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H-1B workers abuse work privileges: IG

By Alice Lipowicz
Sep 15, 2011

About 18 percent of the skilled foreign workers allowed employment in the United States under H-1B visa programs may have committed fraud or abused the program, according to a new report from the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General.

Congress created the H-1B program in 1990 to allow highly skilled foreign workers to work within the U.S. for several years, primarily in high-tech fields. While U.S. tech companies say the foreign workers are critical to remaining competitive, American workers contend that the influx of additional workers undercuts their wages.

The H-1B program, which is run by the Homeland Security Department, allows work for tens of thousands of visa holders per year. The SSA provides Social Security numbers to the workers to be reported as wages in approved workplaces.

However, many H-1B workers did not fulfill those conditions. The SSA IG found that 18 percent of the H-1B workers who were assigned Social Security numbers for work in 2007 did not fulfill the assigned purpose, according to the report released Sept. 7. The review said that finding applied to 7,131 H-1B recipients of a total of 38.546 H-1B recipients evaluated.

Of the total cases reviewed, 11 percent worked for an employer other than the one approved by DHS, while 7 percent posted no wages during the two-year period studied, the report states.

For the 18 percent of the H-1B visa recipients who did not follow the rules, the report said it resulted in unauthorized use of the H-1B visa program.

“Unauthorized work by H-1B workers weakens SSN integrity and may require that the agency pay future benefits to individuals who misuse an SSN to work in the United States. In addition, H-1B workers who do not work for their approved employers could pose a risk to homeland security because they may obtain employment in sensitive areas,” the report states.

Applying the percentages to the entire H-1B visa holder cohort, the report concludes that thousands of H-1B visa holders may be engaging in unauthorized work each year.

“While we recognize SSA is not responsible for immigration enforcement, unauthorized work by non-immigrants impacts the agency by weakening SSN integrity,” Patrick O’Carroll Jr., SSA inspector general, wrote in the report. “We recognize there is no easy way to fix this problem. However, we believe SSA has an opportunity to help address unauthorized work by non-immigrants.”

O’Carroll recommended that the SSA work with DHS to offer to establish a data match agreement to better identify the H-1B visa holders who do use their Social Security numbers for purposes other than approved work.

SSA managers agreed with the recommendations.

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September 17. 2011 14:06

Indians and fraudulent malpractices are so inseparably intertwined becoming their nature they don't even know they are doing something grossly wrong.

It is not just this H-1B visa today. Several years ago , one of my distant relatives migrated from Tamil Nadu( Trichy/Thiruchirappalli)to Canada. They are Tamil Brahmins. I have no idea about his qualifications and background. He became Vice President of Bank of Montreal. Soon his entire family clan consisting of lots of siblings , cousins etc etc migrated with his clout , becoming Canadian citizens. Spread from there to America also. His mother a widow called Meenakshi clad in nine yard saree with sacred ash on forehead   also migrated.

They were incredibly rich as they boasted of possessing dinner sets in pure silver , owning properties and all those trappings. Were respected by many in Canadian social circles.He was called the pillar of strength for Indian victims of Kanishka Air India crash. As he brokered many remarriages , compensations etc etc.

That mother Meenakshi was in no way destitute or abandoned. She was the one calling call the shots from behind the scenes. Yet convinced Canadian authorites she had no one to support her with a view to availing herself of free dole amounting to 850 Canadian dollars for several years till she died. That Vice President son & the rest were jubilant at having conned Canadian Government.

The free dole she got was used by her to buy very expensive Kaanchivaram silk sarees with ornate workmanship in huge numbers for daily casual wear. " I settle for nothing less than silks . No cheap cottons" was her refrain that invoked everyone's awe.
Diamonds , gold , precious stones & gems etc. These are considered very important status symbols among Indians. On their visits to India would do elaborate pujas at Thirupathi Temple also.

This is the trade Indians conduct with our Maker. " I will cheat & make money. Spend some on your worship. In return you ensure my non stop prosperity conferring whatever boons I command you to give ".

Should even a mosquito bite them would petulantly whine " Oh Lord , you are so unkind & blind. I spent so much on you chanted so many hymns after memorising.You are but a stone".

Then would go in search of astrologers & soothsayers. Who would prescribe wearing of emeralds , sapphires , corals on as many fingers as possible , around their necks  & weightier solitaires.

All of which is unwittingly paid by Canada & America.

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September 17. 2011 14:14

Recently Kuwait Government gave its citizens some cash & other subsidized food products. The Indian expats loudly demanded exerting their clout on some people such free cash for them also.

I DESPERATELY prayed to God Kuwait Government should not get carried away granting their demands. Thank God Indians were not given cash.

Learn from Arab countries how to deal with Indians. I am convinced nothing else disciplines them than the fear of strict punishment. Outsource their punishment to ISLAM.

