I found that gem in the comments section if this propaganda:

Yes, they created 300,000 jobs (for janitors who have clean up their filth), and destroyed millions of white collar jobs.


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United Kingdom rahul gupta
September 24. 2010 12:38
rahul gupta

fuck off slacker maderchod

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United States Sameep
September 24. 2010 20:40

His intelligence is apparent from his ability to write in proper English, it's a shame that he calls himself intelligent, yet can't write a simple English inspite of having stayed in the Queen's country. I think it pretty much sums up most of the Indians that come to US on H1B's, and try to think of themselves as the so called brains behind the IT in USA.

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United States Drifter
September 24. 2010 20:45

All the talk, the spin, the inflation - nothing is going to save them. The stage is set, they had an opportunity to move ahead and show the west they can work alongside others in the global economy, but they blew it. Big time. This was one of the best chances they've had in hundreds of years to move up but the culture standard of fraud and corruption sank the ship. You'd think they'd realize it, no? There is a lesson to be learned here, india - are you listening? An opportunity squandered, because india is just not ready yet. Ethics is an all too important factor that they aren't even close to. The outsourcing fad has peaked, and now it's in a freefall backslide. You can't grow an IT support industry that is completely dependent on another nation, all the while operating under dishonest pretenses and expect to come out on top in the long run. We control the keys to the kingdom - of course they are going to put on their best suits and do the very best political dance. The difference is - they have now proven themselves otherwise despite the desperate rhetoric.

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United States James
September 25. 2010 00:11

Gupta is angry because he got kicked out of USA and has to live in hellhole UK or else face returning to even-worse hellhole India.

Seems he couldn't hack it in the U.S.

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September 25. 2010 10:14
tunnel rat

Gupta is the typical rabid, snarling slumdog.

United States BigR
September 26. 2010 22:52

If one looks at the comments section without tunnel vision (no pun intended), one can see that many Indians themselves are making fun of these claims. As for Indian politicians making outrageous claims, let me know if American politicians are any different. The 300,000 jobs study was jointly carried out by the Indians and the Peterson Institute in Washington, DC. I don't know how authentic it is, but it has be much more credible that some feckless idiot writing a book on scribd and silly people using it as incontrovertible proof.

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Canada ezygoer
September 26. 2010 23:45

I'm surprised the figure is not in the millions as India Inc. tries to claw back to favour with US IT honchos. And there seems to be no offer or figure to create more.

The "let us help you" slogan under the Bush era seems to have worn out with CEO's here in N.America scracthing their heads to figure out how to move more jobs out.

But if H1-B spouses can become "QA Analysts" with 3 month home schooling there has to be something really wrong with the way IT is done in the US.

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United States James
September 27. 2010 22:32

Peterson Institute == Another paid NASSCOM shill paid to write some bogus pro-India study.

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United States James
September 27. 2010 22:39

So it turns out this Petersen Institute has a head who is part of the Council On Foreign Relations and who is a friend of David Rockefeller.

No wonder PI is pro-India, they are made up of a bunch of globalists! Can't be trusted farther than I can spit.

You fail again BigRetard.

And yes, books written by 16-year Silicon Valley veterans do have some merit.

Where's your book, loser?

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United States Roger
September 28. 2010 17:30

"I am very proud to be Indian coz of Intelligency"

ROFLMAO...this reminds me of that funny ghetto dude from Grand Theft Auto III (San Andreas)..."I smoke cause it gives me knowledge".  These H1-B dothead slumdogs are anything but intelligent, as I've had the firsthand "displeasure" of working with them and smelling their putrid curry laden body stench.

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