This can't be good for notorious slumdog slave traders Infosys.  The New York Times reports that there are even more whistleblowers are coming forward:

Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas

A giant Indian outsourcing company with thousands of employees in the United States is facing an expanding federal investigation prompted by claims from an American whistle-blower that it misused short-term visitors’ visas to bring in low-cost workers from India.

Accusations that the company, Infosys Technologies, repeatedly violated the terms of business visitor visas were first raised in a lawsuit filed in February in Alabama by Jack Palmer, an Infosys project manager. Aside from Mr. Palmer, at least two other Infosys managers in the United States have submitted internal whistle-blower reports pointing to Indians on business visitor visas who were performing longer-term work not authorized under those visas, according to internal documents and current Infosys managers.

In May, Infosys acknowledged that it had received a subpoena from a federal grand jury in Texas seeking information about the company’s use of the visitor documents, known as B-1 visas, which are easier to obtain. This month, N. R. Narayana Murthy, an Infosys founder, expressed his concern about that investigation at a board meeting in Bangalore, India, in his final address before he retired as company chairman.

“As I leave the board, I feel sad” about the subpoena, he said. “The issue will be decided on its merits in due course,” said Mr. Murthy, who is something of a legend in global business for building the company over three decades from a $250 investment into an outsourcing powerhouse with $6 billion in revenues.

In papers filed in Mr. Palmer’s lawsuit, Infosys denied all his accusations and asked a federal judge to remove the dispute from court and send it to arbitration. In a statement, Infosys said it was committed to “absolute compliance” with American visa requirements and had undertaken an internal review of its practices.

“Infosys is a large and rapidly growing company,” the statement said. “We have made changes over time to certain of our policies relating to the business visa program and we may continue to make improvements in those policies and controls.”

The Infosys inquiry coincides with a broader attack in Congress on longer-term visas, known as H-1B, that Infosys and other Indian companies rely on to bring Indian technology workers to the United States. With unemployment for Americans stubbornly high, lawmakers have become increasingly reluctant to defend H-1B visas, which give temporary residence to highly skilled foreigners. In recent years, the top companies receiving those visas were not American names, but Infosys and another big Indian outsourcing company, Wipro.

Last week, Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, the senior Democrat on the immigration subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced a bill that would increase the wages employers would have to pay H-1B workers, in an effort to ensure they do not undercut Americans. The measure is specifically aimed at Indian outsourcing companies. Last year, Congress added an extra $2,000 to the fee for H-1B visas, in another move aimed at the Indian companies.

Yet the criminal investigation is perhaps the most worrisome development for Infosys, which enjoys a reputation as one of India’s best-run and most respected companies. The events began with Mr. Palmer, 43, a project manager from Alabama who was hired by the company in 2008. In a sworn affidavit he submitted to the federal court, Mr. Palmer said his differences with Infosys management began after he was summoned to a meeting in Bangalore in March 2010. Top executives, he said, discussed ways to “creatively” get around H-1B visa limitations “to fulfill the high demand for its customers at lower cost.”

In general, B-1 visas are granted to business visitors coming to the United States for short stays to attend meetings, conferences or training sessions, or to install specialized equipment. Visitors may not be employed for contract work like H-1B workers, nor can they be paid salaries in this country. There is no annual limit on business visitor visas, whereas H-1B visas are restricted to 85,000 a year.

Mr. Palmer said his supervisors asked him to write letters inviting workers to come from India for sales and training meetings, letters he believed were false. “I refused to write the letters,” he said.

After word got out of his refusal, Mr. Palmer said, he was chastised by his managers and began to receive threats by e-mail and telephone. In October, Infosys has confirmed, Mr. Palmer filed a whistle-blower report about B-1 visa holders from India assigned to projects he or others managed. His report said the B-1 visa holders were doing the same tasks as workers on H-1B visas, including writing and testing software code. Mr. Palmer said he personally knew of at least 60 Indian workers doing contract work on B-1 visas.

Mr. Palmer still works at Infosys. He feels isolated and besieged within the company, according to Kenneth Mendelsohn, his lawyer in Montgomery, who has instructed him not to speak publicly about his experience.

“I’m protecting him as best I can so Infosys doesn’t fire him,” Mr. Mendelsohn said. But Mr. Mendelsohn provided documents and e-mails that he said Mr. Palmer has shared with investigators from the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department.

