Every week, we get more stories of the federal crackdown on the Desi bodyshop business.  What is important about the latest bust in Iowa is this nugget buried in the original story:

The Associated Press is reporting that the two men appear to be included in a national crackdown into suspected immigration fraud.

Hours after their arrest, the U.S. attorneys office announced it would hold a news conference today detailing “a nationwide coordinated enforcement action targeting visa fraud.” Officials wouldn’t immediately release other details.

That's right, slumdogs and Desi pimps, the FEDS ARE COMING AFTER YOU.  I told you that THERE WILL BE RETRIBUTION:


2 men to be sentenced in work visa fraud case

2 men who ran software firm in Clinton to be sentenced on visa fraud conspiracy charges

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- Two men, who ran a software company in Clinton, Iowa, are expected to be sentenced on charges they committed visa fraud to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Fazal Mehmood and Viheet Maheshwari have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to make false statements and commit visa fraud in connection with several applications to bring foreign workers to the U.S. under H-1B Visas.

Mehmood and Maheshwari ran companies called Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems.

Federal prosecutors say they applied for H-1B Visas for foreign workers that contained false statements about their jobs and work locations. For instance, they told the government that employees would be working as programmers and analysts, but those jobs did not exist after they arrived in the U.S.

Sentencing is Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Davenport.

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United Kingdom USwilllose
April 23. 2011 15:44

Ha Ha,

Tunnel rat, You cant do anything to Indians, we will ruin your economy , do what ever you can, you know TR,  95000 INDIAN people are entering into USA through H1B, 2 gone but 95000 were added..

we outnumber you by 1:5, we can spread negative Propaganda and ruin your whole economy...We have already overtaken you Kid.

SO ,please kneel down to your INDIAN master ,and worship us.

Hahaha, We are laughing at stupid americans , Pretty soon your nation will turn into dustbin, we have already taken over Edison, pretty soon we will come in huge Numbers and overtake your democracy ,we will install our leaders and our people will elect them.

White people will soon become 2nd class citizens in USA, our INDIAN mates are breeding in Huge Numbers in USA..Most INDIAN families have atleast 4 Kids.

Next generation is ours, USA is a 27th state of INDIA, you cant do a thing, your politicians themselves are inviting us.

NEXT year TR we will come in huge numbers, i challenge you atleast 2,30,000 people will be added this year, Next year half a Million INDIANS will come...do whatever you can..

you cant do a thing, oh boy i laugh at your helplessness ...

we will conquer your land,make your women as ours and will do every thing to Rule your country in future

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United States James
April 23. 2011 16:07

Well we are finally seeing what we've needed for 13 years - ARRESTS! Can you imagine how many millions of these faking frauds there are in the US. When word gets out that arrests are actually being made, you can BET the slumdogs will flee like rats off a sinking ship en masse. I can guarantee it. Nearly all of them are guilty of fraud to some degree and all it takes is a few Feds to take a peek at what they have been up to. Expect to see LOTS more arrests because this rampant fraud has been going on unchecked for 13 YEARS!

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United Kingdom USwilllose
April 23. 2011 16:17

TR this is what INDIANS are doing since begining...I know it hurts, but you can never change Indians.

you have accepted them, its your countrys turn to get ruined until the whole economy goes down, INDIANS will not move..

INDIANS are like leeches, they will suck every drop of Blood ,until you die/or your country dies

1. Come to US just for the sake of doing masters but do no understand the importance of study. Join shady universities(ITU,Herguan,Tri-Valley etc), bad universities(FDU, Lamar,Bridgeport,blah blah) or universities which have a course in each direction.

2. Finally ending up completing masters with 10 courses in 10 different fields. what's your major??? NO IDEA

3. Then blame job market for less jobs

4. Join a Indian consultancy , remove the masters from the resume and beef up the resume with 5-10 years of experience. Even these consultancy business had been a big money machine for Green card holders. Many I knew even left their job after becoming citizens. Why arent they expected to do that right??after getting 40% of your pay...

