Looks like some insurgents are about to go all Jessie Jackson upside the high-tech junta. I look forward to the days of American techies marching into the Curry Dens like Motorola and forcing the mouth-breathing slumdog scabs out of their cozy cubicles.  This just showed up in my email:



BFJ has joined with Stand Up! Chicago, an umbrella group opposed to a proposed U.S. trade deal, to rally for putting Americans back to work and stoping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact. The rally wil take place in downtown Chicago at 11am sharp. Projected turn out is now at least 1,000 and could reach 1,500 or more.

Chicagoans--long know for big shoulders, contentious politics and spirited rallies--has some bright minds atop their big shoulders. They are putting boots on the ground for a long overdue dose of street heat. They have a sharp press operation, receiving advance publicity for the rally.

Stand Up! Chicago has already targeted Motorola & IBM for corporate freeloading, bloated CEO salaries, and dismal job creation so BFJ will be highlighting Motorola & IBM's recruitment abroad for their Illinois job openings. Since 2008, Motorola used the H1-b program to recuit abroad to fill 384 job openings in Illinois, with annual wages of $26,480,732. Stand Up! Chicago is continuing to keep Motorola in their sights and will be thrilled to see IT professionals organized and represented at the rally.

At the rally, you'll see burly baby-boomer Hard Hats marching with tattooed, pierced baristas and hip-hop high-schoolers. Mild-mannered teachers will be beside lawyers attired in business casual. All rallying to put Americans back to work and kill these trade deals. If this doesn't convince you to join, Ben & Jerry's offer of free ice cream maybe the "sweet" that seals the deal for you.

Reply to this message to meet beforehand so we can join the rally together.

We have a slick brochure that was designed by one of our members, so If you are going to a Labor Day rally and want to distribute this please let us know.

Very Good News
Senator Durbin, in a speech to business leaders outside Waukegan, IL, laid out the negative impacts the h1-b program was having. What's stunning is that the topic was even brought up! Outside of the IT industry, these corporate programs are never addressed, so it's been a challenge just to explain what's happening to us and our high-tech jobs.

I read this as an indication that the Senator is gearing up to launch this battle to stop corporate discrimination. Make sure that you are also gearing up to join this battle by talking to your friends and family FIRST. Get them on your side; they will be your support team and create openings for you and BFJ to build a grassroots movement to pass H1-b & l-1 reform.

the Team at BFJ,

Donna, Mike, Barbara M, Barbara G & John R.


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United States James
September 3. 2011 18:33

Trans-Pacific Partnership == COMMUNISM! (Globalism)

Whenever you hear of things like "Economic cooperation", OECD, NAFTA, EU, NAU, ASEAN, "Free Trade", know that it is COMMUNISM!

Don't believe me? Read this:


"Free trade" essentially means breaking down all barriers to protect the productive countries and looting them to give what they worked for away to lazy 3rd worlders who have never lifted a finger to work in their lives.

4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

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United States joshua
September 4. 2011 08:27

hope the rally goes really well tomorrow, weather in chicago
seems to be nice. hope the august jobs report (zero jobs) really
gives the rally the boost it needs. wish we had more notice about it,
would have loved to fly out and join. would still really like to
see a rally outside an Infosys or Wipro.
if anybody can find the content of the durbin speech at waukegan
please post link, I would really like to read the transcript.


no site

September 4. 2011 13:20

Jesse Jackson, or John Brown?



United States Bob5k
September 4. 2011 17:23

The sad part of H1B is so many Foreigners choose willingly to trade their families and friends for a chance "to become American" through 7 years of legalized slavery; you're paid barely enough to survive.  They don't come here believing that, they come here thinking "Oh I'm working for IBM Now I'm a big-boy".  Really?  What's the 2nd amendment?  3rd?  Oh, that's right, you guys don't believe in the right to self-defense or right against searches and seizures of property.  How backwards; you'll do anything to get ahead.

The reality of the situation is this country is going down the shitter.  Upper echelon management might "think" they are winning, but what they are really giving up is the potential to see space, the potential to experience new inventions, the potential to live a decent life not tied to a blackberry while in the bamaha's checking their company, their stocks, their whatever; what you own, owns you.  

They're so pumped up on ego it's amazing they can even think straight.  By the time your kids are grown up they'll be thinking "which country should I immigrate to?".  India has 10 times the population density of the USA, Mexico has nearly 20.  That's the reason they do anything to come here.  Get rid of the free social programs, I wonder how many would go back?

We're on the verge of another stock market and governmental collapse, I'd say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Be the best you can be and tell these jackasses if they don't want to pay you what you're worth, look elsewhere.  Make them compete for decent labor.

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United States Babu Rudeboy
September 5. 2011 19:55
Babu Rudeboy

Donna deserves high marks for her efforts.

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United States Anonymous
September 6. 2011 05:23

" Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war ".


Consider Iran with which India is friendly for trade & commerce. It depends on Iran for natural gas & Iran buys some products from India. One Indian scientist was arrested by USA for clandestinely selling forbidden stuff to Iran which the latter used for making nuclear weapons .

India still has not defined its priorities. Where a country like UAE is keen on introducing traditional methods of childbirth , India's TATA along with communist regime in West Bengal shot dead defenceless farmers along with their wives & children as TATA wanted the land for manufacturing its so called "indigenous" NANO cars.