In one e-mail, another Infosys manager confirmed to Mr. Palmer that three Indians on B-1 visas were “working on client sites” on a contract with Baker Hughes, an oil services company in Houston.

In an e-mail exchange with Jeffrey Friedel, a top lawyer for Infosys, Mr. Palmer described the work assigned to one B-1 visa holder on a project for Heidrick & Struggles, an executive search company in Chicago. “His project task consists of reviewing designs and then to physically create and write test scripts,” Mr. Palmer wrote. “This process is repeated over many weeks.”

Referring to the same employee, another manager wrote that he was “working on a B-1 visa” and cautioned his colleagues not to include the man’s name in any contracts. “We can’t put name on B-1 people for contract,” the manager wrote.

In an e-mail in December, Mr. Friedel assured Mr. Palmer that the issues he had raised “have made it clear to management that certain changes need to be made to our systems.” Mr. Friedel enumerated seven steps the company would take to prevent misuse of visitor visas.

But only this month, another Infosys manager became alarmed after discovering by chance that B-1 workers were among the team members on a project under the manager’s supervision. “There was no significant difference between the B-1 and the H-1B employees in the type of work they did,” the manager, who was granted anonymity out of fears of retaliation by the company, said in an interview.

At least one of Infosys’ major clients, Wal-Mart, has been contacted by investigators about its contracts with Infosys. Greg Rossiter, a Wal-Mart spokesman, declined to comment. There has been no suggestion of wrongdoing by any Infosys client mentioned in the visa investigations.

A State Department official in India said Infosys and other Indian companies had made use in recent years of an exception in the complex visa guidelines that allows them to send workers to the United States on B-1 visas for up to six months for certain short-term projects that might otherwise have required an H-1B visa. Since last year, the State Department has clamped down on the use of that exception and is considering whether to eliminate it, the official and several outsourcing executives in India said.

Mr. Palmer, who is known as Jay, filed his lawsuit claiming that Infosys had failed to protect him from threats from within the company he received after submitting his whistle-blower report, and had unfairly withheld more than $100,000 in bonuses he was owed. Described by his lawyer, Mr. Mendelsohn, as “on an emotional roller coaster,” Mr. Palmer has reported receiving a new death threat against himself and his family as recently as April.

While denying Mr. Palmer’s claims, Infosys has noted that Indian employees with business visitor visas are a small part — less than 2 percent — of its teams in the United States. The company reports a total of 15,500 employees in this country, including 10,100 on H-1B visas. North American clients account for 65 percent of the company’s revenue.

At least one top Indian executive overseeing United States immigration procedures has resigned from the company, Infosys said.

But Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee who closely monitors United States visa programs, said he remained skeptical of Infosys’s intentions.

“It appears the B-1 visa program has become a subterfuge for companies wanting to avoid the cap and wage requirements of the H-1B visa,” Mr. Grassley said.

Comments (26) -

United States James
June 26. 2011 22:52

Believe me, as someone who lived and worked in softwre in Silicon Valley for 16 years, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Fraud and India, Inc. cons are RAMPANT in the tech world. Why, just last week I had my resume stolen twice by 2 slumdog shops.

The lastest Indiot scam is for the slumdog shops to hire a few American recruiters to make initial contact and get the resumes of Americans. Once they have the resumes, the (usually) Indian HR manager or another Indiot recruiter will TAKE THE RESUME AND SLAP AN INDIAN'S NAME ON IT AND SEND THEM IN FOR THE JOB. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS WITH INDIAN OUTSOURCERS! Their people are so low-skilled and incompetent the only way they can get a job is to use the resumes of Americans who invented IT!

So why did they have to hire an American to make initial contact?




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Canada ezygoer
June 26. 2011 23:16

Infosys is an outsourcing firm out of a third world country whose per capita income is around $1200 which means it will pay it's employees considerably less than the prevailing wages in the countries it operates and does business. This is legalized by means of "Free Trade" laws signed by the very countries that allow this to happen. So whether a B2 visa or an H1 was used or abused should not be the point of legal argument. What are Infosys employees being payed in the US and their origins - US wages for Americans or Indian wages for their imports should be the issue and why are these jobs not being created/given to Americans should be debated and the lies of free trade be exposed - that it's only a labor arbitrage game where outsourcing firms from thirld world countries and corporate Amerika are in bed together to the detriment of the local workforce - whether is this illegal should be the expanded focus of this case.