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India H1b_King
September 17. 2011 15:02

So what? H1b is corrupt, just like we want.  Nothing to see here, move on Rat.  Maybe if you can pay bribe like powerful India, you can have some say on issue.

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Canada Mark
September 17. 2011 16:46

100% of the H1-B visa program is fraud.  The true "best and brightest" from Hindustan or wherever else can be admitted under the O-1 visa.  Canadians under the TN-1.  The rest need to be deported as being threats to US national security.

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United States James
September 17. 2011 17:01

As someone who lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 16 years before being run out of the industry and the state by takeover slumdogs, I can assure you, the fraud rate is much > 18%. Try 80% at least!

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Canada Mark
September 17. 2011 18:05

"Learn from Arab countries how to deal with Indians. I am convinced nothing else disciplines them than the fear of strict punishment. Outsource their punishment to ISLAM. "

Singapore has mandatory *caning* for Indian nationals that commit even the slightest forms of immigration fraud (such as overstaying a visa).

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United States uscitizen
September 17. 2011 23:02

hey fuctards,
Instead of whining away, try to learn a skill in demand and maybe you will find  a job. Its $$ to get someone on a h1b. The whole process of getting a labor certificate and crap is so horrible, I would rather outsource. You guys are nothing but a bunch of racist unamerican pigs.


@James, you need to get that vaccum filled head of yours out of your a$$ and have it examined before you go kooo koooooooooo

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United States uscitizen
September 17. 2011 23:04

techinsurget LOL u should call this site techfuckup or iamatechwhiney
F off MF

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Canada ezygoer
September 17. 2011 23:12

As long as Big Business wants overseas labor arbitraged against local H1-B is going nowhere.

The "best and brightest" but only from the third world will continue to be put in play !!

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United States Anonymous
September 17. 2011 23:39

@ Mark ,

ISLAMIC styled punishment should be given right away to most in Indian Establishment , policy makers , adulterators , forgerers , lawyers , judges charlatans and so forth.

Indians hindus included mislead the world as though they are all angels being unjustly targetted by Afzal Gurus & Dawood Ibrahims. NOT AT ALL.

NEVER EVER make the mistake of equating Indians whatever be their religious belief systems with Anglo Saxons , Americans etc etc. Even if they speak fine English and are good mathematicians. The way Americans go threadbare into one's background while electing their Presidents is DIAMETRICALLY opposite to what Indians do & have been doing & will continue to do. The more criminalised you are the better are your prospects of  "winning elections" in India.

And Indian masses as a whole will NEVER give you all the facts. They are congenitally like that liars & cheats. I admire Arab counties for various reasons. No Indian can own property becoming landlords. Oh God , what a RELIEF!!!
And I was so happy when Kuwait Government decreed no rambunctious crackers bursting during Divali. You make even little concession. They will bulldoze their way through bribing you with ghee sodden sweets & savouries. Food is one big tempting bait.Indians are anything but spiritual.I know them very well.

India would prosper well if watched over & ruled strictly by ruthlessly benevolent dictators. Like Singapore. I am firmly convinced. They are arrogant masking it with mock humility & karma gobbledygook.

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United States Anonymous
September 17. 2011 23:43

You would have have noticed it is invariably Indians who unnecessarily grin asking strangers unnecessary questions like :-

" Excuse me , are you married , how many children you have ...why are you fat...why are you NOT fat ...why are you short why are you NOT short...why are your hips broad...what are you doing...".

Indians are putrefying carcasses.

Exceptions prove the rule.

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United States Anonymous
September 18. 2011 01:10

Most of these Indians in the name of pujas & oblations ACTUALLY conduct black magic & occult practices. As I mentioned art of living faux godman an alleged Brahmin vegetarian eating very little food is one such black magician.

DO NOT underestimate blackmagic as ineffective or non existent mumbo jumbo. Details of which I had earlier written in detail in that American faux guru buster's blog. I don't have those with me to cut & paste. But I will give you one very potent example. You brilliant Americans would at once understand. In fact it was through ARTHUR OSBORNE an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Ramana I came to know about it !!!

For decades none of these ultra eloquent Indian discourse givers ever mentioned this very extremely vital point in Mahabharatha war. In fact even today lots of hindus & Indians loudly condemn Lord Krishna as (sic) " cheat/liar/thief".

See , I told you these Indians are pseudo worshippers & know nothing at all about allegedly their "own Krishna";))

Whereas the Westerner ( non Indian American/British/European/Australian etc) gets it at once. RETAINING , INTERNALISING & steadily APPLYING & ABIDING by the wisdom drawn.

In Kurukshetra war , Brahmin Dronacharya well versed in Vedic Chantings , Rituals  fights the Pandavas. He WANTONLY resorts to forbidden chantings thus killing huge numbers of infantry among Pandavas. Those occult chantings are as potently virulent as today's nerve gases , mustard gases etc. Lord Krishna alone knows he has done such a cruel act. As Pandavas in their hearts naively hold him in high esteem as their erstwhile teacher of archery etc. Kauravas breached all ethics of not just governance but also warfare.

