tunnel rat posted on November 13, 2011 23:38

Here's a speech I gave at my local Occupation's Veteran's Day celebration:

When I was four years old, my father fled the Communist regime of Hungary.  He took me to Yugoslavia, drugged me up with sleeping pills, tied me to an inflatable raft, and in the dead of night, swam two miles across the Adriatic Sea to Italy.  After nine months in an Italian refugee camp, we made our way to New York City.

I would not see my mother or brother for 15 years, when they finally came to America after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

At the age of 20, I wanted money for college and curiously walked in to a Marine Recruiting office.  I was interviewed by a recruiter.

“Do you like the outdoors?” he asked.  I guess so, I thought. Sure, I like the outdoors.

“Good.  I recommend Marine Corps infantry,” he said.

He assured me that I would get tens of thousands of dollars for college, and the Marine Corps would help me get my citizenship.  And that I would make enough money to buy a car, and to go to school while I was on active duty…

I would later learn that he was the top Marine recruiter in the nation that year, and most of what he promised was not exactly true.

A year later, I was in boot camp, standing at attention.  A drill instructor asked me why I joined the Marine Corps.  I didn’t want to say “I needed money for college and I was bored” so I told him what I thought he might want to hear.

“To kill communists, sir.” 

Two years later, I was in a helicopter flying into Kuwait on day one of the ground war called Operation Desert Storm.  Our platoon sergeant gave the signal to invert our loaded M-16s, and the door gunner pulled back the bolt on the 50-cal machine gun.  Fortunately for me, we were not going into a hot LZ, just a barren stretch of desert soon to be overrun by starving shell-shocked Iraqi soldiers begging to surrender.  People ask me if I was scared then.  I say no.  I don’t know why I wasn’t scared back then.  The Marine Corps has a way of doing that men.

Maybe, and I quote freely from “Full Metal Jacket”:

“The Marine Corps does not want robots.

The Marine Corps wants killers.

The Marine Corps wants to build indestructible men.

Men without fear.”

Unlike my brothers and sisters serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, my war was brutal and short.  I, like most of the 500,000 other troops, made it home safe. 

I eventually did use some of that money that the recruiter promised I would get for college.  I got my citizenship, and left the Marine Corps in 1993.

I found work in the computer business, becoming a contract programmer for large Fortune 500 companies. 

I always thought that having my Marine Corps experience on my resume would be a plus; that is until the dot-com boom.  Suddenly, IT became filled with eager liberal arts majors, building websites in their trendy offices while their dogs slept under their desks. 

I would go to interviews with my short hair, suit, and wing-tips, and be the only one wearing a tie.  I took my Marine Corp experience off of my resume, and started getting offers again.

I’ve been in the “closet,” so to speak, for over ten years now, not wanting to let stereotypes and people’s pre-conceptions about the military influence their opinion of me. 

And this may be for good reason.  A couple years ago, I started a new job at a big local company.  I overheard two managers discussing some programming candidates that were coming in for interviews.  One manager mentioned that a candidate had served in the Marines, and that they would need to do a thorough background check, just in case he has “anger issues.”

I bit my tongue.  I have anger issues, and it is not because I served in the Marines. 


Which brings me to the Occupy movement. 

One of the things I have seen in my career in IT is the rampant discrimination, displacement, and denigration of American workers as companies outsourced and offshored as many tech jobs as possible.  When they could not offshore the work, they brought in cheap guest workers who were essentially indentured servants and made the locals train them. 

Train your replacement, or you will not get your severance package, many were told. 

I witnessed this firsthand. 

A few years ago, I was working on a web project at a large local company.  One of the guys I worked with was a gray haired Vietnam vet named Joe. Joe was a legend at that company. He had seen it all, and lived to talk about it. He knew where the bodies where buried.  And he also had a son that had committed suicide, and he volunteered at nights at the Crystal Cathedral, running a suicide hotline.

I loved Joe like a brother.

He was a warrior, a guy that still could keep up with the latest technologies, even though he was pushing sixty. He had just had a kidney replacement, and the drugs made it hard for him to stay awake in boring meetings. Can't say I blame him. Those meetings sucked.

