tunnel rat posted on September 2, 2010 08:31

I'm going to start a new feature on the blog called "Dumbass Desi Recruiter Email." 

Every day, I get a few emails written in Hinglish by some slumdog slave trader, and some are hillarious.  One of the things I hate about the slumdogs is that they have worked there way into the IT recruiting business and effectively destroyed it.  I know of no gora that has every gotten a gig thrugh these scumbags, and I can only assume that they are looking for resumes to pirate. 

This one here from "Raghu" is epic.  He wishes to refer me to his Tier-1 client, Infosys (as discussed over the telephonic discussion????).  Well, that is just great -- slumdog sweatshop Infosys bills someone like Baxter $150/hr, and by the time Raghu gets his cut, the contractor makes about $15/hr.  Just look at the laundry list of unrelated technologies this fuckstick is looking for:

Fuck You, Raghu. 

For those of you wishing to contact Raghu, I would suggest sending him a care package of a mysterious white powder, or the fetus of a stillborn cow.

Happy hunting, insurgents.

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United States Irish
September 2. 2010 10:58

Seems to be a relatively nice house he's working out of. His neighbor across the street has a boat. I wonder if he tries to borrow it?

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United States Bobby Jindal
September 2. 2010 11:54
Bobby Jindal

"One of the things I hate about the slumdogs is that they have worked they way into the IT recruiting business and effectively destroyed it."

Talk about Hinglish..."they way"...? But then again, who cares. None of this matter after after November when big business takes over.

With so many newbie tea party candidates out set to win in November, I am already drooling over the prospect of outsourcing/H1b increase in 2011/2012 as the newbies will be directly controlled by big businesses & their super rich owners.

Here are some articles which mentions same point in a better way. All these billionaires are pretty happy on both outsourcing and H1B.



You can easily check out their companies, the H1s they employ and the amount they outsource.

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United States Wayne
September 2. 2010 14:40

Well, ALL recruiters are scumbags.  I have yet to get a job from any of them.  These Indian ones seem to be the worst of the worst though, constantly sending jobs that aren't a good fit at all, or are hundreds (or more!) miles away.

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United States James
September 2. 2010 19:04

Yeah, there are thousands of these companies in the U.S. now. THOUSANDS of them. When the law says those jobs are supposed to be going to Americans first.

I get 2-4 emails daily from these scumbags. They beg you for a WORD copy of your resume so they can 1) steal your resume and put one of their slummies' names at the top and submit them for the job or 2) so they can see what skills are needed for a job by looking at your resume and then trying to train their own maderchods in those skills fast and send them to the job.

Of course these people all fail because you can't just train someone in IT skills overnight and have them be masters at it.

I've had cases in the past when I've submitted my resume to them and later found out that indeed, a slumdog got the job using my my resume. I've actually seen my resume in companies with a slumdog's name on it. That is how desperate for jobs these losers from the Curry Containment Filed are. They will do anything to get hired.

And our gov't just sits around allowing this to happen when, in fact, they should be throwing these people out of our country by the planeload.

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United States James
September 2. 2010 19:06

Oh, and one more thing. Here is how I usually respond to emails from these slummies asking for m resume:

Dear Cow-Urine Drinker Recruiter,

I bet I send my resume to an Indiot. Do you think all Americans are stupid? Well, I am not. I know exactly what your intentions are: stealing my resume and submitting one of your own slaves for the job.

But I'll tell you what I will do: I will report you and your company to the BCSIS, ICE, DHS, and FBI and ask them to investigate you and your company's hiring practices because I highly suspect you are engaging in VISA FRUAD.

How does that sound?

Have a nice day,

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September 2. 2010 23:33
tunnel rat

Thanks for the spellcheck, you Hindu grammar-Nazi.  I think you folks can set up shop in that slum of yours and spellcheck the blog posts and email messages of us ignorant crackers.

Keep boasting, fuckwad.  We know your days are numbered.


