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Even if you are unemployed, I expect you to make a nominal contribution to the cause - TR

< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER  No. 2136 -- 12/30/2010 >>>>>

There are now only two tax-deductible days left in 2010 to make donations
to ZaZona.com. To find out how to do that, scroll to the bottom of the
page. If you aren't convinced that donating is necessary please continue to
read so I can attempt to convince you otherwise.

The Job Destruction Newsletter is one of the very few places you can read
news and ANALYSIS that focuses on the connection between employment based
visas, offshore outsourcing, and immigration. There are many people that
forward news articles around the internet but they don't provide analysis.
I put the emphasis on the word "analysis" because that is the part
takes hard work and copious amounts of time -- MY TIME.

Your first thought might be that email is free, so there is no need to
donate to ZaZona.com. The reality is different however, because it's not
free for me write and publish them. Nothing on the internet is truly free.

Recently I worked very long hours of due diligence to connect the DREAM Act
and H-1B. People that receive this newsletter were the first to hear about
it even though the mainstream media and even most alternative publications
completely ignored the issue.

Besides the long hours spent on research and writing I have other costs,
such as electricity, utilities, and food. There are equipment needs also.
Let me explain the equipment I use to support the ZaZona website and the
newsletter so that you can understand how tenuous things are:

* My office chair was bought for $5 from a garage sale about 4 years ago.
It's getting wobbly and is not the right height. Lousy ergonomics in my
workplace makes my body hurt.

* My ViewSonic CRT monitor was out of date years ago - and CRT displays are
on their way out when you have to degauss them a couple times a day.
Sometimes I degauss four or more times just so that the text doesn't blur
too much. The turn off power relay isn't working right so I have to
manually push the switch.

* My "Made in the USA" Gateway computer has been my loyal companion
since it was donated to ZaZona.com years ago. It was a rebuilt computer
installed with Windows 95. Money was spent on upgrades so it performs
fairly well on Windows XP -- but that's as far as I can take it. New
software such as Adobe Premier assumes multiple processor platforms so
upgrading my software for modern needs becomes almost impossible. Folks,
don't lecture me on LINUX because I don't have time to fiddle with it, and
to change over wouldn't be free either -- sooner or later I need to go
beyond XP and that's going to cost money.

* My software tools are in dire need of upgrading. For example I use Office
2003 and its version of Frontpage, and Adobe Premiere 7.0 for all the video
editing I do - all tools that are so old they aren't supported anymore.
Costs are kept low by using free software such as Audacity and Virtualdub,
but there is only so much those programs can do with single processor

* My inkjet HP 722C printer is over a decade old. It still works but ink
cartridges are getting harder to find and they cost a fortune (I recently
bought black ink cartridges for a cost of $50). It's so slow printing that
handwriting is almost faster.

* My Motorola internet router was a freebie after rebates. It's about 7
years old and works well but it will need to be upgraded if I expect to
increase my DSL speed because the router only handles older and slower

* My DSL costs about $100 a month. Cable TV about another $100 (yes,
sometimes I watch CSPAN). The webserver charges about $30 a month.

* I'm difficult to contact because I can't afford a cell phone, or call
waiting on my land line. I pay per minute for long distance to talk to
activists all over the nation so most of the time I beg people to call me

* I use a passive Radio Shack headset when I appear as a host on talk
radio. It works but sometimes the call show engineers have a tough time
compensating for the sound quality that a more professional setup would

* I sometimes drive to places like the Arizona border or to Tucson to bring
you cutting edge stories on immigration. I'm going to Tucson to research
the Shawna Forde case on my own dime. Gasoline is $35 round trip and it
will be my second time going there. Maybe you haven't heard of her but soon
the court case will be back on the news and I will be one of the few
writers outside of the mainstream media with the inside story. You can
count on me to report the other side of the story as the MSM vilifies Forde
and demands for her to be burned on a cross. Court documents for this case
at the Pima Superior court costs $1 per page and that is on my own dime

* I have gone to several Tea Parties locally with the intention of
convincing them to let me talk about the H-1B issue. I haven't succeeded on
that yet but the bills for gasoline to get to their meetings still appear
on my credit card bill.

* My most important financial supporter will be cutting my funding by 20%
in 2011, but my expenses like health care insurance will be raised 86%.
Donations are way down - so all of these factors are putting the squeeze on
my efforts to maintain the quality of this newsletter and its ability to
inform you about why jobs are disappearing.

* I missed important immigration conferences around the nation simply
because I couldn't afford to attend. The lack of personal networking
affects the quality of the work I can do because there is no substitute for
meeting the people that are the news. In contrast, our opponents like AILA
and Compete America travel to wherever is necessary in order to support
their open borders agenda.

Times are tough for everyone but they will be even worse if all voices that
oppose H-1B are silenced. If you have been around long enough you will
remember the many organizations sprouted and died because of a lack of
funding. ZaZona.com could be another one on the extinction list if more
support doesn't materialize. Donations have plunged this year -- perhaps
because I haven't been forceful enough in asking for help. Now I'm asking.

Some of you might wonder why the tax deductible donations are made through
the Vdare website. The answer is simple - they have the infrastructure to
set up the foundation for ZaZona.com. When you donate to ZaZona.com, Vdare
takes a small percentage to cover the administrative costs of supporting
the fund raising. Their share of the donation is less than what Paypal
takes if you pay directly through the ZaZona website. By making a tax
deductible donation to ZaZona.com you are actually helping to support two
worthy causes. And please, let's don't argue over whether Vdare is worthy
of your support because that's not the issue or the big picture when it
comes to the survival of ZaZona.com.  If for whatever reason you are
philosophically opposed to Vdare (despite the fact that they are 100% on
our side on H-1B and offshoring) please send me a check or money order, or
help Paypal get richer by donating by credit card.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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by donating:

Now accepting tax deductible donations. Go to the donations
web page to find out how.

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Comments (2) -

January 1. 2011 09:47

Amen TR...

If *I* can pony up a hundred bucks here and there, so can the other underemployed readers.


P.S. I don't have health insurance, and haven't since I had a real job.


January 1. 2011 22:59
tunnel rat

We gotta do what we can do, Taxi Driver.  I sent my check into Rob, gladly.

Eventually, the Insurgency will purge the parasites and you and other Americans will be back to work at a job with good benefits.  2010 is the year that we turned the corner.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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