tunnel rat posted on May 7, 2010 23:21

               An emotional Lazlo pushes Rudy in a wheelchair.  His arm is
               still in a sling and his hand is in a cast.


               Lazlo wheels Rudy into his home, and they're shocked to

               THE PLACE IS EMPTY!

               Only the $25,000 white couch remains.  Carina obviously left
               Rudy.  He slumps down on the couch and looks to Lazlo.

                         I knew she was trouble the night I
                         met her.  Remember, when I picked
                         you up in the cab?

               Rudy nods and has nothing to add.

                         This is for the best.

               DAYS LATER

               Rudy sits in the same spot, listening to the radio,
               depressed.  The home is littered with his trash and empty
               pizza boxes and Busch beer cans.

               He reads the files he took from WideCountry and becomes
               increasingly upset.  He knows he has to do something.

               Conservative Radio Host rants in BG.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         We're taking your calls about the
                         staggering boom in southern
                         California real estate.

               Rudy thinks for a long beat, then decides to flip open his
               laptop and connect to his WiFi network.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO)
                         We just spoke with caller Antonio
                         of Costa Mesa, a drywaller making
                         $60,000 a year who bought his dream
                         house with a $400,000 loan.
                         Now you tell me people, how is this

               Rudy connects his headset/microphone combo to the computer
               and launches a voice modulator program.  He experiments with
               a few characters, and settles on one with a thick Indian

               Rudy turns down his radio, then fires up Skype and makes a
               test call.  His voice is recorded as thick-accented Indian. 
               Satisfied, he enters a phone number and waits, looking very
               stressed out.

               Radio Show SCREENER answers.

                                   SCREENER (OVER SKYPE)
                         What's your name and what are you
                         calling about?

               Rudy delays a moment, not sure what to say.

                                   SCREENER (OVER SKYPE)
                         Are you there, Caller?

                         Yes, hello, my name is Tunnel Rat. 
                         I'm a programmer at a sub-prime
                         mortgage company...and it's all a
                         terrible scam.

                                   SCREENER (OVER SKYPE)
                         Please hold, Tunnel Rat...

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         We have Tunnel Rat on the line, a
                         programmer who works at a sub-prime
                         loan company.  He says this is one
                         fat-ass scam.
                         Go ahead, Mr., uh, Rat.

                         Yes, I just want your listeners to
                         know that most of these loans are
                         fraudulent.  I work at a company
                         that facilitates thousands of bogus
                         loan applications so almost anyone
                         can buy a house they can't afford.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         Wow, Tunnel Rat.  I'd be so much
                         more intrigued if you could name
                         the company you work for.

                         Well, I can.  It's WideCountry.

               Silence for a long beat.  Then Conservative Radio Host comes
               back, very serious.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         This is big news, folks, and don't
                         forget you heard it here first. 
                         WideCountry is a huge.  They're the
                         guys who ran the Super Bowl ad!
                         Are you saying there's fraud?

                         Yes, and I can prove it.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)

                         This is how the loans get funded. 
                         A mortgage broker gets an app, say
                         from some guy with poor credit and
                         no work history.  He comes down to
                         my I.T. department and gets an
                         Indian programmer to diddle the
                         data to get the loan approved.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         What do mean, Indian guy?

                         All programmers in my shop are
                         Indian.  We live in a hotel, five
                         to a room.  If we don't follow
                         orders, we get sent home.  We don't
                         always do what is right, but we do
                         what we must to stay in America.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         So now we have fraud perpetrated by
                         illegal aliens who are essentially
                         indentured servants?

                         Yes, but we aren't technically
                         illegal aliens because the company
                         uses a special visa.  The H-1B.

               Conservative Radio Host takes a moment to process everything.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         I hope everyone out there realizes
                         the good 'ol US of A has a huge
                         mess on its hands.  At some point,
                         our economy is going to feel the
                         effects of loaning unqualified
                         people billions of dollars.
                         How in the hell did we get here?!

               The air goes silent again.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         Mr. Rat, uh, Tunnel, you still with

               Rudy remains silent.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         I think we lost him.

                         I'm still here.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         If this is true, and you have
                         proof, you need to get some
                         protection, my friend.

               Rudy holds his gun.

                         Oh, I do.

               Another long beat of silence.

                                   CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST (OVER SKYPE)
                         Why would you put yourself at such
                         great risk?

                         That's the price a patriot pays.

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Comments (4) -

United States lol
May 10. 2010 04:49

ploughed this scene with what's typically  the biggest sin of an amateur/hack writer, let the dialogue come from the character, not the writer, exposition was always you weak point, apart from many other things.

no site

May 10. 2010 10:14
tunnel rat

Sorry lol, your grammar is to convoluted for me to understand your point.  

Now get the fuck off of my blog before I go to Virginia and start aiming for the red dots, slumdog.


United States lol
May 10. 2010 13:32

Thanks for the confirmed death threat to a US citizen, enjoy the Feds, They have been VERY helpful and so far Smile

Also, its FINALLY  nice to see you spell Grammar instead of  (sic) "Grammer" . Though there is a difference between "to" and "too", learn it, before you  spell convoluted.

Again, if you don't understand the difference between a character speaking and the writer, you  need to take up some basic screenwriting classes at your local CC, or a Syd Field/Linda Seger would  suffice,  downloading a hacked version of Final Draft and using a "match cut" does NOT make you a writer, but then again, can't expect much from  IT dorks like you, there's a reason we guys get so much latitude while make fun off you folks. You've just shown the reason why.

No i am not in IT, i showed your (sic) Screenplay at work, everyone ROFLMAO'ed thanks for the laugh! , i would have told you get your work registered at the WGA and the uber mandatory USCO , but then going by the  weak structure and ATROCIOUS  god awful dialogue, you really don't need to

Just worry about the FEDS for now Wink

no site

May 10. 2010 22:40
tunnel rat

Like I said, get off of my blog before my high dollar Jew lawyer in NJ issues a subpeona to Time Warner and demands the identity of the slumdog that has been harassing me.  It would be rather easy to tie you to the death threats I get and the phony email pranks that have been keeping the Feds busy questioning me instead of tracking down H-1Bs like you and the Times Square bomber.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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