5. If that doesn't work now due to the employee-employer relation-ship that's needed, then join shady universities like Tri-valley,ITU etc to get CPT until you find some other way to get H1.

6. Now if ICE keeps a check to that then make a big deal of injustice ...Try to find a loop hole and some people even trying to move to ITU/Herguan.

Does it ever End???????????????

Please do not get me wrong..I am not trying to BS. I certainly sympathize as the situations might be different in everyone's life. But that doesn't justify the wrong path

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United Kingdom USwilllose
April 23. 2011 16:26

HOW INfoys narayanamurthy wrecked USA

My friend from Seattle sent me this picture to be posted here.Conclusive Proof of Labor arbitrage

Now let me explain what I understood from the picture and from the conversation I had with my friend in Seattle.

Offlate, it has become fashionable for Murthy Angadi to claim value, six sigma, SEI CMM etc etc… Idellla Sikkapatte Mamooli .

No body has conclusively proved so far how Murthy angadi operated and what value sahukarru talked about. The analysis done by Seattle Kannadiga proves to the point what is wrong.

H1B is a type of Visa allowed by US government to bring in specialized labor. Intent of H1B is to get the knowledge workers into US. H1B is a dual intent visa. Holders of H1B can then apply for immigration.

American college kids are complaining ad infinitum about H1B route being used to bring in cheaper but not qualified labor. Whenever there is hue and cry over H1B congress asks Department of Labor to tighten labor certification process used to dole out H1Bs. Department of Labor in turn peeps into its books and discovers that biggest beneficiary in terms of number of H1 petition is Redmond Angadi. Owner of Redmond Angadi then makes a trip to Washington to present his figures on H1B. Redmond Angadi typically applies for 4000 H1Bs and typically pays in excess of $80000 for each H1B. This figure is well above the market rate and hence congress feels that there is nothing wrong going on in H1B.

It was not possible to get department of labor data to sort out bad apples. But recently DOL has made the practice of putting up raw data online. You can access this raw data from here. The raw data is in .mdb format and you need to have Microsoft Access to analyse the data.

Off late Seattle Kannadiga is playing with data. Some of the interesting insights so far.

Biggest Beneficiary of H1B is not Microsoft. It is Murhty Angadi !!!!

Here is the spread sheet detailing the calculations.

As you can see Murthy Angadi applied for 22567 H1Bs last year with an average salary of around 55000 US dollars. If Murthy Angadi were to pay market salary like CISCO or Microsoft did, Murthy Angadi would have had to pay 80000 dollars in salary. So Murthy Angadi has around 25000 dollars of labor arbitrage per employee and total labor arbitrage enjoyed by Murthy Angadi when we calculated the wage differences across all the H1s for INFY the figure came to 736 million US dollars.

736 million US dollars !!!! or 2800 crores of Indian rupees for doing nothing!!!. I do not know if the figure is more than total profit of Murthy Angadi. If this figure is more than profit of Murthy Angadi there is lesson for managment types at Murthy Angadi. They can make more money if they just stick to labor arbitrage rather than on management mantras !!!!

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United States Jimmy Legaro
April 24. 2011 08:32
Jimmy Legaro

Yeah Indian scammers abound. But don't fear. They abound in India as well. Look at the scandal involving spectrum sales. The Indian government sold them for a pittance now it's been discovered and the common man in India is pissed. Most Indians are just trying to survive. I would say that it's correct to assume that The upper castes (e.g. Brahmins) are the most corrupt as they control most everything and want it to stay that way.
As far as the comment about Indians taking over America, good luck with that. Everyone is on to the scam now and don't trust them and wish them gone.
Another thing, it doesn't take long to get Americanized. I see children of illegals here in the U.S. they are AMERICAN. They even look American, if that is possible. The same will go for Indian citizens. That is why so many Indians send their kids to boarding schools in India. They don't want them to be Americanized. Good luck with that by the way.
Let's send them packing, and with it cut off-shoring. Millions of new hi-tech jobs will add a lot off $$ to the treasury as well as put a serious dent in the underemployment figures. It may even start a new Renaissance...

