Stephen Fleming, a collaborator douchebag now hiding at Georgia Tech (WTF is a "Enterprise Innovation Institute" anyway?) had to chime in and support high-tech slave trader Mayor Bloomberg on his obscure blog.  For that, he got a resounding ass-whooping by Insurgents, and resorted to pansy-ass liberal academic whining involving the "Holocaust", and subtly dropping the "I know who your and I have your IP" card. 

Here is the post in its entirety, with its obession with all things brown and curry-scented:


Back in June, I blogged about immigration as it affects student entrepreneurs at Georgia Tech. Apparently that qualified me as an expert on immigration policy! Someone at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce noticed what I’d written and invited me to a forum in Washington yesterday on “Immigration and American Competitiveness.”

It gave me a chance to meet Michael Bloomberg, and I strongly recommend that you take the time to listen to his keynote, which is archived on C-SPAN here. He made my points far better than I could have!

But I also enjoyed the panel discussion which followed. If you’re inclined, you can watch the whole thing here. My bit starts at 43:20, and I chime in again around 1:27:10. Since I had my notes on my iPad, I was able to update them in realtime at the event; that text is below.

(FYI, using Pages on the iPad with 40-point Helvetica makes a great personal teleprompter!)

Thanks for inviting me here. I appreciate the opportunity.

I could probably replace my prepared remarks with “What Mike said.” His Honor did a great job.

Although I’m not an academic, I think my role today is to discuss immigration from the point of view of a major research university. And I’d like to follow that with some of the issues with current immigration policies that affect what our students can do AFTER graduation.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Georgia Tech, we’re the largest engineering school in the United States. But we’re not just big; some folks think we’re pretty good.

U.S. News ranks us as the 4th best engineering school in the U.S. — when the top three are MIT, Stanford, and Cal Berkeley, #4 isn’t a bad place to be.

They rank us as the 7th best public university of all types.

And we’re not just good at one thing. They rank twelve types of engineering degrees — electrical, mechanical, civil, etc. We rank in the Top Ten for eleven of them, and we don’t offer the twelfth.

We’re in Atlanta. As you might expect, since the civil rights era, we have a strong history of graduating minorities. Whether you’re measuring Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.’s, we’re Top Ten for African-Americans, for Asian-Americans, and for Hispanics, and for minorities overall.

And we have a lot of foreign students.

Right now, about 7% of our undergraduates and 40% of our graduate students are on foreign visas.

Forty percent. As Tom pointed out, the national average for STEM graduate students is actually over 50%. And as Robin pointed out it’s north of 60% in computer science.

At Georgia Tech, the bulk of our foreign students come from, unsurprisingly, India, China, and Korea. But, overall, they come from 115 countries. –I don’t think I could name 115 countries!– Overall, between graduate and undergraduate, that’s 18% of our total enrollment, or about 3800 out of 21,000 students.

It’s hard to get into Georgia Tech. We get six applications for every slot in our freshman class, so you know that we’re pretty picky about who we let in. The 3800 foreign students on our campus are the best of the best. Smart, hard-working, flexible… you couldn’t ask for better students. Or better employees. Or better CITIZENS.

But the United States has put up barriers to letting these students build their careers in America. Just getting their student visas approved — not even talking yet about permanent residency! — is a bureaucratic nightmare. It discourages many of them to just give up, and study in other countries.

It didn’t used to be that way. A hundred years ago, the United States had, at best, a second-tier set of colleges and universities. Harvard was pretty good, but things fell off pretty rapidly from there. But, by 1950, we had unquestionably the finest higher education system in the world. We still have it today, although the rest of the world is trying hard to catch up.

What happened? IMMIGRATION. Our university system in this country was BUILT on immigration.

Specifically, Hitler came to power in 1933 and destroyed the German university system, which at that time was the finest in the world. Many of those professors, and even students, escaped to Britain and the United States. That won the war. Imagine the Manhattan Project without Jewish scientists. Imagine if they’d stayed in Germany.

After World War II, Europe was wrecked, and even MORE came to the United States from all over the Continent.

And then from Latin America, and from Asia… We imported the best brains from all over the world into our colleges and universities. And that led to a half-century of unchallenged economic dominance.

A couple of months ago, I was at a Georgia Tech student event, the Convergence Innovation Competition. I was INCREDIBLY impressed by the quality of the student entrepreneurs. They were mostly Master’s candidates in Computing or Electrical Engineering. And they were demonstrating apps for iPhones and Androids and even your television that were commercial-grade, or could get there.

I spent about a decade as a venture capitalist, and I was IMPRESSED. This was a class project, but it felt like a venture capital event. I started asking them, “Do you want to start a company around this?” I’ve still got friends in the venture business, and I think I could get some of these teams funded!

But the answer was usually a smile, and a quiet “No, I can’t.” So then I figured it out, and I started asking them: “Where are you from?”

Of 28 competitors, 26 were from overseas.

There’s no way that these 26 students can graduate from Georgia Tech and take what they’ve learned here and start companies in the United States.

They want to, but they can’t.

If you can only remember one thing I’ve said this morning, please remember that. We’re educating these children, they want to start companies here, and we’re telling them to go home.

They want to stay, but they can’t.

Removing the caps on H1-Bs wouldn’t help them. Our immigration service doesn’t recognize self-employment. And the kids couldn’t afford the fees, anyhow. So, they can find a big-company employer who is able to invest $20,000 or $30,000 in getting them an H1-B and eventually a green card. Or, they can go home. And, as Elizabeth pointed out, their economies are thriving back home, so it’s more than likely that they’ll compete with us from there!

