After being spoon-fed an obvious piece of Vivek Wadhwa/NASSCOM inspired propaganda, low-rent hack "journalist" Claudia Cruz (pictured here fondling the curry-scented gland of Sanjay Patel)

snapped on the bait and posted some crap about a poor Indian "product manager" who faced having to return back to that shithole called India.


Originally from India, Sanjay Patel worked as a product manager for eBay in San Jose for three years after the company sponsored his H-1B visa. 

Patel—his name has been changed in this story to protect his identity—would like to remain in the United States, and his desire to obtain a permanent residency card, or a green card, weighs heavily on his mind.

“The six-year limit bothers many people,” Patel said, about the minimum period it takes to get a green card. “If you are trying to get your green card, then six years is a limited amount of time.”

Many U.S.-based companies have turned to foreign countries to supply them with employees, like Patel, who possess the specialized skills needed for technology jobs.[WTF?  WHAT SKILLS?  ASS-KISSING? WOMEN-HATING?]

Often these professionals arrive withlimited work visas and create new homes here for themselves and their families. But if they don’t get their permanent resident cards within the six years their H-1B visas are valid, they usually have to uproot themselves and return home. 

The emotional toll can be overwhelming, and the stalled immigration reform debate in Congress doesn’t help matters.

“It’s been difficult for them to listen to the debate when they are helping develop products, helping U.S. competitiveness, and then they hear Americans attack foreigners,” said Cynthia Lange, attorney and managing partner for the Santa Clara office of the global international immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen and Loewy, LLP. [AKA SCUMBAG IMMIGRATION LAWYERS THAT PLACED FAKE ADS FOR HP]

“Up until now, Congress has been deadlocked on doing anything with immigration. It has stopped movement on other changes that would help people.”

Immigration reform has a unique effect upon the Silicon Valley. It’s home to Fortune 500 technology companies that hire people from all over the world, lured with the H1-B visa, issued to professional workers who have the appropriate degrees or a combination of education and experience.  

When their visas expire, however, more often than not these professionals have only 30 days to get out of the country, according to Gali Gordon, an immigration attorney in San Francisco.

Patel said his visa had been extended for another three years, and he has already started to work with one of the company’s lawyers to try to get his green card. But, explained Lange, because of the U.S. quota to approve for permanent residency 5 percent of the applicants from every country in the world—for engineers from highly represented countries like India and China—the wait then becomes longer.

His job with eBay appears to be working out, and Patel—who received his master’s degree from Arizona State University [AKA BEST JUNIOR COLLEGE IN ARIZONA] in 2005—said he believes he’ll be able to renew his H-1B visa every year until he receives his green card. His wife, who accompanied him to the United States on the H4 visa issued to immediate family members of H-1B visa holders, would also have her visa renewed.

According to Lange, the cost to apply for visas continue to increase, though the employers, not the employees, pay for them. Still, the cost could preclude smaller companies from recruiting and applying for visas for their workers, she explained.

Patel acknowledged that he was one of the fortunate ones.

Before the approval of the “American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act” in October 2000, upon the expiration of an H-1B, visa-holders would have had to “yank their families and kids out of school and had to leave,” said Lange.[GOOD - GET THE FUCK OUT]

Now Patel’s wife has a chance to remain, too.

“Her H4 visa will be extended when mine is, and she will receive her green card when I do,” Patel said.

According Gordon, if a person’s green-card process has been pending for at least one year, the H-1B visa can be extended past the six-year mark. This would apply to the spouse’s H4, too, which has more restrictions than an H-1B visa and does not allow people to work. Patel’s wife, however, can attend school, and she has decided to pursue her master’s degree at San Jose State University.

But ever since the economic boom turned to bust in the U.S., the number of immigrants getting H-1B visas, their renewals or a green card has dropped.

According to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) H-1B Program Report figures, in fiscal year 2007 304,877 H-1B petitions were filed and 281,444 approved. In 2008, the number filed decreased to 288,764 as did the number approved to 276,252. The prospects for H-1B petitioners looked even glimmer in 2009, when filings dropped 15 percent to 246,647 and approvals fell 22 percent to 214,271 compared to 2008.

Of those approvals, the number of H1-Bs approved for continuing employment, that is, renewals, in 2009 was 127,971—a sharp decreased of 23 percent from 2008 when the number approved was 166,917. Renewal approvals had actually increased slightly from 2007 to 2008 by 3.3 percent.

Approximately 48 percent of H-1Bs approved in 2009 were for workers born in India, according to the USCIS. H-1B figures are not yet available for 2010.

For the government’s fiscal year that started April 1, 2010, it took 10 months to reach the 65,000 H-1Bs for initial filers mandated by Congress. In contrast in 2008, when companies were still hiring foreign professionals, that cap was reached within days, according to Compete America, a coalition that advocates for reform of U.S. immigration policy.

The 2012 fiscal year, which began on April 1 and U.S. companies will file H-1B visa applications until the cap is reached, Gordon explained. Then H-1B visas go into effect on Oct. 1, 2011 at which point the employee can start work under the visa, she continued.