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United States James
April 24. 2011 16:03

Hey everyone, look at USwilllose - another faking slumdog who got deported from USA for visa fraud and now has to hide in UK. Why doesn't he go back to India? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN THAT OPEN TOILET SHITWHOLE SEWER OF A COUNTRY.

As for taking over USA, it will never happen. Breed all you want. It all comes down to jobs, which Indians can't do. You can't live here if you can't make a living here. And unlike in India, you can't make a living here if you don't actually DO the job and PRODUCE something.

Besides, outside nutjob cities like San Francisco, L.A., and NY, no one in America wants Indians. Go to the midwest and see how far you get. No one will hire you.

And you've already destroyed all the jobs in the places they WOULD hire you so now it looks like you will have to go home. Now that Feds are actually ARRESTING slumdogs for all your fraud, you will all panic and flee because we all know you are ALL guilty of it.

Word has gotten around in America about slumdogs. Everyone knows you are fakers and never produce anything. Everyone knows you destroy everything you touch. So no one wants you here now, including our gov't. This ain't the late 90s anymore when the econ Amercians had built was still strong enough to allow fakers like you to get by.

So now it is time for you to go. You'll never conquer America. Keep dreaming your fantasy delusions.

Oh, and thanks for admitting in a publi forum that your true intent is to DESTROY the USA, not HELP us.

Exposed. Found out. Discovered. Delusions demolished. Visions of grandeur wiped out. Slumdogs' days in the USA are over. Now all flee too other counties and hide out like the little worms that you are.

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United States James
April 24. 2011 16:14

Indiots are a failure everywhere they go. They can't even build toilets or run the Commonwealth Games without it being a huge international joke and you're going to conquer America? HAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah right!!

We would wipe the floor with India if we ever got into a war with you (which may happen soon if you don't stop).

You're going to come here in huge numbers next year? Why not this year? Because the Congress can't get the visa cap raised, that's why? You live like leeches off everyone else, consuming everything in your path.

The world will never accept a world which looks like India.

So you might as well all go back to the Curry Containment Field now because no one wants you in their countries.

And watch out in the UK - they're cracking down on immigration there too now. You might find yourself back on a plane being deported back to the shithole subcontinent where you can burn Dalits til your heart's content!


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United States mn
April 24. 2011 18:19

Keep paying your taxes you dumb fucks..More than 50 percent of people in india are living in holes with no toilets since your asses are poor.  the other 25% are here stealing and cheating their way for work...Make America rich with your filthy, cheated cheap hands and it the end of the day, India will still be poor since you people don't believe in any fucking birth control.  This is why your country in ran by corrupt leaders who make you live like rats.  Is this why you guys are here!! to make America rich...Keep paying taxes you dumb wipes.

Karma is a Bitchhhhhhhhhh and can not wait to witness it all right here and watch your own damn country ruin itself by your own corrupted leaders...

no site

April 24. 2011 18:20

One major difference between Americaa and India:  The second Amendment.



United States James
April 25. 2011 07:06

The absolute funniest thing about the Indiots is that they honestly believe Britain ruined their country. Brits tried to bring them civilization but being the maggot-infested backwards sewer rats that they are, the Indolts couldn't understand or comprehend civilization - hence they recoiled at it as alien and undesirable. Here we are 200 years later and the Brits (in the form of globalist banksters) are trying to civilize India again. But it won't work this time either: Indiots haven't changed and never will.

What's funny is they think the west ruined their country when really it is their own laziness, stupidity, and customs that ruined India. How can you have a good country when you bury your dead in the Ganges and then wash you clothes in the same water?


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April 25. 2011 10:26

In just a couple of weeks, Mexican trucks will be allowed to traverse the USA, courtesy of the executive branch, meaning that the responsibility falls directly on Obama.  Maybe things will change when the Teamsters find themselves in the same boat as American IT professionals. Probably not though.



United Kingdom Iain Gill
April 25. 2011 17:11
Iain Gill

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United Kingdom TRcanonlyrant
April 27. 2011 06:42

I feel sorry for TR, I pity on this creature, i can understand that he cant withstand indians.