Dronacharya is extremely besotted with his only son Asvathama another unscrupulous heartless  creature. Hence Lord Krishna quickly resorts to the strategy of "lying" to him about his son's death. That makes him drop all weapons & leave the battlefield.

That not dead son Asvathama later on does lot more harm by bestially killing all of Draupadi's  children , infants when they are asleep.

That is why America is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in asserting potent nuclear weapons etc etc ought not to fall in the hands of rogue nations. In the name of equality & all humans of this world are same same children of One God yadayada.

Rules of honour are NOT applicable to the DIShonourable is what Lord Krishna says. That is why America is perfectly justified in cracking down on Iraq , Afghanistan , taleban , imposing sanctions on Iran & so forth. George Bush who was ridiculed by so many Indians for lacking information about capitals of various countries ( that is what Indians value memorised information , spelling contests trophies cricket scores) was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT when he said :-

" Either you are with us or against us. Period. They have to be lucky only once to wreak incalculable harm...whoever harbours our enemies would be considered our enemies & attacked...".

Hence Pakistan , Afghanistan Iran Iraq India CANNOT fingerpoint & say America is (sic)"invading breaching sovereingty". America shouls spurn UN also which exists to cater to communists & anti Israel inimical foes. UN is no God Almighty.

Colin Powell was absolutely right when he stated :-

" You break it & take it ".

Only mistake you Americans are making is telling all your strategies to the entire world. Keep out the media. To hell with embedded media. Why tell anything at all about US Navy Seals ??? I was SO FURIOUS. Look what happened. All of them targetted by taleban.

Carpet bomb the taleban & such anti America-Israel inimicals out of existence. Don't waste your energies & precious lives in uplifting the unupliftable. Those deserving to be sent to hell should not be fed , clothed & uplifted.

And please don't inform the media. Cut off their communication network if need be.  

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United States Anonymous
September 18. 2011 01:15

Typo correction:-

America should spurn UN also which exists to cater to communists & anti Israel inimical foes. UN is no God Almighty.

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September 18. 2011 10:21

Meenakshi mentioned above got 850 Canadian dollars every month when she started her extortion in the form of social security. I don't know how much it appreciated successive years.Incredibly beyond imagination made money, brokered many marriages spawning forth lots of children all settled in America , Canada & so forth.

I saw her only once when her son Suresh married (my cousin) Jaisree ( now in Edmonton or Calgary I am not sure) during the ostentatious wedding in Chennai.Though alleged to be all extremely intimate & close family acquaintances she DID demand the customary dowries plus gargantuan quantities of many sweets & savouries. The nuptials ( First Night) were about to proceed in a hotel room booked for them when all hell broke lose in the marriage hall.

That Meenakshi was inspecting all murukkus ( a multi spiral shaped fried savoury item very crunchy , tasty etc) and detected one of those in which one spiral was missing. That is in ten spirals /layers one spiral was missing.

She said " Technically it cannot be considered a complete murukku.RIGHT NOW you bride's parents should replace it with more thrown in as penalty for dishonouring us the grooms family.Or else no first night. No Consummation".

NOBODY was angry or outraged.My aunt & uncle were extremely nervous as it was nearing night, all the shops closed, the professional cooks had retired earlier after delivering. I have no idea what negotiations went on after that.

Subsequently for many months Jaisree did not conceive though in Canada living with Suresh as his wife. But she was extremely happy with all such harassment her parents went through. She bluntly said her aim was to go to foreign Canada or America and it was her parents' duty to ensure all went well.

The unpardonably affectionate parents went to several astrologers , soothsayers , Temples ....SIGH it is such a long story you Americans would swoon ZAPPED.

My faux marriage & first night(s) were much much muchhhh worse.

YET I am in his custody in Kuwait. Everyone knows everything but don't care. They say it is all written in my horoscope/karma.

Indians  are CRIMINALS wholesale.  

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September 18. 2011 12:50
tunnel rat


All those degrees of yours must have been obtained without taking a single English course.  And, btw, we all have jobs, fucker.  We just don't appreciate you scabs driving down the market rates with your 3rd-world wages.

Now get the fuck off of my blog, slumdog terrorist.

United States James
September 18. 2011 16:44


You should really think about investing in a business which benefits your countrymen, not one that merely exists to grab $ from USA.

How about a toilet manufacturing biz in India? I hear you're short 600,000,000 toilets there. Were you an open defecator in India before you came to the USA?

I hear India's economy is booming. Surely there is a demand for toilets there what with all the $ you slumdogs siphon out of the US economy every single year.

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United States uscitizen
September 18. 2011 17:06


"All those degrees of yours must have been obtained without taking a single English course."
Atleast I have some degrees, you are just a bum, living in your mother's trailer and screwing her and your brother every night.