Joe and I bonded. He would give me shit about the Marines, and I would talk trash about the Army. I taught him about web development, and he taught me about life. His devotion to the spirit of his dead son was epic.

One day, something weird was going on. First one of our chickenshit managers came over and tapped the programmer sitting next to me on the shoulder and I never saw him again. Then they came for another one.  I made some calls. They were all getting fired, escorted out.

Joe comes in at about 10 AM, and I tell him about the executions. Good thing it wasn't him, we joke.

Ten minutes later, the collaborators come for Joe. They wouldn't even let him pack his stuff, just escorted him to a conference room, where he was forced to sign some paperwork in order to get his severance.

Guess who showed up the next day?

Two guest workers from Indian outsourcing giant Infosys, the lead element of what was to be a massive offshoring initiative.  Infosys, by the way, is currently being sued for visa fraud and is under criminal investigation by a Texas grand jury.

The company where Joe and I worked systematically purged senior, high-paid Americans, some vets, some single parents, all good workers and replaced them with foreign guest workers in what could almost be described as occupational apartheid, or what I like to call “ethnic cleansing”; of Americans, that is. 

When I saw a similar pattern of discrimination at my most recent job, I filed an ethics complaint, was promptly put on paid suspension, and eventually terminated.  Fortunately for me, I could fill my days in between jobs involved in the Occupation.

That’s a good thing.  BECAUSE I HAVE ANGER ISSUES.

I am angry at corporations that used the threat of outsourcing and offshoring to drive down the wages of American workers and cut their benefits.

I am angry at seeing grown men, cowering in their cubicles, working unpaid overtime, groveling to their mid-level corporate taskmasters, terrified of losing their jobs.

I am angry about corporations that have turned my chosen profession into a globalist gladiator pit, where I compete with the lowest bidders in a race to the proverbial bottom.

I am tired of knowing that vets have a higher unemployment rate than the regular population.

And while I am angry, I have no fear.  I do not fear the lose of my livelihood, my house, my family.  People ask me if I was afraid of entering the job market again in such an economy. 

No, I fear nothing.  I survived the Marines.  I can survive this.

Now, this is the second war I have fought for my country, and the first one where I knew my enemy.

Yes, I say war, a peaceful revolution.  As John F. Kennedy said:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of this movement.  We are seeking fundamental changes in the way this country operates, and it will be a long war, not a brief skirmish.  And we need to be lucid, patient, and above all, serious. 

I’ll end with some lyrics from the Talking Heads song “Life During Wartime”:

“This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,

this ain’t no foolin’ around.

This ain’t no Mudd Club, or C.B.G.B.,

I ain’t got time for that now.”



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United States currypower
November 14. 2011 15:19

I would have to tell you something here about some of the business practices of corporations like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys, etc etc and other such IT service based companies based out of India. They pay their employees very very less when they are sent to onshore assignments, one of my friends who works at TCS told me that they get around $3000/month although he works on 4 projects, not one but four and TCS bills the client for all the 4 projects even though it's just one resource working on those multiple projects. Also, he works around 11 hours per day and hardly has any personal/family life, if he doesn't do as specified he will be sent back home the next flight to India and that's viewed as a shameful thing when he goes back to his base team in India, he would not get any bonuses/perks/promotions etc etc if he doesn't tow the line and starts complaining.

Apart from this, they also don't ever pay these employees anything as an overtime although they bill the client for each and every hour of overtime work performed. Essentially, they rob the clients off their money but ill treat their employees, there is always some back-biting going on and no one is truly happy or satisfied with their professional life and work. This is the reality of Indian based IT service companies.

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United States Anonymous
November 14. 2011 15:40

Right now my arm is fractured. Hence am unable to write very important details that just cannot be ignored. I would NEVER EVER tire of repeating to you NOBLE AMERICANS ( SANS the treacherous mendacious duplicitous irrevocably ungrateful untrustworthy who pick up all trendy words citizenship rights clamouring devilishly to be mollycoddled thus chipping in with impertinent gobbledygook like xenophobia like that fraudwas & all useless indians world over) please please NEVER make the mistake of accommodating or helping Indians be they in your America or anywhere . They are NOT WORTH IT. Period.