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United States James
June 27. 2011 00:31

You're damn right it's illegal. Note the last paragraph of Title 8, Section 1182 of US immigration law:

TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER II > Part II > § 1182
§ 1182. Inadmissible aliens

(a) Classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission
Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States: 


(D) Immigrant membership in totalitarian party
(i) In general Any immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist or any other totalitarian party (or subdivision or affiliate thereof), domestic or foreign, is inadmissible. 


(5) Labor certification and qualifications for certain immigrants
Innocent Labor certification
(i) In general Any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that—
(I) there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified (or equally qualified in the case of an alien described in clause (ii)) and available at the time of application for a visa and admission to the United States and at the place where the alien is to perform such skilled or unskilled labor, and
(II) *** the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed. ***

no site

June 27. 2011 03:42

Indians and fraudulent acts are inseparable.

There is one Ramani living in the apartment where I live. Works in Kuwait Petroleum Company KPC or KOC I am not sure. His wife Uma haughtily trumpets her husband a chemical engineer from IIT is also a gold medal winner from Indian ex President.Have a grown up daughter and a son. Are extremely supercilious about their alleged brahmin caste superiority.

They enjoy sumptuous perks in the form of free house rent , free furnishings , waiving of excess baggage while flying , free education for children , free owning of expensive four wheel drives etc. Have amassed whopping quantities of gold , diamond & precious stones stashed away safely in India and in Kuwait also. Have salted away a lot of dollars in overseas accounts including America. Do stock market trading , selling etc to satiate their insatiable avarice for money. Own farmlands in India. Hence bring in everything from rice , lentils , tamarind, cooking oil etc for FREE. Health care being free for them procure lots of vitamins ,fish oil capsules to take care of Omega-3 requirements. Have plasma tv in addition to normal tv sets in various rooms. Shopping done at IKEA. Proudly displays trophies won by their children at quiz contests dealing with what else but mythologies in Hinduism ;-((

Now comes their thievery.

As soon as they moved in here , Uma bribed the Egyptian watchman to bring all the potted plants & empty pots that belong to the Kuwaiti Landlord of this apartment. He lives elsewhere. But kept them here for green ambience.

Why could they not buy from Nurseries  ? Why does she goad her maid to uproot fledgelings from a park nearby repotting them in those stolen pots ? Most of the people living here are Indians who are never going to question such thievery leave alone expose them alerting the Kuwaiti landlord.

A lot of Indian expats have gold plated faucets in their washrooms in their apartments in India. And tirelessly keep screaming we Indians belong to the greatest civilization yadayada.

no site

June 27. 2011 03:51

ezygoer ,

It would be more appropriate to say the disparity between the haves and havenots in India is puzzling. Betrays shoddy governance , mismanagement , corruption and most importantly lack of punishment. In America , China and Japan the wrongdoers cannot escape scrutiny & punishment.

There is this Indian  cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who spent crores on just embellishing his opulent house in Mumbai (Bombay). Yet has taken a loan from a nationalised bank to buy an apartment for his son.

Nobody is going to question him as cricketers are apotheosized in India.  

no site

United States cd
June 27. 2011 12:31

another insurgent blog

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United States a
June 27. 2011 19:39

Kuwaiti, do you know Indians hate muslims more than anything else (more than deodorant even) so why are 5 million in gulf countries?

no site

United States er
June 27. 2011 23:33

no site

Canada ezygoer
June 27. 2011 23:47

Dont really care about Indians or what they stand for - just that they cannot be avoided in IT and have to deal with them for work related reasons. Having worked with outsourcers based in Manila, Costa Rica, Poland etc besides India what I am pissed off about is what James highlighted ..

II) *** the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed. ***

or the fact that American firms like IBM have adopted the same business model with 80K+ headcounts overseas

This is a sellout of the working class in N.America done by N.American firms as enablers enacting unfair trade and visa laws under the guise of free trade and globalization.

IT in N.America was built before mass migration from the third world in the 90's - today third world grunts keep it running in the most inefficient manner but their low costs of operation at very low quality fattens the balance sheets of Corporate Amerika and is tax free to boot - and at the direct expense of N.American jobs.  

no site

June 28. 2011 01:36

" why are 5 million in gulf countries?