Now, entrepreneurship is HARD. Most people who try it, fail. I think the willingness to pack your bags and move to a different country for graduate school is a pretty good filter for whether a young person has what it takes to start a successful company. And the data supports that. Over HALF of the startups in Silicon Valley have a founder from India or China.

And, remember, as the Mayor mentioned, the Kauffman Foundation found that young companies have accounted for essentially ALL the job growth in the United States over the last twenty-five years. But our immigration policy doesn’t encourage foreign graduate students to participate in that job creation. Work for a big company, or go home.

Just at Georgia Tech, we’ve seen the impact of this over and over again. One of our spinout companies, Whisper Communications, was based on work from a graduate student in electrical engineering. He jumped through all the immigration hoops possible, but eventually exhausted his options. He gave up.

He was immediately snapped up by Apple, where I figure he’s building the iPhone 6, but it delayed the formation and growth of that company by over a year. We had to bring in new founders without immigration problems.

Who knows what could have happened in that year? And I’m sure our former student is contributing economic value working for Apple, but nothing like what he could be doing in a startup.

John Doerr, one of the most successful venture capitalists in history, said “I would staple a green card to the diploma of anyone that graduates with an advanced degree in the physical sciences or engineering in the United States.” He’s absolutely right.

These people are going to create value. Create jobs. Pay taxes, for crying out loud! Why would we NOT want them to stay here? Get married, raise families, buy a house, buy 2.3 cars… the multipliers are endless.

Now, what I always hear when I speak on this subject is that “immigrants take jobs from Americans.” The Mayor already addressed this. That’s just not true for entrepreneurial immigrants! They don’t TAKE jobs, they MAKE jobs!

First for themselves, then for co-founders, and eventually—if successful—for hundreds, or, thousands of employees.

This is NOT a zero-sum game. If these immigrants aren’t allowed to create jobs, those jobs WILL NOT go to native-born Americans… those jobs simply won’t exist.

And these aren’t jobs flipping burgers or picking crops. These are high-quality high-paying jobs that your kids would like to have someday. Example: There are two million “Internet jobs” in the United States. None of those jobs existed twenty years ago. Most of the COMPANIES didn’t exist twenty years ago. Now, subtract all of those Silicon Valley companies who were founded by immigrants. It’s a pretty ugly picture.

And although Silicon Valley gets all the press, it’s deeper than that. As a bit of history, not just Google and Intel, but Pfizer, DuPont, U.S. Steel, and Procter & Gamble were once startups founded by immigrants.

Earlier, Alejandro repeated the cliché that “we are a nation of immigrants.” It’s a cliché, but it’s also true. We still have the world’s best graduate schools; other countries are catching up, but we started from far ahead.

Moreover… We have a history of risk-taking, of capital fluidity, and of tolerance of failure that has made the U.S. the best place in the world to start a company. Other countries are catching up here, too, but our culture and history give us an edge. Even with our current financial troubles, I believe that we’re still the entrepreneurial Mecca for the world.

But we have to make sure that we attract the best, brightest, and most innovative entrepreneurs, whether they were born here or not.

In honor of the Mayor, i made up a baseball analogy, but he beat me to it. Building fences to keep out brainpower is like saying that “My baseball team has enough talent, let the other teams get some good players, too.” That’s not how the Yankees play the game, and it’s not how the United States should play the game.

With that, I’ll pass the microphone and look forward to the rest of the panel. Thank you.


Ironically, with his fat pasty skin and obsolete tech skills (his words), this douche would be a HUGE mark for any Indian slumdog scab, and would be forced train his curry-scented replacement immediately, that is, IF HE HAD A REAL FUCKIN' JOB.

BUT NO, he feeds at the trough of public dollars, promoting imported students and denigrinating the "dumbass crackers" (his words) from America that manage to work their way into places like Georgia Tech.  And speaking of Hitler, Indian students LOVE HITLER.


Sorry for the outburst, but for this douche collaborator, there can only be four words:



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Denmark indian
October 5. 2011 05:04

I am sure that Lazy americans will never realize the truth and more over USA is declining and i strongly believe that when Real Economic crisis begins , which is about to happen when Chinese dump American Treasuries and USA loses its sheen in Afghanistan

INDIANS ,Just like they did in IRAQ and Kuwait conflict, will Rape as many women as possible and Loot the resources from USA and move back to India

I personally have heard many stories From INDIANS in Kuwait arriving Indira gandhi airport with--30 Kg of Gold in their Brief cases

Americans will lose every thing and Indians will wreck USA for sure---No One can challenge Indians

as their disease has spread to many parts of USA and it has become a cancer, I am sure ---Indians will celebrate when they completely destroy USA which is their dream

Every INDIAN dreams to destroy White Countries and Rape WHITE women...

USA has only one choice--They must follow Australian approach against Indians

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United States James
October 5. 2011 09:01

Looks like NASSCOM has found another shill to pay. I wonder how much they paid this guy to betray his own country? A million? Half a million? Couldn't make it as an engineer, or a VC so he has to get into academia and sell out to foreign interests in order to make a living. Sounds kind of like Fraudhwa.

One has to laugh at how transparent NASSCOM's antics are: when they can't get what they want from one paid shill, they move on to the next one (who then usuaully fails too).


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United States Indian_Tatti
October 5. 2011 10:01


High-tech workers in Southern Arizona looking to move up the chain within their company will have an opportunity to receive training under a $1.3 million grant from the Labor Department.

The grant is designed to provide education to high-tech workers who are U.S. citizens so they can assume jobs currently held by foreign workers in the country on H1B visas, said a news release from the office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

These visas allow companies to hire foreign workers to temporarily fill speciality jobs that couldn't be filled by U.S. citizens. The visa allows the person to work for three years, and can be renewed for an additional three years. There is a yearly limit of 65,000 visas nationwide.