"And, btw, we all have jobs, fucker."
Really ? Then why are you posting throughout the day ? If you do indeed have a job, I should probably let your employer know you are maintaining a nazi website and posting racist crap throughout your day.

"Now get the fuck off of my blog, slumdog terrorist."
Make me.

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United States Anonymous
September 18. 2011 18:44

I can convey my disquieting misgivings only here as right now hindus are overeuphoric about Narendra Modi.

I have overemphasized this vital point several times that he is praised for his lack of corruption.I am not disputing that. That way Americans , Kuwait Government are highly capable of ensuring corruption free governance.

But what is corruption ? Ratan Tata who is equally culpable as communists of West Bengal in the cold blooded mass murder of several defenseless farmers with their wives getting raped & children killed for manufacture of his useless overhyped allegedly swadeshi NANO cars is welcomed with open arms by this apotheosized "fasting" Narendra Modi. How heartless mercenaries Indians are is so patent.

And there was one Muslim husband & wife who were labelled "terrorists" & killed in well orchestrated encounter killing. In fact that wife was raped & burnt to death by Gujarat hindus at the behest of Narendra Modi based on tehelka reports & corroborated by Swapan Dasgupta in his blog usual suspects. This rape & murder was so vehemently justified by Kanchan Gupta & RSS Gurumurthy plus a whole lot of hindu supporters. I recall one of them callously chipping in with:-

(sic) "...She was no Sati Savitri so deserved being raped & burnt to death".

These hindus justify all rapes & mayhem by mentioning just one name Dawood Ibrahim.

Such a person does not DESERVE to be a Statesman steering India ahead.

This is my very strong opinion.Entire political class entire India is rape condoning lecherous nation.Smt. Jayalalitha was disrobed in Assembly by DMK Duraimurugan & people even today are apathetic only FEIGNING anaemic anger.

I would desire America to dispense Justice. I personally don't see any male Indian empathetic enough to rule over Indians. Period.

Hindus are never going to accept muslims seamlessly.

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United States Anonymous
September 18. 2011 19:01

The following is the link to that rape & muder of muslim couple by Swapan Dasgupta.

Read & judge for yourself. THis is why I don't like Indians as a whole. Particularly the sanctimonious hindus.

"Battleground heats up as the Hand plucks at the Lotus, one petal at a time"

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United States Anonymous
September 18. 2011 19:14

The following are  my comments to Swapan Dasgupta article:-

" Anonymous said...

    For quite sometime I have been reading how Narendra Modi has contributed to development , four lane highways , roads , has eradicated corruption and so forth.

    My question is , there are a lot of countries in this world which have no Narendra Modis YET ensuring far better governance on a consistent basis , good infrastructure , uninterrupted water & electricity. Quality of life is vastly superior.

    Hence one Narendra Modi is NOT the panacea for India's problems. Assuming Modi is capable & above board , what next or who next after Narendra Modi is a vital thought of imperative importance.

    Answer is so obvious. Everything will unravel in an instant. That is the curse of us Indians as a whole.

    Narendra Modi shines by contrast. He came down crashing when I heard him calling dubious Nithyananda as (sic) " follower of Aadi Shankara's traditions ..." while accepting some donation from Nithyananda.

    Uber smug , uber conceited Rajiv Malhotras and several uber supercilious hindus are but uncouth faux emperors sans credibility leave alone clothes .

    Anon @8:56 AM ,

    I don't think anyone can ensure lasting good governance by eliminating perceived "terrorists".

    Today RSS thunders no one should use the word hindu terrorism. What the hell do they want to be called ? Hindu monks or Hindu rishis ?

    They HAVE to face interrogation. More so because hindus delude themselves misleading us all they alone are so peaceful meditating tranquil non invading non conquering angelic people of this entire world.

    Vasundara Raje is also involved it appears.

    Hindu Munnani Ramgopalan & many hindu brahmins known to me shouted at me so violently at the very beginning of Nithyananda unmasked charade. That everything was phoren hand Christian conspiracy.

    Nithyananda himself gave the best slap by admitting to Rajiv Malhotra of uncelibate doings with a " SO WHAT ".
    August 2, 2010 6:08 PM
Anonymous said...

    You Swapan Dasgupta got it right much earlier.

    It is casteist fanaticism that decides pretty much everything in this India.

    The hindus continue to ghettoise , ostracize & badmouth the Muslims of India despite many of the so called ' low castes ' embracing Islam. Let us leave out the Shabana Azmis out of this.

    It is an entirely different kind of world & rules among Dream Merchants.

    I recall so many times PAC being called to " eliminate " Muslims in Uttar Pradesh when I was in my teens. Everyone blindly accepted the canards being fed that (sic) "muslims are bad , muslims riot & so deserved to die unsung".