United States Heartlander
September 3. 2010 08:15

Don't look now, but in the last few years we've converted a good many of the conservatives, even the radical ones. Eagle Forum, Vdare, Tom Tancredo, and many Replublicans have come over once they understood. Tancredo had a neighbor in IT and saw what happened to him in the 2000-2002 downturn. Even they know now that if America doesn't get back to work, nothing good for them will happen either. You can't make first world profit on third world customers. They also know that ruining your business will ruin your profit, and a lot of outsourced projects have run aground in the news, especially recently. The golden reputation of Indian workers is gone like yesteray.  

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United States Drifter
September 3. 2010 18:48

Oh bobby, your delusions are at least comical. You blockheads still don't get it, do you? You've got bright flashing neon targets hovering over your heads. I'll try to make this as simple as possible for you to comprehend. Unemployment here HIGH. Jobs for Americans GOOD. Everyone here knows what is going to happen in 2 short months, there is going to be a major changing of the guard. The repubs are going to come in and clean house - what will they do to satisfy the voters and show an effort for immediate progress? Find the shortest route to put Americans back to work, and make a BIG show of it. Dismiss or severely cut back foreign labor as part of the equation. It's plainly obvious. The Dems haven't shown any initiative, and you can bet your garlic naan that the repubs are going to pick up the ball and run with it all the way to the goal line. Money isn't going to work this time, the Republicans want a comeback in a big way. You guys need to start thinking about what you are going to do when you get back home, because you've got 6 months to a year left here, tops and sending flowers to politicians ain't gonna save your ass this time. Ciao, bandits.

TR, I'm thinking a pig roast, some loud kickin' live music and a few kegs somewhere for the insurgency to celebrate the meltdown. American style. Well worth the airfare and vacation time from work Smile

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United States Heartlander
September 3. 2010 23:29

Drifter, don't forget the hamburgers. All beef, in honor of all the times they thought to insult us by calling us 'burger munchers.' Mmmm-mmm good.

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United States James
September 3. 2010 23:43


Once we do clean house in November, all the sleazy entrenched interests and corrupt politicians who have gotten used to taking NASSCOM/USINDO-PAC $ are going to be gone. A new set of fresh faces, probably many of them who are TEA Party - and that means they will put AMERICA first.

The slumdogs thought Obama would be good for them but so far, except for one little state dinner he's ignored them. After all, Hindus and Muslims don't get along.

So after the next election we're going to see a major change towards a more Pro-America gov't.

Everyone knows globalization and foreign workers only benefit the 3rd world and American copmpanies. We know it's been a disaster for USA. And now, it's time to send all the slumdogs packing.

For 12 years these scum have been getting away with robbing America blind through their boasting and PR, not to mention illegal foreign lobbying. It's all about to come to an end. I am going to LMAO when I see the new gov't take hold and arrests and handcuffs for slumdogs the way it should have been back in 2001 when the IT BOOM ENDED AND THEY DIDN'T GO HOME AS PROMISED.

Sorry Indiots, your day is over and now you're going back to unemployment in the Curry Containment Field. You've failed to keep the U.S. econ going as promised so now you will be sent packing. Enjoy.

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United States BigR
September 5. 2010 00:03

I have been hearing this 'your days are numbered' crap for so many years now. Some scientists even say Earth's days are numbered. We don't start worrying about it on a daily basis. That's why we don't see Indians all that worried about these bombastic proclamations from the likes of James and Drifter. But I will give you guys one more chance. I am willing to wait till November or let's say middle of 2011 and see how this revolution unfolds. Best luck to all the losers!

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United States Capt. Kirk
September 5. 2010 05:55
Capt. Kirk

Take a look at this neo-Asian racist site:


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United States James
September 5. 2010 22:40

Why is BigRetard still in denial? As Fraudwha said, Indians are leaving America in droves. And the ones who are trying to still come here are being turned around at the airports and sent packing. Meanwhile in India they run their "IT companies" off diesel generators because their "brilliant engineers" can't build a power grid that works when it rains. LOL.

BigRetard - another slumdog in denial about his situtation and that of India - just ike the rest of the Indiots. An American resurgence is coming this fall and Indiots are powerless to stop it.

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United States James
September 6. 2010 00:21

Chicken slumdog firefighter passes out, loses mind:


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United States James
September 6. 2010 03:59

Even the Ecommunist exposes India's massive fails.