The grant was awarded to Southern Arizona Technical Career Pathways, a coalition that includes colleges, the University of Arizona and private organizations and companies.

The goal is to train 200 high-tech workers in Tucson, Sierra Vista, Nogales and Yuma. Most of the workers will likely be currently employed at high-tech companies, though there is a possibility that a recently unemployed high-tech worker may qualify, said Jim Mize, employer outreach manager at the Pima County OneStop Career Center. The center will administer the grant.

For the worker, there is usually no cost because the company pays half and the grant the other half, Mize said.

This is the second time Southern Arizona has received a grant to train high-tech workers to fill H1B positions, Mize said. The last time was very successful, he said.

"What you end up with is a much higher-skilled workforce," Mize said.

Giffords and Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., lauded the grant as a way to increase the number of skilled tech workers in the region.

Contact reporter Brady McCombs at or 573-4213.

Read more:

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United States Drifter
October 5. 2011 10:38

'And although Silicon Valley gets all the press, it’s deeper than that. As a bit of history, not just Google and Intel, but Pfizer, DuPont, U.S. Steel, and Procter & Gamble were once startups founded by immigrants.'

Google and Intel were NOT found by immigrants!! Where is this guy coming up with this?

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October 5. 2011 10:44

On Fleming per se:

Fleming graduated from GA-Tech with a 4.0 in physics and did some serious tech stuff during his career. He's obviously no moron. So there goes the dummy defense. He's an out and out traitor.

On H-1b:

Keep in mind, the whole H-1b fiasco was the brainchild of not only corporate America, but academia as well. It all started when the National Science Foundation published its "findings" (somehow, they published a "draft" that was never officially released). Side Note: Can anybody explain to me why the logo for the NSF is identical to that of the UAW? Anyway, the NSF represented academia. They wanted more foreign students to swell their enrollments, because foreign students always paid out of state tuition, among other things.  It would also give universities the chance to bolster their prestige by taking only the cream from both crops... Americans and foreigners.

In his capacity as academic toady, he is obviously taking both the POV of academia, as well as that of corporate America.

Interestingly, H-1b visas for COLLEGE PROFESSORS is exempt from the cap. I guess the only people in academia who think that H-1b is a good idea are the ones who are on the ADMIN side, or tenured profs. Any non-tenured prof should surely see H-1b as a serious threat to his or her job.


In the case sub-judice (as appellate court judges like to say), Fleming engages in the typical bait-and-switch tactic of extolling the virtues of importing well-heeled entrepreneurs, while actually selling importing skilled labor. That's apples and oranges folks. There are already other kinds of visas for entrepreneurs who bring funding with them. One experimental program was scrapped recently, since most of the "entrepreneurs" were really racketeers. But even so, H-1b is for labor, not starting businesses. Fleming is crying the blues over nothing. If they had funding to bring into the USA, they could get in.

It takes more to start a business than just being a bright kid. Yes, successful businesses can create jobs, but importing labor TAKES jobs. The argument that some of these imported laborers might start a business that creates jobs is circular and false. Anybody who has a right to be in the USA can start a business. It doesn't have to be a foreign student. He has made no case that the would-be American grad students who are displaced from getting into GA Tech by aliens with puffed-up foreign undergrad degrees will start more businesses than the ones who were displaced would have.

Yes, if you increase your population base, you will have proportionally more entrepreneurial types in the mix. But that only comes at the expense of trampling on the RIGHTS of those already here. No sale.


United States James
October 5. 2011 11:07


"I am sure that Lazy americans will never realize the truth and more over USA is declining and i strongly believe that when Real Economic crisis begins , which is about to happen when Chinese dump American Treasuries and USA loses its sheen in Afghanistan"

Yes, we lazy Americans who invented IT and everything else while you Indians were sitting around doing nothing for 5000 years. Where is the commerical operting system from India? Doesn't exist because lazy Indians can't make one. (Or anything else for that matter).

"INDIANS ,Just like they did in IRAQ and Kuwait conflict, will Rape as many women as possible and Loot the resources from USA and move back to India"

Yes, we all know that is already happening and that is why we need to deport all you slumdogs back to the Curry Containment Field. 4500 white women tourists get raped in India every year. Pigs.

"I personally have heard many stories From INDIANS in Kuwait arriving Indira gandhi airport with--30 Kg of Gold in their Brief cases"

Yes, stolen $ from USA, they move to Kuwait because they don't want to live in that hellhole stinkpit called India anymore. Living off stolen $ in someone else's country. Must make you people feel great.

"Americans will lose every thing and Indians will wreck USA for sure---No One can challenge Indians"

What do you mean "will"? As for challenging you, we already are. You are being reported, invesitgated, arrested, and deported in record numbers - and being investigated for $ laundering and tax evasion. If you think the Feds will just sit there and do nothing, you are sadly mistaken. I see you had to flee the USA to another country, probably because the Feds were after you too.

"as their disease has spread to many parts of USA and it has become a cancer, I am sure ---Indians will celebrate when they completely destroy USA which is their dream"

Keep dreaming - the USA is waking up to you people and our gov't is cracking down. You will never destroy the USA - because we are just and you are not. In the end we win and you will all end up in hell for eternity. So enjoy...


"USA has only one choice--They must follow Australian approach against Indians"

Yes, that is coming soon too. We are on the verge of an American Spring and guess who the first people are who will be attacked en masse when it happens? There are tens of millions of angry young 20-something Americans who know you are taking their jobs - when they rise up, you're going to be on the recieving end. Let's see how well you do in the USA when its citizens turn on you and you have nowhere to run or hide any longer.

I for one, can't wait.

