tunnel rat posted on August 18, 2010 23:33

I was going through my web logs, collecting info about the scumbag slumdogs that are posting harassing comments on my site, and came across this nugget from 2005.  Look at how these filthy jackals live!  WTF?  And this is what that pussy Vivek Wadhwa promotes!

In June 2005, I got the opportunity to visit a programmer friend working for the International Business Software Solutions, Inc., also known as IBSS. This company hires and trains software consultants. The consultants then work on projects for various U.S. companies.

You know, what struck me was the lengths at which these consultants go to secure a project at a U.S. company. This may include fake experience on their resumes, fake references, and even fake degrees! In today's economy, many IT companies in the US are hiring only American trained software professionals, and some of these consultants even develop fake accents for their phone interviews!

During the 1 week I spent at IBSS, I remember a typical 'hunt for a project': One guy, Kabir, got invited for a telephone interview. However, the interviewing company suspected that this guy was located in India, due to his heavy accent! Anyways, the company asked for his *US cellular number*, which fortunately, Kabir provided. Kabir even provided fake references - one of which included a friend. Furthermore, Kabir also read things off his resume, which he didn't have any idea about. The interview went fine, but, Kabir didn't get a position at the interviewing company. They told him he was not up the their technical expectations.


I found my friend living at the IBSS "Guest House", an 2-bedroom apartment holding 6 men. All these men had a few things in common: They were Indian and were promised a large salary at IBSS. The guest house apartments are located at Deer Creek Dr., Plainsboro, NJ. The consultants were promised a high paying project with the company, and yet, they were simply playing the waiting game. I felt very sorry for them. I was talking to one guy - his name was Aniketh. Aniketh was a project supervisor at IBM-India. He was promised a very high salary at IBSS. Unable to resist a chance to live and work in America, Aniketh resigned from his job in India (Yup, IBSS hired consultants with the stipulation that the consultant resign from his previous job!). However, in America, things were very different. After IBSS issued a H1B visa for Aniketh, he was asked to look for his own project, until then, the company would pay him $20 per day and a free stay at the guest house. 7 months had passed, and there was no sign of a project. Why should he get a project? The IT industry in the US in down in the pits. The handful of companies that are hiring only hire US trained programmers.

BTW, these IBSS motherfuckers are still in business, although not for long, thanks to the Neufeld Memo that makes their business ILLEGAL.

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United States James
August 19. 2010 02:18

What do you exepct from these slummies, Rat? In the photo above, the slumdog is living a life of palacial luxury compared to what he is used to back in India. Besides, they come here to grift out our companies's money, send it home, then leave. Why should they set up a proper house or keep it clean? In fact, like most slumdogs who want to destroy the companies they are robbing, they probably want to destroy where they live - one more way to get back at evil whitey who allegedly stole all that wealth from them centuries ago.

Besides, they are all lazy and wont' lift a finger if there's no $ in it for them. They are so lazy they'd rather shit where they live and sit in it than lift a finger to clean things up.

What a country.

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United States tunnelpig
August 19. 2010 14:21

Man, that guest house is much better, I will show you some homes of American "Whities" which reek of filth, cigarattes and alcohol bottles thrown all around, pipes of dope everywhere, and condom packets lying everywhere that they even sleep on.


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United States Drifter
August 19. 2010 14:56

Don't they just throw the trash out the window into the street in india?

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August 20. 2010 19:08

I'm surprised that IBSS is still in business. Someone commented on the KillFraud blog that IBSS got sued, but that wasn't true.


United States Heartlander
August 21. 2010 15:30

Even if an American "Whities" house met tunnelpig's description, at least it would have been built to code: indoor plumbing, sewage lines, safe wiring, central heating, etc. Which is more than we can say for many of the homes where he comes from.

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United States John Smith
September 5. 2010 13:35
John Smith

I was watching a German news program and they were talking about how German industry "wanted" foreigners with skills. They said you had to make 60,000 Euros a year in order for you to get in, amongst other things. We need to have the H-1B Visa altered so that industry would be forced to give that size paycheck out in order to bring in a slumdog; after all, Wall Street is always claiming that the slumdogs are superior to Americans. If that's true, then prove it with a comensurate paycheck!

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