tunnel rat posted on February 9, 2011 00:31

OMG, the Hinglish in Pradeep's messages is horrid, but typical of any slumdog working in corporate America today, even managers and executives.  And stalking is a pretty common practice among the "best and the brightest".  Hell, I used to get hundreds of comments a day from ghetto canines like Code Corrector and other online slumdog stalkers.  Zuckerberg should accept this and embrace this cultural phenomenon. And stop being so "xenophobic and paranoid," as some HuffPo collaborator called it!

Zuckerberg Stalker's Plea -- 'SAVE MY MOTHER'

The man accused of stalking Mark Zuckerberg claims he was only trying to reach the Facebook honcho in a last ditch effort to acquire financial assistance for his dying mother.


In a letter Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark this past January -- and obtained by TMZ -- the 31-year-old depicts himself as "a son to my mother who has become helpless in supporting his kin."

Pradeep claims his mother is suffering from a serious illness with little time to live -- though he doesn't disclose the nature of her illness.

Pradeep is also unclear about how much cash he wants from Zuckerberg -- only that he promises to "repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment."

As we previously reported, Zuck obtained a restraining order against Pradeep -- claiming he  posed a threat after he showed up at the Facebook offices and Mark's home. 

Pradeep has said he will not try to contact Mark again.

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United States James
February 9. 2011 05:51

Do you mean to tell me that with all the trillions these slumdogs have grifted out of America's economy this clown can't go somewhere else to find the $ he needs? Why doesn't he hit up Azim Premji, Rata Tata, or That Ambani Dude?

No, I don't buy this clown's story for a second. What I see is just another jealous Indiot who sees a sucessful white person and can't stand it. This slumdog can't stand that Facebook wasn't started by Indians, or even that Indiots aren't capable of starting something like Facebook. This is just another shakedown of the west, that's all.

In a way, this guy is the poster child for what all of Indian IT represents: the belief that white people somehow owe Indians due to Britain's colonization of India 200 years ago.

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United States Cd
February 9. 2011 15:19

Being the owner of fb, mark can delete his fb account or ask his indian debelopers to create a "super UNLIKE" button specially created for him, the FB owner.

Is that indian from the south?  he uses the word "kin"

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United States db
February 10. 2011 00:53

Behind every desi is a Pradeep Manukonda just screaming to be let out.

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United States Quagmire
February 10. 2011 17:02

We have very very good reasons to be "xenophobic" of India. They hate the western world, especially whites. They are not our friends. They were a (ahem.... cough).... "former" ally of the Soviet Union. They harbor centuries-old hatreds of the west due to Britain's colonization of India 200 years ago. They are angry that the west developed and they didn't. Many of them are criminals. Corruption is rampant in India. India thinks the west owes it and that they are entitled to what we have created for ourselves.

Now our moronic politcians are selling the most advanced U.S. military weapons and hardware to slumdogs. How soon before those weapons are turned back on us.

Trust me, don't trust India!

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United States BigR
February 11. 2011 05:19

It seems that India has plenty of people like tunnel rat, drifter and James. The existence of Pradeep Munakonda clearly proves that. Fortunately USA has very few people of this type which explains its prosperity and overall success. India, on the other hand, has no shortage of such luminaries.

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United States James
February 12. 2011 04:17

Hey everyone look - IT'S ANIL BHAVNANI (aka "BigR"). Got canned from Adobe did we Anil? I guess your lawsuit for RACISM didn't sit too well with the Adobe management. Too bad for you. Did you find the MSDN CD yet or are you still asking Americans where you can get it? HAHAHA!!!!!!!

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