tunnel rat posted on December 11, 2011 16:05

This ad is now running on the Sunday talk shows.  I am seeing more and more comments about H-1Bs in the many articles that pop up now regarding the massive unemployment in America

You can find many of these slumdogs roaming around the office parks that surround big cities.  They are easy to spot -- goofy clothes and backpacks.  They are warehoused in extended-stay motels that are common in these office parks. 

Here are a couple of scabs that I had under surveilance the other day.  I drive a black Impala that looks like a gov't vehicle, so I like to freak out those curry-eating-wage-pirates.


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United States James
December 11. 2011 19:40

They sure don't like having their picture taken, do they? Probably scared to death they will be rounded up and deported for their crimes against Americans. What are the backpacks for? To stuff full of money so they can carry it back to India? Under the Open Skies Treaty signed by Condi Rice in 2004, Indian nationals are allowed to carry up to $50,000 back to India on plane flights while Americans are only allowed to carry up to $10K in cash out of the US. Talk about protected classes! Slumdogs have more rights in the US that its own citizens do. Now you know why our economy is in the crapper all the time - 3.2 MILLION of these parasite leeches in our country siphoning all the wealth out in their backpacks! Imagine the glee back home when one of these slumdogs lands and opens his backpack back in his family home in India FILLED TO THE TOP WITH COLD HARD US DOLLARS! These people retire like kings over there on what they steal from us while US citizens get sent to the tent cities or on food stamps!

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United States h1bhunter
December 11. 2011 21:48

Fellow Insurgents,

I am pleased to Officially announce the first annual:

*** H1B Scab Photo Contest! ***

*** Winning Photo Contest Winner: $250.00 USD

Contest Winner to be announced February 1, 2012, photos and videos 3.5min or less
are eligible. Look for our pending facebook page in the next week or so. Send
your entries to h1bhunter@gmail.com. Official rules will be posted on our
facebook page, top photos/short videos will be posted for voting mid-January.
We'll also be compiling and posting good photo scouting locations.

Lets make this the best photo contest ever, fellow insurgents, now let's
get out there and start shooting those H1B scabs. I will repost when
the facebook page is ready.


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United States James
December 12. 2011 02:30

Silicon Valley or NJ is the best location for H-1B photos. Both areas are so jammed full of them that you can't miss them.

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United States Anonymous
December 12. 2011 07:02

@James ,

The following news would interest you showing the unfair double standards of Indians.

" ...one intriguing case 35 years ago, when a tax notice was served on the Time magazine bureau in New Delhi.

“The Government suddenly decided,” writes Kamath, “that the company that ran the magazine was making profits on the basis of news collected in India and was therefore liable to be taxed on the ground of ‘business connection’ under Section 9 of the Income Tax Act. This was an unheard of thing, and Bob Marshall of Time Incorporated’s legal department described it as ‘a unique theory’.”

The tax notice was served in March 1976, at the height of the Emergency. Though it purportedly related to earnings in 1973, it was clear Time was paying for independent coverage of affairs in India. This was noticed by the international Press, just as the clumsy attempt to pre-censor Facebook posts and Twitter tweets has been ridiculed in many circles today.

In 1976, the New York Times wrote an editorial on the issue: “There’s no denying the Indians’ ingenuity. If this thing sticks, there’s a whole new tax world to be conquered: New exit fees for all pale-skinned travellers, depending on the amount of Indian sun they have absorbed; a tax on every globe and map that profits from showing the subcontinent’s location; perpetual royalties from an array of diaries and novels, starting, of course, with EM Forster’s most profitable A Passage to India.”

“The paper went on to suggest,” Kamath writes, “that if tax revenues slackened, Indira Gandhi could declare war on Pakistan and let tax revenues on war reportage pay for the cost of the war.” This business was as serious as it was comic.

The case went on for six years. Finally, looking silly, the Government backed down, got Parliament to amend Section 9 of the Income Tax Act with retrospective effect, and agreed to the Delhi High Court quickly giving a verdict in favour of Time magazine.

Through this period, Palkhivala was Time magazine’s lawyer. He anticipated a victory in court, since the case was “misconceived in law”. “News gathering could never result in the accrual or ‘deemed’ accrual of income,” he pointed out, “if the law were otherwise, all countries would tax a notional income arising out of news gathering … On such grounds the exchequers of the Falkland Islands and Lebanon would have been overflowing by now.”


Today India says Walmart will not be allowed within India.

