tunnel rat posted on August 14, 2010 21:11

Readers, please forgive me for exposing you to this horrid display of Hinglish, but if you have the patience, I urge you to read this blog post from a veteran of the IOR (Indian Outsourcing Regime):


If only the writer could rename it "Slumdog Eat Slumdog" !

Anyway, H/T to the commenter who passed this along.  Here are some nuggets:

"What was I doing? From dawn to midnite , was seeing some code in monitor written by some oldie and then do classic s/w engineer move of "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl+V" in another place with additional alphabets and submit 4-5 documents of 30-40 pages each describing like a TV megaserial with too many repetitions of the same dialogue and review it for around a week with too many "leaders/managers" and atlast send it my onsite co-ordinator who just fwds with same move of "Ctrl+C"s his/her name and signature and "Ctrl+Vs" in all places which has my details."

[That is what we crackers call "Curry Code" here in the States]

"Backbitting, Backstabbing, Bootlicking , Humiliating, Cheating ,plagiarism and Nullifying arent signatures or expected qualities or survival kits for the role."

[No!  Indians are honest and humble, from what I've been told]

"Indian IT firm would be the only place where you use your teammates as your personal assistants and make them run your errands even your personal errands and promise and give away awards,promotion, and excellent rating for performing your personal duties. If a resource says that he cant handle and have work ,he would be stamped and quarantined as underachiever, underperformer."

[All of you slumdogs will be quarantined when the Super Bug explodes]

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United States James
August 15. 2010 02:43

Geez..... No wonder the U.S. Economy is such a wreck. These people are unintelligible. If this is who is working on our software then we are in big trouble. What I see here is some delusional desi with maybe a 3rd grade education, obsessed with American culture (as evidenced by the obsession with Hollywood movies), but unable to produce anything except by copying and pasting Americans' code. For all you Indians here, we know what your game is: hype and fraud. You would have trouble getting by in a job stocking Walmart shelves. Writing code that works is obviously out of your league.

We've been had America - huge amounts of PR + 10 million Indiots circulating through our economy + copy & paste code == Destroyed American Economy. These people have cleaned us out is what has happened.

India, Inc. very well may be the biggest con ever pulled on the American people.

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United States crapstory
August 15. 2010 11:09

Rudy, I was the one who sent that link to you, because I call a spade a spade, I have no doubt that you are a very successful person with a lot of experience in the IT field, I am against the Indian IT firms like Wipro, Infosys, TCS etc which flood the market with cheap labor and get their off shore employees here for a fraction of the price.

I have come here with an intention to learn, no one denies that US is the best place in the world to work and grow professionally, and I came here with the same intention, did my Master's, and now am working in a non profit organization. Don't just assume that all Indians support these cheap bodyshops, a lot of them are like myself who oppose these.

Anyway this is going to be my last post here, I hope you understand that not everyone is part of the Indian Inc. lobby that consists of Infosys, Wipro etc. Take care and good luck

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August 15. 2010 12:12
tunnel rat

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, crappy.


United States Kumar
August 15. 2010 18:05

If India runs the economy by exporting its people and poverty, it is hard for an individual like crappy to prove otherwise, in other words, it is hard to tell you is not in the game.

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Canada ezygoer
August 15. 2010 19:31

Takes two to tango - Corporate America and India Inc or any other country - will destroy the American middle class and the American tech worker.

As the US economy slowly rolls over, lets watch the ultimate outcome in a few years.

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United States James
August 15. 2010 19:48

Well, well, crappy has finally come around to our way of thinking. One more big win for the insurgency, one more loss for a defeated, India, Inc.

Now go home.

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United States James
August 16. 2010 01:36

Slummy housing in India falls apart in 1 year


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United States BigR
August 16. 2010 08:46

Big win for insurgency.
One more loss for a defeated India Inc!.

'One more loss' implies that there are already massive losses.
So when can we expect to see the 'insurgency' stop moaning and groaning? You must be few steps away from achieving the mother of all victories against slumdog H1Bs. All the formerly outsourced work is flooding back to USA anyway.
Congratulations dude!!!!

Last time I heard such bombastic claims of victory was during 2008 presidential elections. Ron Paul crowd had saturated the net with their silly, chest thumping claims. Now we know where it all ended. In a trash heap!

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United States crapstory
August 16. 2010 15:34


You should read how many people have left Infosys since the new HR took over with her shitty policies, the attrition rate has been the highest in 2009. Not just Infosys, but this is how typically all the Indian IT service companies work, and I have testimonials from people working there to prove the same. These are nothing but slave labor shops, they take your time, personal life(working 12-13 hours per day) and the weekends, don't pay decent salary while raking in crores of profits from US clients, and on top of all that, threaten your job if you retaliate about the working conditions. I don't think even a productive person would be productive under such working conditions.

Although I disagree with the generalizations that Tunnel Rat and James employ here, they are right for the most part when it comes to the way Indian IT service sector companies operate, and how they treat their employees.

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August 16. 2010 23:18
Drunken Economist

Tell me you kept a cache of that blog entry. It seems to be GONE.

Darn. Uncle Drunky, always a rupee late and a day short.


August 16. 2010 23:20
tunnel rat

The Indian Outsourcing Regime got to her, probably threatened to rape her in front of her children.  That is how they roll.


United States AAAAA
August 17. 2010 03:14


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United States jk123
August 17. 2010 20:46

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