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Oldie, but goody:

Most of you don’t even need to read this post to know why outsourcing your software development work to cheaper countries may not ultimately help you. You already know why.

The thing is that many people outsource their work to IT hubs like Bangalore to save a lot of money. But the problem is that you get a low quality product at last. The reason? You tried to cut cost too much.

You cannot get a high quality work done for a low cost. Never. Quality always comes with a price.

When outsourcing to foreign countries, always try to do it to people who promise quality product, not to people who promise lower cost. Also, never ever outsource your core development work.

I am an Indian myself and let me tell you some facts I came across:

  1. Major Indian software companies are recruiting low quality programmers.
  2. A large percentage (I am afraid more that 50%) of the programmers are from non-CS backgrounds. Many are mechanical engineers, electrical/electronics engineers or civil engineers.
  3. The pay scales for fresher posts here are not the best even according to Indian standards.
  4. We don’t care for the quality of the work we do for you. Now I don’t want to piss off any one, but the fact is that seriously no one cares about the quality of their code they do for some American company which they don’t know much about. You will get quality code only if it comes from your heart – like when you code for yourself. Most Indian software engineers don’t feel any kind of commitment to their organizations (mainly because of the way companies treat employees).
  5. Part of the reason why many companies recruit low quality programmers is that the works we get here are mainly some support work or very monotonous and boring development work that looks like it will take ages to get completed. Many Indian programmers have their own pet projects which they dedicate their free time to and they concentrate on the quality of the code they produce for that pet projects instead of the projects they have to do in their organizations.
  6. I never meant that there are no quality programmers in India. There are many, but the chances are very low that big software giants will recruit these bright minds (which they cannot afford). Instead, they go for cheap mechanical engineers or graduates from some second class institution.
  7. This bullet point is supposed to occupy the place where I bash the project management BS. I don’t like bad mouthing that much. So just skip…

I guess you guys understand the situation here.

So what is the solution?

Don’t outsource. Seriously.

If your work is very monotonous and does not demand high quality, outsource. If you want a very good software product and if it the flagship product of your company, never ever outsource. You are doomed otherwise.

Of course, the comments are revealing:

I am so sick of calling tech support and getting someone whose English is so garbled I spend half the phone conversation saying.. ” excuse me can you repeat that”
I grew up in a multilingual household and I am used to thick accents but really the tech support nowadays is just unbearable. I have, on most occasions, received such poor service from untrained staff that in most cases I have to find a friend who can assist. The companies believe they are saving money but in actuality they are getting ripped off because the outsourced employee is worthless and you end up with a negative feeling toward the company that is using them.


One Word. Off-shore Sucks.

I know a lot of Indiots, I mean Indians that say they know and everything is very easy, very easy. the fact is that the majority of them are a bunch of liars,
they will lie to you wihout even blinking thier eyes just to get the job, once they land on the job they try to learn, by the time you realize they know nothing and they lie to you you have invested a lot on them and sometimes it is hard to evaluate what is more expensive, fire the Indian and get a new one or try to make the Indian to deliver. Off-shore is a bad idea, it does not matter what is the point of view, it does not work. wether we are talking about development, customer service, etc, a resource in the other side of the world with a total different mentality can not help you the same as someone in your own timezone
and with at least s similar clash.

Off-shore was, is and will always be a bad idea.

Got outsorced? Off-shore sucks

I needed to rant on why outsourcing sucks. I wish I could name ONE incident in which through outsourcing I received superior service but it hasn’t happened yet.


I am an engineer in a big company, like IBM, MS, QUALCOMM etc. I work with Indian Engineer everyday. I have never met them. But I felt that they must be the kind of bad engineer described by you. I am very frustrated by the quality of their work.

3 lines of code, one serious bug. That is my feeling.

I always thought, there must be some smart Indian engineers. But sorry, I have to say I never met an ordinary engineer. All of them suck, and the mangers suck.

About the quality and quantity of work, 10 of them can not compare with me. They just don’t know what they are doing.


I 100% agree with this post and I can do so based upon my experiences with outsourcing software/web development to India.

About a year ago we decided to try our hand at outsourcing some PHP programming for a website of ours instead of doing it ourselves. So we set out with our first company (Sanvera Solutions), agreed upon specs, requirements, and a price.

What we got was utter and pure crap. It was barely put together, coded worse than I could have done myself (and I’m a very amateur PHP coder) and took forever.

On top of that, every week or so, they would send us an email about how “hard” the work was and how they needed more money to continue. Basically each week we got one day of work and then didnt get an update for another two weeks. Each time we asked what was going on and why there wasnt work being done on the project we were always told “oh we’re on holiday, we have lots of holidays in India, we’re off for the next three weeks, oh Ramesh is on vacation”.

Finally, after 4 months of the same bullshit, we told them to take a hike. About 10% of the project had been completed.

We moved on to an independent programmer who didnt work for a company. This programmer compared to Sanvera Solutions was miles better. At the time we were very pleased. However the same issues kept arising. “It is very hard work, I need more money”. “Sorry I have been busy/on vacation/away”. Finally this programmer said he wouldnt work unless we doubled the payment.

Since we negotiate a per project fee and have very thoroughly documented our requirements, we told him to take a hike.

Finally I come to our third programmer. I’m happy to say we’re quite pleased with him. But he’s not from India, he is Russian. He did everything from scratch in about 1-2 months writing far more advanced code than the previous two programmers and has been very flexible to work with.

As well as cheaper than the previous two. So I guess we learned a lesson. Dont hire anyone from India.

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United States James
February 23. 2011 04:20

Just what American techies have been saying all along - Indians really suck at IT!

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United States Bobby Jindal
February 23. 2011 13:10
Bobby Jindal

With so many states facing budget shortfalls, not a single republican/tea party governor has proposed taxing off-shoring or outsourcing. Just squeezing out poor American because he happens to be in an union hated by a rich outsourcing loving billionaire business leader.

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United States Rat Pack
February 23. 2011 22:26
Rat Pack

Of course they suck at IT.  That was never the question except from obvious shills who say how good and intelligent they are (SOME are, don't get me wrong, but most that come here and almost all the ones on H1-B visas are worthless).  We all know they're hired because they are essentially drones.  They do whatever management says, without any question, and they have no problem working long hours if necessary.  And, of course, they work for much less and have no pesky families or social lives that can interfere with work hours.

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February 25. 2011 20:54

Drone better!  People make problem!



United Kingdom Bob
February 26. 2011 02:27


You may like to see how Infosys works around the Visa system.


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