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United Kingdom hey ho
December 12. 2011 09:17
hey ho

dont forget the scum in the UK on the equivalent ICT (intra company transfer) visas

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United States James
December 12. 2011 14:12

Never underestimate the ability of Indians to come up with new and ever more outrageous ways to con money out of other nationalities. That indeed is their only true genius, albeit an evil one.

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United States Dumb
December 12. 2011 15:32

Taking pictures of someone and posting them on iternet without their consent is not a quality of law abiding American citizen. You said you are tracking them , do you intend to harm them? Or is it just a waste of your time.

You should have scrubbed location info from the image, so you do live in SoCal, I believe you now.

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United States cman
December 12. 2011 19:23

They are better dressed than the average Joe’s.

Now commenting on the previous post...

What a pathetic story!!  You had an audience for this!!!
Dude.. You joined the army not because of your patriotism but because you were lured by easy money and citizenship. This makes you a mercenary and not a real solider. Shame on you. What makes you different from people of other nationalities who do the same by coming to this country. The only difference is they were lured by corporations and not by the army.
Surprisingly you are against other nationalities but your story indicates that you and your father came to this country as an immigrants. Thanks to him if not you would have ended up 6 feet under. Remember US is a land of immigrants. We welcome (and tolerate) immigrants than any other country. This is what makes us great. Blaming one nationality for your job loss shows your immaturity. They took what was offered (like how you took the job offered by the recruiter for your own selfish reasons).
OWS is a lousy movement. They have no agenda. Bunch of druggies and lazy bums who spend most of their time in tents and not making any effort to do something constructive. They expect that things to be given to them in a silver platter. One has to earn it!! Just by holding signs before big banks, they think those organizations will change their ways of doing business. Do you think that the corporations and its executives care a shit for OWS. They just sit in their plush offices overlooking OWS and do business. This is a capitalist country and capitalism is what made US powerful.
I'm surprised that an ex-vet like you has so much hatred. A solider is supposed to be gentleman not a bum like you. You need to take anger management classes. I have met numerous ex-vets who are small business owners and are trying to make a difference in their lives just by their hard work. They joined the army to serve their country and not to make money like misfits like you. Only the misfits like you end up in homeless shelters or work as mall security. Misfits like you think badge and gun makes them great.
Anyway kiddos gotto go and get some stuff done.
Note: I work for a company that has folks from different nationalities and we just get along great. There are ex-vets in our office and their impeccable behavior makes them stand apart.Hatred can be resolved by understanding that each individual is unique and can bring something different to the table.
Feel free to post this on your site.

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United States uscitizen
December 12. 2011 20:24


I am going to host a page on FB to invite pictures for a photo contest.
Topic will be "unemployed dumbass contest".

You can get creative by taking stills of yourself and the usual suspects here, james, hey ho, techfucker holding each other's pussys and dicks in your mother's basement.

-You know who

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United States uscitizen
December 12. 2011 20:28

racist fucker.

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United States uscitizen
December 12. 2011 20:32

hey ho your mom's a hoe,

You must have thought about it when you attacked and conquered most of the world and shipped back its wealth to where you live. Now you get to keep some of its people. Can you "i love curry" again ?

Enjoy man !!!
-us citizen

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United States uscitizen
December 12. 2011 20:36

Those guys in the pic look...

- not FAT, in shape
- well groomed
- well dressed
- walking straight with head held up with confidence and pride

Yeah...now go eat a burger and hack some asp code.

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United States uscitizen
December 12. 2011 20:37

asp mother fucker, i know you are reading this. I dont care if you post it or not.
Ha ha

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United States debug
December 12. 2011 22:25

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United States db
December 13. 2011 07:04

Check out this epic bullshit

Beed Bypass Road,
Maharashtra State, INDIA

Indian slumdogs claiming to be MIT from US, using their trademark which I'm sure is a crime -- typical for desi "engineers" to have to constantly prop themselves up with BULLSHIT

Here we have below more epic bullshit. Most of these asians are all corrupt con artists claiming western education status, use fake credentials as has been exposed by DHS/ICE. Look at hong kong claiming to be world class city when most of it is public housing (that's what all the big buildings are). Asians are notorious to be cheaters and scam on tests just google "asian cheating." It's a myth that asians are more intelligent have higher IQ that's total bullshit. They cheat and steal and lie. Anyone who has worked/lived around them long enough knows this. Plus, they all hate each other. Desi slumdogs are more rediculous than justin bieber:

List of bullshit diploma mills in asia producing walking time bombs


I have to get off to a real it job. But you can see it's total fucking con job. Look at the pics these people are all idiots. Then you see MS, Oracle, Cisco and all the others who hire desis to be going downhill and abandoning product lines. They are the problem and it will be too late until they engineer something that breaks that will end up killing people. Red Alert!!! This is why I call them walking time bombs because they aren't qualified to be using the term "engineer." Obvious face palms.