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United States James
October 5. 2011 16:00

'And although Silicon Valley gets all the press, it’s deeper than that. As a bit of history, not just Google and Intel, but Pfizer, DuPont, U.S. Steel, and Procter & Gamble were once startups founded by immigrants.'

Google and Intel were NOT found by immigrants!! Where is this guy coming up with this?"


Intel - Founded by TWO AMERICANS, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (I wonder if the moron ever herd of Moore's Law).

US Steel was founded by 100% Americans. JP Morgan was an American, not an immigrant.

As for the others, they were all started by EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS who all came from civilized countries, had honest values, and didn't come from Asia where theft, deception, cons, robbery, and a multitude of other crimes is a way of life.

Where are the successful startups founded by ASIANS. Can anyone name them?

And saying immigrants of 100 years ago are the same as the ones today is absurd. The ones back then WANTED to be American and contribute here. Today's Asian immigrants are only concerned with coming here and ripping us off and taking as much home as they can, as quickly as they can.

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Denmark indian
October 6. 2011 03:00

Infosys Founders were saying that Loss of Steve Jobs will make Apple shift its gears and Use INDIAN Innovation

Infosys founder says that --An INDIAN can best match steve Jobs in his position and Innovate APPLE

Lot of INDIANS are dreaming about Death of TIm Cook---

TCS chairman says ---Steve Jobs got his Enlightenment in INDIA

and INDIANS are behind the success of APPLE

Its not amazing that We might see more and more INDIANS into APPLE now

One day INDIANS will take over Apple and destroy it once for all

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Denmark indian
October 6. 2011 03:06

NASSCOM has commented that ---Steve Jobs death is a sad Event

This puts Responsibility on INDIANS to spearhead Innovation in Silicon valley

NASSCOM cheif says that ---Now Entire Burden rests on INDIANS to Innovate

He says that NOw Without INDIAN Brain USA will die and America Requires More

INDIANS to fill the gap that Steve Jobs has Left out

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Denmark indian
October 6. 2011 03:09

Most of INDIANS are making fun of Steve Jobs---

Yesterday INDIA has launched 35$ Tablet---Now INDIAN channels are Broadcasting that

Steve jobs got Heart attack after Listening to INDIAN Innovation and Passed away

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United States Anonymous
October 6. 2011 03:42

@indian keeps referring to Americans as "lazy" with a view to demoralising them right? That is what we Indians are taught in our schools that we alone are the best blahblah. When we really meet them our pride deservedly gets punctured , we go defensive trying to cover up using words like racism.

Jingoistic Indians were circulating an email among themselves cataloguing achievements of Indians like discovery of zero etc. There I remember it was mentioned an "important chip in Intel was discovered by an Indian". That is all we Indians need to scream we only discovered Intel.An Indian becomes Vice President of Vodafone and Indians scream with delight "vodafone belongs to Indians".

Americans are not only intelligent but also diligent. They do have strict laws and ensure people abide by them. I really wish Americans take over governance in India including the crucial sector of Education.

The black money of various Indians in high places stashed away will ever remain untouched if we keep trusting our dubious Indian Establishment. I wish that also is accessed by America & utilised to ensure betterment of India. That is water supply , electricity , infrastructure development without sacrificing the sparse greenery of India.

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United States Bobinator
October 6. 2011 04:24

This guy is the kind of douche who'd take a commission for getting a student to sign on the dotted line for a school loan.

Burn em' at the steak.

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United States James
October 6. 2011 17:17


"Infosys Founders were saying that Loss of Steve Jobs will make Apple shift its gears and Use INDIAN Innovation"

What innovation? You people have destroyed every company you touch. There is no Indian innovation. Apple is where it is today because they CLOSED Apple R&D in India in 2006. CA and US economy are a disaster with "Indian innovation" in the USA.

"Infosys founder says that --An INDIAN can best match steve Jobs in his position and Innovate APPLE"

Then why did Apple keep Indians out of Apple - because you are all conmen. Indians couldn't even run an international sporting event, let alone keep a company like Apple going. Adobe can't even get Flash running on iOS with an INDIOT running it. Keep dreaming losers. You just want into Apple for the presitge and to suck all the $ out. You people can't innovate jack.

"Lot of INDIANS are dreaming about Death of TIm Cook---"

Well you will have to wait another 25 years. All the managers at Apple know the story and know the right way to run Apple. Apple's policies aren't going to change just because Jobs is gone. Keep dreaming. Apple proves Indians are all losers and you can't stand it. Too bad for you.

"TCS chairman says ---Steve Jobs got his Enlightenment in INDIA and INDIANS are behind the success of APPLE"

Apple CLOSED their R&D in India in 2006 and TOI ran a story yesterday saying how Jobs was disillusioned when he went to India. Most developers at Apple are still AMERICANS and Indians aren't allowed in except in rare cases. Apple is where it is today because all the conmen from India have been kept OUT of Apple. Indians didn't do shit for Apple. Apple was made by Americans. NO Apple software is made in India. You conman fraud face reality - Apple proves what liars and cons India is. Too bad for you.

"Its not amazing that We might see more and more INDIANS into APPLE now One day INDIANS will take over Apple and destroy it once for all"

Keep dreaming maderchod. Apple is not about to risk its success by hiring a bunch of fake wannabe morons from a shithole like India. They know what works and have proven it and that includes keeping India OUT of Apple.

HAHAHA! Apple is American Exceptionalsm and there's nothing you can do about it. HAHA! LOSERS!


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United States James
October 6. 2011 17:24


NASSCOM has commented that ---Steve Jobs death is a sad Event

This puts Responsibility on INDIANS to spearhead Innovation in Silicon valley"

Keep trying - you haven't been able to do so in the past 13 years, what makes you think you can do so now? Innovation? Except for Apple there has been no innovation on the part of Indians. Every company you touch dies.