With too many people & fast disappearing greenery India should focus on improving public transport , afforestation thus curtailing the need to depend on petrol , food self sufficiency. Lifestyle diseases like obesity , diabetes , hypertension are very common among Indians. Unlike other countries , India hardly has walking trails dotted with trees & plants. The few parks available are overcrowded. Which is the reason faux Godmen like art of living SSSRAvishankar & Baba Ramdevs have become popular with their hyperventilating tummy tucking kriyas. These avatards have made billions building their own opulent green ghettos petitely termed "ashrams". With their anti American , anti Western tirade & catchy soundbytes of nationalism WITHIN India & peddling of universal peace , catholicism WITHOUT ensure a flock of suckers always follow them parting with " donations " & fees. Totally tax free NGOs.

Art of living SSSRavishankar is the shrewdest having ties with all political parties of India. Thus fending off arrest & investigation.

no site

Denmark Indian
September 6. 2011 11:35

I am sure that Indians will never learn and indian temples in USA will become the Terrorist hubs for RSS and other Anti western elements inside India..

USA is doing worse thing by letting RSS to open its Ashrams and other subsidaries and to allow american white women seek refuge in it.

most Ashrams are filled with sex starved , Sado masochistic God men,who have openly advocated sex with animals and dogs in their home land

Any Hindu God men who is masquerading in USA must be deported or USA will suffer huge losses which even Include emotional Black mail of White women

INDIANS will basically target white young girls as ---Sex starved Indian can't control his lust when he sees a White Women..

Indians are known as sexual predators and they need to vaccinated to save the planet from Imminent danger  

no site

United States Drifter
September 6. 2011 13:38

'Best and Brightest'? 'Highly Skilled'? LOL!

Evangelize and bluster all you want but the facts are undeniable: IIT is irrelevant and nearly worthless.

Indian Universities Flunk Global Rankings
The 2011 QS World University Rankings ranks the University of Cambridge in first place, followed by Harvard, MIT and Yale. Just three Indian universities made it on the list of the world's top 300 universities: IIT-Delhi (218), IIT-Bombay (225), IIT-Madras (281)

No Indian university ranks in the top 200, according to the QS World University Rankings, which rates the University of Cambridge as the world's best institution.

Six of the top 10 universities in the world are in the US and four in the UK, according to the rankings. The lead rankings are dominated by the United States and the United Kingdom, with only Canada's McGill University and Switzerland's ETH Zurich breaking into the top 20 institutions.

Indian institutions perform poorly in the rankings, with only three making the top 300 institutions' list: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi at 218, IIT Bombay at 225 and IIT Madras at 281. The vaunted IITs are bested out by dozens of other Asian institutions, nine of which made it to the top 50: University of Hong Kong (22), University of Tokyo (25), National University of Singapore (28), Chinese University of Hong Kong (37), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (40), Seoul National University (42), Osaka University (45), Peking University (46), and Tsinghua University (47).

The QS World University Rankings are published by QS, a global career and education network. The rankings are drawn from academic reputation surveys of 33,000 academics and 16,000 employers worldwide; citations per faculty, student faculty ratio and proportion of international students and faculty.

No Indian institution made the 2010 Times Higher Education rankings last year, which included 27 Asian universities from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Turkey, as well as two from Africa: University of Cape Town in South Africa and Alexandria University in Egypt. The Times' 2011 list is scheduled to be released on Oct. 2.

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Sri Lanka Slumdoggie
September 7. 2011 15:50

Tunnel Rat = Bhenchod + Maderchod

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United States Your Indian Friend
September 7. 2011 18:08
Your Indian Friend

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United States americandad
September 7. 2011 19:53

Did you check the latest bombing incident in Delhi, why is it wrong if people from a nation like that migrate to a secure place like USA in search of their livelihood, I see nothing wrong in that, think about it from a humanitarian perspective folks.

Proud American.

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United States L. Trotsky
September 7. 2011 22:35
L. Trotsky

I just saw a 1998 slumdog movie called "Earth" which is about how the various curry eaters there coexisted before independence in 1947. I strongly urge every non-slumdog HR person and interviewer to look at this film before thinking of hiring ANY slumdog into their company!


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Canada ezygoer
September 7. 2011 23:03

.. James
"Free trade" essentially means breaking down all barriers to protect the productive countries and looting them to give what they worked for away to lazy 3rd worlders who have never lifted a finger to work in their lives.

By Greedy Capitalists from the First World to destroy the local workforce and unions to maximize tax free profits(offshore). Only S&P firms making money are those operating overseas. Labor arbitrage is at the heart of Free Trade i.e use of cheap labor worldwide by Corporate America. In tech the party seems to be in  India !!

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United States James
September 8. 2011 02:57


"Did you check the latest bombing incident in Delhi, why is it wrong if people from a nation like that migrate to a secure place like USA in search of their livelihood, I see nothing wrong in that, think about it from a humanitarian perspective folks."

Civilization cannot afford to support India. If we give away the developed world to India, civilization wil disappear from the globe and we will have chaos. Think about that from a "humanitarian perspective".

And we know you are Indian - NO American ever says "Proud American" - only an Indian who all say "Proud Indian" would say something like that. More fraud and deceit as usual.

Now go home and build some toilets. America cannot afford you being here living off us like a parasite any longer.

no site

United States joshua
September 8. 2011 07:05

does anybody know how the labor day rally went?

I didn't find much in the news on the results,
was there a good-size turnout?

wondered if the H-1b issue even got any attention over the free-trade issue


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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