tunnel rat posted on October 5, 2010 23:20

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Plus, you'll get to practice your misogyny, bigotry, and upper-caste privileges while 65% of your brethren shit in the street!


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United States James
October 5. 2010 23:45

Looks like they've finally cleaned us out. No more jobs to take, so away they go.

Odd how they only wanted to 'help' us when our economy was booming.

Just think of the guilt of all those slumdogs in India who go to sleep every night in posh apartments will have knowing it was all paid for with stolen $ from Silicon Valley.

At least our prized jewel, Apple, escaped the onslaught unscathed. Now if they can get out quickly, we can put Americans back to work rebuilding America.

12 years thrown down the tandoori rathole for nothing and very little to show for it.....

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United States Wakjob
October 5. 2010 23:58

Of course there weren't too many jobs in India 10 years ago - slumdogs had no industries - until they came to America and got trained by us.

Boy, they sure have improved the U.S. economy, haven't they?

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United States BigR
October 6. 2010 00:18

Whether Indians continue to stay in USA or return to India in droves won't change your plight. I know many of them return to India with the specific objective of setting up offshore development centers, BPOs, KPOs, LPOs etc (I don't know all those damn abbreviations). So stop your usual premature celebrations.
As long as Indians are ready to provide IT centric services, be it in India or USA, and there are willing customers in the USA, there is very little you guys can do to stop the trend.

And yeah, I love the tea party candidates.More power to them!

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United States debugman
October 6. 2010 00:49

They are like the aliens in 'Independence Day'  they go to a country and bail out when the going gets rough(like the aliens when they have depleted all the planet's resources.  Bothers me that they are very ungrateful.  

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United States momma's boy
October 6. 2010 01:05
momma's boy

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United States James
October 6. 2010 01:54


There is an ocean of difference between slumdogs working from India and being here in USA to work. Many companies who have been burned by India, Inc. simply won't offshore. In fact, many U.S. Companies are bringing the jobs back.

Make no mistake, this is a massive sea change. India had its day and now it's over. Pretty pathetic they could only keep it going for 12 years.

Let them go and set up their BPOs - real quality comes from American workers.

Apple is about to become the #1 company in the U.S. In market cap.


You know - Apple - the company that still hires mostly Americans and the one which CLOSED its R&D in India in 2006.

Ouch, India, that really hurts.

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United States mark
October 6. 2010 04:05

Certainly it is a monumental failure of the US economy when America's best and brightest can barely afford to survive in the Silicon Valley on their $100k Google or Apple salaries and dual incomes, while Indians are able to own luxury condos on their incomes.

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United States Heartlander
October 6. 2010 09:50

I see one frequent contributor fails to realize how much Indians have pissed off Americans and how the success of returning emigrees to India is far from assured. I'll never forget one marble-mouthed Indian bitch calling from Chase - it was a courtesy call service they'd instituted once they thought they had oodles of cheap customer service from India. She called to "Dake dee paymun" - let me tell you she got an earfull instead of a payment from me. It turned into a game. Fast forward years later, much customer facing work has returned from India. Two call center firms just in my area announced expansions with local hiring. You never used to see that. I've been getting more and more American sounding people over the years - accent nuances I'm sure they can't and don't teach. I've also come to know more and more Americans getting hired to clean up work that was sent out and came back in bad shape. And, more and more articles about companies looking to the American midwest for cheaper help. The game is changing fast. Soon, with advances, Americans will be ahead of Indians again, and it will be their skill sets being questioned. Bon voyage to all departing foreign workers. You had a good ride here while it lasted.

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United States Drifter
October 6. 2010 09:53

Exports 30B in software products every year!!? Applications? Operating systems? Please elaborate. Bullshit.

india's silicon valley? How can you possibly compare a development hub like SV with a city in india that provides support staff? And creating jobs here? Really? The arrogance knows no bounds...

They learned to appreciate a higher standard of living, sent our money home and now that things are going south here, they don't want to stay. Common squatters is all they are, but who would expect any less from a hypercompetitive 3rd world mindset?

The best they can do is claim experience by just being close enough to it. They aren't involved in outright innovation, they support the companies that are marketing the products yet - they claim they created the jobs, filed patents, contributed to the economy far more than the native citizens did etc.

india does not have the creative intellectual horsepower, the discipline or the proper culture to EVER create anything remotely close to what Steve and Woz achieved. It's the hindu IT wet dream and they'll keep chasing it as long as they keep convincing each other they are shoulder to shoulder with us.

If the US cut them off, they'd scramble to create their own O/S, application suite, DB's etc in an effort to show they actually learned something but, like everything else - bridges and buildings falling down.....

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United States Roger
October 6. 2010 14:22

Good bye and good riddance you dothead moderchods!  Don't let the door hit your stanky ass on the way out!

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United States James
October 6. 2010 15:10

2 Japanese, American share chemistry Nobel


Why didn't Indians win it?

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United States Bobby Jindal
October 6. 2010 15:35
Bobby Jindal

Wakjob - Boy, they sure have improved the U.S. economy, haven't they?

Nope...We have improved the pocketbooks of shareholders and select billionaires...and that's what matters.

Think about it in your next tea party gathering funded by "anonymous" billionaires.

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October 6. 2010 19:58

Does anybody think for a minute that they won't be back if the economy ever turns around and the jobs are there again?


October 6. 2010 20:07

A couple of years ago, one of my Indian passengers told me that "most Indians" have to "adjust" to American life.  When I asked him to elaborate, he explained that Americans are much more "independent." Again, I asked what he meant.  He meant that Americans are used to cleaning their own houses, cooking their own food, and doing their own laundry!

Only in a country where exploitation is rampant could the so-called "middle class" afford maids, cooks, and laundrers.  It's that exploitation that caused India to be a poor country in the first place.  Back in 1492, India was the technological and economic superpower of the world.  No wonder Ferdinand was willing to finance Columbus' suicide expedition - the pay off if he was successful.  But then the Mughals came to power in 1527, and turned India into the destitute country it is today.  Yes, the rich can afford a lot of domestic labor because most of the people there are destitute and will do anything for a crust of bread.  But the price is stagnant progress, and rampant poverty.  The only reason they have anything is because they got it from us - western society, where we wash our own clothes, and build our own cars (well, used to).


United States James
October 6. 2010 20:08

Concord slumdog charged with high-tech worker Visa fraud


A Concord businessman made his initial appearance in federal court today after being indicted for 11 counts of Visa Fraud, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag announced.

The following is from the U.S. Attorney's Office....

According to an indictment filed Sept. 30, 2010, Srinivasa Chennupati made false statements in applications to obtain high-technology worker visas for 11 applicants, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1546(a). The Indictment alleges that Chennupati submitted immigration forms and supporting documentation to the government purporting to have job offers for 11 non-immigrant high-technology workers, when he had no jobs for the non-immigrant workers.

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