India's disappointing government


The security arrangements, in terrorism-stricken India, are shot to pieces because of 24-hour processions of workmen at most venues. Manmohan Singh, the prime minister, reiterates the official line that these will be the “best games ever”. That may depend on how you define “best”.

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United States Drifter
September 6. 2010 16:30

Indians aren't worried? The news is full of articles from the lobbyists and the bodyshops complaining about the Neufield memo and the visa hike.... the whiners over on IV...  there is plenty of concern LOL.

One more chance.. willing to wait - or what? Do explain for us.

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United States James
September 6. 2010 18:30

Here's what all those brilliant Indian IT people are having happen to them:


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United States BigR
September 6. 2010 21:36

May be you dummies don't understand how the game is played. Democrats want to prove that they can be 'tough' with H1B holders and illegal immigrants from Mexico at the same time. So here comes the $2000 fee. If there are 100K H1B and L1B every year, that translates into a measly $200m. But even for this Indians are throwing a big tantrum. American administration is already working to soothe the 'hurt' feelings and more severe steps are unlikely. This is all give and take before Obama's India visit in November. America wants India to buy enough military hardware and nuke reactors from American companies and further open up financial sector. In turn, India wants unfettered access to services and outsourcing market. In this high stakes bargain, losers like you have no voice although you will get few crumbs thrown at you by accident. That's your moment of happiness. Enjoy every bit of it as it won't last long. And even if the entire tea party team gets into the Congress, I bet it will have only marginal impact on the outsourcing market because they are already in the pockets of bib business.

Now go back to reading miserable news coming out of third world India. That's the only way you can feel better about your situation. Smile

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United States James
September 7. 2010 03:00

Go right ahead and come on in by all means. Like I said, only stupid companies uses Indians and all the companies that do will die off leaving only companies that hire Americans. Soomer or later mo one will want you anymore after you've taken and destroyed everything you can. So enjoy it while it lasts.

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United States Heartlander
September 7. 2010 05:32

BigR needs an eye doctor, and fast. His myopia and tunnel vision are getting worse by the minute. Sure, the big weapons firms want to sell to India, and would throw their own grandmother into a blender if that's what it took to cut a deal. But anyone who imagines that this trumps what is currently going on in America must be Helen Keller. Very simply: if Americans can't get back to work and afford a decent life for their families, there isn't going to be an America a decade from now. Anybody who hopes to get rich selling to places like India and, is ready to impoverish Americans to do it, had better be cutting the deal from a walled compound in Switzerland. Likewise, anybody who still thinks the streets of America are paved with gold, is in for a letdown of Biblical proportions.

The notion that economic discontent is confined to a tiny handful of techie insurgents cannot be maintained in this day and age without some serious perception control. It has begun to sway elections (it's what got Obama elected) and the uproar is louder by the day.

It's true that in the past, our government would trade away thousands of American jobs in return for soft influence. But that was when there was plenty to go around and people who got unseated could just find new jobs and careers. Now the results of that trade are apparent to everyone. It has even gotten through to the White House that something has gone badly wrong.

But to India, Inc. none of this matters or is even real to them. They don't just think they're the star of the show, they think they are the show.

And you know that saying, friends come and go but enemies accumulate? They've made enemies. Their arrogance in imagining that they can call the tune and another entity, a sovereign nation, must dance? Sure, our diplomats will say nice things, but they do that to everyone. That's what diplomats do.

And, the Indian IT has even made enemies back home. The bonanza of wealth they enjoy is hardly shared by the masses. Instead of being the world's 'best and brightest,' the Indian IT industry is about as natural as a hothouse tomato in January. mrzine.monthlyreview.org/.../...asekhar060910.html

I can recall distinctly back in the first wave of the Indian invasion, how the average American didn't understand what was happening. Now they all do.

The insurgency isn't just TR calling you names. It's people like me and many others contacting our elected representatives and getting the word out there in more media sources than Indians know how to keep up with. It's even Alan Greenspan letting it slip about what he was really trying to accomplish by bringing all the guestworkers in. It's our kids graduating from great schools with STEM degrees and wondering why they have to wait tables and move back home while the foreign grads all seem to have jobs. It's the AFL-CIO. It's the bankrupt states and flooded unemployment offices. It's the food banks and social services agencies. It's the big for-profit banks and their decaying asset balance sheets as families go belly-up and business close. It's the groceries and retail stores wondering where thand debt write-offs e customers went. They are all asking the obvious questions any more, and they are all joining us in one way or another.