"NASSCOM cheif says that ---Now Entire Burden rests on INDIANS to Innovate"

Keep dreaming. You aren't able to innovate. Name the Indian innovations. Where is the commercial OS you people created? Doesn't exist! HAHAHA!!!!!

"He says that NOw Without INDIAN Brain USA will die and America Requires More"

13 years of importing you people has produced a depression. America doesn't need people who can't even build enough toilets for their country. Indian brain can't even figure out the simple workings of a toilet, let alone write software.

"INDIANS to fill the gap that Steve Jobs has Left out"

Sun - you weren't able to there
PeopleSoft - you weren't able to there
Bell Labs - you weren't able to do so there
Microsoft is going down the tubes with 35,000 Indians working there
NASA had to cancel the Space Shuttle because too many Indians worked on it.

Indian brainpower is the best in the world at destroying things but you can't ever create. USA needs to deport all of you now and give you some more foreign aid so you can build some more toilets for your people. Do you even know how a lightswitch works?

no site

United States James
October 6. 2011 17:27

India's $35 tablet - and what software to run on it? None. And where will you download the music and movies from? Nowhere. And where will you get the apps for it? None.

Indian gov't has to give $35 useless tablets to all the angry young Indians because they don't have jobs and can't afford iPads. India has to feel it is high tech even if it means using a tablet that has no software and can't even do anything. LOL. What a bunch of losers. Another failed JooJoo Pad dream for useless billions of Indian cow piss drinkers who want to be like Americans.

What a shithole country with demons masquerading as human beings.

no site

United States James
October 6. 2011 18:29


Perhaps you'd better have a look at this: "Apple is not going to change"

@indian is in for a loooooooong wait if he thinks Apple will change and start hiring loads of slumdogs who can't do the work.

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 6. 2011 21:20
slumdog kicker

Kick out all the slumdogs and send them packing back to shithole india.
If Ugandan dictator Idi Amin could do it, then why not the west?
These filthy brown parasites are very innovative at scamming and con artistry.

no site

Denmark indian
October 7. 2011 04:16

The Opinions mentioned are not my personal ones,Its a common wisdom in INDIA that Americans are Pimps and WHITE women are whores

Most Indians believe that INDIANS have invented everything in USA and Americans are are lazy and its INDIANS who developed USA

Many Indians even feel that --FUture American President will be an INDIAN and he will relocate all INDIANS to USA and vice versa

Kindly read the article here---Most INDIAN channels are saying that , If Steve Jobs hasnt visited INDIAN in his 18, APPLE would not have Born

SO Genius of Steve Jobs is actually came from INDIA

many people even think that Wright brothers Invented "Aeroplane" after studying HINDU Texts

many even feel that whole german Innovation is by product of INDIAN vedas--If not vedas Germany would be living in stone age

Many feel that INDIANS have performed Cardiac Operation in 5000 BC, and they were first ones to  Invent Heart Transplant in 4000BC

All the Inventions in West were Copied from INDIA and everything Just belongs to ONLY HINDU Indians

THis is wide held wisdom amongst many Indians

For Proof Look at this article

Many even believe that after seeing 35$ tablet from INDIA--steve was so afraid that Apple may become Bankrupt due to INDIAN innovation , so he got heart stroke and he passed away

no site

United States Drifter
October 7. 2011 13:58

indian - your trolling is pretty sub-par, b ut you still managed to garner a few responses so, I guess I'll weigh in...

Innovate. Really. You all STILL haven't created anything. With 10+ years of training from the world's leader in tech and on the job training, you're all still only temp workers being exploited by US corps. And you carry on with it! Thinking that you have an 'indian IT industry'. Absolutely delusional.

You guys can't even get the lying and fraud right. You are indeed the *WORST* group of fakers I've ever come across.

The indian temp worker scam is so far from innovation it isn't even a speck on the horizon. You aren't wanted here but you're forced upon us and therefore we have to find a way to deal with you getting in the way of the real work getting done. Daily.

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United States Another Indian Engineer
October 7. 2011 21:04
Another Indian Engineer

Hi Everyone,

Not every indian engineer on h1b visa is as bad as you are making it sound, i mean there are bad apples everywhere. However since most people on this forum, are programmers, how about us collaborating and working on a project/application/product, and that would probably help you guys see that we are not bad programmers and competent enough to work side by side.

What do you think guys?

Another Indian Engineer

no site

United States Indian_tatti
October 7. 2011 21:42

Read and laugh

Patriot India (Delhi)
07 Oct, 2011 11:43 AM
TOI - all Indian readers here should note that without India, there would not be Steve Jobs. Ever since Steve Jobs came to India and wore that yellow safron clothes to be a monk, only then he was enlightened with this magical power to come up with all his innovations. Please read the sanskrit yantras and scripts written since ancient times which talked about a Syrian born US national would make big in the world on phone and internet technology. It is hard to believe that without phone and internet at that point in time, the holy Indian scriptures could predict things out so precisely. So, India should be proud for having a foreign son in its soil that made the world to cry upon his death. This is nobody othan than an Indian boy of Syrian origin Steve Jobs. The tricolour will be lowered in all Indian government offices and public places to mourn the death and passing of one of India's greatest sons. Jai Hind.

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Canada ezygoer
October 7. 2011 23:56

Lets put things in perspective .. the numbers over the last 10 years or so dont lie - foreign students outnumber US ones in STEM in graduate and Ph.D programs. So when industry wants someone with a graduate degree or higher with the H1-B in place they get the workers they want.

