tunnel rat posted on April 13, 2011 23:23

It's been quite a busy week in terms of H-1Bs, and the slumdogs can't be happy.  First off was a propaganda piece in Newsweek that parroted the (NASSCOM lobbyist paid by your tax dollars) Vivek Wadhwa "brain drain" lie in a post called "America’s ‘National Suicide'":

"...As it has for generations of immigrants before him, America opened new possibilities. After finishing his M.B.A., Ganti was courted by Irving Oil and EMC, a top technology firm. Again, he chose a less traditional path, joining Sharpridge Capital Management, a startup fund launched by Kevin Grant, who had been a star bond trader at Fidelity but had left to try Everest for a second time. Ganti was the company’s seventh employee, brought on at a critical time when Sharpridge was building toward an initial public offering of shares. A promising career, it seemed, had begun. After working a year at Sharpridge, Ganti decided to visit his family in India. But what should have been a quick trip became an extended ordeal—a bureaucratic nightmare that would cost him his job, his car, and his life in the United States..."

As if we need more bond traders...

But the comments section was flooded with insight (HUNDREDS OF ANTI H-1B MESSAGES) from the victims of India's Occupational Genocide:

"Sadly, H-1b has been used to exclude U.S. citizens from the workforce and to bring in engineers whose sole purpose was to remove whole departments. Unfortunately the H-1b law has no protection for U.S. workers, an H-1b may be hired even if a better qualified U.S. citizen applied, interviewed, and wants the job. The fact that there is no protection for U.S. workers to be able to compete equally, has made the H-1b visa the "Outsourcing" visa, as it is officially described back in India.  
Abuse of other visa's is also quite common, that is why Infosys tried to coerce a U.S. employee into falsifying federal documents in order facilitate the illegal acquisition of B-1 visas for Infosys Indian employees. The B-1 visa is not supposed to be used by people coming here to actually work on a job, yet that is exactly how Infosys is using these visas.  
Have you heard about the 300 billion dollars in tax cheating that goes on each year? Infosys is right there, because under B-1 they don't have to pay U.S. taxes for the workers they bring in to take your job.  
Look we cannot afford to have a Visa system that facilitates the removal of jobs. And U.S. workers must be allowed to compete equally for jobs on U.S. soil.  
Infosys uses the Visa system to find it's U.S. engineering workforce, they actively discriminate against U.S. engineers in their hiring practices, and are using the visa system to create a U.S. engineering workforce that is 90% from India. Because their sole purpose is to use U.S. visas to cheat on their taxes and remove U.S.jobs.  
Sadly companies such as Infosys, which actively discriminates against U.S. citizens, have badly abused the U.S. visa system, to the point that it is a National Disgrace."

If training my slumdog replacement is suicide, I'll aim for the red dots before I drink the Cool Aid.

And then Fox News had another piece of crap from collaborator Alex Nowrasteh, entitled "Why Can't Obama and Congress See That Our Poor Immigration Policies Punish American Companies Who Want to Hire Skilled Immigrants?"

Again, the comments were revealing, and there where HUNDREDS OF ANTI-H1B COMMENTS:

"H-1B visa holders displace US citizen workers. There is NO requirement that the company try to hire in the US before importing these foreign nationals. There are many instances of discriminatory exclusion of citizen workers in job ads. There are qualified and willing US citizens and current permanent residents unemployed or underemployed and wanting these jobs. Their only disqualifications are their age and expectations of fair pay for the education and experience required for the job."

Of course, fuck-story collaborator Don Tennant had to chime in, with a not-so veiled threat of blacklisting anti-H-1B techies here.  Flame-baiting Don didn't get much traffic from that crap post, but this comment was telling:

If Carnecero wants a red flag, perhaps she should look to India (where 71% of H-1Bs come from). In India they kill the company CEO if he lays the workers off. And they throw acid in peoples' faces. And they fake their degrees and resumes. Except for slight exagerations in some resumes, I don't know a single native-born American who does any of those things. After all, tolerance caused 9-11 - one of the 19 hijackers was an H-1B software worker in Silicon Valley. No red flag there.

