tunnel rat posted on August 8, 2010 13:07

It looks like notorious slumdog bodyshop WiPro is set to destroy another American IT project.  This one involves Baxter Healthcare.  The idea of some slumdog getting near my medical data just makes me want go commit some workplace massacre at the nearest curry den. 

Some insider has been sending around this urgent plea to Baxter's board:

Dear Board of Directors

I need to inform you about the travesty that is happening right now to Baxter's Enterprise Software infrastructure at the hands of WIPRO.

As the board of directors, you truly need to understand the devastating impact this will have on Baxter's customers and ESPECIALLY the impact that is about to happen for the US phase of the project that will go live in July of 2011.

1. Very limited technical knowledge - No understanding of the importance of the processes that they are working on, be it customer orders, home patient orders or invoicing and limited knowledge of the tools they are using.

2. No business knowledge whatsoever. - complete lack of understanding when it comes to how customers place orders, get the goods shipped and how they pay for orders.

3. Complete disregard for testing - They never test anything and even worse, when they make any changes, they never check that what they changed causes serious issues.

While there may be very competent Deloitte and Baxter employees checking what Wipro are doing, this is the biggest risk to the whole backbone of Baxter's Enterprise infrastructure and the longer this goes on the worse it gets.

4. All Wipro resources who worked on Canada will not be working on the US project - every single developer for Wipro that worked on the Canada project will NOT be working on the US project as they are being assigned to other projects . This goes to show the complete and utter lack of understanding by Wipro of everything that was learned from the Canada phase. All that knowledge will be lost.

5. Cardinal are trying to remove Wipro - check with Cardinal Healthcare who have already realized the damage of Wipro and are attempting to drastically reduce their dealings with them.

Based on fact 4 alone. You CAN sever ties with WIPRO and salvage the US project before it goes too far with Wipro, as they are going to be using all new people anyway.

Why not inform the CIO that you would like Wipro removed to prevent any further damage to this great company and protect any future impact to your customers and employees who will keep the proud name of Baxter from being tarnished any further by the fraudulent behavior of Wipro.

I urge you to prevent any further damage to this great company.

It looks like Cardinal Healthcare has already managed to kick the WiPro maggots out.  Hopefully Baxter will do the same.

Here's a list of Baxter board members that need to be contacted:

  • Albert P.L. Stroucken
  • Blake E. Devitt
  • Carole J. Shapazian
  • Cheryl L. White
  • Dr. James R. Gavin,III
  • Dr. Joseph B. Martin,M.D.
  • Dr. Norbert G. Riedel,PhD
  • Dr. Wayne T. Hockmeyer
  • PhD, Gail D. Foster
  • James M. Gatling
  • Jeanne K. Mason
  • John D. Forsyth
  • Joy A. Amundson
  • Karenann K. Terrell
  • Kornelis (Kees) J. Storm
  • Michael J. Baughman
  • Mr. Robert J. Hombach
  • Peter J. Arduini
  • Peter S. Hellman
  • Scharf David P.
  • Thomas T. Stallkamp
  • Walter E. Boomer


Ironically, the last name on that list is none other than Marine General Boomer, my former boss in the first Gulf War.  I'll have to reach out to him directly to get WiPro shitcanned (Marines stick together).

Now get busy, Insurgents.  We all have to do our part to rid this country of the slumdog infestation.

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Italy Crapstory
August 8. 2010 17:15

Hehehehe keep dreaming, while everyone else outsources their work to Wipro/Infosys/CTS/TCS/Mahindra Satyam. You can just keep dreaming that companies like Cardinal Healthcare will pull off, but Cardinal is going to face the same fate as losers like yourself, total COLLAPSE

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United States James
August 9. 2010 05:32

HAHAHA! What else is new? The India, Inc. Bodyshops DESTROY everything they touch. I've been witnessing this going on since 1998. Year after year after year of destruction by these frauds who have never seen a light switch before they came to America is what has caused this recession! You know when stuff like this surfaces, that it is going on everywhere. The Indiot Mafia moves into a company, takes over, cleans the place out, destroys everything in their path, then moves on to the next victim. These vampires are sucking the life out of America. DEPORT them all now before it's too late! Great find, Rat, we just need to keep exposing them.

