tunnel rat posted on November 25, 2010 12:06

I blogged about this a year ago, and I don't know what happened to the lawsuit, but it is worth a repeat:

...Infosys management routinely disparaged Americans, including Mrs. Awasthi, as not having "family values," and stated that layoffs in America are good because the jobs will be outsourced.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, telling her that she should not celebrate Thanksgiving because she is Indian, and that therefore she must work on Thanksgiving Day.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi’s children for celebrating Thanksgiving, and called them "ABCD" short for "American-Born Confused Desi," and "IBCD" short for "Indian-Born Confused Desi," insulting terms used to criticize people of Indian ancestry who are Americanized...

While researching this matter, I came across this gem:

Most Indian Tech firms are involved in huge fraud with US labor laws. Whenever Consultants are on bench, they get minimum prescribed H1B pay so that their Status is maintained - but they have pay this back to the company in cash. Which means they are actually cheating the US Visa program. Even BusinessWeek ran a cover story. There is large scale fraud in hiring contractors where nepotism and regionalism rule. All Indian firms are involved.

Moreover (I feel ashamed of being Indian many times for this) Indians especially Indian men are highly racist. They treat women like objects. They have no regard of the sacrifice of American soldiers and have no regard for American ethics, but want to pull out profit from America. They are extremely stingy and exploit employees and lie about employees qualifications to get projects. USCIS knows this but the tech industry lobby which is infested with Indian American Green card holders who are even more greedy than the Indian tech cos, push USCIS not to be strict on them, as the demand for tech workers is kept high by false estimation of tech projects.

Infy will settle lawsuit by huge payout, but this may lead to string of lawsuits hurting even genuine non cheating Indians and spoiling Indians reputation.

IMHO, all of you Indians should be ashamed. And there's more! OMG!

Just to clarify - the company being mentioned has been known to disallow associates from keeping miniature tricolors during Independence day on grounds of being a 'Global Company' Having been in the industry its pretty certain most desi IT companies strive hard to have a cosmopolitan, culture-neutral workplace. The trouble is the pool they recruit from.

Now these are not your regular urban DU/Xaviers liberal fluff who get their pants in a knot over Palestine and can't end their day without a hookah/chillum orgy. Most of these guys are from Engineering colleges in the hinterland where the boy to girl ratio is 8:1 and too busy competing for grades, being pressurized by parents etc. It leaves them with no time to catch up with cultural nuances and other worldly affairs. Besides a majority of them are from lower middle class conservative families which Goldman clubs as 'strivers' in the Indian context with a feral cultural son-of-the-soil pride and hunger for upward mobility.

On site travel rarely sobers them up and when pushed into a corner they close ranks, ghettoize and adopt Hindutvawaadi ideas/post on Bharat-Rakshak etc. Sad to say these kids with performance IQs off the charts often make for very unbalanced individuals. You cannot fault companies for this, blame the dog-eat-dog Indian education/employment scene. Its also good in a way. These fellas are willing to slog without cribbing about work-life-balance, which matters most in Indian IT services to drive the 15% YoY growth. They don't make the best ambassadors but conquerors never have.

Yes, I think FERAL best describes this slumdog scum, and I have refered to the this plague as a "Upper Caste Indian Invasion" just like the aforementioned Indian describes.  And don't even get me started on the curry-scented ghettos they form.

Finally, I did find that this case is working its way through courts, and Awasthi is seeking almost TWO MILLION DOLLARS:

A former employee of an Indian outsourcing company can move ahead in state court with allegations that managers in the company's U.S. office discriminated against her for being American.

That is one brave Desi chick.  In India, she would be gang rapped by some Infosys PMs and forced to suck off Infy clients for the rest of her career.

I look forward to the day when Infosys scum are rounded up and given the Aussie treatment.




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United States James
November 25. 2010 13:22

Wow Rat, that may be the best post you have done ever. That one posts covers the whole India, Inc. fraud in a nutshell: how totally racist they are, how vast the scale of the fraud and takeover is, how nazi-like they are, profit-at-any-cost, lack of respect for people and even for their own workers, how gangsta they are, that their real purpose for being here is to suck $ out of the U.S. economy, how they hate Americans and America, how they are really just a gigantic Borg-like organized crime syndicate. The whole enchilada wrapped up in one nice post.