Poor TR cant do a thing, he is helpless, i can understand the feeling of helplessness combined with anger and frustration.

poor TR will one day become a beggar on indian street, because thats what American fate is.

Its all over TR, man people like you cant succeed ,as USA is dominated by corrupt Indians in all positions, you cant deport them, they are not just in good position but deporting indians would lead to Destruction of US army bases in south asia and afghanistan, Indians are corrupt by birth and they will side russians/chinese and USA will lose very badly in afghanistan .

TR there very bad PR campaign launched against USA in India, when you deport us, 1.2 billion Indians will be crying innocence, and they will potray you as new nazis.

Man whole world dislikes you , and any Negative PR campaign against you attracts many Eyeballs.

TR Indians will ruin USA not just economically, but even Morally.. man your whole country will be demoralized and your next generations will be living in servitude

many Indians in UK and USA joke that one day White american kids,and British kids would be doing Child labor Jobs in INDIAN houses.

Yes TR most indians want your kids to be as their Labor, thats what they have in store for you TR..Poor TR and other white americans , you are not just dumb but you have lost the game Long ago

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United States James
April 27. 2011 11:45

India is the most reviled and hated country in the world. No amount of PR can help you. India is doomed. Go ahead and cry innocence - no one is listening. Day after day more and more Indiots are arrested in USA for massive fraud. We dont need bases in your shit countries since we have bases in 168 countries.

Game over for India. All of America watched you destroy everything you touched. Keep dreaming your delusions - USA is always #1 you cant do anything about it.

Indians lose again like they always do. You come to USA like beggars begging for jobs since all you face in India is unemployment or sewer cleaning.

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United States Thomas Spelling
April 27. 2011 20:25
Thomas Spelling

I've been in India many times, and I can tell you this TROnlyRants...

TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!!! You act all moral but Indians are horny nasty dogs. Any European woman who travels in India will tell you this... Constant non-stop oogling. And I mean laser beam oogling.

It creeps out the women. If not oogling than grabbing on buses and trains and queues, or what passes for a queue in India.
Most travelers are relieved when they leave India. Great, did India now we don't have to come back! We saw Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal! Been there, done that.

I mean really, a country that hasn't even learned how to make a line yet? The British should have taught that to you years ago...

You still eat with you filthy hands, I mean really... You wash your butt with your hands... really. You eat off of banana leaves... really.

I don't think dishwashing soap and hot water have been discovered there. It's a quick rinse in tepid foul water and off to the next customer.

Time to get with the program and join the 21st century. And yes, get the fuck out of here please and bring your monster egos with you...

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United Kingdom PoorTR
April 28. 2011 07:56

Poor TR is venting his frustration with different names, LOL..TR man how frustrated are you?..

doesnt it seem obvious that INDIANS are now light years a head of Americans in everything.

Look at your economy dude recently IMF has dropped a bombshell that china will overtake you by 2016.

Delusional TR, man you are so amusing i say


LOL moron, yea, we ogle,not just that we touch the butts of your women peep on their boobs.and some times even kiss their cleavage.

We all know that White women are whores, so what if a whore is kissed by us, we will do it time and again, and you cant do a thing to indians

Since 1996 -3000 white european women have been raped in INDIA, and its going on even today

recently our Indian brothers raped a spanish women and urinated on her and have sung National anthem after raping her.

Indians will ruin whole western civilization, you cant do a  thing.

while you are busy messing with islamic idiots we are busy is Humping your women and ruining your economys

hahah...we ruined USA and we are proud of it  

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Canada Oriental Pro
April 28. 2011 14:50
Oriental Pro

Well I'm back.  Haven't commented on this blog for a while.

Most of you are well aware of the "Indian psyche".  I'm going to help you in how to CLEANSE yourselves of this FILTHY SCUM.

Listen carefully - I'm sure you may already know this, but a good game plan will make it more efficient.

FACT 1:  Indians (nearly almost) ONLY HIRE OTHER HINDIANS!