It is veritably the Indians ( I being an Indian I know them ) who are one of the perilous gravest threats to you Americans and the world at large.

@James had also written in detail earlier. As another brilliant American put it elsewhere no spacedaddy ever comes to help the suffering. When we know for sure  our  potent adversaries , exterminate them right away. Do not make the mistake of co existing with them. As though they would realise their folly and bow down to you Americans who are always full of GRACE , INTRINSIC GRACE.

I always pray for America and Kuwait also as I expect you two to act RUTHLESSLY against Indians and India ALSO.

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United States James
November 14. 2011 17:30

Great story Rat. And that should put an end to Fraudhwa's claims that Americans being forced to train their foreign replacements was "just one isolated incident".

I too have been run out of one software company after another mainly be job-begging workers from India - and then asked to come back to train my slumdog replacement.


There was the Canadian tech lead *I* had to replace in 1998 and his Chinese QA lead whom I had to metaphorically slap upside the head because neither one of them could ship a product.

There was the Indian VP at Adaptec who nearly destroyed the Toast business befor he got canned and went to Sun, which has also proceeded to die.

There was the Indian-run company in 2004 who begged me to go contract for them because they couldn't figure out how to write some Mac stuff (and who told me "We want you to document it so when you leave we know how to do it" - And the QA manager from China in the same company who called me into a conference room with a new 22-year old hire from India and told me "Our goal is to EXTRACT your knowledge and give it to so-and-so here".

Then there was the big whammy - ANIL BHAVNANI - who 2 years later at Adobe threw 500 of the best American programmers out of Adobe just because we were white Americans and he was an angry upper-caste Brahmin Indian with some brainwashing about how Britain robbed his country 200 years ago. Of course he was stupid because: 1) He forgot to get us to train our replacements BEFORE he laid us all off, and 2) he later sued Adobe for RACISM and got canned a year later because of it (tip to noobs: don't ever sue your employer and expect to keep your job - it's just the way it works - they WILL find a way to get rid of you). Not to mention the moron had to run around the Adobe offices asking people where to get the MSDN CDs from. Yeah - a REAL brilliant guest worker Adobe needed to SURVIVE. Adobe of course now is going down the tubes.


This is an INVASION AND TAKEOVER people and we need to put a stop to it right now. RIGHT NOW.

Occupy will continue until this nonsense stops and American citizens are given back their birthright and these TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS ALL GO HOME AS PROMISED IN 1998.

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Canada ezygoer
November 14. 2011 22:19

G'luck rat .. dont get weary of the fight cause it's gonna be a long one with very slim chances of victory.

Warren announced today buying big time into IBM about $10B worth of stock - funny how one plantation owner has affinity for another and quick to jump onto the easy money train. I credit Warren with moving America's furniture manufacturing jobs to China in the 90's besides various other industries.

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United States L. Trotsky
November 15. 2011 00:00
L. Trotsky

When Bank of America moved their lockbox operations to 540 W. Madison in Chicago, RBS still retained their operations in the building. An old LCA for Infosys was still posted on the bulletin board for RBS. They were stating that several analyst positions were being filled in the $63-87K range. RBS could have advertised these positions for Americans at ITT, Loyola, Northwesten, DePaul, UICC and would have gotten hundreds of resumes from physics, EEs, CS, Math who would gladly take such jobs. But we all know that ONLY Hindu 1-Bs are capable of doing tech jobs.

As for training their WOG replacements, I recently talked to a Chase bank refugee whose entire department was wiped out, but were told by management they had to train the WOGs to replace them!

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United States IwantWhiteGirls
November 15. 2011 11:35


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United States INDIANSNeedmoney
November 15. 2011 12:07

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November 16. 2011 11:59
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November 16. 2011 12:59


It will be interesting to see Warren finally lose his ass.


WTF is a WOG? In the British sense?


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United States debug
November 17. 2011 04:26


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November 17. 2011 08:02

There is now a GOP candidate who supports the occupy movement.

