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United States L. Trotsky
October 1. 2011 23:55
L. Trotsky

I've always thought that the World War 2 Vera Lynn song "Bless them all" would make a great tune to base an H-1B commentary:

Fuck 'em all
Fuck 'em all
The Engineers
The Programmers
The Officer Workers

Well, maybe someone with song writing aptitude can write something that rhymes!

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United States James
October 2. 2011 12:38

Slumdogs go home and quit ripping off the US economy with your fake degrees and fake, non-existent skillz.

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October 3. 2011 02:57

Can't blame them too much for taking advantage of an opportunity.  It's our own government who deserves the blame.



United States Drifter
October 3. 2011 20:05

Its more than taking advantage of the opportunity - they are commiting fraud and cheating to exploit it.

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Canada ezygoer
October 3. 2011 22:40

Yeah good poking some fun at the people benefiting from Corporate America and government policies.

Free Trade anyone ?

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October 4. 2011 00:59

Marx favored free trade on the sole grounds that it would hasten the social revolution. I have said it before, and Drunken Economist has said it again.  War is coming.



October 4. 2011 01:00

Just wait 'til the cross border truckers get hit this month.



Denmark indian
October 4. 2011 04:54

Hello friends,

I am an Indian, I plead americans to use their drones on india...we have around 1.3 Billion population and worst living conditions and inhumane people

recently i have changed my room and moved to remote village in denmark from where i work in engineering division of TCS

I am pleading you all to deport as many Indians as possible and secure your nations from Parasite indians

The village life in denmark is so peaceful and Old people are so friendly, this is very much different from what we listen in Indian media and read in Books

Indian Media and Literature==Paints all WHITE men as Pimps and all White women are WHORES..

but here in denmark people are having children and having thier own life living peacefully.

Trust me my Indian female colleagues are Willing to sleep with their superiors for permanent stay at Denmark.

Most Indian women are willing to do anything to moveout from India , and many sane people will never respect Indians or move to India

I request My US friends====To encourage INDIA and Pakistans conflict and let them fight Between themselves

It would be a great day when Both of these nations were eliminated from earth..

around 2 Billion people reside in India ,Pakistan,Srilanka,Bangladesh===These 4 countries have worst Living conditions and subhuman people.

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Denmark indian
October 4. 2011 05:22

Most Indians are cheering that American Businesses are ruined, They are celebrating that they are acquiring American Business


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United States Anonymous
October 5. 2011 02:17


I have read & heard similar stories before. Very depressing. Some of my relatives quit their jobs in India leaving for America becoming "motel owners".Everyone wants to leave India for Europe , America & Gulf for their better living conditions , infrastructure & lack of corruption. India has always been corrupt beyond imagination.

This story of Indians becoming powerful & rich in America is ALARMING indeed.The same Indians would sow seeds of corruption , nepotism , unhygienic sanitation , noise pollution & turn America into another India. Indians are notorious for their perfunctory regard for cleanliness & HONESTY.Indians I am sure would frenziedly start building Temples in America. That way I like Gulf countries where Temple building by Hindus is strictly not allowed. The ancient Temples in India are in dire need of maintenance & many Priests have long relinquished their traditional priestly professions as Indian Establishment is covertly atheistic & overtly anti Vedic.

Today Infosys Narayana Murthy is suddenly making belated noises about poor quality of IITs & the need to take a look at the syllabus blahblah. This is what we Indians are. Pompous talkers with a view to impressing others.

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United States Anonymous
October 5. 2011 02:23

Many Europeans & Americans are drawn towards Indian classical forms of dance & music. However Indians look down upon them with contempt or have a condescending attitude. One such Bharathanatyam dancer said :-

" How can you teach these Americans ( read non Indian Americans)to blush like a bride to be ...most of them lose their virginity at a very young age...".

That encapsules the arrogance of Indians. As if we Indians are all paragons of chastity & virtues. This superciliousness is hardwired into Indians.

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Canada slumdog kicker
October 6. 2011 22:23
slumdog kicker

How would you best describe Indians?

1) Liars
2) Cheats
3) Stupid
4) Greedy
5) Perverts
6) Back stabbers
7) No integrity
8) Smelly
9) Butt Ugly
10) All of the above

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Canada slumdog kicker
October 6. 2011 22:30
slumdog kicker

@ indian

"Trust me my Indian female colleagues are Willing to sleep with their superiors for permanent stay at Denmark."

"Most Indian women are willing to do anything to moveout from India , and many sane people will never respect Indians or move to India"

You're damn right on.  

Nikky Healy is one such example of a kniving, whoring Indian bitch.

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Denmark indian
October 7. 2011 06:08

INDIAN Man in UK formed a Marxist Group with ARABS and INDIAN , asking INDIANs to come in large Numbers even by Illegal process


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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