FACT 2:  Hindians BADMOUTH Non-hindians (caucasians, orientals, negros, aboriginals, arabs), when in realty the are INCOMPETENT SHAMELESS FRAUDSTERS.

FACT 3:  Hindians will LIE and BULLSH1T CONSTANTLY in the most incongruent marbled-mouthed way.  They will BACKSTAB you, then have the shameless audacity to play innocent by scapegoating YOU.

SOLUTION 1:  Don't patronage their businesses.  Do NOT associate with them.  Do not give them the time of day.

SOLUTION 2:  Document (papers, audio recordings, web-caching, video recordings) EVERYTHING they do.  Collect EVIDENCE of their IMMORAL + CRIMINAL behaviors.  Then distribute copies to local & federal authorities (eg ICE), the media, and neighborhood flyers.

SOLUTION 3:  If they act uppity and behave in violence/rape, respond in kind.  Please don't initiate violence, only use it as SELF-DEFENSE.  

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United States Thomas Spelling
April 28. 2011 20:46
Thomas Spelling

Yes, classy act you are. You are exhibit "A" for my argument what nasty dogs you are. If everyone knew you as well as I you would all be gone within a week.
Humping our women? HaHaHaHaaaaa!!! Maybe a Bollywood dude like sarukhan (or whatever the fuck his name is)but the average Indian guy? Not a chance. They hadn't a clue after a life of staring but no touchy. You guys get married just to get laid, what a laugh. Pathetic really. Your mothers choose your wives, do they tell you what positions are permitted? Frequency?
The first step in taking this country back is to end the H1-B program. Which by the way would be the death knell for the Indian outsources.
Good luck nasty boy with finding a girl and with your career.

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United Kingdom Poorthomas
April 29. 2011 07:30

Poorthomas...a gay from ENglish country commenting on Greatest race among humans i.e Indian race.

Poor thomas thinks that British guys are very good at getting women, boy you are clueless, You brits are better at only Gay acts ,your sperm count is very low and your reproductive abilities are proof for your low birth rate in UK.

Lot of drugs,alchohol,fat consumption has lowered your sperm count and made you a gay.

coming to Indians, why dont you go to SHeffield ,Liverpool at check with your own eyes how many British women are dying for our chocolate in their mouth.

rather than having a pale pink 6 inch one, most of them think that its better to have our one, they like it.

I personally had experience with 4, all of them are married and above 35.

Most of the brit women commit adultery after getting married,this is classic british way of doing things.

and about USA, what can i say to those ignorant women of yours in NYC,LA,sanjose who are ready to lick our butthole for one good dinner.

YOur fucking race will become extinct and so your countries .

when chinese lead the show, you have no where to turn other than INDIA(which is an english speaking country).

I suggest you to teach your younger generations girls how to satisfy indians ..because thats what your future generations are going to do  

no site

April 29. 2011 10:01
tunnel rat

Readers, this frothing-at-the-mouth slumdog flooding my comments section with his bile is posting from Germany, so I wouldn't believe most of the shit he is spouting about screwing any British women, or anything else.  He has probably had more sex with farm animals, like cows (which Hindus worship, so much that they even fuck them), than actual women.

His Hinglish rants are typical of what one finds in the blogosphere, and corporate America, from slumdogs.


United States Drifter
April 29. 2011 10:14

Related to the caste mess, the indian ego is the largest social problem that needs to be addressed along with cultural corruption. Due to the rampant overpopulation, the result is a hypercompetitive society dedicated to pecking order - even within the household. Primitive tribal behavior.

As well, those in higher social status hurry to malign others to satisfy their own ego. Indians are very easily led and manipulated just by telling them what they want to hear - regardless if it's wrong, or even moral.

Ironic, isn't it that there is a quote by an indian, Rig Veda: Ego is the biggest enemy of humans?

