The Insurgency is having a profound impact.  Even shills for the Indian Outsourcing Regime (IOR), like freelance writer Wayne Rash, are taking notice.  He remarks that the slumdogs are now too scared to try to come to the USA, because they might get called names!

Too bad, scabs.

On Monday, July 26, a column I wrote on eWEEK about the diminishing number of applications for H-1B visas appeared, and was immediately followed by a string of comments that expressed a shocking level of racism, hate, bigotry and pure mean-spiritedness. I had everything from threats of violence against foreign workers using H-1B visas to insults. The experience was so unpleasant, and the comments in some cases so libelous, that I asked the editors to pull the entire comments section, and to disable the ability to leave comments.


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United States James
August 3. 2010 02:06

Ha ha ha. It's also because slumdogs are getting beat up and killed both here and in Oz. The slummies know the crimes they have committed against Americans. They know full well that they have been outed and that all of America knows it. They know their plunder of America. They know full well they are responsible for destroying America's economy by keeping Americans out of jobs and them taking jobs they don't have anywhere near the qualifications for. They know they are guilty. That is why they are AFRAID. As God said in the Bible "Evil men flee even when no one is pursuing". No wonder they're all fleeing America now. BA-GOK! Chickens.

As for RoadRash, maybe he should check out YouTube. I get my personal name slandered all over YT by Indiots who can't provide proof but jump at the chance to ruin the good name of a top American programmer. Do I go crying? No, I take it because I know the good win in the end and truth will always prevail no matter how long it takes.

Maybe someone should send him an email telling him to go look at comments Indians have left on YT. Or about laws on the books in India making it illegal to hire Americans there, or about how Mein Kampf is the best-selling business book in India now. Or about how in China it is ILLEGAL to transfer currency out of the country.

No racism going on there, right Rashman?

BTW, take a look at this article - they are building dosiers on us now because we've thwarted the NWO/Globalist plans.

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United States WayneM
August 3. 2010 07:52

But you're still going about it the wrong way.  The pro-H1B people use racism and xenophobia to discredit the anti-H1B crowd and invalidate our entire argument.  That's why we can't resort to calling these Indians names, because the people lined up against us just point and say "Don't worry about these guys, folks.  They're just bitter racists" and suddenly, WE look like the bad guys.

I'm all for getting these lying dirtbags out of our country and getting Americans back to work, but you're going about it the wrong way by continuing to use racist language - you're just giving our enemies a reason to tell the masses to ignore us, when the masses should be listening to us instead.  Average people don't understand the H1B problem, and because of the vitriol and highly bigoted tone of many anti-H1B supporters, the average person is told (and believes) that it's not a serious issue, just a couple of racists yelling because there are brown-skinned Indians in the workforce instead of white-skinned Americans, when racism isn't even part of the problem.

Do you get what I'm saying?  We need to focus on being informative and showing the downside of the H1B program, how it's dominated by fraud and how in a recession we don't NEED companies lying and saying they can't find qualified workers, and completely ignore the fact that the main perpetrators of H1B fraud and "ethnic cleansing of IT" are of Indian origin.  If we don't, we're never going to make as much headway as we should since people will just say we're racist against Indians.

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August 3. 2010 10:30
tunnel rat

No Wayne, it is too late for the niceties.  The enemy has declared war and we are their targets.  

Scholars like Matloff and Hira have been spewing information for years, and it did nothing but put people to sleep.

The best tactic is to scare the shit out of the potential H-1Bs and let them know that they are not welcome.  Maybe we will treat them like the Aussies did.  

Much of my traffic comes from India and slumdops using search terms like "Desi consultant".  When they stumble into this virtual trip wire in cyberspace, they get the hint.  We are drying up the supply!

And then the collaborators read this blog, and think twice before hiring a slumdog or signing a contract with Tata, Infosys, or HCL.  They don't want to be targeted by the INSURGENCY.

It is working.  The scabs are getting deported at the airports, and their bodyshops are getting major shakedowns by the USCIS.

United States Kumar
August 3. 2010 22:44

Wayne, If a thief calls you a thief, would you care?

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United States James
August 3. 2010 23:40

Anyone who thinks race is not a part of it is delusional. The rampant ethnic cleansing of white Americans from IT is all over the country and millions of pissed off Americans know about it. Since they came to OUR country and started waging a race war on US first, it's time to do the same thing right back to them. Expose their Mein-Kampf-loving, biggoted, out-of-control hatred for white Americans and what they are doing in our OWN country and the people will catch on real quick. 84% of America is still white. We need to let that huge majority know that a race war is being waged against them. Cold reason and facts don't sell in this society. Violence, conflict, and uncivilized behavior does. Hence, we need to take the argument to the next level since everything else has failed.

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United States TRKUNT
August 5. 2010 18:02

Hahahaha jokers, the H1-B cap is 80% full as of today and will 100% full by the end of the year.  No one is scared of pussies. Go update your skills rather than wasting time around here. Ohh btw did you see the amount of green cards being issued in the last 2 months? 75% of it was taken by India, I see Obama is gearing up for next year's CIR where every H1-b will get his Green card. Now light that up your pipe and smoke it blind inbred honky cracker.

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United States Drifter
August 6. 2010 20:37

Indian porcine gorging at the US IT money trough.. and you think it's because you have superior skills BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! oh man do you pakis need a reality check. Obama's second economic advisor quit today - jobless americans and the need for re-employing them are all over the news. CIR is stillborn, the republicans are going to take over as the dems get voted out in November so IR isn't even on the radar... get a clue - that first one was free. If you think for a moment that your days aren't numbered you're in denial. Start preparing for deportation paki...

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United States TRKUNT
August 10. 2010 17:33

By all means deport the Pakis, you dumb fuckin cracker. You think we care

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Canada UniGuy
August 17. 2010 03:39


Someone clearly has inferiority and jealousy issues.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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