Also even though only 65,000 H-1B visas are available each year, multiple companies can file on behalf of a new foreign worker. Renewals do not count towards the government cap.

In recent years, Mountain View-based Google has recruited fewer H-1B eligible employees than in years past, according to Google spokesman Dan Martin.

In 2007, Google filed 641 H-1B visa applications, with 583 approved. In 2008, 424 were filed, with 334 approved; and in 2009, only 183 H-1B visas were filed, and all were approved, according to Martin.

Both eBay and Mountain View-based Symantec declined to release the number of foreign workers on H-1B visas at their companies. An eBay spokesperson said the number of visa holders “aren’t statistics that we track” and that “for privacy reasons, this isn’t a topic we can discuss.”

However, the USCIS did provide figures of approved petitions in 2009 that show eBay received 24 and Symantec 57 H-1B visas for employees. The largest number of H1-Bs went to Intel–723–followed by Cisco at 308 and Oracle 272.

Meanwhile, until Congress changes the immigration laws, companies can only give employees a month to find work or obtain another visa, once it’s expired.

Patel said that if he’s unable to get his green card in time, he won’t stay in the U.S. illegally, because he wouldn’t want to risk getting caught. In India, he could earn the same pay, and both he and his wife would be able to work successfully, he said.

“It’s a limited amount of time,” he said, “and in that situation, if I don’t get another job, then I pack my bags.”[GOOD - GET THE FUCK OUT]


When she was flammed by the Insurgency, this dumb cunt pleaded ignorance and insisted that she had no agenda, a blatant lie that fellow Insurgents called her on.

To readers,
Claudia Cruz replied to my offer on a follow-up article. Her reply is unprofessional and unbusiness like.
Claudia repeated twice that she doesn't have an agenda. I have worked with many journalists on this issue; this concept of "agenda" would never even be entertained with these professionals!

She starts her email response with "I had started this response this morning (before you chose to attack me for remaining silent ... really? I have a lot of other things to do and it's much easier to formulate a response with time than to react without thinking.) If I choose to reply to a comments, it's because it was an immediate problem and I must moderate the site. Violence is never the answer, unless you are okay with people advocating violence (and then of course hiding under the shield of anonymity)."

Claudia, it's your responsibility to monitor comments and pull offensive or inappropriate comments. You failed to do so. Instead, you played the "violence" card in attempt to discredit all the valid comments that, if you had taken seriously, would have sharpened your grasp of the issue and made you a better reporter.

You wrote to me, "So people can attack me all they want and accuse me of not admitting that I got facts wrong. The facts I put in the article are correct for the article that was written. If I was writing a different article, the facts would have been different."

This is your agenda; to maintain your illusions of journalistic accuracy.




You can reach her at:

Phone: 650-218-7580



In typical collaborator fashion, Patch shut down comments on this thread because the conversation has turned "disrepectful."  Well, what did these shils for the high-tech junta expect, a high-brow discussion on how Americans should accept being displaced by marble-mouthed slumdog scabs?  WTF?

Comments (15) -

United States James
May 7. 2011 02:28

"and then they hear Americans attack foreigners".

Of course they hear Americans attack them - we built the industry from scratch before they ever knew what a keyboard was, they invaded and took over, deliberately cleansing Americans out of their own industry, breaking every law known in America, lying, cheating, propagandizing, conducting an attempted ethnic takeover of America. Who wouldn't attack them?

no site

May 7. 2011 10:47

The main reason that H-1b applicants want green cards is as a path to citizenship.  While that doesn't seem so wrong, I found out recently that the only reason the want citizenship is SO THEY CAN LEAVE!  Green card holders lose status unless they log at least six months out of every year in-country.  So they apply for citizenship for the sole purpose of being able to spend MORE than six months out of country, and still be able to come and go as they please.  They so that so that they can earn a U.S. salary, but be burdened with only cost of living of the home country, especially for their families.  

Meanwhile, they fill up the quota of citizen applicants, taking up slots and depriving other applicants WHO REALLY WANT TO BE AMERICANS!

This crap should realy not be allowed.


United States Jennifer
May 7. 2011 14:59

I work at a company with about 30 Indians on the IT staff and they are never at their desk for most of the day.  They come to the scrum meeting to report on what they are working on then disappear out of the building to do the work via VPN. I am beginning to suspect they are not the ones actually doing the work, but just bodies onsite for billing purposes of the shady contracting company.   That could explain why sometimes they are so clueless when I ask specific questions on code they should know if they coded it.  They will always have the answer the next day.  The work for the group really only needs two or at most three coders, yet there are 14.  A simple coding task that should take an hour takes a week sometimes.

no site

United States James
May 7. 2011 18:35


This is a typical Indian ploy. They work from home and have remote people in India to do the coding for them, since the visa restrictions are tighter now and India can't get its peeps into the US. So the coders you see sit at home IM'ing the workers in India for the code, they copy it in and take off for the day. The Indian company bills the client for 8 hours every day for all the workers you see, sucking huge amounts of $ out of America. That is why they are called BODYshops. It's all about the # of billable bodies.