The next time any delusional desi calls us racists for wanting these crime syndicates out of our country, just show them this post.

I hope Ms. Awasthi wins her case, although with all the money NASSCOM and companies like Infy throw at our gov't, they will probably just bribe the court off to get what they want.

Thanks for this great post exposing the Indo-TURKEYS and here's wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. May our Thanksgiving day prayer this year include a prayer that God defend our country and repulse these scum from our shores.

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Canada ezygoer
November 25. 2010 22:50

India Inc and Wall Street are very similar - greed rules over and above everything else. One called Satyam or something placed a leveraged bet on real estate in India like Wall Street did on housing in America using the same techniques - fake liar loans like fake IT resumes and went bust. So no surprises here, India Inc may have actually learnt all the tricks of the trade from Wall Street. Tom Delay has been convicted of money laundering so Wall Street, Corporate America and politicians have not been very good for the average working American and the country on paper is bust. So now who is gonna clean up the mess ?
Tea partyers led by Palin sounds like a bad joke so what's the alternative ?

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United States Shal
November 26. 2010 06:40

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United States debug
November 26. 2010 12:18

look at how the racists indians think americans don't deserve an IT job


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United States James
November 26. 2010 19:07


All Indiots are brainwashed in their crap schools in India to believe all software comes from India or is written in India. They have to tell them this in order to make sure the Indiot IT companies can launch an effort to try to take over the IT industry. Then they come to America with that belief and think only Indiots can do IT. Then they're surprised when they get here and see companies like Apple populated with 95% white American males or every single iPhone book on the shelves in the bookstores written by a white American male.

I've seen this frowning cognative dissonance on their faces in thw workplace. When you first walk in for an interview, or get hired and are in a meeting with them, or they see you knock a project dead that they can't do - there's always disillusioned scowls on the Indiots' faces as it slowly dawns on them that everything they've been taught in school about America was a big fat lie and in fact, India is the worst IT country on earth since it is unable to even produce its own commercial OS.

I love to watch the faces of these morons when an American wipes the floor with them at work. Or when we have to be called in to clean up their mess.

This phenomenon of Indian IT delusion on such a massive scale is perhaps one of the biggest psyshological intrigues of our time. Nowhere else in the world do so many people think they are masters of something they can't even remotely do competently. What's even funnier is that even after 12 years of massive failures on their part, they and corporate America (whom they have hoodwinked) continue to push this path even though it leads to massive failure and recession.

American IT people are sitting back in quiet amusement watch the massive flailing going on.

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United States James
November 27. 2010 07:51

Here is what Indiots think of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" in India. Real smart morons - kill the foreign tourists who are trying to help your economy.

"Two taxi drivers sentenced to death for murder of Aussie woman in Delhi"


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United States debugman
November 28. 2010 02:30

@james I totally agree the more failed projects the indians produce the better for us.  It's a stench that will stick with them..clients that pay cheap get failed projects.  In my years in IT I still have to see a successful outsourced project. Look how many companies are stopping their outsourcing operations.

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United States jimmy legaro
December 1. 2010 00:00
jimmy legaro