Now that last threat from slumdog shill Don Tennant is what is key here.  The collaborators and slumdog shills want you to be terrified of being called a "racist" or a "violent" person for expressing your views regarding the displacement and denigration of American techies at the hands of the H[indu]-1B lobby.  Their message is:


Well, all I can say is bring it on, douchebags.  Retaliation will be swift and severe.  It will take the form of lawsuits and vicious public retribution that will make you regret making an enemy of honest American techies. 

It has already started.  Just note this communique that I got from fellow insurgent Donna Conroy:

Exciting development.  An investigative reporter is examing how widespread the issue of corporate visa fraud is--particularly by major Indian outsourcing companies and companies that have a large presence in India, such as IBM.

They are particularly interested in companies that use the L-1 and the B1/B2 visa programs to fill their US job openings and transfer personnel to the US for short term work.

All information will be confidential.  Pls. reply to this message with a short description of what you know and what you have seen.  Also, state whether you would be willing to talk to the reporter off the record.

For many years, our members have been pleading with us to find in-depth coverage on this issue.  We now have that opportunity.  The more information we can gather, the more material the reporter will be able to cover.

And please contribute; projects you are looking for have been put on hold due to lack of funds.

The team at BFJ,

Donna, Mike, Brendan, Baxter, Barbara M.


Just think, you Fuckin' Slumdog Slave Trader or Cocksucker Collaborator working at Tata, HCL, Infosys, ITBusinessEdge, or Apex Technology Group -- the word is out.  We will hunt you down and expose you. 

Already, the collaborators that have hired the scabs from WiPro, etc. are feeling the wrath of the Insurgency's Retribution.  Collaborator Cunt Karenann Terrell had to resign from Baxter after overseeing a purge of Americans, and now a Google search of her name has my blog in the top results (along with keywords like 'i hate indian software engineers', 'India Indian culture bigotry racism', 'indian engineers suck') . 

Here is our message:


If you are proud of your acts, then you have nothing to worry about.  But if you get a reputation for being a shill for the slumdog slave trade, good luck getting another job.  If you do find work, get some cheap tires for your fancy sedan, because you will find them slashed in the parking lot of the next corporate gig you get.



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United States mark
April 14. 2011 01:08

Google this address:

P.O. Box 56625, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Basically it gives you a whos-who of American firms who are abusing the H1-B and green card programs.

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United States James
April 14. 2011 02:38

Looks like we are finally winning. India is on the ropes at every turn.

The govt wouldn't listen to us - until the 2008 collapse happened, and it became clear that the housing crisis, credit crisis, and just about every other economic problem America has was caused by slumdogs cleaning out our economy.

Well thy're listening now.

Combine Fed criminal probes of curry shops like InfoSys for tax evasion and fraud, and boo-hoo immigration sob stories like the Newsweek one, and it's clear the U.S. govt has finally woken up. The Feds want these people out of our econ and with good reason - they hate the west and are here to conduct a takeover and cleanout of our country, not to 'help' us.

Game over Indiots, you lose, we win. Looks like the internet turned out to be a great thing after all.

no site

April 14. 2011 05:33

The word ' corruption ' does not adequately convey the extent of irreparable rot within India among Indians.

My child after passing out of school wanted to graduate in a particular stream  (am afraid to state the name due to fear). Not engineering , medicine , computer science which is what most Indians aspire to specialise in for its glamour value and lure of huge amounts of money to be made.I was relentlessly dissuaded by alleged well wishers not to send my child abroad ( America/Canada/Australia) branding (sic) 'West as bad'. Yes , even today many Indians have that frog in the well mentality harbouring anti Western biases without even having travelled or interacted with any of them.

Despite having the adequate percentages & clearing entrance exams was denied admission in a well known government college in India. They asked for bribes in the form of watches , cameras , torches , electronic goods etc specifically made in JAPAN.

Another well known private college in India offered to give a post graduation certificate if only we would part with a hefty amount of cash. Obviously , carrying a fake certificate with no knowledge sounded atrociously shocking. I refused.

But that is the way it is in India and many oblige. As corruption is with CONNIVANCE of Establishment. Those in government have a chunky stake. Laws , rules & regulations exist only in paper. Hence do not ever make the basic mistake of comparing America with India. Though it has the temerity to call itself a democracy thus thumbing its corrupt angry nose at America.