The H1-B and L1 etc are also used to bring in cheaper labor from overseas mostly India by firms like IBM, Infosys etc etc

What I'd like to know is how many of these students have opened businesses and generated jobs in the US for Americans - I'm sure it would less than 1-2% of the number let in.

So if American students pursue higher degrees and we see them in a majority in STEM fields only will then their lot improve. IF they drop out of undergrad or not pursue higher degrees they will not get the jobs employers are looking to fill. Also properly designed re-training programs should be in place for displaced American workers from every field.

If housewives from India in places like Virginia, NJ, Texas etc etc can work in high tech the average American can also !!

no site

United States James
October 8. 2011 00:16

@Another Indian Engineer

"how about us collaborating and working on a project/application/product, and that would probably help you guys see that we are not bad programmers and competent enough to work side by side."

No thanks, asshole. I've already worked with and trained enough of you Indiots in my 16 years of living and working in Silicon Valley to know that everything you touch dies. No American in their right mind wants to work alongside Indiots - you people can't code your way out of a wet paper bag and you only want to work with us so you can try to learn from us and steal everytning you can.

In this case you are probably thinking you can infiltrate us and learn our true identities so that you can try to expose us online. No thanks dumbass. Why don't you go back to India and collaborate with your countrymen on building some toilets?

no site

United States James
October 8. 2011 00:22

@Read and laugh

Jobs went to India and was so disgusted with it that he came back and abandoned his hippied beliefs and embraced American inventors like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford. He wanted notning to do with India after visiting that shithole.

It takes some real balls for Indians to claim credit for Jobs's success after his death. You were probably afraid to claim that when he was alive because you were afraid he would laugh and expose India for the fraud it is. Now that he is gone, you are trying to latch onto Apple just like you latch on to everyone else's success.

Jobs was born in America and was an American, despite his short little disillusioning hippie trip to the Shithole Subcontinent.

no site

United States Anonymous
October 8. 2011 05:05

Ever since India diluted its standards of education by introducing reservations , admissions through bribery & political clout it has been speeding towards chaos.

It is true Surgery DID take place in India ( Susruta) All the evidence is recorded by the Westerners & there is no need to repeat them here. Those ancestors long gone were born in an India that was totally different from contemporary India.

We Indians are desperately & unnecessarily trying to bask in the reflected glory of our past. One Vedic Scholar ststes :-

" In the past , fire could be kindled by recitation of Agni Mantrams by competent well versed  Vedic Priests. But today it is impossible. Such people are no more. Even if a few be there are never going to exhibit their powers."

During Bhopal gas leak only one Vedic Agnihotri family & the people living in the same vicinity were totally spared all the toxic effects of gas leak. This was reported in the notoriously atheistic & sceptical Hindu newspaper. Several years ago I remember many Vedic Priests from India went to Washington to perform Agnihotri Rites & Rituals for the welfare of environment & people.

Today they have dwindled in numbers.In ancient India the Kings were spiritual & humble enough to know their importance & hence looked after them well taking care of all their needs including donating land & cattle.

Cricket is the religion of India today. A corrupt India cannot expect to be pampered & dandled by The Maker.  

no site

Denmark indian
October 8. 2011 07:51


I am just Posting the Opinion of Many INDIANS approx..95% believe that they are superior and All other people are most inferior to them

unless you understand the Indian Mindset , you can never Understand Root of the problem

Truth is not even 1000 people in INDIA have traveled to another nation or had studied in another country in 1990s

INDIA was a closed Economy and many Indians are completely unaware of technology --let alone I pod or Operating system

Once American Corporates have realized that they can make money by exploiting these dumb Coolies---They started shifting their Backend work to INDIA

but , None of the corporate manager had any background info, about indian culture and Why INDIANS are most disliked in ASIA

Truth is INDIANS are regarded as Most Inferior people in ASIA, even small countries like Srilanka and Pakistan are able to threaten  India..

This goes back to 3000 years of slavery and exploitation of Upper caste in INDIAN society

---Once these Upper class families started seeing Corporations establishing their bases in their country

They have used their Media grip to PAINT INDIA with Dazzling Colors

---So Since 1996, Indians who never heard  anything about computer have been trained and were recruited by Corporations to do Maintenance work  

After a while Before DOTCOM Crisis--Lot of INDIANS migrated to USA and were dazzled by Growth and Progress of America

But they could not digest the fact that some one whom they regarded as people from Subhuman culture have accomplished so much..

Most indians experienced Culture shock, they dont know how to behave and were even stunned at the Intelligence of American people

Most Indians are raised with a Ideology that we are most superior Race ever existed on earth

After coming to USA their EGO was busted and were Humbled, Most of the Current American Indian  managers have to go through many things which they hated

They were Humbled by the innovation of Americans---


As an INDIAN i can tell you how Indian Brain works...Now most Indian Managers and INDIAN americans feel that its their time to Laugh and Mock america , just like the way you mocked INDIANS when they have no knowledge

For most of them its fighting back, or for that matter for most of INDIANS its like PAY BACK TIME

Most of them perceive that WHITE RACE is the EVIL one and all the wealth which you have got it Illgotten wealth which Belongs to INDIANS

Once INDIANS started to realize that AMericans were from Britain , they churned out their Propaganda that American forefathers have Looted money from INDIA and developed USA

They have even Understood that USA was Built on destruction of Native INDIANS and Slave trade

Even tough ASIAN indians have no relation to Native Red INDIANS---INDIAN AMericans have churned out another Propaganda that Natives were Blood relatives on ASIATIC indians

and actually USA belongs to them as there are no more Natives living in America

Now Most INDIAN americans will play RACE CARD or Few other things like Exploitation of Blacks etc to Shift the Blame game away from them and Milk money from USA


