tunnel rat posted on April 28, 2010 22:44

               Rudy sits in his Mercedes and watches the guests pull up to
               the hotel valet.

               A PLACARD READS:  22nd Annual AILA Immigration Law Seminar

               Rudy sees Mitch give his keys to the valet and quickly enter
               the lobby.  Rudy flicks his cigarette out the window and


               Rudy trails behind a pack of fast moving suits rushing to the
               presentation.  He's far enough back that Mitch doesn't see
               him.  They all reach the entrance to the conference...

               But a GREETER stops them to sign in and check credentials.

                                   PRESENTER (O.S.)
                         We'd like to thank the committee
                         for inviting our special guest,
                         Larry Finkel of Grisby, Finkel, and

               Greeter seals the doors shut, leaving Rudy alone in the
               hallway.  Stymied, he quickly spots a WORKER pushing a cart
               of water pitchers into a door marked "EMPLOYEES ONLY."

               Rudy follows through the service entrance.

               Doors line a hallway, and one is slightly ajar, propped open
               by the water cart left by Worker.

                                   LARRY FINKEL (O.S.)
                         The recruitment campaign can begin
                         once you've spoken with the HR
                         people and the immigration

               Rudy moves to the door and pushes it open a few inches.  He
               sees LARRY FINKEL (52) at a podium just 10 feet away.

                                   LARRY FINKEL
                         To be technically compliant with
                         the H-1B or L-1 laws, you must
                         place ads in the local papers to
                         advertise the position.
                         The wage being offered to the
                         foreign national only has to be
                         included in the internal postings.

               Rudy's not sure what he has come across.

               The packed conference room is full of mostly WHITE
               BUSINESSMEN and GEEKY TECH MANAGERS in company polo shirts
               and khakis.  They listen very closely.

                                   LARRY FINKEL
                         When the resumes pour in, the
                         employer has a thirty day review
                         period.  You must go through all
                         U.S. applicants.
                         Resumes that don't meet job
                         requirements can be summarily
                         disqualified.  The key is to write
                         the requirements so that local
                         applicants can't meet them.

               Rudy can't believe what he hears as he watches from his
               hiding place.

                                   LARRY FINKEL
                         You must find a legal basis to
                         disqualify the U.S. citizen.  At
                         the same time, it's vital to tailor
                         the resume of the guest worker to
                         fit the job posting.
                         Comply with the law fully, and
                         you're in the clear.

               Rudy sees Mitch standing in the very front, clearly in
               rapture and agreement.

                                   LARRY FINKEL
                         Our goal is, number one, to meet
                         the requirements, and number two,
                         to hire inexpensive labor.
                         And uh, it might sound strange, but
                         we're not looking for interested
                         and/or qualified U.S. workers.  It
                         really is that simple.  Thank you
                         for your time.

               The room ERUPTS IN APPLAUSE.  Mitch claps eagerly and moves
               to the podium to get closer to Larry Finkel.

               Rudy watches, in a daze, not sure what to make of everything.

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