I had no choice but to supply all the demanded cameras , watches etc to people in high places. What followed was one unalloyed nightmare for both my child & myself. Teaching itself was high schoolish sans excellence belying all the sheen projected in their prospectus & 'India shining' spiel by the Indian media. What was the point in having a computer with no electricity ? And the faculty insisted on ante deluvian ways of presentation.

America awards merit , honesty & excellence. India apotheosizes  mock humility & sycophancy that later metamorphose into naked arrogance , swagger & fake confidence. Sparing you sordid details of lamentable infrastructure & the hostile attitude of people. One day I walked into the classroom , yanked out my child asking to quit India for good & go West.

Both of us have never regretted our decision. As RK Narayan remarked :-

" It is so much easier to love your motherland India from a distance. "

I am an Indian born & brought up in India for most part of my life. My child also grew up there for ten years. Living in India & getting along with Indian neighbours , relatives , acquaintances whatever be their religious beliefs is extremely stressful. It is a PAIN. The Westerner is far far superior.  

no site

April 14. 2011 05:42

Adding to my comments above.

Public transport being utterly chaotic & non existent in most parts we enrolled ourselves in a driving school to learn driving a two wheeler. Ended up parting with enormous amounts of bribes despite passing the test. Bribing does not take place surreptitiously. Everyone had to pay bribes.

Once I was admitted to a private hospital due to food poisoning. The qualified doctor accompanied by two nurses exclaimed in loud decibels :-

" Something serious with you...we are unable to read...no heartbeat....".

And did not even the grace to apologise on discovering the blood pressure monitor was faulty. The washroom was so pukesome I thought death would be so much more welcome.

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April 14. 2011 05:51


And did not even have the grace to apologise.....

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April 14. 2011 05:57

An Indian dying in India is denied dignity even in death. One has to bribe & bribe at several levels to ensure cremation & collection of ashes.

I have personally gone through this bribing charade when my parents & grandparents passed away. I am strongly convinced this is the reason India is glorified as the land to be sought for salvation. Life is so incredibly wretched & painful any mature person would be consumed by the desire never to be born again. Thus beseeching our Maker for salvation.

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United Kingdom anon
April 14. 2011 06:09

dont forget Cognizant they are corrupt slave traders too, sadly the US authorities allow them to pretend to be a US organisation

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United States Anti-Tech Gibberish
April 14. 2011 10:34
Anti-Tech Gibberish

The more you swear the more appealing your opinion seems, you unemployable half-wit.  

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April 14. 2011 11:05
tunnel rat

I've got a fine job and am very happily employed, slumdog.  In fact, I've never spent more that a week or two in between contracts in the last 20 years, and there will always be tons of work re-writing slumdog code.

I even have an Indian boss that relies on me to do his job for him so that (in typical Indian fashion) he can take credit for all the accomplishments of our team.


United States James
April 14. 2011 15:31

"To expect one’s country to prosper without an uprising is as unreal as the flowers of the sky. It is for this reason that prominent politicians say that there is nothing so sacred as a revolution …. Shivaji was firmly convinced that it is the primary duty of every man to protect his faith and his country from the oppression of foreigners. He who fails to perform this duty, goes to hell and becomes infamous.”

     – Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar   K. J. Campbell, Political Trouble in India, New Delhi: Oriental Publishers, 1917, p. 48

Well then, I guess that applies to Americans who need to protect themselves from foreigners too.

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United States Cd
April 14. 2011 18:48

The tide has finally changed no amount of propaganda from mumbai don, vivek fraudwa, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NASSCOM can change the minds of millions of Americans unemployed by foreign work visas(H1-b, L1, B1, EB2, EB3).
Just look at the hundreds of comments that these fools receive everytime they come up with some bs propaganda.

There is no turning back.  Americans want their jobs back.

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United States Drifter
April 14. 2011 19:28

Personal attacks are the last vestige of defense. Creaks and groans of the ship as it goes down...

India, you had your chance but you blew it. Until the country gets organized and practices some ethics and integrity, you'll never make it in the global marketplace. The outsoucing abuse and fraud has set you back even further now - it was a golden opportunity to show the world you've matured but the truth always comes out. You clearly aren't ready yet for primetime. It will be generations before you're relevant.