If you visit any INDIAN american family ---even the Green card Holders , you will see that most of them never appreciate your culture or festivals

They have their own community and they celebrate INDIAN Independence day even after Becoming American citizens

Most of them doesnt even have an Iota of Responsibility towards american society

They themselves acknowledge that their purpose to stay in USA is for money and nothing more

Ever Since 1996 , a new Nationalistic movement is spreading across India, most of these Nationalists believe that INDIANS who are living in abroad or precisely white countries

must Milk Money from WHITE COUNTRIES and send them back to INDIA to make INDIA what it is 8000 years ago

People believe that  8000 years ago---INDIA has 90% of Worlds Wealth and All nations on earth Prospered by Looting wealth from HINDUS

Most HINDUS believe that around 80% of gold reserves are in INDIA and ISLAMIC and European Empires have Looted all the Gold which just belongs to HINDUS

There are many Myths circulating IN INDIA--and Most NATIONALIST groups are

establishing their  Temples in UK,USA to Lure young Girls and sexually abuse them

Most of the HINDU priests were taught to RAPE WHITE WOMEN for Revenge

If you feel that ISLAMIC terrorism is a danger, i bet you , you haven't seen HINDU terrorism

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 8. 2011 09:33
slumdog kicker

India and Pakistan together make up the world's largest concentration of human misery.
The only things these two countries innovate are overpopulation, poverty, corruption and all the ills that come with these qualities.
Let China crush India.
And let the Taliban take over Pakistan. Then America would have a legitimate cause to nuke that terrorist infested, good for nothing, parasite country.

Both these countries are cancerous sores on the face of the earth. Not only is their disease incurable, but also contagious. Thanks to large scale immigration from both these countries, other countries are also feeling the effects of the sick slumdog societies.

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 8. 2011 09:43
slumdog kicker

The filthy slumdogs are not just taking over tech jobs by hook or by crook, but also taking over all other white collar sectors in foreign countries, by hook or by crook.
The slumdogs are too lazy for the blue collar sector.

And now the slumdogs are gradually infiltrating the political power sector of foreign countries as well.

All of this is happening because the Indian slumdogs have allies and collaborators imbedded in the western corporate and political power elite.

Heavens help any country that is foolish enough to allow the corrupt Indian slumdogs to take over.

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 8. 2011 14:54
slumdog kicker

@ James and Drifter

Don't be too hard on the indian from Denmark. Read his posts carefully. He's not trying to troll. On the contrary, he's trying to expose the lies and hypocrisy behind all the Shining and Incredible India fraud.

All of this hogwash is originally fabricated by the Indian lies making machine called the Indian mass media, which also includes the bollywood film industry.

And for some bizzare reason or agenda, our own mass media in the west is helping to promote and perpetrate this lie on behalf of the slumdogs.

no site

United States Another indian engineer
October 8. 2011 15:11
Another indian engineer


I really am not interested in knowing your identities and exposing them online, why don't you set up an alias email id, let us work together on something and see if that would change your opinion about "we can't code our way out of a wet paper bag".

It really sounds like you have filled yourself with so much hatred, that no amount of reasoning will ever make you see anything good.

My offer to collaborate is still on.

no site

India Arun Kumar
October 8. 2011 15:34
Arun Kumar


You have mostly spoken the truth. India of today is like a lab for mind control experiment. Where the Indian masses, majority of whom are dirt poor, illiterate, weak minded and gullible, are being fed blatant lies about India's past greatness and concocted stories about fantastic achievements by Indians at home and abroad.
All of these fantasies are being generated by the Indian political elite and channeled to the Indian public through various means. Foremost being the media, bollywood and the education system. Indian students are being fed doctored version of history.

None of these lies are ever supported by tangible and compelling evidence.
But nonetheless, the gullible Indian fools swallow these lies without any question.
The result produces a whole nation of delusional jingoists, who are totally lacking in logic and objectivity. But full of raw emotion, fuelled by false national pride. Thinking they are superior to others, yet being unable to prove so.

no site

October 8. 2011 19:02

Immigrant Shmimmigrant!  Please do not confuse immigrants with ALIENS!

@ everybody:

For the record, the term "immigrant" means someone who moves to a country for good.

An ALIEN is someone who VISITS, while retaining loyalty to his homeland.

The difference is night and day.

The pro-ALIEN lobby (which includes most of the so-called "immigration" lawyers) are the ones who wish to CONFUSE THE ISSUE by painting ALIENS with an IMMIGRANT brush. That allows them to spin the discussion into one of NATIONAL ORIGIN rather than the real issue: The free importation of CHEAP FORIEGN LABOR!

Please, please, please do not let them win by accepting their terminology!

Bobby Jindal IS NOT AN INDIAN!  He's an AMERICAN. He was born in Baton Rouge.  He's not an immigrant, he's not an alien, he's not an Indian.

If we allow our opponents to swing this discussion into being one about race or national origin, WE LOSE!


Denmark indian
October 9. 2011 05:34

Biggest Fraud In Corporate History of Australia is done by an INDIAN

no site

United States James
October 9. 2011 13:02

@Another Indian Engineer

"It really sounds like you have filled yourself with so much hatred, that no amount of reasoning will ever make you see anything good.

My offer to collaborate is still on."

And I still say no way, asshole. I've already worked with you people for countless years and have seen your work. And how you destroy everything you touch. I don't need one more con from one more Indiot to tell me I am wrong. Go home and build some toilets and stop tryng to be someone you are not. Indians are the worst engineers in the world and the whole world knows it. Everyone sees the disaster you have made out of America and everyone is laughing at you. Stop deluding yourselves. You'll never equal us no matter how long you stay here and try moron.

no site

India Arun Kumar
October 9. 2011 13:31
Arun Kumar


That example of Indian swindlers is not the first nor will it be the last.
Cheating, compulsive lies telling, deceiving, backstabbing, hypocrisy etc. is a way of life in India and among Indians everywhere.

