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This is what you'll get

When you mess with us...

- Karma Police, Radiohead


Two N.J. men charged with extortion, obstruction in case of Illinois firm that allegedly intimidated whistle-blower

By Star-Ledger Staff

April 05, 2010, 7:52PM

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — Shortly after a foreign computer consultant complained he had been lured to the United States on a promise of a job and cheated out of $53,000, he received a late-night visit from two hostile men, according to authorities.

He was pulled from his Middlesex County house on Jan. 22, forced into a car and taken for a long ride on a cold night while the two men threaten to "take care" him. They wanted the consultant to withdraw complaints he made to federal labor investigators about their employer, an Illinois company that recruited the consultant to come to the United States, according to a federal indictment unsealed today.

Now, two employees of the firm are facing extortion and obstruction of justice charges, which carry up to 20 years in prison.

Trinath Chigurupati, a 36-year-old Indian citizen living in Monmouth Junction, was arrested at his home Wednesday and released on $150,000 bail. Sateesh Yalamanchili, 38, who recently moved from New Jersey to Wood Dale, Ill., surrendered today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Shipp in Newark, who set his bail at $150,000.

The intimidated consultant, said federal prosecutors, is a witness in a year-old probe by the U.S. Department of Labor into the suspects’ employer, ComData Consulting Inc. of Rolling Meadows, Ill., which recruits foreign workers with an expertise in web development, information technology and software development. The firm generally outsources the employees to other companies after sponsoring them for entry into the United States on special temporary visas, known as H-1Bs, reserved for foreign workers with specialized skills.

On Jan. 15, labor officials filed a civil complaint accusing ComData of failing to pay and underpaying four immigrant workers, including the consultant, about $142,000 after recruiting them under the H-1B program. Harassment of the computer consultant by Chigurupati and Yalamanchili began five days later, federal prosecutors said.

ComData was not named in the indictment, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato declined in court today to discuss whether his office is probing the firm or other witnesses have been harassed. ComData failed to return multiple telephone calls.

Chigurupati and Yalamanchili initially pressured the consultant on Jan. 20, after inviting him to a restaurant for what was supposed to be a job interview, authorities said. The threatening car ride followed two days later, and on a third night, the two men entered the consultant’s home, rousing him from sleep with slaps to the chest and shoulders, according to the charges.

On Feb. 4, the two men met him again at a restaurant and offered to pay $5,000 for him to recant his story, authorities said, adding the consultant had gone to federal authorities by then and was outfitted with a hidden recorder that captured every threat.

Yalamanchili and his lawyer, William Lundsten, declined comment on the charges today. Chigurupati’s lawyer, James A. Plaisted, said he was still reviewing the charges and called Chigurupati a "respectable hard-working individual."

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April 8. 2010 14:06
Shiva The Destroyer

A "respectable hard-working individual"? Is that the term for a curry scented thug and cowpiss drinking kidnapper? What is the world coming to?

It's time to deport all these criminal desi dirtbags back to their stinking shithole! Sleazy subhuman perverts!


April 9. 2010 02:51

In my line of work, I am very familiar with a lot of Indian temporary workers on a personal level.  Most of them are easily intimidated by threats to invoke the authorities - these threats coming from cab drivers (not from me).  Example:  One girl here working for $8.00 per hour at a drug store on her OPT from her student visa (she had recently earned an MBA), was intimidated by a cab driver who threatened to call the police if she didn't pay him $20.00 for a $7.00 ride.  If they can be intimidated by American cab drivers, it's a cinch that most of them can be easily intimidated by their Indian employers, whom they know would have killed them if they were in India.  But these annoying americans, they investigate every murder like somebody killed a sultan or something.

Viewed in this light, I would have to say that Indian whistleblower has got some serious guts.  I have to think that for every H-1B who stands up like he did, there have to be 1000 who cave in to the pressure, and just bide their time until their visa expires.

Hopefully, government has given this whistleblower an S visa (for whistleblowers), and he can use that as a path to citizenship.  I wouldn't mind having him become an American.  If only more Indians were like him, their labor wouldn't be cheap.



April 9. 2010 02:55

Re: "Respectable"

I believe that he's respectable.  I will show respect to anyone who has a gun pointed at my head, regardless of what I think of him personally.



United States Are you fuckin stupid?
April 9. 2010 20:43
Are you fuckin stupid?

You are, that was rhetorical.

Why the fuck are you quoting Thomas Yorke you fat nerd?   One Indian H-1B fucks over another, thats got nothing to do with you, its not "Karma", Karma is when you laughed at Indians, and then the Feds fingered (still are)  your prostate for the doing the same, thats Karma, thats when Thomas Yorke's quote make sense, but then again, critical thinking was never your forte .

On a side note, i like how your posse of losers, Ericdick, Dyke Amorose and the rest of the fools have deserted you ever since the Feds went greek on that supersized McAss of yours , i don't see them commenting anymore or bucking you up like they use to,  feels nice being used and abused and disposed like a cheap $5 CL whore by your own Klan doesn't it ;)

no site

April 10. 2010 11:28
tunnel rat

Silly slumdog, I can quote whatever I want.  These H-1Bs came here to get rich, get trained by a soon-to-be displaced American,  and command a large dowry so that they could finally get laid.  