@a, very pertinent question.

I am an Indian housewife (hindu) who came to Kuwait towards the end of 1992. Yes, I am aware of the deeply entrenched hindu muslim hostilities. Speaking for myself , it is my own hindu relatives belonging to the extended family that have terrorised me ruining my life in all ways possible.

Newspapers as is their wont scream, badmouthing Islam and muslims.Ever since I turned the searchlight on my life I gained clarity of thought. I feel so alienated everytime I visit India. Pining to return to Kuwait. Law & order , infrastructure , governance- Kuwait is flawless. God Bless Kuwait & Arabs !!

In India my time & energies were wasted chasing water , electricity & Peace all of which proved chimerical, touch- me- not luxuries. Thanks to Kuwait, with money earned I could buy Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's Writinga , Upanishads etc. That lucidly bring out the oneness in all beings. Am also grateful to have come across certain plucky Americans' blogs (including Tunnel Rat) that busted away a lot of plaque in my brain.

Obviously the fault must lie with Indians , Indian establishment & governance.
As Indians in Kuwait also bribe unabashedly.A lot of them carry forged certificates. It is time Indians stop basking in the reflected glory of Vedic heritage unmerited & unearned.  

no site

United States James
June 28. 2011 16:37

McKinsey? Wait.... aren't they the consultancy who is telling all their clients to offshore jobs to India? Oh, I get it - take over American institutions and use them to hype and promote India's agenda.

no site

United States a
June 29. 2011 01:08

I have two friends who ended up working at an Indian company in Florida.  They had hired people in america but never promoted them.  There was a IT Director position that was needed so the boss calls up a friend from slumpur who supposedly had some PhD in Physics but knew nothing about IT.

My male friend (a recent immigrant from west africa) said the code was complete shit.  He said he improved code by reducing the number of lines by 75% without losing any functionality.  They all pretended to be unimpressed but would make inquiries about his 'novel' approach to programming.  The indian programmer would always say... "the code is long because he was in a hurry".

My white female friend said she could not wait to get out of there.  She spent most of the time giving English lessons and avoiding uncomfortable stares and getting 1% raises.

They are both out of there and living better lives.

June 30. 2011 01:34

Narayana Murthy & his Infosys have long been accused of landgrabbing in Bangalore with their clout. As everyone knows laws exist only in paper within India. Right from top level transgression of laws & rules take place with impunity as long as one has the right connections with the right people.

Do not underestimate death threats from Indians. Life is very cheap among Indians as there are too many Indians. They don't care as people's minds get successfully inebriated with a heavy dose of cricket. Indians became extremely swollen headed when Bill Gates on his visit to Hyderabad is alleged to have praised Indians' IT skills.

Narayana Murthy escaped unscathed as he was supposed to be generating huge profits & employment for many Indians. His wife pitched in with mandatory  "charities" like "taking care of street children" & writing some wow artcles in certain magazines. Indians being surface grazers incapable of profound ruminations were adequately mollified.

To prevent things from hurtling towards irreparable chaos , I strongly feel Americans should be very firm & uncompromising. Not just in IT but in various fields of education & professions the standards have long eroded in India. Indian media is run by corrupt Indian corporates which will never write the unvarnished truth.

On closer investigation you would find most of these Indians particularly in IT professions are in cahoots with Indian charlatans i.e., 'Godmen/Godwomen'. The  mix of religious fanaticism & nationalism among Indians has invariably proved to be nothing but toxic. Trust Indian accountants to fudge the accounts craftily so that these fraudulent godmen escape with their manufactured halo intact.  

no site

June 30. 2011 01:47

The entire world saw the massive scale of embezzlement and corruption of Indians that adamantinely hosted commonwealth games. A few "arrests" followed but most of the important evidence went " missing ". Welcome to real India.

So what if people in high places are sent to prisons in India? They make merry by playing cricket matches within prisons. Some poor urchins stealing bread or watch  receive third degree treatment. The rich thieves become 'elected leaders'.

Now Indian professionals are desperately trying to stay afloat by wooing China citing " great employment opportunities in China....". Soon after tsunami in Japan Wipro's Azim Premji wooed Japan by asking his people "to stay in Japan & help them".

