tunnel rat posted on July 30, 2011 11:41

This is just the beginning as Operation Uganda II ramps up:

ICE Investigating VA School's Visa Program

Dozens of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided offices at the University of Northern Virginia's Annandale campus Thursday.

The University of Northern Virginia is an unaccredited, for-profit private university that calls itself the most popular American university for students from India. Thousands of students are registered at three locations in northern Virginia.

Agents removed boxes of documents from a building on Little River Turnpike where the university leases two suites.

The university temporarily can't accept any foreign students, reads a notice posted on the door of the offices. UNVA students must leave the country immediately if they are unable “to continue to attend classes and maintain their active status in a manner required by federal government regulations,” the notice reads.

“Today, officials from ICE’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) served University of Northern Virginia officials with a Notice of Intent to Withdraw (NOIW) UNVA’s authorization to admit foreign students,” read a statement released by ICE spokeswoman Cori W. Bassett.

The school was told it can no longer participate in that program, but no specific reason was disclosed.

The school's chancellor provided a few clues Friday.

"The warrant included many items such as computer hardware equipment and paper documentation, which were all subsequently taken into government control," Chancellor Dr. David Lee said. "We were told that they would be returned early next week after they're copied."

On Friday, university officials said they are cooperating and have nothing to hide, News4's Jane Watrel reported.

"We want to emphasize that UNVA is open for business, classes are being held as scheduled, and as long as students attend classes as required, they will continue to remain in status," Lee said.

The raid is big news in India, where most of the schools students come from, Watrel reported. An Indian advocacy group based in D.C. went to the campus to investigate.

"Students are scared," student advocate Satish Vemana said. "Not only students. There are at least a lot of parents back home. They're crying, they're calling us because they send those kids here for their dreams."

No charges have been filed nor people arrested but the school is being investigated to see whether it conforms to federal regulations for the administration of student visas. Those regulations were tightened after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Foreign-born students at the campus Thursday said they have attended classes in the building and earned degrees from the school. One said the school helps students get their student visas.

If the investigation discovers the school improperly handled student visas, the school could face severe penalties.

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United States anon
July 30. 2011 13:36

Tr,this is a time tested done for ages by indians to get into US,they come here for so called Higher studies,i.e student visa->work visa->permanent residency->citizenship,that said india send more students per year to usa than any country,and these guy's are all on one way ticket.

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United States James
July 30. 2011 17:16

"The school was told it can no longer participate in that program, but no specific reason was disclosed."

Um.... I know the reason - the Feds have figured out that the US economy is going broke because Indians are here ripping us off and not producing anything! That's why they're not allowed to participate. The US gov't is sending the not-so subtle message to India: game's up. No more cons. No more people coming here, cheating their way through school, taking jobs from Americans and then collapsing the economy. GAME OVER INDIA.

"Students are scared," student advocate Satish Vemana said. "Not only students. There are at least a lot of parents back home. They're crying, they're calling us because they send those kids here for their dreams."

Good, they should be scared because they probably know they have been involved in some form of crimes or other somewhere along the way. Their kids came here for their "dreams" but what about US citizens who are no longer able to even work in their OWN COUNTRY because these anti-western slumdogs come here, go to school then get into US jobs AND DELIBERATELY DENY JOBS TO AMERICANS?

You can't have it both ways, India. You can come here and behave like that attempt a takeover of the US through stealth and then not have any repercussions. So GO AHEAD AND CRY. No one cares. You didn't seem to concerned about Americans over the past 13 years that you have been raping the hell out of the US economy so now it's come back to bite you in the ass.