    How many self righteous sacred ash sporting or didactic swadeshi sanghis , indoootvavadis committed harakiri when ND Tiwari's unpardonable orgies became common knowledge to aam janata ? No it is not this party or that party. He is hindu of some caste. So everything gets forgotten. Moreover we worship Devi in Icons alone wolfing down sweetemeats. A " prostitute is after all a prsotitute " is our mindset. Nobody gives it a thought.

    We are so shamelessly desensitized or more honestly actually drool over salacious details while devouring our meals preceded by lots of elaborate pujas.

    There is a very loaded statement by Sri Aurobindo where He actually JUSTIFIES Mohammedan Invasion & the SLAUGHTER of a lot of Indians
    preceding the coming of Europeans.

    Sorry I cannot recall. But it took me years to understand that one statement of Sri.Aurobindo.

    As like the rest I also bought the story being forcefed by hindus that we were all ssso pious , sso good , so virtuous & God only suddenly went crazy closing His eyes & Snoring letting Mohammedans come & slaughter the indians.
    August 3, 2010 4:59 PM

Anonymous said...

    We are losing our clarity in thinking because of giving everything a communal , casteist colour.

    Exploitation of fellow human beings takes place among us Indians of all hues. In various ways. Only few people are mature enough to live & let others also live in dignity.

    Sanghis & hindutvavadis who scream Bajrangbali & invoke Lord Hanuman's Name ought not to forget two words seemingly synonymous juxtaposed in a Hymn which starts :-

    "Buddhir , Balam , Yasho , Dhairyam , Nirbhayathvam....."

    Dhairyam & Nirbhayathvam ?

    Dhairyam stands for courage , absence of demoralization .

    Nirbhayathvam is equally important meaning one should NOT inspire FEAR in any creature or being.

    Does this fit any single hindutvavadi or sanghi existing today ?

    As alleged by many if Muslims are that bad how come none of the hindus & Indians living in Gulf countries are willing to come back to India ?

    So what if there are no Temples ? Quality of life is far far superior than in India. No hindu is persecuted or denied electricity and /or water. Women are NOT getting raped , groped , molested as in India.

    If Christianity is anti hinduism as asininely claimed why none of the hindus settled abroad from America to Australia , New Zealand are pining to return to vandemataramIndia ??

    Arabs and Christians are not imbeciles. Our prolific output called bolly and kollymollywood movies very eloquently betray what we Indians actually are. We don't COMMAND anyone's respect. Some gall we have in demanding respect!

    Siddhartha Prakash ,

    Heartening to read what you have written. And yes , among all Indian politicians Modi is held to be incorruptible.

    What tehelka tapes showed was indeed disturbing. How does one know what is truth & what is not ?

    More important is good governance all over India that is self sustaining. Not dependent on a solitary Narendra Modi. Or on any one individual.
    August 11, 2010 4:09 PM

Read others' comments also. I am giving you whatever inputs I have.

Please Americans you decide. Never ever get swayed by this harping on growth rate , GDP corruptionless blahblah. Ethics is of paramount importance.

I don't trust Indians AT ALL. I personally would favour Dawood Ibrahim when faced with such a ruthless mindset of hindus. Fasting or vegetarianism does not erase such coldblooded crimes.

If possible please keep these comments of mine secret with you techinsurgent. Or else hindus would brand me a troll & harm me. They are ruthless criminals.

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United States Drifter
September 18. 2011 21:14

indianwannabecitzen!! You stopped posting on the the other thread - got tired of being beaten down?

Hey I hear Mom calling - asking if your homework is done yet. I don't think she'd be happy if she knew what a potty mouth you have.

Get back to work and stop bothering the humans.

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United States Indian_Tatti
September 19. 2011 11:54

Alan (New Delhi)
Most of us aspire for instant gratification which provides an ideal environment for such businesses to flourish. I am not surprised seeing people falling trap to such "shortcut-to-success" schemes. Just look at the number of such engineering/training institutes that have come up at every corner, claiming to train candidates on cutting edge technologies and placing then with IT bigwigs. Their existence is just a symbolic reference to our society’s mindset. Because we need such short cuts, they exist and not vice-versa. During my stay in US last year, working on IT projects, I came across a lot of resumes of Indian candidates. To my surprise at least 90% of such candidates were from AP. While interviewing these candidates, whose experience and skills on paper would give anyone a run for their money, I was shocked to know that most of them were fake. I am not trying to blame a particular community, just presenting what I noticed. Another shocker was the modus-operandi of these candidates. These guys would even pay someone else to represent them in telephonic interviews! The deeper you dig into these things, the murkier it gets. What it does is that it hurts the credibility of Indians. To make easy and quick money these people are damaging the prospects of genuine professionals. Again I would say that these actions reflect our society's mindset. We need quick results and won't mind going the short-cut route to achieve them, rather than grinding and building a strong foundation.