His name is Buddy Roemer.



November 17. 2011 12:26
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November 17. 2011 23:53

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United States Indian tatti
November 18. 2011 10:50
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Infosys H-1B Fraud Case Heads For Trial


Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec

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United States iloveamerica
November 19. 2011 09:34


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United States USAbelongstoINDIANS
November 19. 2011 09:36

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November 19. 2011 12:58
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United States kingboy
November 19. 2011 19:37

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November 19. 2011 23:13
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Canada ezygoer
November 20. 2011 02:45

IOR could be over due to changes in technology - but not due to changes in business practices by Corp. America which has no regard for workers - domestic or foreign but only to the bottom line.

But with easily over half a million H,L,B,J.. types in the US currently it's tough to believe the easy money gravy train has dried up for Corp. America!

Has anyone come up with a study of foreigner led start ups to foreign worker let in ratios ? Would be interesting to see the (tiny) math on that !!    

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November 20. 2011 11:27
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United States uscitizen
November 20. 2011 12:04


>Occupy will continue until this nonsense stops and American citizens are given back their birthright and these TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS ALL GO HOME AS PROMISED IN 1998.

American birhright as I understand is courage, determination and doing the impossible. The ones who did not have that in them, packed their bags and left. The ones who stayed back, worked hard and made it and became citizens of this country just like your forefather did. These hardworking taxpaying citizens invest here, buy homes, and boost the economy.

Keep dreaming..luckily not every person here is not a moron like you.

Now shut the fuck up and go and jack off in your mom's basement.

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United States kingboy
November 20. 2011 14:58

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United States kingboy
November 20. 2011 15:00

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India H-1b Mastermind
November 20. 2011 17:42
H-1b Mastermind

you should hear speech politician Obama said at India meeting!  He said India world only super power and America IT worker is lazy and needs h-1b replacement!  Crowd cheered, then Obama sign new contract to get stimulus check to Infosys to send million job to India! Win AGAIN! thank you Obama Smile bribe check in mail for you.

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United States James
November 20. 2011 17:52

Fraudhwa claims foreign-born startups generated $52 billion a year in sales. Well, the US IT market is over $1 trillion a year. That means foreign-born startups only contributed 5% of the total IT market. Yet IT is now well over 90% foreign-born workers. And the vast majority of our IT VC money goes to fund foreign-born and foreign-staffed startups. In fact, most tech VCs in USA will not even look at a biz plan if it does not include offshoring or foreign workers. That means that we're not getting a very good return on our VC investments with foreign-born startups - those 90% foreign-born IT workers should be generating 90% of the IT industry's sales. Why are we throwing huge VC down a rathole that is only producing 5% of the total industry sales. The only possible conclusion is that foreign-born and foreign-staffed startups are are massively UNPRODUCTIVE! How do you like those few little facts Fraudhwa's "study" never mentioned!

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United Kingdom wearegreat
November 21. 2011 04:27


We are simply great people on earth, Obama or any one in congress will bow down to NASSCOM lobby

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France Indianparasitism
November 21. 2011 17:39

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Canada ezygoer
November 22. 2011 01:21

And the vast majority of our IT VC money goes to fund foreign-born and foreign-staffed startups. In fact, most tech VCs in USA will not even look at a biz plan if it does not include offshoring or foreign workers.

.. Only this will get the quickest return on the $ for the V "Capitalists" - remember Goldman Sachs spinning Global Crossing et all in the 90's dot com boom ?
Fraudhwa's only jumping to to the easy money gravy train like anyone else who can, will do !!

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November 22. 2011 04:39

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United States James
November 22. 2011 09:20


"Only this will get the quickest return on the $ for the V "Capitalists"

Yes, assuming they stay in business, become profitable, and actually market a product somone wants to buy - which is usually not the case. Nearly ALL of them go bankruot when the VC $ runs out and the foreign workers all return home with their stolen loot.

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United States americancitizen
November 23. 2011 21:04

Are you guys giving Thanks from your mom's basement ? ROFL

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United States likeaboss
November 24. 2011 23:58

Why Americans can't compete with India:


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