Yehee asleeat hai humarey desh kah!!

The outdated and repressive Indian culture also plays an instrumental role in the behaviour pattern of Indians. It has to change, it has to be reformed.

Far from being spiritually enlighting, Indian culture is nothing more than a collection of primitive customs and rituals with no real spiritual value. White people should open their eyes to the fraud they are falling for, when they come to India for spiritual enlightment.

All the pundits and gurus who are supposed to impart spiritual teaching are nothing more than cheap charlatans.

no site

Canada ezygoer
October 10. 2011 01:08

I feel that in the flame wars between Indians and N.Americans the real issues are being sidestepped and not being discussed i.e

1. Outsourcing - to whose benefit ?
2. Labor arbitrage games of Corp. America - as practiced by IBM !
3. Ethics - Of people being brought in and of those who facilitate bringing them in. Both show very similar character traits -> Make a buck at any cost !!
4. Higher education and the general state of education in the US - why are there very few locals in STEM degrees and who is benefiting from the lack of US citizens in advanced STEM degrees ?
5. Immigration policy - what do we need and what works for everyone involved ?

Maybe this blog and long overdue movements like Occupy Wall Street may shape a different view of how to address these problems that are directly affecting the lives of folks here !!

But being in the industry and having worked on both sides of the border and in Europe I can say that the west has the best institutions for research and study while third world countries produce a bunch of motivated people to come, learn and excel here. They are also a vast source of cheap pliable labor for Corp. America's needs and sometimes do productive work.

But the business models built on H1-B, L1 and other visas that we see currently are only to the benefit of Corp. America, Nasscom associates and to the detriment of the local workforce. The issues highlighted should be analyzed and  proper steps taken ... but then this has been going on for 20+ years so looks unlikely !!

no site

United States greatbrown
October 10. 2011 09:01

India is the rising superpower, we will rule the world very soon just like how we have done a few centuries ago, we don't even need force to conquer the world unlike a lot of other Western powers, we do it through our love, spirituality, moral and compassionate viewpoint towards this planet.

no site

United States Drifter
October 10. 2011 10:13

The context and delivery on the surface suggested an sense of superiority - and there is no shortage of 'pros' the come to TR's site waving the indian flag boasting who is going to be the next superpower etc. So generally you don't have to read too far into these posts to presume - here we go again.

I do see the message now, given some more analysis.

no site

United States James
October 10. 2011 12:29


"India is the rising superpower, we will rule the world very soon just like how we have done a few centuries ago, we don't even need force to conquer the world unlike a lot of other Western powers, we do it through our love, spirituality, moral and compassionate viewpoint towards this planet."

A rising superpower? You can't even run an international sporting event without being laughed off the world stage or make buildings that don't fall down, or build enough toilets.

Go back to your schools that lied to you and told you you were the superior race and ask them to answer those questions.

India is going nowhere. The ONLY way you people can live is by robbing other countries. USA would flatten you in a second if we got into a war with you.

When did India ever rule Europe? Or South America? Or Japan? Or China? Or the middle east?

Never, that's when!

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 10. 2011 12:53
slumdog kicker

@ greatbrown

You must be on delusion enhancing steroids.

What rising superpower is India? India can't do shit for the world in the current economic crisis. India is itself a dirt poor slum.

What political or military power does India exert on the world stage? India dosen't even have the power to influence Pakistan, which is itself a shithole like India and many times smaller.

From which slumdog institute of history did you learn your historical facts from?
It was India that was being ruled by foreigners a few centuries ago. You incompatent slumdog Indians can't even rule your own country in an effective manner. Thats why it is a perpetual shithole, where even your kind doesn't want to live in. Thats why so many of you slumdogs live in America and other countries.
And slumdogs dream of ruling the world. Give us all a break, will ya.

Finally, what love, spirituality, morality and compassion are slumdogs capable of?
On the contrary, you follow an extremely racist, caste oriented culture. Which gives precedence to an individual's caste, above all other considerations.

no site

Canada slumdog kicker
October 10. 2011 13:08
slumdog kicker

Innovative slumdog Indians come up with yet another cheap gimmick.
The $35 or world's cheapest tablet computer.
Not too long ago, India came up with the world's cheapest computer, at $10.

The $10 computer never went into production after all the hype from the slumdogs.
Wouldn't be surprising if the $35 tablet meets the same fate.

It doesn't take a corporate genius to tell that no manufacturer can survive, if it tries to market products that sell at a price, which is too low to cover production cost and other overheads. Leaving no room for profit margin, which is essential to keep the production line running.

We all know about the fate of yet another well hyped, slumdog innovation. The Tata Nano car.

If theres one area of innovation, where slumdog Indians have an unrivalled edge. It's in the area of con artistry.

no site

October 11. 2011 09:39

@ Indian & Arun Kumar

You gentlemen sound as though you could be true patriots.  India can never reform so long as she is able to export labor. To that extent, India's labor export business needs to be curtailed for the good of both the West and India. Only then can true reforms take place.

As for the West, the whole of the European Union still has a caste system. Marx referred to these castes as "classes," but they are really castes. In that, Lincoln was right when he said that America was the last best hope for the world.

This is all about the sanctity of human individual rights. Sadly, America is the only place in the world where at least a few of those rights are written in stone, and may be petitioned by a single individual. In the rest of the world, change can only occur through collective social movements.

To these ends (i.e. for the liberation of India and the salvation of America), we should all rally for the same cause: For America to stop importing labor.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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