Indian corruption is well known worldwide... theft of billions by officials behind last year’s Commonwealth games in Delhi; $40 billion in revenues lost from the crooked sale of 2G telecoms licences; and over $40 billion stolen in Uttar Pradesh alone from schemes subsidising food and fuel for the poor. In light of doing business, World Bank rates india 134 out of 183 countries for ease of doing business. Nobody trusts them. Economic and social development is stalled due to lack of ethics and integrity. The recent success of the temp worker outfits such and infosys, wipro et.al is all wraught with corruption and fraud - so again, how do you measure 'success' when the gains are dishonest?

India's fragile ego is dented by the lack of recognition and social acceptance - but they fail to understand their lack of core values is the basis and needs critical reform.

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United Kingdom PoorTR
April 29. 2011 11:38

PoorTR, think that there is no english women in germany..which exactly explains why 70% of US citizens doesnt even have passport and doesnt even know the geographicall location of many countries in the world.

PoorTR is very frustrated Individual, no wonder this FRustration person was laid off from Job by an Indian.

TR--there is a reason why vivek wadwa is in DUke and you are in Dominos delivering Pizzas, understand it man.

and about so called american supremacy , LOL..your country will become morally and economically bankrupt very soon.

After losing your supremacy, Islamic retards will seek their vengeance and turn your country in a 4 world shit hole.

Meanwhile , you are indebted to chinese and many other countries in the world..

Recently china has test fired a Missile Named --DEBT collector, it will hit USA soon.

and are even deleveraging from dollar denominated assets--in 3 years USa will be a bankrupted 4 world Namibia...

DOnt worry pal, we will send some foreign aid for your living  

no site

United States James
April 30. 2011 05:49

There is a reason why Wadhwa is at Duke - millions in NASSCOM $ put him there. As for Germany, the krauts are VERY pissed off at the invasion and are ready to errupt into a race war at any second. Just wait til the neo-Nazis begin attacking slumdogs living in Germany - it will make Oz look like a picnic.

no site

United States James
May 2. 2011 00:57

So USA will lose eh? Well, we just kicked bin Laden's ass even though you slumdogs were harboring him in Pakistan. USA WINS AGAIN AND ALWAYS WILL.

Bring it any day, any time, anywhere and we will kick anyone's ass. Next up: Iran, India, and China. Maybe all at once. With one arm tied behind our back.


no site

United Kingdom Jamesisanmoron
May 2. 2011 14:08

Poor James.

No one can can rescue you Moron, is there a Dead body, Euronews and Russia today have telecasted that the images which were shown of Osamas death are fake

You know something?. Recently Gaddafi's grand son and his son were killed, you have no idea what you assholes are doing.

we Indians know very well about arabs, they ruled us for 900 years, they are far dangerous and will never submit.

Moron you have messed with Evil, a bunch of people who faith is unshakable inspite of poverty and hunger.

And about Osama, he is a Imaginary Boogy man, created for stupid americans , have you ever read 1984 or animal farm?...just like antagonists in those books Osama is an Imaginary evil.

Neither Osama, nor his cave men have technology to come into your country and hit those buildings.

Moron i thought that you have some scientific understanding about Natural events, but after this reply you seem to be complete moron.

Recently 1800 scientists have signed a petition that 9/11 is an inside job.

Moron your politicians are killing you, you have become another facist state in the world.

When i see USA today it reminds me of 1928 Germany...you know what happened afterwards in germany, hyperinflation and War.

Moron whole world is wishing your collapse.

Moreover, as an Indian ,i would like to tell you that you dont need to think much about Killing Indians, they eat their own ones.

But the problem is they ruin the nations which provide them hospitality.


no site

United States James
May 2. 2011 23:21

"Recently Gaddafi's grand son and his son were killed, you have no idea what you assholes are doing."

We know exactly what we are doing - we are remaking the world in the form of civilization - anyone who is uncivilized or resists will be eliminated from the planet - it's that simple. Since most of the world's population is uncivilized, most of you will either have to learn, or else go. And since most of you have proven you are unable to learn how to be civilized, you will all have to go. That is the message the civilized world and NATO is sending. Problem is, you don't get the message.

We know exactly what we are doing.

The world changed when the barbarians were allowed into the world economy in '98, as you all like to say.

Well, guess what? It changed again on 9/11 and you're all going to comply. And if you don't our military will eliminate you.