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United States Anonymous
September 19. 2011 13:34

BEWARE of this Kanchan Gupta . He is an extremely influential person for BJP party working behind the scenes writing their manifestos , advising them . Not at all a scrupulous person considering he fought a heated war with Italy over Durga Puja celebrating rights for hindus in Italy. And with his clout could coerce Itally into conceding. Also went to China making some wow speech. Always boasts about his stint in foreign office , his stay in Egypt etc. Was an invitee to America , Israel etc . BUT he is actually anti American the typical Indian you all know masking with his pipe smoking & pro ISRAEL posturings.

There was one detailed piece of article written by this Kanchan Gupta in his blog about some famous Lebanese singer who was murdered by some hired hitman by her lover. I think the article is titled " Sex , Slease & Sheikhs ".

He dwelt at length on a video recording of her having sex with someone describing in such words & tones betraying his repeated watchings of it.Earlier also certain articles & observations made by him clearly betray his proclivities & excessive fondness for prurient details regarding sex , kinky sex & varios types of perversions.

Point is not as inocuous as many are like that , so it is ok.

Dubai Police with excellent sleuthing had caught hold of the killer of that famous Lebanese singer. This Kanchan Gupta was not happy about that killer being caught. As he described that Lebanese singer as having "torrid sex" which in his own words was a great hit in huge demand and discussed  by many in social circles. He had written " had that killer had as much brain as his brawn could have easily escaped uncaught" by tampering or wiping out evidence and all that.

This is very SHOCKING. As it is the same Kanchan Gupta who while justifying the rape & burning of that Muslim couple ( in fact they look very happily married couple in love certainly not the " extorting terrorists , threat to society type" " this Kanchan Gupta has taken undue pains & exertions to tarnish them)    They never left my mind) he has marshalled a boringly exhaustive list of weapons this & that found in their house , hands cupboards.

This obviously is the brain prowess of BJP hindu fanatics planting incriminating evidence after their brawn power raped , tortured & burnt them.

I repeat KILL these hindu fanatics. All lawyers , judges are incredibly corrupt debauchs in India. Don't bother about gathering evidence , court case & such useless rigmarole. HINDUS ARE HARD CORE RAPISTS. SEX MANIACS.  

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United States Anonymous
September 19. 2011 13:38

And then agitate about Durga Puja celebrating rights. Get my point ? Aaaalways these hindus are like that only.

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United States Anonymous
September 19. 2011 13:50

In my childhood spent at Budge Budge New Central Jute Mills ( West Bengal) I was about to start eating curd rice when I heard such a blood curling scream from the fourth or fifth floor not sure I bounded up the stairs without even thinking. That was the first & last time I have ever ran up stairs like that.I am not the athletic type at all. Very languid rather.

One hindu marwari husband had set his wife on fire & she stood before me all charred & fell down her head hitting the mosaic floor & blood oozing out. He was the only person as her children were in school.It was SO OBVIOUS he burnt her to death. I stood there watching him. He sat down very leisurely started moaning  "hey Ram kaise hua ( how did this happen)" in such mechanical low voice watching her die. I also did not leave. Later slowly people came , ambulance etc.

Everyone knew he had killed her but took it in their stride. Years later my brother Mohan (now in Canada) talked in glowing terms about him as he was working in Lucas TVS. I expressed my shock " But he killed his wife ".

Mohan replied " So what ? Today he is the Purchase Manager".

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United States James
September 19. 2011 17:24

White man has magic glowing box that produce much money. Let's go rob white man's country and get magic glowing box. Ugabuga!

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United States Anonymous
September 19. 2011 21:31

My comments from Swapan Dasgupta blog:-

I am ETERNALLY grateful to Prashantha Banerjee for treating me & my child. Had he not cured my child in one week yes seven days ( as my child barely six months old was not only snatched from me but also dumped in various hostile hands & creches in my absence without my consent. Thus was sodomized. Leading to rectal prolapse.

I had absolutely no knowlege at all or even the word called sodomy & what it was. And that infants also are sexually abused by relatives , caretakers ayahs servants. I was breastfeeding him. Hence my child was not constipated. Yet would scream in pain as most of his rectum came out.

Several allopaths paediatricians advocated operation including Jyoti Basu's grandchildren's personal paediatrician. They also did not tell me the cause of his rectal prolapse. They KNEW. But "emon tho hobey" ( these things happen ) kapal/karma" is their apathetic bestial attitude.

Only very recently I saw an English movie by Tim Roth starring Tilda Swindon called "War Zone" or something I don't remember.

Prashantha Banerjee cured my child in SEVEN days.

September 18, 2011 2:43 PM

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United States Anonymous
September 19. 2011 21:57

Very recently my faux husband took me to Kolkata from Kuwait.

We stayed at Komala Vilas lodge that belongs to his brother's father in law. I heard that owner has installed concealed hidden cameras in the dining hall as his pastime is secretly watching how & what people eat. They are all Tamil , Malayali Brahmins uber pious doing pujas & rituals.

Many of them have hidden cameras inside toilets , bathrooms , dress changing rooms in shops --ALL people know , newspaers report .But what can people do ? Everyone is not tech savvy to inspect & jam.