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United States BigR
August 9. 2010 12:14

Bunch of guys who have never seen a light switch have been clobbering you since 1998 which is like 12 years and they're still going strong. What have you been doing? I know, you have totally exposed their game! But what next? I think this is the maximum you can do. No doubt you are in such a mess. Keep wallowing in .... oh whatever.
Meanwhile tunnel rat is waiting for Uganda-II. Did anyone say Idi Amin fr 2012? Fools!

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United States James
August 9. 2010 19:44

The smart money knows what the deal is: too many U.S. execs have been burned by failed promises from WIPRO and other Indian conmen bodyshops. Everything these faking Indian companies touch dies. Work is flooding back to the U.S. like crazy due to the MASSIVE FAIL on the part of India, Inc. United, Dell, and Delta brough all their call center work back to USA last year. Not to mention really technical work like software. India is losing work like crazy and now it's desperate to get anything it can from anyone. The leaked comments from someone begging the board to PLEASE STOP USING WIPRO speaks volumes - especially at then end where they say:

"I urge you to prevent any further damage to this great company."


Crappy: there's a difference between WANTING to do the work and BEING ABLE TO. LOL.

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United States Drifter
August 9. 2010 23:42

Clobbering who? Still going what? LOL - wake up... WAKE UP!! You're dreaming again DB... You wouldn't even be able to stroke your own ego without our help, goofball. Good thing we developed the PC, the operating system and the internet to distract you from cleaning the feces out from under your fingernails. Here's a toothpick, paki...

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United States James
August 10. 2010 00:08

Bank robbers 'clobber' people too. I would go on the net and start bragging about it. Since 'clobbering' is all you people can do (as opposed to Americans who actually create things), India has become the defacto gangster country on earth. You guys make Mexico look like angels.

Keep robbing America. People like the ones who sent this plea are obviously noticing and soon corporate America won't hire any of you. Oh wait, that's already happening. The U.S. gov't is turning you around AT THE AIRPORTS because no one wants you in the USA anymore.

Keep dreaming delusional desis!

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United States James
August 10. 2010 02:37

US engineer convicted of selling missile technology to China

Not a U.S. engineer, but an Indian spy.


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United States BigR
August 10. 2010 09:46

OK drifter, let's say the likes of you are far from being 'clobbered' and slumdogs are totally on the run. Then why do I sense fear and resignation in your posts? Sure you try (and fail) to hide them behind silly sarcasm, useless bravado and of course your favorite potty words. You resemble like jetsam and floatsam of information technology age. Keep drifting! Oh I forgot that you invented PC. Do you know what 'PC' stands for? Can you google it? Just like that other dummy James found out meaning of the word 'clobber' from dictionary and thought that somebody got clobbered with a club! Clobber, robber..the idiot can actually find rhyming words...well it is too late to develop such talents at this decrepit age. On a side note, I'm sure you guys invented google.

Happy drifting!


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United States crapstory
August 10. 2010 12:47

Drifter and James

It's not the question of who developed it first, it's the question of who made it to what level it has come now, and without the Indian support in American IT, it would have collapsed long long ago, you should be thankful to us Indians who are letting some of you still put their bread into their mouths, without our support, your IT industry would have collapsed long ago, and guess what, it's not going to stop, our companies TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS and Mahindra Satyam are going to take over the majority of the contracts here in the United States, and because they don't hire losers like yourself who come and rant here, they would be going for the best IT talent powerhouse in the world, India.

You can keep dreaming and living in your delusion, but your end is near now unless you start learning and rewiring your brain to be more presentable and humble at the work place, Mr.SNOOTY

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United States Karen
August 10. 2010 18:51

The official slang for slumdog bodyshop is now "ChopShop".
I love it.

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United States techsmart
August 10. 2010 23:39

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United States James
August 11. 2010 00:37

"Just like that other dummy James found out meaning of the word 'clobber' from dictionary and thought that somebody got clobbered with a club!"