It's that simple. And you have no other choices.

Comply or die. That's what all the "unrest" in the middle east is really all about. It is being covetly remade. After that it will be India & China's turn. Wait and see if I am wrong.

The 9/11 hijackers didn't need any technology. They came in on WORK VISAS - which is one of the things that prompted people like TR to put up a site like this. One was even an H-1B software worker.

Arabs and the rest of the world WILL comply. Even if it means using nukes. And trust me, if it comes to that, we will use them.

Arabs BTW hate Indians just like everyone else does. When I used to work at Apple I had a good friend there who was a co-worker from Iran. He was civilized. After the Indian invasion in '98 we were talking about it and he said "Muslims and Indians don't get along". And I replied "So what? Who does get along with Indians"? He laughed knowingly.

"Moron you have messed with Evil"

Problem for you is: good always triumphs over evil in the end. May take a while, but good always wins as we have just seen. One of Ghadafi's young kids was also killed in '86 when we bombed the crap out him because he was trying to build nukes. Big deal. USA lives on and always will.

The whole world is wishing our collapse? You mean the whole 3rd world is - because you are jealous and angry that we have produced and have and you are all lazy criminals and have nothing. In the civilized world we are loved. Haters never win. In the end, when it comes down to it, see who wins. No one can beat the U.S. military. Ours is the best in the world - hundreds of times over. Go ahead and try - see what happens.

Like I said, India, China, Iran are next. Watch and see.

no site

United States James
May 2. 2011 23:35

Oh AND I almost forgot: if the USA disappears, who will all the other countries sell to? The world is doomed without us. Without the USA's market to sell to the entire world would be plunged into total poverty and look like India. So think twice about wishing us to disappear.

no site

Canada Oriental Pro
May 3. 2011 03:22
Oriental Pro

^^^ What he says is TRUE.  This Indian is telling the truth.  Osama Bin Laden was a 'double-agent' who most likely died of natural causes around 2001-2002 in some remote place in Afghanistan.

Everything he says is basically the truth.

Heard of that German scientist who after WWW2 went to the USA.  He mentioned "4 cards":  

Card 1:  The "Red scare" (communism)
Card 2:  9/11 Inside jew-job
Card 3:  Danger of "Asteroids"
Card 4:  Attack of "Aliens"

no site

United Kingdom Jamesisanmoron
May 3. 2011 16:24


Moron: Listen, I like americans, I like you even, Yes i am an indian, I like the INDIAN ego getting busted.

Now listen: this is not about civilization of Britney spears boobs

You have entered into an Important phase of your Empire:

From Osama death i can see 2 things:

1)American withdrawl from Afghanistan(which is unlikely) ,but guess what ,Have you even seen or read what happened when soviets prepared to withdrawl?---taliban re-emerged .in full strength, --and soviets bodys were carried in truck--13000 died in 5 months. when soviets prepared for withdrawl.

If USA takes this step --its preparing for its own destruction....Remember NATO trucks and weapons ,Food everything passes through --baluchistan area....you served in Navy asshole isnt it?

If Pakistan Blocks the NATO supply Lines,which i see will happen--Americans will be trapped lilke Rats without ammunition in afghanistan, then you will see what TALIBAN ,and its other sister groups can do and their power

This is most probable scenario is foresee

2)There will be a false flag which might happen in Europe/USA/UK--Blamed on Pakistan and US+NATO and Eu leugue will Have No fly Zone over PAK ,just like Libya

and thats you death bead, PAK is not Libya or syria or even afghan..pakistan is a Nuclear armed country with 130 Nuclear warheads..

China is already making to Point clear by stating that it will support Pakistani Govt in any case.  Russians will join chinese..I am sure about it.

Only thing which USA will do, is play with INDIAN card, IND+usa and other Countries might launch strikes on PAK...

I am not a conspiracy Nutcase----This is huge thing you have done, this will escalate, I am sure...

idiot if you want to live peacefully ,wake up and search for a Good job in germany or Swiss--economy is good and they even take English speakers...

