tunnel rat posted on May 15, 2010 12:49

               Rudy drives the Nerd Herd Mini-Cooper moves down the coast...

               Past Laguna Beach...

               Then Las Brisas where Rudy and Carina celebrated his

               Beyond Dana Point...

               Then past a sign that reads: Camp Pendleton


               Rudy drives the Nerd Herd vehicle to the same San Onofre gate
               where his dad picked him up roughly one year ago.

               The stern MILITARY POLICEMAN on duty watches Rudy warily. 

                                   MILITARY POLICEMAN
                         ID please.

               Rudy hands him a very weathered document.

                         All I have is my DD2-14.

                                   MILITARY POLICEMAN
                         You know you need a Military ID to
                         come on base.

                         Can't you give a grunt a break?

               Military Policeman takes a closer look.  He's very impressed
               by the credentials.

                                   MILITARY POLICEMAN
                         Oh-Three-Eleven, Purple Heart,
                         Combat Action Ribbon, Bronze Star. 
                         Lance Corporal Rudy Torrent.
                         You're Rudy Torrent?

                         Here's my California license.

               Military Policeman looks at Rudy's license, then smiles.

                                   MILITARY POLICEMAN
                         Go ahead, Devil Dog.  Semper Fi.

               Rudy nods and drives past the gate.


               San Clemente glistens in the horizon as the Nerd Herd Car
               reaches San Onofre Beach.

               Rudy drives past a building with a sign that reads:

               Beach Club - USMC Enlisted Recreational Facility

               Rudy parks near the water and sits in the vehicle, listening
               to the radio.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         And obviously the HUGE story today
                         is WideCountry going under, folks! 
                         Yours truly broke that ugly
                         situation about four months ago,
                         but I would've never imagined that
                         a financial entity that big could
                         actually fail!
                         This is either the beginning of a
                         very dangerous period in American
                         banking history or an isolated
                         incident of extreme greed and
                         reckless behavior.
                         I fear it's the former.

               Rudy exhales and takes in the scenery as he listens to the

               A few older couples grill out and drink beers at their RVs
               stationed nearby...

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         Whatever happened to that
                         caller...what was his name again?

               A handful of surfers ride the near-perfect waves of the
               Trestles a half-mile away...

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         Tunnel Rat, right.  Thank you to my
                         producers for pulling that one out
                         of the hat.
                         Who new something as obscure as the
                         H1-B law could lead to indentured
                         servants doing anything to stay in
                         America, including falsifying
                         millions and maybe even billions of
                         dollar of mortgages.  And can you
                         fully blame these illegals?
                         One thing is for sure...the
                         American taxpayer will be left
                         footing the bill.

               A dog chases a stick at the water's edge...

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         If you're out there, Tunnel Rat,
                         give us a call.

               Four tall, toned women play volleyball...

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         I gotta thank you for driving some
                         ratings for us.  Least we could do
                         is help you get a mortgage, right?

               And a tattooed Marine in UDTs jogs across the pebbled beach.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         But seriously, we need to know how
                         things panned out for you in that
                         big mess.

               Rudy shuts off the radio and steps out of the car.  He flicks
               his last cigarette into the sand, then opens the hatchback.

               He quickly opens the medium size brief case to reveal Lazlo's
               old, deflated blue plaid air mattress.  He gets to work.

               Over twenty minutes, he:

               Opens a patching kit...

               Then cleans the surface around the old bullet hole in the

               Then applies just the right amount of glue to the patch...

               Then checks to be sure the patch is dry...

               Then blows up the air mattress with a pump...

               Then listens to be sure the patch works.  It does.  And we
               see that the patch is an American flag.

               Satisfied, Rudy suddenly strips naked and walks out into the
               very rough ocean surf with the air mattress.

               IN THE OCEAN

               Rudy FIGHTS the oncoming waves...

               And it isn't long before he sits on the air mattress and
               RIDES HIGH ON A 12' WAVE, SMILING WIDE!

               But suddenly the HUGE WAVE CRASHES DOWN ON RUDY...

               And he is VIOLENTLY FORCED UNDERWATER!

               The air mattress FLIES THROUGH THE AIR and SPEEDS toward the
               shore without him.

               Scanning the surface for an extended beat, Rudy is nowhere to
               be found.

               Finally, we focus back on the empty air mattress resting on
               the shore, and hold on...

               The American flag patch.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK:

               THE END

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United States Rat Pack
May 15. 2010 13:27
Rat Pack

BRAVO!!  Bravo!  *clap*

This was great.  The ending was sad but I guess that was the point.

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