Aalways my husband mixes potent psychotropic drugs in my drinking water or juices I drink . Making me drowsy disabling my intellect. When my mother was alive she mixed in consecrated prasad ( food shown before Icon of God) & forced me to eat. I KNEW she was trying to kill me by poisoning as she NEVER took even a bit from that offering. When I left it untouched telling it tasted strange she & Mohan would stand around me with a long ruler hitting me making me eat. When I did not eat she shed such COPIOUS tears entreating me :-

" For your loving dear pious mother;s sake won't you eat it ...after all I carried you for ten months in my womb , looking after can you be suspicious of me ..." & CRIED SO MUCH till her nose face everything became red swollen with tears I ate to escape from the torture of being beaten.

Later I would vomit violently etc etc but that never MADE THEM cry. They never even bothered to offer me water or hold me while vomitting & writhing in pain.

This went on several decades.

In Komala Vilas he had drugged me. In midnight when I got up to urinate & come back to bed it was very dark. He would get violently furious if I switched on light , so I silently walked towards my bed. Someone from behind hit me so violently turning me upside down I hit the mosaic floor SSO violently . The glass tumbler in the wooden table broke cutting my tongue making it bleed. My head was also injured so violently I could not make out anything.

When I swtched on the light to see what happened to me this husband S.N.Ramachandran asked casually :-

" How come your tongue only is bleeding & cut ? Your head is supposed to bleed profusely. Describe cogently...You are meant to hit this shrp corner of wooden table targetting your Head..." & he was so disappointed.

I am fond of drinking coffee. My concern was how am I going to sip my coffee. And I could not SPEAK a word as my tongue was bleeding head hurt violently..

And he was nagging me torturing me to explain & speak.

Much more happened. Nothing is new to me. My brother J.Prakash was also killed the same way by drugging.

By God's Grace I am alive. Everytime they all say :-

" Duh...she is hallucinating. Where is the proof".

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September 21. 2011 23:06
Drunken Economist

I guess it's time to drag out this gem I wrote in early 2010:

It's coming up on 2012, and I don't see much change. Oh, just one other thing: They still use that old, tired, where do you see yourself in 5 years" bullshit question. So Drunky, where do you see yourself?

I see myself living in a redoubt state in the USA, kicking back in a recliner WITH A BIG TUB OF POPCORN, watching China nuke the fuck out of India.

War is comin' boyz n girlz.

This 'India problem' is gonna solve itself. Because Indians, as we've all seen, either here or in real life, are stupid, greedy, arrogant brahmin fuckwits. The bucket o' stupid just don't get any fulla'.


September 22. 2011 18:33

Suppose we were to kick all Indian (specifically Indian) non-immigrants out of the country tomorrow.  Suppose we were to impose $250,000.00 fines upon anybody who imported and employed an Indian non-immigrant.  Would that solve all of our problems?

No, it would just be the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 all over again. When that act became effective, the cheap labor mongers (former plantation owners) simply adjusted their tactics to pick the next-cheapest foreign labor available besides that from China.  It was not until the Alien Contract Labor Law of 1885 that our general non-immigrant labor policy (with the limited exceptions of the program in the West Indies and the Bracero Program) reigned from 1885 to 1990.

The real enemy is cheap foreign labor created by the foreign government's sanctioning of oppression, and the deflationary havoc it wreaks.  That's the reason WHY India fell from being the world economic power in the 15th century after the rise of the Mughals. That kind of oppression also creates massive overpopulation, since the deprivation of equity in property rights leaves only equity in human capital to provide for the security of the parents in their old age.

Mark my words, just like in 1885, it's the entire policy that needs to be changed.  Excluding India will merely shift the bubble under the tarp to China and Russia, who would love to see India out of the way so that they could do the SAME DAMN THING.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ~ Santayana (not to be confused with Santa Ana).


September 22. 2011 19:14


"Potty" mouth?  You might have to translate that for him. The metaphorical notion of a "potty" requires having intimate knowledge of precisely what such a porcelain commode is, and what it's back-room ubiquity represents to members of western society. Google "no toilet, no bride" to see what I mean.


Canada ezygoer
September 22. 2011 22:44

Actually can Drunken economist, Taxi Driver et all (insurgents) out muscle Corporate America to even pass a small law to say .. even verify that a tech job in the US cannot be filled by locals ?

Then how can the insurgency take on Corporate America who is the main enemy in this labor arbitrage game? Yeah India will be replaced by someone equally cheap or cheaper by Corporate America if in the unlikely case they are not allowed to come in by the insurgency !!  

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United States Indian_Tatti
September 23. 2011 10:06

Rate of visa application rejection increasing: India to US

WASHINGTON: India today conveyed its concern to the US over the increasing number of rejections of the H1B visa applications of professionals, especially in the IT sector, who need these permits for execution of temporary onsite contracts.