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United States a
July 31. 2011 00:16

Indian on undeserved hubris:

A number of Chinese posters have written about how the Chinese are low key and just go about doing their work, while Indians just brag arrogantly. I’m of Indian descent and have worked with both Chinese and Indian companies. Sadly, I have to agree with the Chinese posters. I have dealt with mom & pop small Indian consulting firms and I have dealt with large companies like TCS, Infosys and HCL. I can tell you without a doubt that Indian companies are bragging more than they should. To hear them talk now, one gets the feeling that it was due to their brilliance and strategic thinking that they got to this place in outsourcing. How quickly they have forgotten that the only reason they got their foot in the door was because they were brought in as low cost labour to fix the Y2K coding. The fact is that coding produced by most Indian companies is not worth a whole lot. The pricing advantage is a myth, especially in relation to the cost. Let me quote a simple example. To get a relatively straightforward website with Content Management System incorporated, I contacted a number of Indian and Malaysian based development firms. On average, I found that many of the Indian companies were not even aware of what a CMS was, much less about using OPensource CMS products like Joomla and Mambo. Furthermore, to do the same scope of work, Indian companies on average were 3-4 times the cost of the Malaysian companies. India has a chance to do something good in the IT space. HOwever, the head honchos of the major firms are all infatuated with technical people running everything from sales to accounting. If they would get their heads out of the sand and entrust the sales process to professional salespeople, like they do in the U.S. or other Western countries, Indian companies would be truly formidable. However, as long as they continue to rely on engineers to do their selling, they will not succeed to the level they can and they WILL be overtaken by the Chinese at some point. The one thing people don’t understand about the Chinese is that they work under the radar. They are actively working towards beating India, not just for strategic competitive purposes, but also for the sake of improving their base. Towards that, the Chinese government will provide the necessary strategic support, e.g. the ability to import the tools necessary to get the job done faster, to learn better, etc. In India, we have a bunch of thieving government bureaucrats who are not worth as much as toilet paper. THey sit and make up rules to stifle growth. They don’t allow anyone to import things freely that will help the IT industry or any industry for that matter grow. Just look at the pathethic quality of Indian manufactured goods. You can couple that with the Indian lack of creativity and you have a recipe for disaster. I for one predict that the Indian edge in the IT outsourcing industry will be lost within the next two decades. Having dealt with IT firms from the U.S. to Malaysia, Hong Kong and India, I can emphatically state that every other Asian country nipping on India’s heels will make tremendous inroads into the Indian book of business. It will not be just because they can code better, it will mainly be because of the Indian arrogance and hubris over their percieved superiority. My advice to all Indians on this blog and all Indian companies, Get off your high horse and get innovative. Get real good trained sales people to do your selling. If necessary, pay the money necessary and get good American salespeople. Provide for better education and foster better creativity. Finally, learn best practices in coding, as opposed to simply relying on the crutch of CMM certification. I have heard that CMM story in many presentations and we used to laugh about it. It was the typical technical engineer turned salesperson thing to do. Talk about meaningless CMM certification to business people who were more interested in solving a business pain, rather than hear about technical certification mumbo jumbo. Wake up India, and get moving on these things, because before you know it, the Chinese will beaten the crap out of us.


Canada ezygoer
July 31. 2011 00:49

Virginia is the new N.J .. Indian invasion and a lot of H1-B's. Lot's of Indian housewives are in the software industry there also which used to puzzle me .. as this proves that any monkey can do IT, not only these so called "talent" from the third world !!

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July 31. 2011 04:27

I would blame Indian government & Indian policy makers. For decades education has been grossly neglected in India. Reservations , capitation fees which is nothing but extortion of whopping amounts of money & lack of opportunities , quality education have made many Indians  seek greener pastures in America , Australia etc.

Politics , cricket & plagiarised movies form the staple of many Indians thus leading to intellectual bankruptcy. Faced with identity crisis many turn to several Indian charlatans called godmen/godwomen who are full of feel good stories from India's past.

Thank God for Internet ,  which is a good purveyor of knowledge. Earlier with total government control of media & its leftist ideologies a lot of Indians knew nothing much about America save anti Western biases.

Most of Indian filmstars steal the lines & thoughts of Hollywood filmstars , their accents , stories even style of acting. In Kolkata ( Calcutta) in the early seventies while watching 'Mackenna's Gold' someone remarked :-

" Look at Gregory Peck.....he is copying our Dev Anand..."

