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United States Indian_tatti
July 26. 2011 12:22

Pray that Infosys gets banned.

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United States James
July 26. 2011 16:45

Man oh, man, India, Inc. is really in trouble now. The MASSIVE, country-wide fraud and RICO organized crime syndicates called India Inc. are finally being exposed. Make no mistake - InfoSys people will go to jail over this. It's about time. America doesn't need any more of this fraud that is destroying our economy.

"Americans are being displaced and foreigners are working full time jobs in the U.S. without paying income taxes."

For every one of you Indians who has said "We work here, pay taxes, and pay social security, so why all the trouble", YOU HAVE NOW BEEN EXPOSED AS THE RAMPANT FRAUDS THAT YOU ARE.

This is why the US gov't is going broke - replace millions of taxpaying America workers with millions of non-taxpaying workers from India and you go from a massive tax surplus to default. Get it America?!

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United States Indian_shit
July 26. 2011 19:32


Now Infosys have pants down and panties up...

Watch at POE now.

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United States cd
July 26. 2011 20:53

Senator Schummer railroaded the senate hearing.  I hope Palmer's testimony helps our clause.

What's happening to our government a congressman representing illegals ~

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United States cd
July 26. 2011 22:45

From Senator Grassley, a rare senator that cares about Americans​arings/testimony.cfm?id=3d9031​b47812de2592c3baeba62beeb0&wit​_id=3d9031b47812de2592c3baeba6​2beeb0-0-2

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Canada ezygoer
July 27. 2011 01:12

So after a decade of labor arbitrage finally an American has his day .. but lets see how Corporate America counters this .. hope it will not be the usual Globalization and the lack of talent theme based excuses to displace American labor !!  

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July 27. 2011 05:29
Objectified Software Canada

Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things Smile

July 27. 2011 05:30

Thank God the overhyped Infosys & its swollen headed Indian employees stand exposed. Also glad that America does not fall for the often repeated " great Indian talent , greatness of Indian culture " yadayada.

Make them pay not just the bonus but also adequate financial compensation for all harassment resorted to. Within India also these Indian engineers & Indian doctors for decades have been throwing their weight around demanding  hefty dowries in the marriage market.

One such Indian engineer currently working in America did not even say " I want to marry a woman ". Instead he told his parents " I want to marry an engineer , hence place an appropriate ad in the matrimonial column ".

These Indians are like that . Period. Will never change.

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United States Drifter
July 27. 2011 10:40

Wow, that's pretty damning testimony. Contracts are already starting to be cancelled and it going to gather momentum. Infoscam is finally going down and they will bring the rest of the indian temp worker industry with them. It's going to be a trainwreck LOL!!

'it's just the way we do business'... indeed it is.

Narayana Murthy Centre of Excellence course offerings 2011/2012:

US Visa regulations 101: Know the loopholes
Bribery and circumvention 102: Getting around pesky laws and regulations
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Onboarding 212: Ensuring American workers are invalidated and excluded

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United States a
July 27. 2011 19:11

our consulting company was invited by a Fortune 100 company along with three other vendors.  One of the vendors was a company called "Infocys".  The client spent 1 day with each of the four vendors.  We ended up winning the contract.  

A few months late the client management told us of the four, "Infocys" was dead last.  I asked why?  
Here is her paraphrased response:

"Their presentation was an awkward, uncomfortable experience.  They never once discussed a single thing about our business, challenges etc.  Their presentation looked like a copy and paste job.  The speaker did not understand  the material he was presenting.  In fact, their presentation looked like a carbon copy of one of the other vendors (American firm).  They looked at each other to see if what they were saying was correct.  They seemed to have memorized iines for any questions we asked.  They were cheaper but we felt they would end up costing more."

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United States h1bsareuptonogood
July 28. 2011 06:28

"They were cheaper but we felt they would end up costing more."" Truedat!

The executives at the company that awarded your company the contract are honest people ;)

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United States Heartlander
July 28. 2011 10:50

Schumer tried to railroad the hearing, but Grassley's office put the word out, and that is the ONLY reason that ANY friends of the American worker were able to give testimony. Bravo Sen. Grassley!

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Canada ezygoer
July 29. 2011 01:24

Another form of labor arbitrage .. from Corp. America

GE said Monday it is moving its X-ray global headquarters from the United States to Beijing as it seeks to tap China and other emerging markets .. incl. managers !!

Wonder if the folks involved were told China or else..(99 weeks of unemp. checks)

The lengths Corp. America will go to make a buck .. so this business or what's left of it goes out of American hands to the Chinese. Displaced American workers now cant even make astronauts since the space shuttle program has been killed as W used to say that American workers have to retrain in areas where they cannot be affected by outsourcing !!

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United States James
July 29. 2011 19:06

Indians are the biggest racists on the planet. They only hire other Indians. They are in America now deliberately keeping US citizens out of jobs in their own country! And our gov't does not care!

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United States Your Indian Friend
July 30. 2011 06:19
Your Indian Friend

Another scam from the scam-meisters.

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United States Tunnel Cat
August 5. 2011 00:04
Tunnel Cat

Scams!!! WTF... There are equal number of scams by US corporations... Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Computer Associates etc etc etc etc

Jobs exported!!! Blame the "lear jet" CEOs who decided to put their own interest first before the company's or the employees.
End of the day they decide how to cut expenses and at whose cost. So the fault is entirely yurs!!!!

Clean up yur act u dumb  morons. If not, just join the winning team.

As for tunnel rat, the guy cannot stay in one job cause he is full of himself. Am sure he got his ass kicked hard by a desi that's why he is acting like a rabid dog. Pity his wife!!!

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