Indian fuckheads and curry pirates!!!!

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United States db2
December 13. 2011 07:20

we need to start building a guild or solidarity movement against multi-nationalization and economic globalization. i mean it like a major actual movement ...
one more thing folks and I want you all to read this

"This is my 4th hypothermia season and I am 55 and female. My profession for 35 years was sys admin work. Aside from physical disabilities that has impaired my ability to keep work, I find age is a factor. Also globalization. Knowing a second language. English is not always the predominate language in a work place with some employers.
An interesting story… I was in Silicon Valley from 1994 through 2003. During the recession I was sitting at a Workforce center and a woman came in from one of the local hotels in Palo Alto and said they needed some extra people temporarily to clean rooms for a convention coming to town. Another woman and I took the job. When we got there we were the only two who did not speak spanish. The women there asked us lots of personal questions and could not understand why we would want to do this type of work. Both of us found out several days later that they thought we were from the INS."

notice how she drops multiple hints as to the reason like "globalization" and mentioning hotel workers from south of the border. the problem is that companies want to hire these people. that's the problem. for value-added work like IT out/in-sourcing cannot ever add value as the education level of these countries where the workers are sourced from is centuries behind the west.



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United States Rat Pack
December 13. 2011 07:36
Rat Pack

I hope you wear a black suit and tie and black shades too, Rat.  Look for all the world like a G-man keeping tabs.

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United States jj
December 13. 2011 08:23

Why not take pictures of your own country men and compare it. Looks like you work as security in that business park. Lot of time to kill.
Get a job.

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United States sn
December 13. 2011 14:41

Black suit, tie, shades... Is tunnel rat working for a funeral home. Everyone knows he is a guy who cannot stay in a job for long.let's hope he got a job in such a place. Or maybe  he is unemployed and goes around taking pictures. Poor soul.

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United States currycockroaches
December 13. 2011 18:22

indian bastards have managed to get onto another level of outsourcing

Its emotional outsourcing  , read it for yourselves


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Canada Wayne
December 13. 2011 22:20

The so-called professionals from slumdog India maintain the same kind of appearence everywhere.

Their style of dressing up i.e. their goofy attire, backpack or satchel seems to be ubiquitous.

And most of them have cellphones. Which they just can't seem to stop playing around with.

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United States James
December 14. 2011 03:00

Ugabuga! While man have magic box which has voice of relatives. We go to white man's USA and get magic box so we can talk to relatives! Ugabuga!

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United States Anonymous
December 14. 2011 06:07

A news report says :-

" Indian strawberry production saw something of a revolution in 1992 when seedlings from California were introduced boosting yields & fruit quality...

Farmer Shripati Nana Yadav by growing strawberries has managed to build his spacious house & also send all his four children to college...three of them are engineers..."

YET , Indians you would find are invariably fond of referring to America in hostile terms using words like " American hegemony , imperialism racism..".

In a Bollywood movie starring a well known actress who settled down in America marrying an Indian doctor , she plays the role of a dance teacher trying to teach the moves to WHITES ( Americans). The " Goras" ( Americans) are shown as dumb beings unable to dance with the nimble footedness of this Indian desi woman.

This is plain outrageous as thanks to satellite TV & Hollywood movies we the people know the truth. But try & make a Hollywood movie exposing the wily arrogance of Indians. Not only would the movie be banned but the Indian hypocrites would ratchet up the rhetoric on " racism , American imperialism " etc.

Indian mindset has always been anti American & anti Western.

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United States db3
December 14. 2011 09:06

it's been a while since I've posted here so I want to let you all in on one more thing, TR you should check this out especially

goto indeed.com and goto the resume search area
then goto a keyword like software for any city or state
what you'll find is literally hundreds of Indian programmers who have identical resumes

it's like they fucking copy and paste this shit, no joke

I'm looking at transitioning my career away from IT because simply nobody is hiring American coders, no retirement prospects or savings accounts, it's a dead-end career now unless we turn it around


(type in software engineer w/ or w/o a city name, obviously click on the slumdog names and voila you will see in about 10 min how these douches all use the same resume) seriously. I especially notice oracle dba to have same resumes probably some fucker at Infosys just copies a template and changes 1-3 variables.