You can't replace a first world society of healthy consumers with scared and hungry third world wage earners.

That's the reality on the ground in America these days. This is a report from Main Street, a part of America that India, Inc. will never understand and where they will never be welcome.  

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United States Heartlander
September 7. 2010 07:33


No one thing will tip the scales. It's a whole bunch of them over time.

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United States James
September 7. 2010 12:10

Looks like the Brits have had enough of turd world invaders like Indiots. I can guarantee you it is just a matter of time before USA follows suit:

Britain to announce student visas crackdown


Immigration Minister Damian Green said the government had inherited a system which was "largely out of control" and described the number of foreign students being let in as "unsustainable", in comments quoted by the BBC.

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United States James
September 7. 2010 13:23

Here's a funny story from an Indian on YouTube:

"Hi sir,

i am an indian electrical engineer and currently doing masters in TUmunich with full scholarship 48000 EURO.
i completely accord to you that American innovation tech firms were looted by indians.

but sir , you have no understanding of what is happening in outsourcing sector,

sir, honestly speaking i have just 3 years of work experience and never worked on any development project.I have worked in a body shopping factory named INFOSYS which literally has 1.6 lakh workers working for 350-400 $ a month.

let me tell u an inside story, i were asked by HR department to tell my Clients i.e belgacom,telindus,proximus,telenet-----(all were telecom service providers in belgium}.that i have 5 years of work exposure in different technologies and they compelled me to sign a letter which states that prior to joining company ,i had some work experience in few small software firms which is false.

this was the same case with most of the foreign outsourced temporary contractors.

worst things that i have encountered in my job are...My project manager has graduated from ARTS and Music and he entered Infosys in 1991 , he learnt c programming and Ms-DOs, he posses 20 years of experience and he once said me - that we can create Objects in HTML and C is an object oriented programming language..

My manager thinks UNIX is a data base programming language and he takes 1 lakh per month salary and many times he visits europe for meeting clients..

my Delivery manager has graduated in Pharmacy in 1986 and was jobless for 5 years and was recruited by infosys after he learnt C and C++ .

Not just Infosys, i have worked in Samsung India where my delivery manager Graduated from Shivaji university in MA literature and he has 23 years experience in ITES and IT field.

Satyam founder Ramalinga raju has failed in his bachelor studies in commerce.

Please read Polyster Prince to understand Ambani Riches and shadow truth behind his 120 Billion$ empire.

Recent report Tendulkar commission claims that 70% of indian population spends less than 20 cents a day.

Of the rest 30% - the Top 5% spend 600-750$ a day and the richest 2% of indian population spends 1300$ a day.These figures just explains the parity in purchasing power in indian population.

I personally dont belive that India could ever match China ,let alone USA .

Let me tell u something that Ambani use to say everytime during his speeches -- when dhirubhai ambani started his company Reliance textiles, he sought permission to open vimal textile weaving factory in gujrath, that time the then cheif sec. of commerce Mr.Pillai has told him these words----In hindi.. Beta hum dikne me paanch ungli ki tarrah alag hein,khane mein ek hein ... which means in english, We Indians Look,stand separately in crisis like Five different fingers of hand, but when it comes to Eating Money we stand UNITED..

FYI..Most Indians eat with hand."

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United States James
September 7. 2010 18:55

Another Indian YT comment:

"you seem to have seen ups and downs of life, i am very young..but i can say one thing sir,

We indians have these features in common

1. we are suffering from identity crisis, which is a result of thousands of years of foreing invasions, you might be aware that india is ruled by british for152 years, but islam ruled india for 2000 years..by the word islam i means, Persians,mughals,assiriyans,aztecs etc.

so Hindus the dominant ruling class in india are suffering from inferiority complex ,most of the hindus see themselves as inferior or low class and are very jealous of about the riches and beauty of the west.