If India is THAT great why are Indians so scared of living in India or returning to India ??  

no site

June 30. 2011 02:31

Indians a vast majority of them including those luxuriating in America as citizens of your country  never truly like America. Have never liked America and Americans. They don't like China also.Add Pakistan also to that list.

Many of the allegedly hiiigghhly qualified Indians including the clout wielding ones invited to give lectures in Berkley University etc have long propagated this ludicrous theory that (sic) " America wantonly foments trouble , wars in the rest of the world so that they can sell arms , make profits & survive..". Indians by and large really BELIEVE in such preposterous claims.

Americans cannot punish such people as they can escape citing " freedom of speech" granted by American Constitution. When kicked out are going to whine  "racism". Either way Indian sycophants are going to doff their hats & humour such " erudite" Indian micromanagers of opinions.

When I pointed this out in one such Indian's blog he deleted all my comments. So much for his respect for freedom of speech. Not a single person objected as he is "professionally qualified " & an " economist " . Whereas I am just a housewife sans professional qualifications.

All that these Indian bloggers do is rehash , recycle & plagiarise what Americans , Australians or British write as their own. What an American conveys in a few trenchant self styled words with dollops of  scintillating wit , these Indians brazenly steal & reproduce in their laboured prolix style throwing in trendy words & phrases like   "that is cool/ dude / apeshit / hat tip to.../ go figure".

The contemporary despicably abhorrent Indian has nothing creative or original to contribute.      

no site

June 30. 2011 02:54

When certain ex devotees relentlessly wrote the facts about charlatan criminal godman Nithyananda ( Lifebliss Foundation) in their blogs the Federal Authorities in America cracked down on him.

YET , he is doing very well for himself in India as he & his sycophants brushed aside everything as (sic) " Christian conspiracy ". One Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation New Jersey who has written books & research papers perennially finding fault with Americans , British etc ( Breaking India , Invasion of Sacred etc) flew from America to defend Nithyananda calling his sexual misdemeanours caught in camera as " video fauxtography ". He was grinning sheepishly when Nithyananda himself admitted to taking the actress to bed brazenly claiming " I have done nothing wrong...I did what everyone do...".

A lot of hindus are going to rally behind & promote more such charlatans as long as they psittacinely repeat " Christian conspiracy....hinduism is in danger...".

Even today many hindus outrageously claim Rajneesh was asked to leave America owing to "Christian conspiracy". Thus conveniently eclipsing vital facts about megalomaniac Rajneesh plotting to poison river & embezzlement of money.

Whatever name one might give to God , whatever be the religions invented , the simple basic truth is Truth is God. And inherently dishonest Indians fail so miserably here also.  

no site

June 30. 2011 05:21

Read the following report by one Vivek Wadhwa. How much of it is true I wonder.

Brain returns with brawn

no site

United States James
June 30. 2011 20:36

Vivek Fraudhwa is a paid NASSCOM shill. He went on Lou Dobbs and said there is no shortage. NASSCOM scamsters heard that and went apoplectic. So they co-opted him and paid him who-knows-how-much to go on ever TV and publicaiton in the USA saying how immigrant entrepreneurs help America.

Funny, but 13 years of importing MILLIONS of immigrant entrepreneurs has done nothing but devestate the US economy and shifted our wealth to India.

This conman needs to be deported because he is essentially now a foreign agent.

no site

United States anon
July 2. 2011 09:29

The fallout of this will be one thing for sure and that is they(infosys and like) will not hire american for a job which involves decision making like 'Jack Palmer',so that there are low if not zero chances of whistle blower's.

no site

July 2. 2011 09:37

'Artificial intelligence' by T.R.Jawahar.

Click on the link above & read it well. It accurately captures the rot in Indian education system. The certificates carried by many of them are not of much consequence and are thoroughly misleading.

Which could probably be the reason, as a nation, it overzealously promotes cricket & plagiarized movies to create an illusion of large amounts of money/GDP whatever.

no site

July 2. 2011 17:45

A large portion of GDP in India comes from the purchase of a large tracts of land by developers, and then subdividing them and selling them to individuals.
Most H1bs invest in the individual lots as a backup plan in case they have to move back to India.

no site

July 3. 2011 04:47

SomeH1Bsareuptonogood ,

You have a point.