How do we contact ICE/DHS about this resume/credential/education fraud?????

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United States Jams
December 14. 2011 14:54


Of course they copy and paste resumes. Stealing and cons are all they know. Whenever some slumdog recruiter emails you asking for your resume do NOT send it to them because all you will end up with is Sandeep's name on YOUR resume as he gets sent in for the job and you don't. That is the only way these parasites can live - by ripping off others.

India is robbing America blind.

That is why our economy is so bad. And our jealous elites in DC are more than willing to help out because they are jealous of the success of American IT people.

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United States currycockroaches
December 14. 2011 17:54

another Visa fraud done by curry den--they want to start up few universities and companies in usa


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United States James
December 14. 2011 23:19

"Indian strawberry production saw something of a revolution in 1992 when seedlings from California were introduced boosting yields & fruit quality...

Farmer Shripati Nana Yadav by growing strawberries has managed to build his spacious house & also send all his four children to college...three of them are engineers..."

YET , Indians you would find are invariably fond of referring to America in hostile terms using words like " American hegemony , imperialism racism..".

Yep, these people, like most 3rd world morons around the world have been taught from childhood that America and the white man is the cause of all their ills. Never mind that white Americans brought the world most of the civilization it sees today. Where would the world be if America had never existed. They are taught the white man took America from the red natives so whites must be bad. Never mind that the red natives were sitting around in grass huts smoking dope and slaughtering each othr in tribal wars AND NOT DEVELOPING ANYTHING.

So, these morons love our jobs, $, and tech, but they hate us. What do you expect from IQ81? REASON? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

India also could not even make commercial grade steel until THE USA SOLD A LOT OF THE WTC SCRAP STEEL TO THEM and because they bought EU's Arcellor which is now Arcellor/Mittal.

So, the brilliant geniuses from India who are 600,000,000 toilets short aren't exactly the brain trust we've been hearing. Yet we've imported around 10 million of them since 1998 and there are still 3.2 million of them in the US working in our companies.

Any futher questions as to the cause of the US's economic problems?

India is just jealous that we are smart and powerful and they are not. So now for the time being they are pretending to be our friends as they clean our economy out.

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United States James
December 14. 2011 23:27

No doubt they want to start universities in the US so they can brainwash all the students that India is the best country on earth. Or maybe just grift out all that Federal education $. Or maybe just make sure their own people don't wind up with IQs of 81.

As for the nimble-footed Bollywood dancers, hell, if they are that good at dancing, why not let them all in - they must be good at IT too. After all, what's creating a $1.4 TRILLION a year industry compared with busting some smooth moves onscreen?

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Canada ezygoer
December 14. 2011 23:29

Well laws are enacted by the US Congress on behalf on interested lobbyists for Corporate America.

When H1-B was passed years ago there was a small clause that a sum is collected for every visa to train locals .. how many have been trained and replaced H1-B's ?

Outsourcing to foreign and US firms like IBM(aka globalization) brought in the need for the L1 visas and another conduit to replace Americans.

For every type of visa there is a "reason" - foreign students who promise to go back at US consulates after study are then hired and lobbied for green cards in the name of future "job creators" !! Maybe 0.0005% actually did so, 1M are let in every year !!

What's the point of driving around and photographing the recipients of this racket by Corporate America ?

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United States currycockroaches
December 15. 2011 07:06

Lesbian currys cheating white girls


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United States James
December 15. 2011 15:52

The point of it is to expose to the American people just how many of these knuckle-dragging slumdog wealth-siphoning leeches are now in the US robbing us blind. If we let in 1 million Einsteins a year, the US economy would be booming out of control. That's obviously not happening so they must all be fakers with 'degrees' bought in Punjab.

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United States imam
December 15. 2011 18:14

I don't think most of the people that complain on this site have any idea of how pervasive India is becoming.  India, unlike China (who owns the US debt) has made great strides in placing people in the correct places to censor any criticism of India. Even PBS has a few notables.  With their money they will protect to the last American their greatest export - people.  Their fake degrees, visas, anything they can get away with in this country and their own.  You cannot assign any Christian, Jewish, or Islamic morals and ethics to people who have none, they even call their children "little thief" as a term of endearment.  I have witnessed Indians in many countries, even in Thailand, where they aided the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war.  Their mantra (HA) is only money - you can buy anything in India, especially people.