I've worked with Indian H1-B and L1 contractors for years. It's a bit uncomfortable to work with them as all morning they are talking their native language loudly on the phone to their counterparts in India. The morning brain-drain. Next is the hygiene thing. To ride up in the elevator with them is horrible. Hold your breath or vomit. All the Americans wait for an empty elevator if possible. Next let's move on to the bathrooms... All I can say is horrible horrible horrible. Toilet paper is not used in India, they use the right hand and a bottle of water... So, the bathrooms always look like a water pipe broke and you have to wade in or find another bathroom. p.s. don't touch anything that they touch if possible...
The cultural norm for an Indian is to delay, obfuscate or outright lie rather than say he can't do it, or will be late. When a deadline is missed (most are) then he will say he didn't understand, or it was a language barrier.
One Indian guy who worked under me (not my choice believe me) was responsible for writing Unix shell scripts for data loads. He was less than mediocre but the scripts were working. Surprising. Then I found out one day as I watched him that he had his wife (a Unix Administrator) writing them in India and talking him through them every morning. Another tactic when the heat was on was to work furiously for six months and then suddenly get another job, leaving a mess to clean up. I've seen this many times. One guy worked for a year on something and had demo's, met milestones etc. then went to India for the famous one month wedding vacation. He never came back. When we looked at his code he had cloned the entire existing code base, changed it, and made it look like it was working. Ha, the look on the bosses face was priceless. We (The American Programmers) had been telling him for a year to get rid of him. I could fill a hundred pages with stories like this.
The worst part was management though. They support this crap and want to get rid of every American programmer. The same ones who time and time again come through for them.
Really I blame the American programmers for not fighting hard enough. For years we watched as our fellows were fired and said nothing. Yes some of us fought but not hard enough. I would not train anyone in anything. This pissed off management but my response was always "if they are smart enough they can figure it out". Management finally put it into my contract that I had to train x amount of hours a week. Ok, fine. Training then consisted of them trying to find and fix bugs. That would keep them busy for a while...
I'm long out of that gig and now writing my own software but I am disgusted at our government and corporation for what they have done to us. The Indians are horrible but really it's not their fault. They are opportunists.  

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December 1. 2010 02:10
tunnel rat

Thanks, Jimmy.  Welcome to the Insurgency.

I agree, it is time to take it to the streets.


United States James
December 1. 2010 08:35

jimmy legaro

"They support this crap and want to get rid of every American programmer."

One does have to wonder about the delusions of American management and why they would want to get rid of the good people and keep the losers, as you mentioned.

I believe it comes down to insecurity and ego and cost is only 3rd. If it were cost, they'd clearly see a more expensive American that does it right the first time is cheaper than a dozen 3rd world slaves who create so many problems that it takes 3X longer to fix.

Most managers are used to be the big shot walking around knowing it all. But with Americans programmers (who invented IT), they are insecure. Why? Because we're so much smarter than they are, we make them look bad. This threatens their position. They must surely always be afraid some crack programmer is going to get promoted and take their job. I can't count the number of incompetent moron managers I've worked with on projects. They are afraid of us and our intelligence, pure and simple. So the way these morons start thinking is: "I'd better get rid of the smart Americans and get some docile slaves I can control and push around and threaten with deportation if they don't do exactly what I say".

To think our economy has ben wrecked just to assuage the egos of a bunch of losers in management.

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United States jimmy legaro
December 2. 2010 00:50
jimmy legaro


As many are finding out it doesn't stop at IT. Nurses, Teachers, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists are at risk. Go to CVS and what do you see? All Indian pharmacists. Yes that's right. Every damn corner store in NJ is run by Indians. Time to get rid of them. Now with unemployment over 20% (don't believe the 9.8% lie the GMan tells us) is there a reason for this anymore?
I have traveled to India many times. The "Indian Miracle" is nothing more than money siphoned off from the US and Europe. IT has allowed India to build what amounts to an "Emerald" city in Bangalore. You have to see this place to believe it. All the big names, big buildings, hundreds of thousands of IT workers, and that is just in Bangalore! Add a dozen more Indian cities and you get the picture. India's boom is on the backs of the American IT worker. Our loss is their gain. And they will fight like jackals to protect it. Witness what is happening in the US. The lies and BS flow like water in a rainstorm.
They get very defensive in India when outsourcing is threatened. They view it as their "right" since they have a natural superior engineering mind. They really think that. It's been said to me many times how superior they are.
Now, how they get that from a crap country is beyond me. India is one big stinking, cheating, molding mess. It's chaos and filthy dirty, corrupt, polluted and disgusting. When I am in India if I buy something 9 times out of 10 they will try to cheat me. Almost every time. It's the Indian mindset, lie, cheat, steal, weasel, deflect. Now move that mindset to the Indian programmer in the U.S. and you can understand what they are about.
Indian nationals are not just in the US but all over the world pulling their scams. In the US they have captured the newsstand market. In PENN station look at Hudson News. All Indian owned and run. They go for the cash  businesses.
James you are correct in that it's an ego thing for a lot of managers. They want an empire and two or three crack programmers as your team is not an empire. Yes you may write the next enterprise changing app but that doesn't matter. What matters is money in the budget, headcount, meetings etc.
I'm sick of it, sick of watching Indian nationals getting off NJ Transit trains in NJ and flooding into my town and into the Jitney to go to the suburban corporate gigs. Sick of their cheapness and lies. Sick of it all.
p.s. That bloated pig Bill Gates can move to Bangalore if he thinks they are so great.