This is all part of the appeasement of India. They have centuries-old resentments of the white race because of their history with Britain. We could have cared less until they acquired our ICBM tech thanks to the export waivers Clinton signed in '97. Funny "globalization" got into full swing the very next year. This is all about giving India what it wants - which in this case is our best jobs and $. In order to maintain world peace.

no site

United States db
May 8. 2011 04:20

If the emotional toll is overwhelming, don't come in the first place. Duh.

This Chicano / Latina writer is probably some radical Marxists who thinks the Indians need to be forcibly "liberated" from their poverty at the cost and expense of others.

no site

United States James
May 8. 2011 19:44

Guaranteed she is a member of La Raza. I had a bean-dip recruiter named Rommel Rodriguez steal my resume and pretend like he wanted to hire me. Anti-white nazism is alive and well in IT in America.

no site

United Kingdom Indianscheating Australians
May 9. 2011 08:18
Indianscheating Australians

CANBERRA: The call centres in India are reportedly targeting Queenslanders in the latest scam to separate them from their money.

The Courier Mail quoted Fraud Squad Detective Superintendent Brian Hay as saying that it is not clear whether the scammers had set up their own call centres or simply hired people to target these people.

Thousands of Queenslanders are believed to have been targeted by the cold-calling cons, including one called the " Microsoft scam".

Hay also said phone scammers were growing more sophisticated, they pretend to be conducting a survey in the first call, asking simple questions including which bank the homeowner uses.

A few days later, they reportedly made a second call, saying there is a problem with the homeowner's computer and required personal information.

"We get a lot of calls saying 'we didn't fall for it' but thought you should know. But when you start running into people in the flesh who have been targeted, you know it's massive," Hay said.

"The money these people are making out of it, they could set up their own call centre. Or they could be engaging existing call centres to do a script. The advice is simply to hang up," he added.

He also warned that phone scams operated by foreign criminals would become more common because international calls are getting cheaper

no site

May 9. 2011 08:36

"when they are helping develop products, helping U.S. competitiveness" big joke of the

no site

United States Drifter
May 9. 2011 17:40

Wow - Claudia didn't see those comments coming LOL. Pleading the plight of the poor temp worker who can't have his GC (which sure isn't guaranteed anyway) and she stepped into a total sh*tstorm. Goes to show how misinformed she was.

If they come here, want to be so naive to 'settle down' and set themselves up for disappointment, don't come whining to us when it doesn't work out in your favor. Nobody promised you anything, and don't try and make it OUR fault. (America's immigration system is broken!)

I love how they shut down the comments when they aren't getting the response they wanted. Supporting H1B's and outsourcing - not the team you want to be on these days.

Cry me a river for poor Sanjay Patelrabsumraribubhogaraju. Get rid of the poseurs and let's get back to business. American-style.

no site

United States James
May 10. 2011 02:23

"when they are helping develop products, helping U.S. competitiveness"

Name the products!

The USA was BOOMING before these people got here. We had NO competitors in 1998.

Bringing in a foreign workforce, TRAINING THEM and then letting them leave make a country LESS competitive no more.

Is America better off now than on 1998?

No, we're losing our competitiveness, thanks to employing 3rd worlders. We need these people like we need a hole in the head.

no site

United Kingdom Indianscheating Australians
May 11. 2011 06:25
Indianscheating Australians

Vivek Fraudwa is spewing his Rant on Russian  Media...RTAmerica---We need expose this Fraudster ...Fellow innsurgents i am posting the Link.

Launch a Comment war and Show his real face to the world

no site

United States SomeH1Bsareuptonogood
May 12. 2011 07:27

Jennifer, Have you ever considered perhaps someone on the inside is getting a kickback to have more people than necessary to do the job?

no site

May 12. 2011 07:40

Re: Exposing Fraudwha...

You can expose him all you want.  The majority won't care.

How much do we care on this site about truck drivers who are about to become unemployed EN MASSE in a few weeks when Mexican trucks are allowed to traverse the United States?  That's about as much as the rest of America will care about us.

RE: Jennifer

Of course, the in-country (the country being the good ole US of A) indians are having the work done in India, even if they pay for it out of their own pockets -- which most of them don't.  My airport passengers are virtually all Indian these days.  Back in 04 and 05 they were virtually all American consultants.  During the long journey to the airports, they are on the phone giving instructions to people, sometimes in Hindi, at as early as 4:00 AM, even though they are often flying to a later time zone.  Obviously, they aren't talking to anyone at the office where they are going.  Of course they are talking to people in India where it's 7:30 PM.

When do we stop talking, and start firing?


May 12. 2011 07:42

Oops I meant in India where it's 1:30 PM (New Delhi, India, is 9:30 hours ahead of Eastern Time._

United Kingdom Indianscheating Australians
May 12. 2011 11:02
Indianscheating Australians

An infosys employee Ashvini Srivastava at mysore is openly selling suntrust project confidencial files on internet.
People are not aware of that.
He is so fearless that he has even posted his number openlu on facebook and orkut.
He gives his name as
Ashvini srivastava
Date of birth : Feb 5, 1985
Phone: +91-9986309332
I wonder infosys reputaion is at stake

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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