As to scholarship, they really did have some people here thirty years ago, but now I would really say (and have witnessed) that for the past twenty or so years a very great number of their degrees or scholarship are fake.  If you try to validate their degrees, you will find yourself talking to an answering center paid to cover for them.  Even here in the US, colleges and universities only ask for "test scores" from India, while people from say Russia and China have to have full certified coursework in both the original language and in English.  You can probably guess the origins of the "test scores".

Indians have even entered into most of the certifications also.  I can remember when you had to have three other engineers vouch for you in IEEE, INCOSE, PMI, etc.  Now anyone can join, and with one Indian taking any certification test, you can be sure he/she will sell the answers.  The IEEE Spectrum periodical even runs ads that state [... get a Green Card without a sponsor!...].  Of course one of the lawyers is from India in the ad.

Well, I've run on enough.  With our politicians, government workers, and congress,"money talks, bullshit walks", and India and China have the money.

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Canada ezygoer
December 15. 2011 23:16


What is more important of being exposed .. actions of Corporate America or the actions of thirld worlders ?

For every visa worker Corporate America makes the big money and the worker's gratification is in making more than in the home country besides other fringe benefits !! The southern border brings in the latinos who contribute sweat equity which again fattens Corp. America's bottom line.

So it's a nice cushy game !!

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United States Anonymous
December 16. 2011 04:20

Take a look at the credentials of Indian politicians , the "power hungry  rascals" ( Sir.Winston Churchill) and there are lots & lots of them . Most of them have criminal records ( KPS.Gill has written about criminalization of Indian politics) which is an open secret and people of India have no qualms about re-electing repeatedly the same thugs as their representatives. Indian politicians never retire. And obdurately defy deaths also protected by bodyguards.

Hence , never make the mistake of comparing America with India even in your dreams as Americans are uncompromising looking for integrity & ethics while empowering their elected representatives.

Indians are adept at blaming America/Australia/Britain/Europe and the Heavenly Bodies ofcourse for their own shortcomings. Today Infosys blames Europe for the state of their company and people willingly believe in such theories. Indians also claim most Americans (sic) " cannot reach college level education whereas Indians are all graduates , post graduates , research prone thinkers with mathematical skills...always winning trophies in spelling contests ".

One of my Indian Professors was honest enough to bluntly state:-

" My six year old daughter who goes to a prestigious school does not even know what steel is but can rattle off all the names of Indian Steel Industries....such is our education".  

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United States Anonymous
December 16. 2011 04:31

James writes:-

" Yep, these people, like most 3rd world morons around the world have been taught from childhood that America and the white man is the cause of all their ills. Never mind that white Americans brought the world most of the civilization it sees today. Where would the world be if America had never existed. They are taught the white man took America from the red natives so whites must be bad. Never mind that the red natives were sitting around in grass huts smoking dope and slaughtering each othr in tribal wars AND NOT DEVELOPING ANYTHING ".

Absolutely spot on.I was also fed the same stories while while whipping up religious fanaticism. Today the same anti American sentiments are promoted in the guise of anti WalMartism , anti FDI calling it all a Christian conspiracy.

The delicious irony being many Hindu Monks ( the genuine ones not charlatans) assert it is the Westerner ( read non Indian Whites and the rest) who is sincere & dedicated while seeking Spirituality/God.

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United States currycockroaches
December 16. 2011 05:00

Curry Cockroaches self praising themselves that they are innovating


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United States Anonymous
December 16. 2011 11:42

I have been reading ezygoer's comments and am convinced he/she is hell bent on playing the devil's advocate. Knows very well about all pervasive corruption among Indians & their anti American / anti Western biases. Yet refuses to take a firm stand like James. Takes the facile approach of blaming corporate America. Does not wash.

Not just India. A country like Iraq also desperately sought America's intervention & succour to be saved from Saddam Hussein. But started badmouthing the very same Americans. Now that America has left , let the whole world watch how well they manage their own affairs. For all kinds of trouble shooting we look up to America leave alone benefitting from the strides they make in other fields. Why this galling ingratitude then ?

Answer is simple - ENVY. Sheer naked ENVY.

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United States anon
December 16. 2011 11:44

A picture speaks for a thousand words.Want more pics of these so called Highly talented People,lol.