Instead, the got fucked over by Desis.  Karma.  You Indians are always fucking each other over.

As for the insurgents you allude to, they are all gainfully employed and too busy to spend much time commenting on the issue.  As you can see, the American media has come around and no longer writes propaganda for your cause. He still pops up every now and then  We got Eric a job by reporting an H-1B to USCIS and he was deported.  We do that alot.  That is why your days are numbered.  How do is feel to be in the crosshairs (http://tinyurl.com/yysq5vr)?

If I were you, maderchod, I would be investing in some skin bleach or something.  Some Americans are packing and wanting to kill you folks.  I know one guy in Georgia that is really pissed off.  

And Feds only harrassed me because scum like you sent phony threats about "killing niggers" to them.  Once we investigated the email headers, it was clear that I had been the target of some sick attacks from the Indian H-1B lobby.  You people are so vile and desperate, you will stop at nothing to pursue you campaign of ethnic cleansing.    


United States Bobby Jindal
April 10. 2010 12:19
Bobby Jindal

Do you RINO teabagger idiots need more proof that its big business friendly republicans who are very Indian friendly?


no site

April 10. 2010 13:51
tunnel rat

Yes, Bobby we know that we have been betrayed by both parties.  And the Tea Party movement is not a bunch of eat-your-young irrational capitalists.  They definately don't support big government's collaboration with big business to bypass the American worker.  

As for towelhead Singh meeting Obama, all I can say is:

"Where is a lunatic Paki when you need one?"

Or a psycho displaced American programmer?  How about a vet with weapons training that had to train his slumdog replacement to write code?

Do you people think that there will be no consequences to your campaign of ethnic cleansing?  What, Mexican illegals are the only ones that will get beaten or killed by skinheads and those fed up with this country's lax immigration policies?

Just look at Australia.  Your days of running around acting like your shit doesn't stink are over, slumdog.  You jackals have been exposed as bigoted creeps with sexual and hygeine issues.  You are all afraid to go back to India on holiday because you know some CPBP agent may deport you instantly.

The party is over, maderchod.


United States Bobby Jindal
April 10. 2010 14:39
Bobby Jindal

Ooo...the teabagger RINO tunnelrat got pissed off by learning the truth.

><I>And the Tea Party movement is not a bunch of eat-your-young irrational capitalists.</I>

Yea right jerk...With leaders like Palin, Rove  even Cheney YOU will always vote big business friendly tea party candidate aka republican. Remember H1 increase in 98 with GOP controlled senate and house?....just wait for 2011.

>The party is over, maderchod.

Same to you..but nah...You can't do anything w.r.t "party" because you will always be a GOP controlled jackass.  So just shut up rántás.

no site

April 10. 2010 15:18
tunnel rat

The GOP will not be able to handle the mobs of pissed off techies that will start retaliating against the scabs and the collaborators that shipped them in.

And sorry Bobby, this is America.  I'll say whatever the fuck I want.

Just ask Apex Technology Group.

You slumdogs need to get aquainted with our culture before you start telling Americans what to do.  That is why you people are pretty much hated all over the world.  You act like arrogant little pricks, even though you are petty, backstabbing, insecure bitches.  


United States Bobby Jindal
April 10. 2010 18:29
Bobby Jindal

"The GOP will not be able to handle the mobs of pissed off techies that will start retaliating against the scabs and the collaborators that shipped them in."

Hahahahah....if you want to continue your ostrich living mode and don't want to get your head out of sand, go ahead...What do I got to loose?

no site

United States Heartlander
April 11. 2010 10:33

Karma? No, this is karma:

Almost everyone in America sees through them and is tired of them.

no site

United States Kumar
April 11. 2010 19:32

U.S. Steps Up Probe Of Hiring In Tech


no site

United States Proamerica
April 11. 2010 21:59

I copied the Bobby Jindal posts and sent them to the 'real' Bobby Jindal and ask him why he was making these posts. Wonder what the Governor's going to do?

no site

United States Eric Smith
April 12. 2010 01:03
Eric Smith

Slumdogs are so cheap that they can work for $1 a day as paid posters, like 'Bobby Jindal' in this forum and
codecorrector in Dice. These are the best jobs slumdogs can create.

no site

United States Bobby Jindal
April 12. 2010 13:14
Bobby Jindal

Also do not forget the recent supreme court decision to lift campaign finance restrictions. This allows corporations to spend unlimited money on elections. The decision was cheered widely by GOP and tea party alike. We all know what corporations and executives like.

I don't need to repeat my ostrich comment.

no site

April 13. 2010 09:24
tunnel rat

That's ok, Bobby.  When American techies start taking things into their own hands, the corporations and GOP will think twice about subverting market forces to suit their needs.  

Capitalism is about free markets after all.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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