More facts about that Vasudharini , a chartered accountant who now holds an influential post in Internal Revenues Department of Canada.

Her father called Nagarajan ( now dead from malignant malaria) purposely lived in a sparsely furnished house in Kolkata ( Calcutta) to con the income tax sleuths. BUT promoted many dubious financial chit fund companies , Teakwood Trees growing scheme etc in violation of guidelines of Reserve Bank of India. Many gullible people lost their precious savings. He had certain ULFA militants too to assist him.

He invested all that he looted in financing Kollywood movies , horse racing making billions. Much of thus illgotten wealth was LITERALLY stashed away in the form of hard currency , gold , precious stones in certain secret locations including safe deposit lockers in various banks. Would deposit some pittance as "donations" to Tirupathi Temple with a lot of fanfare. Indian idiots got adequately impressed calling him a very pious person.

All his loot were  gathered by his daughter Vasudharini , her brother called Sriram ( a chartered accountant living in America now did some management course in Rutgers University New )and her husband called Mohan another chartered accountant.

With the help of similar crooks present in plenty within India , purchased lots of land not only within India but also in Canada etc etc. Despite being CFOs while living in Kuwait & Dubai (UAE) they violated all laws with their tremendous 'vaastha' ( meaning clout/influence) bringing in lots & lots of XXXXX rated pornographic movies. Thus making additional easy income.

I overheard one Gururaj in Kuwait proudly trumpeting to others in a party:-

" Do you know Mohan & Vasudharini own the largest library of porn movies in this entire Kuwait...".

In Canada  they live in a dulpex apartment in a place called London with a built in hometheatre. Screening such movies for their social circle of friends thus assured of steady influx of more money. They carry themselves with horrendous hauteur conceitedly proclaiming " we are vegetarians , brahmins ".

A part of their loot went to Baba Ramdev's yoga camps as they wanted to lose fat by doing the asanas prescribed by him & taking ayurvedic elixirs sold by him for eternal youth , longevity blahblah.

It is the same Baba Ramdev who thumbs his nose at Indian Government talking big about blackmoney , accountability , punishment yadayada. Fasting also.

Let them fast. Most of these affluent crooks fast as they want to become slim. And stay slim with washboard midriff. It has nothing at all to do with austerity and Ethics. Ditto for most of these charlatan godmen/godwomen.

By cracking down ruthlessly hard on most of these Indian crooks spread all over this world , America can solve all problems including financial in one effortless stroke.


no site

July 4. 2011 02:06

Happy Independence Day !

no site

United States Arrow
July 4. 2011 15:22

Finally Some Good News : India is NO LONGER CHEAP
UK company reverts outsourced work from costly India - The Economic Times

Nasscom : What happened to Cheap Labor ? Did Real estate slobs in India get too greedy ? Good Lesson for all those soulless NASSCOM monsters.

no site

July 5. 2011 13:44

@Arrow ,

That is good news indeed ! In the same way I wish we Indians get ruled over by America-Britain-China & the Sword of Islam to enforce discipline and order.

We Indians have always been divided & bickering. Winston Churchill was keenly perceptive when he observed " governance flowing into the hands of power hungry rascals ".

When we are so eager to go West & there is a dire demand in India for quality leadership why hesitate to be governed by the very efficient no nonsense West ?

The vast majority of Indians would welcome America with open arms. Some xenophobic jingoistic Indians would protest which ought to be disregarded with disdain.

no site

July 6. 2011 04:07

During invasion of Kuwait by Iraq , many of the  Indian expats while leaving Kuwait for India carried gold in their undergarments , sewn to petticoats & even stuffed  in their genitals. This was proudly narrated after they returned to Kuwait. Including that Vasudharini who smuggled gold likewise. Indians value gold more than their lives or anything else for that matter.

While living in Kuwait, on their visits to India would sell gold purchased in Kuwait at inflated rates in India thus making plump profits. Gold sold in Gulf countries is very pure unlike India where it is heavily mixed with copper. And took back casio alarm clocks , two-in-one taperecorders of Sony/Panasonic & all such items gifted to certain relatives whining " we were thrown out by Iraqis invading...have nothing to survivve on ...hence taking back what we gave".

They all live as " respectable " Indians.

no site

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