. 2011 07:09

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United States Dean
December 29. 2011 14:27

love your site, it's awesome. I can't wait for the day when these low-life job p-robbers are finally kicked the hell out of this country. WAKE-THE-FUCK-UP TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF AMERICA!!! Get politically active, and get these shit-head job-robbers out of here. Let's make IT great again!!!!

no site

United States Dean
December 29. 2011 14:51

I love to drive by them slow in my car, and give them a JR (Job-Robber) "Car Wash", or a as my other friends call it, a goonie bird-bath. Ther probably don't see much soap and water, with 4 or 5 of them crammed into their one-bedroom apartment. I don't train them at work any more, and I refuse to do any hand-holding or spoonfeeding. You want to come here and take jobs, do it on your own and without my help. Imagine if we all stood up like that...oh happy day..

no site

United States IT_one_percent
December 30. 2011 01:42

This blog rocks!  

I'm in the LA area.  Most, if not all of the corporate IT shops in LA area already slumdog sweatshops.  I feel like a minority when I'm in a meeting.  I'm surrounded by job robbers. I'm so tired of reminding them to speak in ENGLISH!!!!

Merry Christmas.

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December 30. 2011 06:35

Hey there, You've done an excellent job. I?ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I'm sure they'll be benefited from this website.


December 30. 2011 08:50

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December 30. 2011 17:56
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December 30. 2011 21:38
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