tunnel rat posted on June 4, 2011 13:04

Back 2009, I reported on how a Desi bodyshop ripped off New York City to the tune of $15 million, and now there is news of yet another dry anal rape of NYC taxpayers at the hands of more slumdog slave traders:

June 1, 2011, 2:41 pm

Company Tied to Payroll Project Shuts Down

WAYNE, N.J. — A New Jersey technology company that had been a major contractor on the Bloomberg administration’s troubled CityTime payroll project abruptly halted operations and terminated its employees amid a widening city and federal investigation, according to a company memorandum sent out this week.

The top two executives of the company, TechnoDyne L.L.C., have returned to their native India, according to people familiar with the case who were not authorized to speak publicly because the investigation was continuing.

Whether the executives — Reddy and Padma Allen, American citizens who are husband and wife — will return is unclear. They are alluded to but not identified by name as co-conspirators in a federal complaint that was made public on Friday; neither they nor their company has been charged...

So these maderchads got busted, packed their shit and went back to that 3rd-world sewer called India?  WTF?  Why can't this happen to every slumdog slave trader?

But wait, it gets even more interesting...

...The company, which investigators said relied on Science Applications International for 80 percent of its revenue, pledged to cooperate with immigration lawyers to help workers who have H-1B visas or green cards. The company also said it would keep employees updated on compensation, health insurance and other issues.

A spokeswoman for the company did not respond to phone calls and e-mails to her. Meanwhile, a visit to the company’s two addresses here on Wednesday — one in an office park, the other at a U.P.S. store — did not reveal any activity or presence, other than the company’s name tacked onto a building directory. One person who works in the office park said few people had shown up to TechnoDyne’s office in recent months.

TechnoDyne billed itself as an information technology consulting company that helped governments and private businesses with software development and cloud-computing management...

OMG!  You mean they used low-wage, low-skill slumdogs? 


I've already contacted my friends at the N.J. Department of Labor to make sure that they keep an eye out on you scabs, and they will make sure that you are deported ASAP.

In the meantime, Insurgents can target the fat fuck collaborator who enabled this rape of NYC taxpayers, Gerard Denault:

He is out on bail and can easily be tracked down. 

Happy hunting.




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United States James
June 4. 2011 14:18

Haha. The slumdogs fled the country. 99% of the Indiots we bring into this country are conmen, ripoff artists, and charlatans. All they care about is setting up shop and then ripping off companies and gov'ts for millions of $. No wonder our economy is in such a mess. And then when they are found out, they flee like the cowardly little rats that they are.

This could be a great way for our govt to drive these people out of the USA - launch an investigation on all of them, whether there is suspicion or not. The mere fact that they are being investigated is enough to dive 99% of the Indiots back home since most of them are guilty of crimes against Americans anyway.

Good idea gov't!

no site

June 5. 2011 08:20

One colossal error of judgement , that rest of the countries make is glibly assuming (sic) " Indians are all very peace loving , tolerant blahblah...".

NEVER. NOT AT ALL. Most of them don't even know the meaning of honesty. And to complicate matters further as Tunnel Rat perceptively pointed out  "goofy" religious patina is given to cover up their crimes & misdemeanours.

Thank God ,  China is endowed with brilliant intellect to assess Indians right.  

no site

June 5. 2011 16:41

Not a surprise whatsoever. This whole outsourcing and H1b thing is all about kickbacks and money laundering.

no site

June 5. 2011 17:27

This manager worked for SAIC. How about investigating managers from IBM, Cisco etc etc

no site

United States Stuck in SF
June 6. 2011 12:15
Stuck in SF

Locusts. Seriously, that's all they are.

no site

Canada ezygoer
June 7. 2011 00:54

Well IBM has adopted the "outsourcing" model very well with a fancy slogan to moot - "Building a better planet"

The labor arbitration game goes on .. surprising that the execs fled to India .. did'nt know it was that great a retirement destination.

no site

United States MrDoughnut
June 7. 2011 02:30

I live in Iselin an the area is an underground railroad for people supplying the bodyshops. Homes are renting rooms to the perps and providing multiple parking spots. All through out the town their setting up shop in single family homes and putting up websites. Often after a fire suddenly their exposed and the owners fined for running boarding homes or illegal appartments in residential areas.

Some are like nomads leaving behind just mattresses shrewn about the lawn when they move on. In the morning you will see some of them waiting at bus stops with their backpacks or getting rides or heading for the Metro Park train station.

It's a shame this nation allowed the visa program as it continues fraud and abuse increases. Millions have been displaced or denied access to jobs so this secret society can expand the presence of their own countrymen like the movie Night of the Body Snatchers.

no site

United States MrDoughnut
June 7. 2011 02:49

I miss the websites that use to let you check to see if an employer hire H1B workers ect. I also miss getting MS excel files of companies raided by the INS. Seems now the information is no longer released. Not hard to figure out that the millions of imported or undocument workers employed are about equal to the amount of unemployed citizens in this nation. Millions of visa workers were brought in no one keeps track of them an so they just create a shortage of jobs and lower wages.

There are enough of these imported techs ect. Our schools should be training our own citizens for these tech jobs.

no site

June 7. 2011 07:21

For a long time I was given a computer with pirated software inside. When I insisted on the original Microsoft I was snubbed on the grounds of being "only a housewife".

I pointed out the all pervading idiocy of most Indians as they do not hesitate to part with 60 Dinars for learning hyperventilation grandiosely packaged as  "Sudarshan Kriya" from one Art of Living SriSriSriSriRavishankar. Which is exactly the cost of original software. That such a simple reasoning goes over their heads is not to be forgotten.

no site

June 7. 2011 17:33

India is a hell hole if you are poor. Not for the rich.

The rich live like kings. Servants do everything for you from dishes, to laundry to cooking to raising your children to massaging your feet etc etc....You don't even have to get your own drink of water. The servants do it for you. Each servant gets paid like 10 dollars a month.

Back in the day, the wives of farm laborers were expected to sleep with their landlords Tong

no site

United States The insurgents FAIL
June 11. 2011 12:14
The insurgents FAIL

Hey fat fuck, a little birdie told me that USCIS just pushed the greencard priority dates for the desi h1B  category by more than a  year, do you know what that means?  INSTANT GREENCARDS FOR MILLIONS OF H1B DESIS

you insurgents can take that retribution and stick it up your fat lazy yank ass, but then you'd probably enjoy it lol.

no site

June 11. 2011 18:40
tunnel rat

So let's see, slumdog, that means you have to wait 29 years instead of 30 for a green card?  Good for you, maderchod.

Now get the fuck off my blog before I have my friends at Anonymous trace your IP to your home address and I take a trip back east to blow that fuckin' red dot off of your head with my Desert Eagle.


United States The insurgents FAIL
June 11. 2011 19:33
The insurgents FAIL

Typical illiterate fat American refugee gypsy,  this means that EVERYONE ON THE PRIORITY DATE GETS IT TODAY.

Thanks for the death threat, its good to be a naturalized citizen, you're a goner.

no site

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