Most indians seek comfort and they want to see themselves in world rule, which quite stupid according to you but you can expect such a notion from Indians because they have never ruled or controlled any other country, forget another country they havent even ruled their own nation for longer duration..

so you expect arrogance from many indians when u question them about their ability, they dont like others to lecture them---so naturally they are not open minded and are very conservative.

jealousy is natural to many indians sir, you must have seen it but it exists even in Indian family structure.

Yesterday i was reading a newspaper named--Navbharat times...indian news paper..

This is the news which was in front page of news paper.....Yearlt 70000 Indian men commit suicide ...reason is female domestic violence.

A women threatens her husband that she would elope with milkmaid or butcher if she doesnt gets gold ornamet for a festival, Indian women most jealous and hippocritical people.

Famous Indian model killed her baby child ... reason is simple, baby is Brown, she expected her baby to be FAIR just like her, but baby got features of her husband.

by this small incident you can understand how india is suffering from identity crisis, In sydney an Indian women thrown away her kid in dustbin and blamed her henious act on Australians and marked AUS racist white supremacist killed her child.....AUS police investigated whole issue and found out that ...real murder of that child is her mother and reason is simple ///Extramarital affair with her cousin.

this list goes on, you need to live in Indian society to understand how racist and how ignorant these people are.

5 years of 7 % growth and most indians say that india will conquer the world..

You see indian movies ..they potray racism , a South indian falls in love with american WHITE girl when the girl refuses to marry him, he rapes her and after that incident US girl falls in love with Indian..

the story line makes every disillusioned indian think, Rape is very common incident in west and only way to attract westren women is to rape her.

this doesnt end here,in most of Item songs in movies white women will be casted as background dancers and most the times WHITE models make horny expressions .

see Indian ads, when an Indian sports person gets injured , a bunch of white women carry him in streacher , and one WHITE model just jumps on Indian sports man and keeps her hand in his under wear---

This is controversial Indian underwear ad ,and it potrays White women as a whore and cheap women.

In the latest indian movie ...Indian young actor tarun goes to study in US and will be amazed when he see that so many women in America were easy going.

The film is super hit movie here in Bollywood, and its famous for its Racist and obscene language..

The protagonist always looks at Boobs of his professor,and he even masturbates...

There is dialogue that protagonist says to his father ,when his father asks how USA Looks....In India even after marriage we dont have sex, but USA we can sleep with any women, he even says that actually the whole america belongs to Native Indians and few British have occupied it.

He goes on to say that pretty soon it will be in Indian rule ,and his dad even sees that his grandson will become president of USA.

Even in schools the same shit follows..

Recently an indian minister happen to say these words ...

By 2030 India will be a developed country- we have an agenda, within 20 years EU population will decline , the same with US,UK...so we can easily exploit Democracy and have Indian rule in EU and US,UK as more and more Indians will emigrate to these nations.

I dont know how far his words are true, but he laid a plan named mission 2030 -- where it is stated that 250-350 million Indians will imigrate to US,UK,EU in coming 20 years..

i dont whether it will happen or not..but i can certainly say that India is secretly colonizing west...we have no birth control and we are shipping off many people"

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United States Drifter
September 7. 2010 20:15

Guest workers lecturing us on how our political system works, as if they have a bead on what is going on here. Gotta love it. Put on your Cookie Monster PJ's and get back to watching Big Bird and Elmo - it's better suited to your intellect.

Heartlander - applause. You hit the nail right on the head, BigRetard, are you listening? india inc. is dying by a thousand paper cuts, but you've brought it upon yourselves. The 'qualified' guest workers are long, long gone and now it's the usual money grabbing, manipulative, corrupt character that your culture is built upon. This country is ultimately run by We The People. Recognize it. And now we're being heard. Trying to marginalize it to some outspoken patriots on a blog is, expectedly, short sighted. Nobody's buying it....

Yes, I'm waiting to see what happens when the prez goes to india, but I'm not expecting to see any reversals. A huge wave is building and everyone is getting on board, the unemployment problem cannot be ignored any longer. There are a LOT of pissed off citizens out there. Weapons and nuke tech will wait, the politically positive thing to do is get Americans back to work or the economy will eventually collapse. I can guarantee you - the citizens will NEVER allow that to happen.

This is OUR country. WE make the rules. You're merely visiting kiddo.