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United States James
December 3. 2010 06:36

So they will fight like Jackls to lrotect it. Hmmm... Who's protectuonist now, India.

Luckily we have the example of Apple which CLOSED its R&D in India in 2006 and is about to become the biggest company in the U.S. Indians think they are superior at IT but it's all delusion. Where is the Indina operating system? Any major software products from India anyone has heard of? Americans are training these people. They are delusional. They want so much to be like us but where the rubber meets the road, they can't deliver. The NASSCOM hype machine makes up for it. We neededn't worry about India because their failures are now legendary all over corporate America and jobs and projects are coming back.

Just think of the scale of the boom Americans had created in the late 90s and the scale of the deception, fraud, and robbery that has gone on in America by India, Inc.

A large army is considered to be 500,000 yet we have imported 10 million of these people since 1998 and they have torn through our economy and cleaned us out. That's why the US econ is in trouble!

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United States James
December 3. 2010 13:48

It's official: India caused the Rolls Royce engine failures due to a design flaw:


I am sure Quantas is loving you now India.

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Canada Oriental Pro
December 6. 2010 23:50
Oriental Pro

It's not just you guys who are feeling the pain.  Perhaps you've heard of Slumdog's legendary racist prejudice against people of "Mongoloid" origin (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, SE Asian).

When then get their H1-B, the first thing they do is FIRE us!  Their low intelligence and fragile ego cannot stand the presence of us "Mongoloids"...  And it's not just in America where they pull this CR@P, it's also in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.  

It's really pathetic how they "look down" on Pinoys who work in the UAE, or Malaysians --- Do you know they regular RAPE white & oriental tourists in India --- not to mention, after 1962 they SLAUGHTERED OVER 350,000 ethnic Chinese (who migrated to India during British Raj times), but after they TORTURED them.

I also have been to India, so I experienced their (lack of) "hospitality" first hand.  let me tell you this, their time is coming up!  No longer will they DEFRAUD and STEAL from others.  Don't give the the bullcr@p about needing to feed the poor in India --- because vietnam and other Asian nations went through MUCH more severe conditions, but they REBUILT their own country, which is now thriving.  What about India?!  India hasn't progressed, in fact they are as BACKWARDS as ever!  People use Africa nations as an warning of being a backwards, retarded nation --- but a better example is India.  In fact, India is much more backwards than ANY African nation, there's more rape, torture, theft, communal killings, fraud, corruption, incompetence, etc than ANY place on Earth!

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United States James
December 7. 2010 17:04

India is sort of like a throwback to the Aztec days. Blood worshippers, human sacrifices, burning people alive, etc. We are out of our minds giving these barbarians our nuke tech.

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Canada Oriental Pro
December 8. 2010 17:38
Oriental Pro

James, at least the Aztec built a civilization -- also, what direct (or even indirect) evidence is there of human sacrifices or burning people?!   Whereas, in India people actually torture, chop-up, burn, rape TENS OF THOUSANDS of people (mostly women and elderly and children) in India.  

Have you seen those videos?!  I've personally witnessed a public hazing in India --- not a pretty sight... spectators where laughing and cheering it on!  For them, it's like a night out at the movies to see their neighbor beaten to death in the most horrendous ways.  If you think "stoning" is gruesome, you have NOT seen nothing!  Imagine being cut by a thousand razors, having rope around your neck, ankles, knees, wrists meanwhile your neighbors try to rip you apart by tying the other end to a cow or vehicle.

This is what it means when people say "10s of THOUSANDS are murdered each and every year by COMMUNAL VIOLENCE in Shining India"!