Actually anyone who has written real software (and I don't mean internet scripting bullshit), knows the word 'clobber' - when one value in memory is erroneously written over by another. But losers like BigR have never heard it used in that way because he's never even worked in IT, let alone ever actually created anything.

As for Google, it was CO-FOUNDED by Sergei Brin - an 'immigrant' who immigrated at age 6, grew up here, and was educated here. Not quite the same as uneducated Indiot dolts coming here from a mud puddle with a fake degree or at best an IIT degree from an UNACCREDITED college, and then stepping right off the plane into $150K a year jobs they can't even remotely do. LOL.

Oh, and the OTHER Google CO-FOUNDER was LARRY PAGE, AN AMERICAN. Why didn't you mention that?

Sorry - but everyone claiming immigrants create things are liars. If they did, the U.S. economy would be booming. Every successful IT company in America today had at least one American founder. So stop running around deceiving people saying "Google was created by immigrants".

Funny, but the economy was booming before we let all the 3rd world 'immigrants' in (who were never suppossed be immigrants, but were supposed to go home after the .com boom and the Y2K boom). Not only are they still here, but they've taken over, locked Americans out of our own job market, and on top of all that, THEY CAN'T DO THE JOBS AS THE ECONOMY IS NOW SHOWING.

I hardly think you can call someone who invented the $100 million a year anti-spam software industry, a "dummy".

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United States James
August 11. 2010 00:53

"It's not the question of who developed it first, it's the question of who made it to what level it has come now, and without the Indian support in American IT, it would have collapsed long long ago, you should be thankful to us Indians who are letting some of you still put their bread into their mouths, without our support, your IT industry would have collapsed long ago".

Do you mean take it to the level where the CA economy has collapsed, the CA government is going bankrupt, and the nation is experiencing its worst recession in 70 years? Yeah, thanks for 'helping' us a lot. It's been nothing but DECLINE since you people got here. There has been virtually no innovation in the 12 years you people have been in the USA. It was BOOMING before you got here. How can you possibly say you've helped keep it going?

"and guess what, it's not going to stop, our companies TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS and Mahindra Satyam are going to take over the majority of the contracts here in the United States, and because they don't hire losers like yourself who come and rant here, they would be going for the best IT talent powerhouse in the world, India."

Not only will it stop, it is already happening. Companies are bailing out of India like mad. Dell, United, and Delta, just to name a few bailed out last year. And those were just simple phone support centers. WIPRO was BANNED from working for World Bank for 3 years because of fraud. Believe me, when something like that happens, businesspeople take notice. Now healthcare is wising up and getting out. Face it, no one wants you. India is no powerhouse for anything except open defecation. You people are delusional and destroy every company you touch. And I hardly think you can call someone who invented the $100 million a year anti-spam software market and 22 successful commercial software products on top of that a 'loser'. I was programming before India ever even saw a keyboard.

You people are total, abject failures since you have failed to keep the U.S. economy going as promised.

"You can keep dreaming and living in your delusion, but your end is near now unless you start learning and rewiring your brain to be more presentable and humble at the work place, Mr.SNOOTY"

Personality has nothing to do with success. Funny, but when Silicon Valley was filled with all the nerds and freaks, it was BOOMING. Now that the MBA business morons and their cheap labor whores are running things, the economy's not doing too well is it? Dress your stinky desi brown bodies up in khaki slacks, Dockers, and a collared shirt and you're a 'software expert'? Doesn't work that way - you have to actually be able to DO the work rather than just APPEARING to do the work. LOL.

Lots of American companies are finding out your slick congame. Appearances != talent. You can only make it for so long on hype. Eventually you do have to actually produce something that works.

Maybe you can go tell Major League baseball stars or rock stars to be 'more humble'. Yeah, good luck with that. When you're the best in the world and produce, you earn the bragging rights. Problem is, India sucks and you can't do that. Take your little communist attitude and go home. This is America and not all people are equal. Some are superstars (like I am) and some are leeches (like you are). Superstars get paid way more. Get uesd to it. You'll never make more than $40K a year in life, if that. Most likely, you're unemployed since you have so much time to come here and pump the Indiot propaganda.