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India H1b_King
July 31. 2011 15:27

Silence, Rat! West Virginia North University is honorable institution.  Once new bribed congress passes bill to do the staple of green card on all India degree we should have even more numbers.  Then H1b king make the rules and rat goes back to the tunnel.

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Canada ezy
August 1. 2011 12:11

India Inc seems to be determined to put the rat back in the tunnel .. may just about succeed depending upon the help received from Corp. Amerika !!

Anyways till then the labor arbitrage game goes on !!

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United States Poonibaba
August 1. 2011 17:46


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United States James
August 2. 2011 00:55

Indians are delusional. DELUSIONAL. These people cannot even run a sporting even or master indoor plumbing, let alone build enough toilets. And we need them to keep our economy going? We've been hearing that for the past 13 years and all they have done is DESTROYED the US economy.

Now that the jig is up in the USA, they are getting ready to rob Japan:


Mark my words - in a few years you will see the Japanese economy collpase and the Japanese will be rioting over what India will do to their country.

Just wait and see if I am right - these people are all con artists, and India, Inc. is the most massive con in the history of the world! A nation of locusts and parasites!

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United States Indian_tatti
August 2. 2011 10:44


You are rite!!!

But this virus is linked to only HINDUS in Indian not to others.

Basically these bull shit Hindu High Caste infiltrates the business and political lobby and destroy it from with in.

I have these madarchods...

These madarchods can't even win a war with Pakistan if fight alone.

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United States Your Indian Friend
August 3. 2011 02:14
Your Indian Friend

no site

August 3. 2011 03:08

I don't understand how foreigners can "take away" US jobs. There are no jobs left in the US so the question of "taking away" never arises. America is a dying country. This is the reason why I carry citizenships with me.


United States Tunnel Cat
August 4. 2011 12:03
Tunnel Cat

These institutions are operated by Americans, greedy for making a fast buck. Clean up yurself  before you attempt to extend your hand to clean other's rear end.

"The US government does not have a central ministry of education that provides national control over US educational institutions. Each state regulates education to some extent, but universities have considerable independence. Accreditation, a system in which institutions voluntarily agree to be evaluated by their peers, ensures that these institutions achieve basic levels of quality in their programmes, facilities, and services."

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United States Tunnel Cat
August 4. 2011 23:50
Tunnel Cat

Most goras don't even finish high school. Most lack education and yet blame international students for the mess.

The government needs to regulate all educational institutions. Instead they created numerous agencies and in turn these agencies don't share information and finally we have institutions such as TVU and UNV.

Americans are happy to drill holes in other's backyard but will never do it on their own.

no site

United States Bob
August 8. 2011 08:53

How did an insurance provider hire Infosys?  

Here's the bigger question; is their stock a scam and this a way to make things look good on paper for investors?  

"Oh you Gora just full of !!@$!#", no seriously, ask yourself that question.

US's credit rating was just downgraded by S&P; either congress cuts it's budget 45% and begins paying off it's debt which results in a 10-20% contraction in GDP due to the cut in spending and it's affects.  The other option: borrowing costs skyrocket over the next few years and the market cuts them off.  That's cold hard mathematical fact; and one you can prove for yourself with an hour or so in excel or 10 minutes on google.

There's two possibilities when this happens.

A:  America turns into a totalitarian dictatorship complete with a 2nd civil war.  Either or, Foreigners from foreign countries will NOT be looked upon favorably by the new administration as they will be a security threat and will probably be deported en masse.

B:  America wakes up and it's people decide to change some things, one of which will be immigration and the kinds of stock scams The Phoenix can run.  There will be lots of people who are no longer collecting welfare and food stamps, who will be hungry, who are not going to accept the term "global competition" and if they have it shoved down their throats, will react unfavorably to say the least (See 2nd Amendment).

Take your pick.

Either or, the fuse to the bomb you've participated in making has been lit.  When it goes off, it will hit you just like it will hit us.

GL/HF w/ that.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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