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United States Sandeep
December 16. 2011 16:49

We have a new rule in place now which makes it faster for us Indians to get GC's, we have as much of a right to live and enjoy life in US as much as any other American and this is a step towards attaining that. I love being in USA much more than being in India, I can party much better and the party scene is much better in USA, I love the women here, they are much more beautiful than most of the Indian women I grew up with in India.

I came to the USA to pursue the beautiful American women and win over their hearts apart from living in such a beautiful land with a great natural outdoor scenery, can't ask for more Smile

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United States Uknowwho
December 16. 2011 22:44

When u want amusement this is the site i go to. Bunch of clueless retards doing asp claiming to b programmers and bitching they cant find jobs coz of the injun !!!! Hey tunnelfart, get a clue...this is not ur profession, u need to go flip burgers. Idiot!!!!

no site

United States Uknowwho
December 16. 2011 22:46

Btw, tunnelfRt...still trying hard to trace my ip and find out who i am?

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Canada ezygoer
December 17. 2011 00:46

I am not playing the devils advocate .. my position was outsourced twice but am still gainfully employed. Having been in this industry for over 15 years and seen pretty much everything I have not found anything positive about American corporate or political culture. Sandeep from India I assume has put his "fringe" benefits on the table .. he does not have to wade through shit back in India and regret to hear that Congress has made it easier for Indians. So now who is selling out Americans ? The US congress after lobbying by as usual "interested" parties which is the "culture" I was talking about. Have Americans quit on STEM? Or is there a deliberate ploy to keep them out ? Or is there a game to keep wages depressed in IT by Corporate America ?

no site

United States James
December 17. 2011 02:16

Indians have no right to live in the US. Why? Because whites and blacks and their descendants who ALL came from mostly Europe but also Africa BUILT America. In fact we spent FIVE HUNDRED YEARS building it. During that time India helped ZERO to build America. Image FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. It wasn't until Americans made the IT industry boom in 1998 that lazy, greedy, stupid slumdogs suddenly wanted to all flood into America. You didn't help build America, so you don't deserve to live here. In fact YOU DESERVE NOTHING. Why? Because India has never contributed to the world, never provided new industries or jobs to the world, never done anything in fact. Americans did all the hard work of building America but India didn't.

THAT is why you do not "deserve" to live in America. Did your ancestors fight WWI and WWII to keep America safe and free? No you didn't. You didn't contribute, you don't get anything.

I realize India is a communist nation and former Soviet ally, but America doesn't work that way - you don't get the benefits of someone else's work in the USA. And now it is time for you all to go. This ain't India Sandeep.

On top of all that when we DO let you in you have the gall to come here and deliberately keep Americans out of jobs just because they are white and you want to GRAB and takeover the IT industry. In fact, if you had played fair and not so racist when you got here, most Americans would probably welcome you. But now that you have INVADED, TAKEN OVER, and EXCLUDED the very people who so kindly let you in - because of that NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GO.

Keep angling for all the cons you want - the American people and the US gov't want you out of the US since the entire economic collapse in the US is YOUR FAULT. Stop robbing other countries and FIX YOUR OWN.

Of course you love being in USA - Americans built it into a paradise and your country is a shithole because you beasts don't understand what civilization is. Funny how all you mentioned is partying and women - not actually working or contributing. Leeches and parasites have no place in America. Now get out and stay out before you bring the whole world down.

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United States anon
December 17. 2011 22:53

TR & James to be fair the indians are not dropping from a parachute but laws are made/being made in usa which allows these people to come here,recently just a month or so back there was a law made here(US) that allows H-1 to get easily permanent resident (G Card),also one more thing that is overlooked is that indian students who come on student visa here for so called 'higher studies', which is nothing but one way ticket to usa, e.g student visa,work visa, gc,citizenship.Lastly west and usa started to decline because of non european immigration into their respective countries, the old adage that its takes long to build but short time to destroy has never been more than true than today for the west/usa.

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United States James
December 18. 2011 01:01

Looks like someone in Japan had the same idea as you did Rat - they've started to photo the slow infiltration of the curry-munchers into Japan:


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United States James
December 18. 2011 01:12

According to this tandoori propagandist, a mere 800 slumdogs "makeup the backbone of the IT industry in Japan".

HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, that's a good one! Japan LET A WHOLE 800 OF YOU IN! CAN YOU SAY 'TOKEN INDIANS'? HAHAHAHA!!!!