And thanks for admitting you are trying to "takeover" the U.S. economy. We now have prooof.

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United States Travis Hepburn
August 11. 2010 04:13
Travis Hepburn

Why do you all identify pimarily with your race?  I am white, but I identify with intelligent, kind, funny, hard-working people who don't blame others for their problems.  That includes my Indian friends.  You folk should identify with others who seek out foreign devils to blame for your problems.  People like Castro, Chavez, Hussein, Mahmoud (not looking up how to spell Ahmeinihijad).  These guys totally share your beliefs!

But you prefer to try to steal MY people, the people who built this country.  Trust me, the people who founded Microsoft, Apple, and Google with help from Asian Ph. Ds would want NO PART of you.  But I assure you, the people I mentioned would view you as brothers.  Except for James.  Even Chavez would find his dreams of a worldwide race war disgusting.  That's more Bin Laden talk.  Granted, he'd be on the other side, but every word you spew trying to start the war you dream of is serving his cause, and he'd be proud.

Advocating violence against a civilization for a political cause - I believe you fought in Iraq, Rudy.  But it's really, really hard to imagine you on OUR side.  You sound just like them.  Tell me, James, Heartlander, and the worst of the rest - a lot of white people DID do great things.  Which of those things did you do?  How many of those brilliant people would be willing to share credit with the hateful hordes you represent?  Or would they be happier to share credit with the Indian grad students that did a meaningful amount of the heavy lifting?

You appropriate our accomplishments while betraying our ideals, all without having contributed a damn thing.  You shame my country, but not my people.  Anyone who I claim, black, white, and in between, finds your repugnant ideology more than loathsome.  For the record, I wasn't an English major, I just like to read books.  Try it sometime, it'll broaden your horizons.

Also, PLEASE don't change your ways.  There are persuasive (though false) arguments for your cause.  But God decided to make your hatred so overt, any right-thinking American recoils, and ends up in my camp.  Keep up the good work you did on "Outsourced", you make a more compelling force for my beliefs than I ever could.  God bless you all.

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United States James
August 11. 2010 08:00

So you want us to believe that some conman at HP whose 'proof' has yet to be published and accepted is some breakthrough? Com on - we'll most likely find out that his theory is wrong, or that he faked it, or more likely that he stole it from someone else.

And is this really the best you can do? One Indiot with some wackjob theory and the full wealth and power of HP behind him and that's it?

Umm... that's not really going to help the economy or advance human civilization any. At the rate of 1 or 2 useless inventions every 12 years, the whole world will be unemployed soon.

Speed it up India the world can't wait 5000 years for your 'innovation'.

no site

United States LOL
August 11. 2010 13:21

Its pretty funny how you folks are dancing around this new $2000 increase, thinking this is the end of outsourcing and H-1B's, you guys have unfortunately been played YET AGAIN Smile)  and i'll tell you how.

The outsourcing regime will adjust $2000 with little effort, which apart from being billed back to the client in miniscule amounts, is so insignificant a figure in their $30B kitty they seem to bring in, that its laughable. What this amount *actually*  does is, legitimizes them, so now if there is any public dissatisfaction, they can point out and say, "we've heavily fined those chopshops" which is little more than lip service to the general public, while the only people who will continue to get butchered now legitimately, would be you Smile

As far as the slave trading bodyshops are concerned, do you know how easy it is for these fucks to play around with the 50% number??
Split the bodyshops into various LLC's and just "hire" your family members ( who're all GreenCard holders or citizens by now) to balance out that 50% number, so there you go, you've legitimized them as well Smile)

And you know the BEST thing about this bill? just see how its used to leverage CIR and SKIL bill to bring in unlimited GC's and increased number of H-1B's, because now, "we've fined the chopshops and taken care of the bodyshops, its all about the pure best and the brightest"  and have ALSO sealed the border Smile)