Federal pest control has been called in, and the rat traps are springing so fast they can't keep up with them. Dark corners, between the walls, under the bed, they WILL find you and you'll be swept out the door. Time to go home and save yourself the embarrassment of being deported by force.

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United States db
April 15. 2011 00:01

You see, what they are trying to do is demonize and make ad hominem attacks against people who are anti-h1b. They can't attack the substance of their arguments so they just attack the person saying they are "not rational" or "unstable."

This is a dumb tactic used by intelligence types to try and build a case record of "proven" conclusions when none exist. Political correctness is a socialist fear/control tool that originally began in Communist Russia (if I'm not mistaken). Tennant uses some CIA spook Susan Carnicero to say angry victims are actually not victims. The CIA was started after WW2 with Truman signing the NSAct. Many of the initial bodies brought into that organization were Nazis (right-wing socialism mixed with occult/racial policies).

None of their claims hold up to historical scrutiny. All their conclusions are ultimately contradictory. No one will ever advocate for strong cultural nationalism, which is the real solution here. They will just try and replace it with socialism combined with racial ideologies like La Raza or Aryanism. When you disagree with their takeover system they will try and remediate you with articles like the ones from Don Tennant.

None of what they are saying is true it's just a illusion trying to deceive you. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Don Tennant made up that story about the guy from DC.

These traitors have no integrity and it will be their ultimate downfall when the time comes. Their constant job is to spin the issue.

Good job TR. Look into all the Indian firms working in UAE and the Middle East. They are interfacing with US defense contractors. Have been for decades. (TATA)

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United States holly
April 16. 2011 01:56


   Great news, but just a small correction - the word is 'comminique', not 'communicade'.  Rock on - keep up the fight!

no site

April 16. 2011 12:31
tunnel rat

Thanks Holly!  

Unlike the slumdogs, we locals appreciate the importance of good communication skills.


United States GregMan
April 20. 2011 08:58

HSBC Bank USA just laid off more Americans, once they were sure they had trained their Indian replacements, of course.  This has been going on for a while, and by an odd coincidence ATM problems, a crashed mainframe and other problems have risen dramatically.  If anyone wants to look for visa fraud HSBC is probably a good place to start.

Here are a few examples of what's been happening there:

Good thing they're getting rid of all those lazy, overpaid Americans, huh?

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United States James
April 20. 2011 14:47

HSBC has been having huge ATM failures since 2006. The Indolts can't even program something as simple as an ATM transaction let alone something like a big complex desktop app or a nig mainframe. They've been getting into banking and wall st. ever since they cleaned out silicon valley and detroit. Oh wait.... Banking and wall st. Was what collapsed recently. Hmmm... Seems to be an odd trail of collapse and crises everywhere these losers go. No wonder nothing works right anymore and everything is collapsing around us.

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United States Your Indian Friend
April 22. 2011 16:36
Your Indian Friend

Did you hear Michael Savage yesterday praising the Indians and dumping on the Mexicans ?  Someone should tell him about all the scams and frauds perpetrated by Indians here.  I don't think he knows.

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United States Poonibaba
April 22. 2011 19:10

"HSBC has been having huge ATM failures since 2006. The Indolts can't even program something as simple as an ATM transaction let alone something like a big complex desktop app or a nig mainframe. They've been getting into banking and wall st. ever since they cleaned out silicon valley and detroit. Oh wait.... Banking and wall st. Was what collapsed recently. Hmmm... Seems to be an odd trail of collapse and crises everywhere these losers go. No wonder nothing works right anymore and everything is collapsing around us."

And not just HSBC, James...that curry den, ShittyCorp, run by Vikram Dipshit Pandit, has also been ethnically cleansing the place of Americans and obviously replacing them with Indiot H1-B "coders" who couldn't code their way out of a cardboard box.

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United States James
April 23. 2011 08:31

Citibank profits were down 25% last quarter. How much longer until Pandit gets canned?

Savage did do a short piece a few years back where he decried H-1B and said he watched as rhey flew in workers from India, China, etc and watched them destroy the local workforce.

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