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United States Anonymous
December 18. 2011 04:54

I COMPLETELY & WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with whatever James has written above:-

" Indians have no right to live in the US. Why? Because whites and blacks and their descendants who ALL came from mostly Europe but also Africa BUILT America.........Leeches and parasites have no place in America. Now get out and stay out before you bring the whole world down ".

Sandeep unwittingly exposes the lecherous Indians' mindset so besotted with anatomy of women. Most Indian men are incapable of considering women as individuals like them. All of it came from the West. I know Indians would at once cite instances from Vedic era ( Lopamudhra , Arundhathi , Anasooya etc) But that is long gone. Had we internalised & adhered to that India would not have earned this galling notoriety for brides incineration , dowry deaths , female infanticide etc.

The mighty contribution of Indians to this world is CORRUPTION , DUPLICITY , DISHONESTY & TREACHERY.

When Soviet Union had its missiles pointing at Americans India was purring with apathy. India has benefitted immensely from not just IT but also horticulture , agriculture related researches of Americans & the West. But agitated so violently when Americans started growing Basmati rice. Cried hoarse about patent rights etc.

When Mike Myers came up with Hollywood movie " Love Guru " Indians cried racism unleashing their pettymindedness. Russia for long has ridiculed Bhagavad Geetha & Lord Krishna; India's very own elected chief ministers & members of Indian Parliament , Indian filmstars ( particularly a Tambram Iyengar with a now you see now you don't moustache who tries very desperately to copy Al Pacino) have eloquently ridiculed Hindu religious beliefs , Hindu Gods like Lord Ram & Krishna but all of that have been relished in the name of artistic freedom.

When James Bond movie was shot in India recently Indian government insisted its Railways be shown in "positive light or else no permission".

Plenty of such instances of double standards abound among Indians.

Hence kudos to James for being so forthright jettisoning political correctness.    

no site

United States Anonymous
December 18. 2011 05:04

Indian film makers travel all over Europe , America , Australia , New Zealand & South Africa to shoot their " bump & grind " song & dance cavortings. And simulated fight sequences where they beat up all Whites & ridicule all their womenfolk as scantily clad bimbos.

ONLY THAT SELLS within & WITHOUT India as Indian diaspora also love such inanity.

BUT one hears them pathetically crowing(sic) " Because of our filmshootings in foreign locales they are making money you know you know entire Europe etc etc depend on our film shootings yadayada.....our womenfolk are the most beautifullestest.....our menfolk are allrounders ....can dance , romance , fight sing....mostest talented....because of racism Americans/Europeans/Australians... don't appreciate us adequately enough".

no site

Canada ezygoer
December 18. 2011 23:45

Well am not playing the devils' advocate .. having been outsourced twice am gainfully employed. Sandeep has outlined the "fringe" benefits and the fact that visas have been made easier for Indians by interested parties backed by Corporate America.

Are US students getting into STEM in large numbers to compete with foreigners ? Or are these steps to keep Americans out by letting foreigners in which will keep a lid on wages ..benefitting Corporate America ? American politicians are telling the sheeple that letting in talented foreigners is good for America .. anyone agree to this ?

no site

United States outrage
December 19. 2011 11:03

Globalization is about control. Look, you eliminate all sorts of protective boundaries like physical borders and economic tariffs. Then what happens? It's total chaos. Companies will send work wherever it is cheapest to do. They don't even care if it is done right or the end product works. Why do you think HP is going downhill? Sure, they have big revenue, but their products keep getting worse and worse. Then they gobble up 3COM and others and will destroy them too with guest workers.

This should be considered some form of crime to destroy established industries. That's what's happening.

Then look at India. They have a massive, military patrolled border fence with Bangladesh. Yet they complain when US tries to stop guest workers. Indians are mentally ill, all of them.

Globalization allows the people who pull the string to manipulate many more variables to try and transition the world into a new world order. When borders and tariffs are eliminated now they have N number of variables more they can put into their control equations. Increased currency control, increased economic control. It's all about control.

Where is the FREEDOM??????

no site

United States currycockroaches
December 19. 2011 12:21

you think that taliban is cruel---you haven't seen Curry bastards

they cant control their penis, every day they have 300 rape cases

now they are raping 7 year old children


no site

United States currycockroaches
December 19. 2011 18:11

indian politics spreading into USA now


no site

United States Indian_tatti
December 19. 2011 19:16


Indian firms in U.S. created jobs during downturn: Nirupama Rao

read and laugh....

no site

United States uscitizen
December 19. 2011 21:02

Cat in the hat.
Tunnelrat is a dingbat.