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United States BigR
September 7. 2010 23:22

The problem is everyone thinks that he/she is representing mainstream America. I know hundreds foot soldiers, managers and higher ups who are engaged quite openly in outsourcing and offshoring business. If they were encountering widespread hostility, it would have been the hot topic of discussion. People talk about business getting impacted by economic slowdown, shrinking IT budgets and immigration related problems. But nobody has really seen the backlash from what you would call 'native' Americans. If the anger displayed by you guys is so widespread, it would have manifested everywhere. That's clearly not the case. May be James can Google 'Racist attack on Indians in USA' and find few examples to bolster your case, but that would do little to change ground realities. You are overstating your influence by claiming to represent mainstream America.

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United States James
September 8. 2010 05:23

BigRetard's problem is he works with a few Indiot managers and American collaborators and he thinjs that is representatice of every one.

The facts can no longer be denied: the trail of destroyed & damaged companies, the Apple example, people such as gov of OH, Michael Dell, and Jeff Immelt saying its been a disaster. The ship is clearly turning, albeit slowly. I'd say another 5 years and we'll hqve this country back under our control. No matter how many Imdia sends here, we will always far outnumber you and if the few minority of you are working and the huge masses of citizens are unemployed I can guarantee you the free ride for India, Inc. won't last much longer.

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United States James
September 8. 2010 10:30

BigR should have been named BigRR - Big Reliance Retard.

LOL. India, FAIL.

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United States Roger
September 30. 2010 11:42

Here's one from the infamous NJ curry den, Cyberthink, or CyberStink as I call them.  I've already told this slumdog to fuck off on numerous occasions even calling him a stupid desi dothead fucker in my email response to him, yet it seems like he enjoys my insulting him and won't stop annoying me.  I've already reported CyberStink to the FTC for violating the CAN-SPAM act because this desi fucker hasn't stopped emailing me after I warned him already to cease all communications with me.  I suggest you all email this fucktard and tell him what a stupid curry munching retard he is.


Kindly let me know if you are available for following contract opening with our Direct  Financial Client - based in Newark NJ

Title – Sr. WINTEL Engineer
Location – Newark NJ
Duration – 6 Months (Depends on Performance & Need, it may extended till end of 2011) Start – ASAP

Job Description:
Senior Level Wintel Engineer who will have a strong focus on designing enterprise class Wintel Hardware Solutions in an global environment.  He/she will be required to work with internal business partners and external vendors to develop and implement Wintel hardware solutions to meet business needs.  He/she must possess the ability to provide solution recommendations and infrastructure designs that help customers align IT with business priorities.  Once solution recommendations are provided, the individual is expected to play an integral role in their implementation.  Creation of architecture documents relative to projects being worked on is also required.  The individual will work on projects on a scale ranging from individual business units to enterprise wide initiatives.  One such enterprise initiative will be our Global Business Continuation Initiative.  The individual will play an integral role in this initiative.

The individual must be self-motivated and goal driven.  He/she must possess outstanding organization, time management, and multitasking skills and must be able to manage multiple simultaneous commitments.  Strong collaboration skills and project management skills are required, the individual must be able to thrive both with individual tasks and within the framework of a team environment.  

Skills and Experience:

*  8+ years IT experience
*  4+ years’ experience as a Lead Hardware Architect
*  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
*  The candidate must have in-depth knowledge of the HP Server Product Portfolio including, but not limited to, their Blade System Matrix, Proliant Rack mount Server Portfolio, Management Software and all supporting components.  
*  The candidate must also have in-depth understanding of how these components interact with each other and other hardware components such as, but not limited to, network switches, and fiber channel switches.
*  The candidate must possess the skills to analyze requirements and design solutions that perform optimally, achieve redundancy and minimize end-user impact in the case of failures.
*  Virtualization experience is also a plus.  Virtualization experience would include having an understanding of what scenarios would be ideal for virtualizing current physical servers.  It would also include knowledge of current VMWare ESX environments.
*  HP, Cisco, and VMWare certifications are a plus, but are not required.

Please provide the following details along with your updated resume in word format Availability for an interview:
Availability for start:
Contact number:            
Best time to call you:
Current location:
Currently on project:
If NO, then when was your last assignment ended:
Reason for ending last assignment / Reason for searching a new job:
Expected hourly rate (on W2 no benefits):
Work authorization status in USA:
Is commute feasible for you on daily basis?              