USA is fucked..Libya will relatiate, same with Syria--they are seeking help of IRAN.

Moron you are teaching Muslim world civilization---LOL...LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL

a guy from a stupid country which doesnt had any civilization is teaching Muslim world which has---First human Civilization in Form of EGYPTIAN, next comes Persian, OTTOMAN,ASSYRIAN,MOGOLIAN(chengis Khan),Mughal.....

you teaching these people Civilization---Moron, learn about outside world first.


FYI.....I am not sprouting conspiracy or something..

you know what Happened-----A US HELICOPTER  WAS SHOT DOWN BY "  Pakistani Army on MAY 1, dont believe me..well search it on Google, this is not fake like Morphed OSAMA PHOTO, Debris is shown in News channels, US Pilot is dead.

Pakistani Military says that "  US rocket and helicopter are Flying in Pakistani NUCLEAR ZONE ...."

you heard it right..USA wants to Target PAKISTANI NUCLEAR ZONE----i sense a big thing in coming days.

In Pakistan, army is alarmed...Read Outside News moron,other than CNN or FOX FAKE NEWS..

Chinese are sending their Diplomats to Pakistan, INDIAN news papers are claiming that Chinese diplomats and Military officials are on Official Visit to Pakistan.

Moron: all this was just over a " BOGEYMAN" Osamas death?....LOL...There is something BIG..

I dont know what.

keep your familiy safe, I know more about INDIANS, They are sheeps with Big EGO and hatred towards others(Chinese,pakistan,Muslims,English,USA..Etc).

They will serving as cattle in this Game.

I sense the Next  Superpower is ISRAEL---Its bound to happen...How long does it cn stay is the Question to be asked...  

no site

United Kingdom Jamesisanmoron
May 3. 2011 16:41

ANd about Entire World economy Collapsing----You think that after QE3 by FED is there any Economy Left.

Idiot , INDIANS ,Americans and every one is Living on Borrowed time...it will Pop up one day or the other.

Cheap OIL is no Longer easy to get, Alternatives are there but there is no feasible solution which has ever come out.

I sense US will be Doomed , but i am pretty soon, this will not end like that.

I sense a war coming---I am an INDIAN and there are few  Good Unbaised INDIANS even....

I clearly see it---and its not that easy as you have mentioned previously....ARABS /Islamic idiots will never surrender.

You need to read about Great Persian civilization--I am a Parsi INDIAN, I have Iranian Blood In me.

you think that Persians will Bow down and kiss your ass?--a true persian will never.

I told you , By coming up with the News of Osama death and Blaming on Pakistan---I sense a Flase Flag coming and an Attack on Pakistan by allied forces and NATO.

The stage is set...Meanwhile--Stage is even set here is ASIA with CHINESE Coming out OPenly and siding with Pakistan.

Russian foreign Minister is Inviting talks with Pakistani leaders---Moron you are entering into Darkest Phases of Your Empire..

Chill, as your stupidity and Self boasting and EGO that GOD is with USA will never save you and your army Men.

I pray for families of your Amry men who are coming from battles with mental disorder.

With 1 trillion$ student Debt, With Army who is fighting Useless battles and Coming out with mental Disorders...with Stupid masses being Led by Corrupt politicians .

With Arrogant,selfish people Obsessed with celebrity Image and Luxury ,sex-----USA is entering into Darkest Phases of its History...

"Its Destroying Itself from Within"

no site

May 3. 2011 16:45

A US HELICOPTER  WAS SHOT DOWN BY "  Pakistani Army on MAY 1, dont believe me..well search it on Google, this is not fake like Morphed OSAMA PHOTO, Debris is shown in News channels, US Pilot is dead.

Pakistani Military says that "  US rocket and helicopter are Flying in Pakistani NUCLEAR ZONE ...."

you heard it right..USA wants to Target PAKISTANI NUCLEAR ZONE----i sense a big thing in coming days..

Keep my words  in mind, I pray for your Good ...

I hope what i foresee will not happen--but somehow it seems inevitable

no site

Comments are closed

- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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