Ho Ho Ho...tunnel rat is a gay Hoe.
why dont u attempt and find who i am, you incorrigible pig. Tatti ke bacche. madar chod gandoo

no site

Canada political correctness sucks
December 19. 2011 21:44
political correctness sucks

@ Anonymous

Like everything Indian, Bollywood is a total con job . Full of lies and contradiction.

no site

United States Indian_tatti
December 20. 2011 09:28


Infosys buys Australia-based Portland BPO

Next step to remove Australians and introduce Hindus...loll..

Australia also gone now.

no site

United States Indian_tatti
December 20. 2011 09:47

US Federal bill set to hit Indian BPO


no site

United States Anonymous
December 20. 2011 10:50

Corporate America is behind this influx of Indians; Indians are not parachuting .....

The issue is not merely about the degrees held by Indians or the "contributions" made by them as our newspapers & Indian bloggers trumpet.

Indians are not the same as Americans/Westerner. This is the conclusion I have arrived at after long observations. Indians wear different masks depending upon the people they interact with. The Westerner is not like that. The Englishman or American does not look down upon us Indians with disdain but fellow Indians do that.

I can only give certain unforgettable personal instances from my life. My late brother (sibling) J.Prakash who was written off as good for nothing by the rest of the family comprising of chartered accountants , IITians was communicating with an Englishman called Frankwood through letters. And was always receiving not just polite cordial replies but also many books on Accountancy from that Frankwood. I alone know what Frankwood did to his self esteem & confidence.

I have always found this laudable trait among them. They LISTEN & REPLY. They reach out & share a lot of their experiences that impact the rest of us beneficially. We Indians are incredibly mean & sans grace that we don't even acknowledge this truth. Only inherently GRACIOUS people can build GREAT nations.

I had a very annoying solutionless problem related to health. A whole lot of us face that problem with no permanent harmless cure. It was my son who was very young then who suggested a very simple solution that sounded SO EFFECTIVE , HARMLESS & foolproof. On searching the web I came across only one Australian lady who had offered the same cure describing the procedure in a detailed way. She could have easily made a lot of money by NOT sharing. Though very simple & incredibly cheap that particular cure till date has never been suggested by anyone.

When I shared this with certain Indian acquaintances they did not express even a syllable of appreciation. That is what we Indians are churlish, self centred.    

no site

United States James
December 20. 2011 22:25

I wonder how much one of those backbacks can hold in cold hard USD? Under the Open Skies Treaty of 2004 any INDIAN can carry $50K in CASH back to India on a US flight but Americans can only carry $10K. I wonder if one can stuff $50K in $100 bills into one of those backpacks.

What you are seeing dear Americans is the MASSIVE SIPHONING of our economy. Every one of these slumdogs is a SIPHON into the US economy. No wonder our banks all went belly up - they're all being siphoned DRY by Indiots with backpacks!

no site

December 21. 2011 05:24
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Great goods from you, man. Life of an I.T. Grunt | FAIR's New Ad I've understand your stuff previous to and you are just too wonderful. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you're stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it wise. I can't wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great Life of an I.T. Grunt | FAIR's New Ad informations.


United States bob
December 21. 2011 08:30

@ ezygoer.

The point of bringing in a few foreigners is to bring a different view to a team; the point of bringing in 50-100k/year worth of foreigners via visa fraud is to depress the labor market.  I think most people who've worked with said foreigners would say that at least 2/3rds are complete frauds, their education is a joke as it's unverifiable.

Fact is, Most Americans finance their schooling; when they get into the job market they expect to be paid fair wages to repay that debt.  Too much of that activity can; and honestly has; stunted students going into STEM degree's.  They, instead, make investments in business and management degree's thinking those are more secure.

Management is always going to whine about payroll costs without publishing the payroll; without the ability to publish objective data you can't consider their statements impartial.  There's plenty of Americans with STEM Degree's that are unemployed who are willing to move around the states for a job.  

The real solution here is to make H1B very Expensive (e.g. 25-50k+/visa + yearly review costs, company pays, green-card is required after 2-3 years), and to implement restrictions whereas companies must pay a 25-50% of market wage for the person working such that abuse doesn't occur.

The moment you do that, the fraudsters go on the boat back to India and we begin drawing the REAL Talent from other countries.

no site

United States Slum Dawg
December 21. 2011 13:13
Slum Dawg

no site

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