Now, expect some of this "communal justice" in Britain and America...  Even up in Canada, their numbers have exploded in recent years, and along with it their monkey-shines!  

no site

Canada Oriental Pro
December 8. 2010 17:40
Oriental Pro

PS:  I wasn't kidding or exaggerating about India being more backwards than Africa.  In fact, there is more "witch-hunting/burning", child-rapes, torture-deaths in India than ALL OF AFRICA COMBINED!

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United States Heartlander
December 9. 2010 10:32

@Oriental Pro: What you are saying doesn't surprise me. I once came across an article in their press about young people from their own northeastern states coming to the major metropolitan areas to work. As you know, many northeastern Indians are racially Oriental or at least partly so, which is reflected in their appearance. Some of the comments by Indian citizens were quite hostile to these Oriental-looking Indian citizens.

no site

Canada Oriental Pro
December 9. 2010 12:18
Oriental Pro

@Hearlander, these NE people are really Chinese (south tibetan ethnic) and Myanmar.  Otherwise known as "Ch1nkies" to Indians --- whom they consider "free-for-all-to-rape-as-pleased"...  It is true, I've seen it myself, and was myself discriminated against.

Not just me, but ALL Orientals are racially abused by Indians.  This happens in India, Malaysia (in "Indian ghettos" where they feel "empowered"), UK.  I've lived in Canada and a little in the USA, a few decades ago (before H1-B & other visa gimmicks) their population was very low.  So they "appeared" to be "humble" (at least kept to themselves), and I've had several childhood school friends who were Indian.  It was until I pierced into their culture and society that I learned differently.

There's a MASSIVE ARMED RESISTANCE / INSURGENCE that has been going on for OVER 60+ YEARS by these "Mongoloid" people.  Slowly and surely they are being ethnic cleansed.  

Did you know a Japanese citizen was trying to take photos of "Occupied NE", but he was ARRESTED by Indian Police/Military.  Likewise "Operation Green Hunt" (similar to Operation Blue Star) is going on with a FULL MEDIA BLACKOUT!  The GoI (government of India) is fearful of the truth (and gruesome photos) leaking out so they a CENSORING everything they can --- if you get caught, don't expect to come out unscathed.

That Japanese man I mentioned was lucky, because another Japanese who dare venture into that forbidden area was hacked to pieces --- the excuse the GoI gave to the Japanese consulate was "that he had an accident" --- no homocide investigation, nothing!  Just sweep it under the carpet.

I've been reading http://community.dice.com and I noticed many people are perplexed to why their own American (and British) citizens and corporates would betray them.  Here's something you may not know:

India Inc (Tata Consultancy Services, WiPro, Mahindra, Satyam, Infosys, etc...) are involved in major under-the-table-bribery.  Here's how it works:  NASSCOM and the likes have secretly made a deal with GoI (giving them a cut) in which they are able to give out shareholder money without paying interest.  The GoI then has a signed trade agreement with USA & Britain which prevents double taxation --- in other words, TCS/Wipro/Infosys/etc don't have to pay taxes on these payouts.

Then the CIO/managers/CEO/etc are offered "free shares of TCS/Infosys/Wipro/etc" IF contracts are given.

So American companies shell out say $100.  Infosys owners keeps $20, pays its employees $20, and shells out $60 in shareholder payments (which is distributed among American execs/managers/collaborators/sell-outs & Indian goons).

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United States Heartlander
December 10. 2010 10:11

@Oriental Pro: Yes I saw a piece with pictures online of an Indian soldier in the far Northeast area who considered himself to have the right to get fresh with a shopkeeper in that area. Remarks were made about her "Chinky" eyes. She resisted with spirit! It did my heart good to see her stand up to the creep, but things shouldn't have come to that and would not, had proper attitudes of respect been in place. American black men have also reported cruelty and abuse as visitors in India, where they are looked down upon as "hubshees" (a reference to African slaves brought to India in ancient times, who now form a sort of low status caste in some areas). And it's funny, for all the whitening creams they buy, they don't seem to like me (Scandinavian ancestry) any better.

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