tunnel rat posted on October 27, 2011 01:36

This Devil Dog came home from Iraq, to an economy ravaged by the Slumdog Slave Trade, the High-Tech Junta, and the Globalist shills, and got his skull shattered.  From what I hear, he is a Systems Analyst, probably making a fraction of what he deserves because of the flood of the low-wage scabs in his field.




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Canada Mark
October 27. 2011 04:52

He beat the odds in Iraq, and he certainly has beaten the odds in the tech industry being one of those rare under-35-year-old white folks still left in the industry (while hundreds of thousands of US Citizen techies pound tech firms with resumes that go unanswered).  Sure hope he beats the odds again.

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United States Indian_Tatti
October 27. 2011 10:03

I agree that Indians have destroyed USA IT but this guy is not at all protesting for that.

Don't include UN-necessary things.

What happened to Jack Parmer's Infosys Case?

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October 27. 2011 11:51
tunnel rat

This guy is protesting the destruction of our country by corrupt corporations that displaced millions of American workers through offshoring and outsourcing and used slumdog scabs to suppress wages in IT.

And Jack Palmer is sitting at home, getting paid to do nothing, while Infosys drags his case out and sends him death threats.

Fuck you and your entire fucking race, maderchod.


United States Indian_Tatti
October 27. 2011 12:33

tunnel rat.

I am Indian but I am not a Hindu, so don't call me madarchod.

These cock suckers Hindus are maderchods and not us. Where ever u find red dot these things happens. They did this in my home also in India.

Throw them out, or it will be too late.

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United States James
October 27. 2011 16:09

Throw ALL Indians out or it will be too late. While I HAVE worked with a very FEW good Indians here and there, I have never seen a single one that produces anything. Everywhere you people go there is death and decay.

It is a very fittingly ironic statement about our country that this guy survived Iraq but then gets brutalized by his own gov't when he comes home. What a perfect statement to describe the state of the gov't today.

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Canada ezygoer
October 27. 2011 22:49

Maybe retain a few with cred. like this
Bach: MIT then Harvard, owner Golden State Warriors etc etc .. (employs 2000 in the US)


which is what US students and workers should emulate and outnumber flown in H1-B's,L1's,J1's and other visas but then who will get this message to IBM ?

That bringing in brain power from German scientists during WWII to present day does good not the mass inflow of H1-B's,L1's,J1's and other visas esp. the Indian housewife who never touched a keyboard till landing in the US !!

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United States Joshua
October 28. 2011 12:26

Good news for us about Tri Valley


does anybody know what happenned to university of north virginia?
hope they are still all being deported


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United States James
October 28. 2011 16:49

For every Vivek Ranadivé, there are 100,000 faking frauds who are just here to grift out the wealth of the US and send it back to the Curry Containment Field. Even when Einstein, von Braun, etc came in from Germany, the US wasn't flooded with 10 million Germans. There are only a tiny finite number of these types of people who actually do the US any good. For them, I say fine, stay. For all the others, we need to check and see if they actually produced anything and if not, it's deportation time for you. If you can't PROVE you're a net contributor here, then you have to go.

Also how many of those 2000 Vivek Ranadivé employs are Americans and spend here and how many are Indians sending their $ home as fast as they can?

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Canada ezygoer
October 29. 2011 00:42

There's talent from every nationality but none has exploited this slogan like India Inc and Nasscom .. and the process needs a lot of cleaning up.

But then Corp. America has got used to the cheap labor arbitrage game - in the US and abroad so could be a difficult proposition to achieve.

The recession and occupy protests could bring about a change of thinking .. am gonna hit the T.O one tomorrow to feel the mood of the protestors !!

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United States Indian_Tatti
October 29. 2011 10:42

Start a campaign against Hindus on racist ground and deny jobs,

Use banners.

Use brain rather emotions.

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United States Anti-H1B
October 29. 2011 11:03

In the 1700's child labor was used in labor arbitrage as cheap labor during the industrial revolution.
In the 1800's Chinese imported slave labor was used for the railroads in the USA
In the early 1900's poor whites worked the fields in the USA
Now we have illegal Mexicans and Indians taking the jobs. When will it end?

Never. Until the rich plutocracy is changed.

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United Kingdom screw India
October 29. 2011 15:51
screw India

@ Tatti

Are you muslim or sikh? I hate hindus myself. But I also see the same repugnant nature of hindus in muslims and sikhs as well.

Dishonesty, conceit, greed, selfishness, bragging etc. and in general, a total lack of human decency must be a manifestation, most prevalent in the Indian sub-continental

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United States H1b Best and Brightest
October 29. 2011 20:55
H1b Best and Brightest

Infosys case has been determined by Obama politician.  We paid bribe and now innocent verdict is being written.  Smile

India win again!

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United States H1b Best and Brightest
October 29. 2011 21:00
H1b Best and Brightest

Protester need to learn to obey superior Indian mastermind. India is world most powerful country, US must learn to follow India rule now.

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United States James
October 29. 2011 22:38

It will end just like the Great Depression ended in the 1930s: with another world war.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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