Brilliant ploy by Schumer and Co, yes you folks have been PLAYED YET AGAIN Smile

no site

United States Drifter
August 11. 2010 13:57

Fear? Scared? Really. I'm the mechanic - the guy they call in to clean up outsourced projects that are going down in flames. I start with a broadsword, not a scalpel. One of my requirements - all Americans on my team wherever possible. And you know what? I get it, because I deliver and I know where the reliable, creative talent lies. They trust my track record and thanks to you, business is pretty good. I keep you clowns as far away from my reputation as possible because I don't have the time to weed out the 2 or 3 performers from the glut of rote worker bees with nothing but excuses. You drag the project down because you're either learning on the project or want the job done for you. We simply don't have the time for it.

Crappy, you can boast and bluster all you like but the historical evidence doesn't lie. James has a laundry list of corporations that show failure under indian leadership and/or involvement. US corporations are pulling back call centers into the states because customers just don't like dealing with you guys. This is the reality.

Your real problems lie in that you can't ever admit to making a mistake. Mistakes are learning opportunities, and that is what helps drive innovation. Conversely, your hubris and grandstanding hurt your image more than anything else. People here in the states don't appreciate braggarts. If you all truly tried to intgrate into the industry, learn from us and work alongside us instead of trying to conquer it, you all would be much better accepted but you haven't figured out how our culture works.

So yes, the end is near. Unemployment here is... well, I don't even have to cover that. It's truly bad. It is only a matter of time before moves are made to put all these unemployed Americans back to work, and the IT sector will be part of the equation. It's simply too large to ignore now and the logic of bringing in foreign labor is making less sense than ever. Maybe the program will end, all the contracts run out and everyone starts flying home. Or the visa numbers get drastically reduced. Or they will start imposing very unattractive taxes for corporations that outsource or have an offshore presence. My point is, the government is not going to just continue to allow things to spiral the way they are now. Immediate action needs to be taken and I'm pretty sure that outsourcing will be on the menu. It's very simple logic.

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United States Proamerica
August 11. 2010 14:40

Take your broom and pan back to work and quit bothering the humans.

no site

United States James
August 11. 2010 18:44

That's not all Indiots are doing over at HP:


no site

United States James
August 11. 2010 18:46

Man arrested for using boss' Internet telephone account for international calls (AP)

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of using his boss' Internet telephone account for his own use, charging his superior for calls to a number of foreign countries including Qatar and Bangladesh. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) arrested Bangladeshi Alam MD Sharlful, 29 -- a former employee of an Internet telephone company -- for allegedly using the company president's password and ID to make calls from his home from February to June this year, while the bills for the calls went to the president, also from Bangladesh.


no site

United States Heartlander
August 11. 2010 23:21

Endless citizen activism to make politicians understand the toxic nature of Indian bodyshopping - 10 years of our working lives.
Fee increase(at last!) for the desi stockyards - $2K
Our mirth and enjoyment at the yelps and yowling coming out of India, Inc. and Nasscom - priceless!

no site

United States crapstory
August 12. 2010 08:51


It looks like you might have invented even the entire IT industry in your dreams, I can relate with you, someone like yourself who couldn't keep up with the latest talent from India, can only dream about creating entire industries and developing commercially successful software products, which by the way, you haven't mentioned anything about. I would love to see what kind of software products you might have developed, because going by the state of juvenile mentality you exhibit here, I wouldn't think they could be anything better than the crap you puke here. And when you mean commercially successful, do you mean getting good reviews from a lot of junkies that wander around here without any job?

You must be a superstar in your dreams too, dreaming about $140k, guess what? I am less than 30 years old, already got a Master's here in one of your top universities, and making more than $100k/yr right now, I am very sure you must be a old hag living on a welfare paycheck that's not even sufficient to pay for all the METH that you take. So yes, I agree, you are a superstar at posting crap and shitting around on online forums, when it comes to doing anything that is of value though, you are just a big zero.

no site

United States crapstory
August 12. 2010 08:52


Are you sure you are a human? Because going by your half witted tantrums, I was inclined to believe that you must be a part of a mental asylum that recently got an internet connection....lol

no site

United States James
August 12. 2010 21:59


Well, if you call PlayStation, or working at Apple, or inventing Anti-spam 'crap', then go ahead - all you will get is laughed at.