Mihir Panchal
Sr. Technical Recruiter
cyberThink Inc.
1125 US HIGHWAY 22 STE 1,
Bridgewater , NJ , 08807-2939
Phone : 877 223 7153 Extn 536
Fax: 908-429-8004

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United States Roger
October 5. 2010 23:07

Here's another email from a so called "Senior Recruiter" at a typical slumdog curry den


My name is Harsha and I'm an Senior IT Recruiter at M p h a s i S [HP Enterprise Services] Our records show that you are an experienced Novell Systems Administrator  This experience is relevant to one of my current openings.

Location: Collegeville, PA

Need Consultant Details:

Full Name:

Contact #


Current Location:

Visa Status:

Visa Exp Date:


Skills and # of resources  


# of resources

Role Description

O/S, Edirectory, and File Administrator


Level 1 /2 support for the Novel Operating systems, Edirectory, and Novell file services.  Responsibilities would include the following:

1. Netware and OES Linux maintenance and break/fix support 2.  Edirectory Replica Health 3.  Container Maintenance 4.  Directory Reporting 5.  Disaster Recovery Support 6.  Login Scripts 7.  Cluster Services 8.  Backup and Restore Support (L1) 9.  File System Capacity/threshold monitoring 10.  DFS Junction (Complex)

11. Iprint Support (Print Driver Management)(Novell)

GroupWise Messaging Administrator


Level 1/2 support for GroupWise messaging platform.  Responsibilities would include the following:

1. Post office creation, maintenance, and repair
2 Mailbox Maintenance / Repair
3. Proxy Access
4. Mailbox Restores
5. GW Web
6. Blackberry support (Diminishing)

6Resources - Novell eDir/Netware/Linux/File/Print support resources

5-10 years experience, would like Novell certification. (PRODUCTION SUPPORT)            

4 Resources - Novell messaging resources


- Summary:  they will need, and expect, trained and experienced Novell resources, will not accept comparable experience on other products

Thanks & Regards,

Harsha Tellakula| Senior IT Recruiter | M P H A S I S | HP Enterprise Services

Ph: 4083271260*541|Email: harsha.tellakulia@mphasis.com

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United States Roger
October 6. 2010 14:52

Can you believe this moderchod slumdog sent this to my corporate email account?  How he got it is a mystery to me, but luckily, I'm the email admin and blocked his firm's domain from ever sending us emails again.

From: Shalesh Kumbhat [mailto:shalesh@vividit.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 1:07 PM
To: Roger
Subject: New York, NY: Traveling Exchange - VMWare Architecture Consultant position

Hi Roger,

I am a recruiter who found your name while searching for  an Exchange-VMWare Architecture Consultant for a consulting firm in New York .  If you are interested in this position (description below my signature), please email your resume to me.  If you know anyone else who might be qualified, please forward this email on to them.  If you are looking for IT professionals for your company, please let me know if you can use my company to provide candidates for these positions.

Thank you for considering my email.   Please note that this position requires 100% travel.

Shalesh Kumbhat

Vivid Technologies, Inc.


www.vividit.com <http://www.vividit.com>;

The Systems Architect Consultant will be involved with strategy, planning, design, and implementation for all areas of our clients' technology environment including network hardware and software, servers, storage and WAN/communication links.


. 7 years of experience in Exchange, including 2010 advanced clustering techniques . Must have current Microsoft certifications (MCTS, MCITP), including at least one in Exchange 2007

This position requires planning, design and implementation expertise in the following areas:
. Data Center Virtualization, VCP a plus . LAN/WAN (switching, routing, IP, wireless) prefer current CCNA or higher.
. Storage area networks/enterprise storage devices . Citrix Presentation Server . Recovery planning and implementation is a major plus . Deep technical knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and Internet standards . Proven experience with network capacity planning, network security principles, and general network management best practices . Excellent hardware troubleshooting experience . Ability to conduct research into networking issues and products as required . Experience with centralization, consolidation and virtualization of servers, storage and overall IT architecture with supporting work in disaster

The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. It is intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager or the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to any one or make copies.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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