The point was highlighted by visiting Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma at the CEOs Forum here.

He said, "Uptake of H1B visas this year has been less than half of annual prescribed limit and the rejection rates have gone up."

Underscoring the importance of free movement of professionals, he also asked for early signing of the India-US Totalisation Agreement.

Under the pact, an expatriate in either country need not contribute to social security schemes of the host country.

The forum comprises top CEOs from both sides and is co-chaired by Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata on the Indian side and Honeywell Corporation CEO David M Cote from the US.

Referring to simplification of procedures for investing in India, Sharma said all the policy norms have been consolidated into a single document.

He assured the CEOs that India is committed to continuous improvement of its business and investment environment.

The minister also invited US investors to establish National Investment and Manufacturing Zones and urged the CEO forum to suggest global best practices for the proposed townships.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, Sharma discussed ways to strengthen the growing bilateral trade and investment relationship, including through more active engagement under the US-India Trade Policy Forum (TPF).

The TPF is the primary bilateral mechanism for addressing trade and investment issues.

On bilateral investment treaties, Kirk and Sharma expressed support for holding an additional round of discussions before the next TPF meeting and working constructively to move those discussions forward in a timely manner.

During January-November, 2010, the bilateral trade between India and the US stood at $ 45 billion.

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United States Indian_Tatti
September 23. 2011 10:06

Underscoring the importance of free movement of professionals, he also asked for early signing of the India-US Totalisation Agreement.

Under the pact, an expatriate in either country need not contribute to social security schemes of the host country.

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United States James
September 23. 2011 12:05

Chinese Exclusion Act had to be passed once the US realized what a criminal country China is. You also forgot about Operation Wetback in the 1950s to deport millions of parasite Mexicans from the US.

We ARE making a difference. We were the ones who brought the VISA FRAUD problem to the Feds' attention, not to mention changed public opinion against India.

As for Bad Karma Sharma, he needs to learn that free movement of professionals violates US law, namely Title 8, Section 1182 - INADMISSIBLE ALIENS. This ain't India BKS!

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September 23. 2011 13:33


Point well taken, which is why I have been saying that the one great equalizer is the judicial branch, and that the constitutionality of the entire guest-worker question should be fought in the courts on principles of individual rights.

The judicial branch is the one place where individuals can take on the massive power of corporate will.

The gist of one argument is here if you're interested:

However, since it's based on the United States Constitution, I'm not sure how a concomitant argument could be made in Canada.


United States Drifter
September 23. 2011 15:32

Yeah right - the fraud and unemployment here have nothing to do with it.. it's just the US making it tough for them to try and sell thier temp worker scam.

Deny everything, admit nothing. Ignorance to the root cause. This is why it will be generations before they are respected as global players. No ethics. No integrity. They're just skimming off the top and trying to sustain a business model from doing it.

Uncle Drunky is right - the problem will eventually fix itself as taking the shortcut will only get you so far. I just wish we could fast forward to the magnificent collapse at the end.

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September 23. 2011 21:51


"You also forgot about Operation Wetback in the 1950s to deport millions of parasite Mexicans from the US."

That was an implementation of policy, not a policy itself. However, it did demonstrate that once the US government shows determination oust illegal foreign nationals, most of the foreign nationals will deport themselves.  With Operation Wetback, 90 percent of the Mexican nationals left before they got caught.  

"Chinese Exclusion Act had to be passed once the US realized what a criminal country China is. You also forgot about Operation Wetback in the 1950s to deport millions of parasite Mexicans from the US."

The Alien Contract Labor Law essentially supplanted the Chinese Exclusion Act for the most part.  The Chinese Exclusion Act also did not effectively accomplish the goal of eliminating cheap foreign labor, since it targeted only Chinese guest workers.  It took mere months for the cheap-laborists to shift gears to other countries, and less than four years later, more comprehensive, less specific Alien Contract Labor Law was passed banning ALL guest workers.  This is STILL our general policy. Virtually all of our so-called guest-worker programs are stated as *exceptions* to the general policy.

If your POV is that guest workers are OK as long as they don't come from India, then for you it will be "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."


September 23. 2011 22:11

Also, did anybody notice that shortage shouting is back?  I heard on the radio today that one employer in my town would offer a $10,000 finders fee for a software developer.  I laughed.


United States James
September 23. 2011 23:50


"If your POV is that guest workers are OK as long as they don't come from India, then for you it will be "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

No, my POV is that guest workers are ok as long as they don't come from criminal countries with centuries-old resentments against the white west and want to harm us. Bring them in by the millions from Japan and Germany and I'll be tickled pink.

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United States Anti-H1B
September 24. 2011 18:19

I am working in the middle of Sand Nigger vile aka Silicon Valley and all the slumdogs at work stink and have rude racist behavior toward non-Indians.  Keep up the good work Tunnel Rat. We need to shutdown the slumdogs and scumbag collaborators.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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