So you've frauded your way into the U.S, cheated your way through school, and have produced exactly WHAT? NOTHING, that's what. By the time I was 29 I had already co-invenfed anti-spam software. When I was 28 I was working @ Apple which you will never do. At 32 I was wroking at Sony and was instrumental in the success of PlayStation. You couldn't get hired by Sony if you paid them to hire you.

Just another boasting Indiot who talks a good game but has never produced anything in his life, and never will.


no site

United States James
August 14. 2010 01:18

Apple was not founded with Asian PhDs. Apple was successful and booming before the H-1B program ever got started (1990).

The Mac Finder? American Andy Hertzfeld.
The Mac's QuickDraw? Bill Atkinson
In fact, every memember of the original Apple I & II and Mac teams were Americans. There are photos on the net to prove it. Or pick up any book about the founding of Apple such as Revolution In The Valley and see how many Asian names you see there. Both of Google's founders grew up here and were educated here. Microsoft's founders were American as well.

Sorry, but pure propaganda just doesn't fit in with facts.

Please name the great things done by Indian grad students. As for me personally, I co-invented the anti-spam market in 1997 and I was instrumental to PlayStation's success at Sony. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but gargantuan achievements for an individual.

Fact it: the vast majority of slumdogs are not helping America. If they were, the economy would be booming. And I know this firsthand because I spent 18 years working in Silicon Valley, and I've seen what goes on firsthand. Most of these people have never seen a lightswitch when they get here and they come here to get training from Americans so they can go home and try to help jumpstart India's economy. And you expect us to believe these people are helping America? You've got it backwards: we're helping them by giving them free jobs created by Americans.

Indians never did any heavy lifting. By the time the internet boom was in full swing, IT was still 98% white American males. It was only AFTER India heard about the huge boom that they began moving in starting in LATE 1998. Take over what others have created, take credit for it, and say you did the heavy lifting. Nice try, but that's not what actually happened.

And since arriving here, Indians have failed to produce even 1 economic boom.

no site

United States James
August 14. 2010 01:20

During WW2 Travis would have been arguing to leave Hitler and the Japanese alone and not do anything about their threat to America. I guess America will have to get attacked by China or India (which is coming soon) before naive morons like him wake up and recognize that his country is in deep trouble.

no site

United States James
August 14. 2010 05:20


Oh, and I forgot, you want to see what commercially sucessful software I have worked on? Google "Hard Disk Toolkit 3.0 is freakin' awesome". I
don't think 5 mice from MacAddict magazine is what you would call a bunch of trolls on a blog.

What have you ever invented that has a public review in a credible periodical?

Answer: Nothing!

no site

United States crapstory
August 14. 2010 13:26


Typical BS propaganda from you, I haven't seen your name anywhere on that website, and no where was it mentioned that a crapster like you had created that software, lol, it looks like you just pulled something off the internet and put your name as the co creator of it. Guess what, I have published around 7-8 peer reviewed articles in IEEE journals, I guess it's beyond your understanding to even know what that is, perhaps you could google IEEE as you always do to credit yourself without moving your lazy ass and living on a welfare paycheck.

Also, a dimwit like you who did nothing productive in life can never fathom what it takes to get peer reviewed articles published in journals like IEEE.

Typical loser's drumbeat

no site

Canada UniGuy
August 17. 2010 03:32


Buddy I have to study with assholes like you. And let me tell you - 95%, yes NINETY FIVE percent of you are trash. Ive only seen TWO qualified indian grad students to date. Sad but true. I still remmember that fool just a couple of months ago who couldn't figure out private variables in Java....in THIRD YEAR of university.

Its a disgrace you're here in the first place, at least the chinese can figure the material out if you give them some time, but you guys are lost sheep.

no site

United States John Whitehair
October 28. 2010 18:37
John Whitehair

Is it real that wipro is being pulled out of Cardinal. Could you shed more light?

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