I like the way now all forums on Dice are filled with bitching about the slumdog infestation:

I used to work with guys and gals with names like Bob, Frank, Ted and Mary. Everybody got along and we would go out for happy hours and had a lot of office parties. **bleep** got done, and the the companies were becoming Fortune 500 ones.

We had cubicles, but they were huge. Pay was good. Not great. Insurance paid for everything.

Now I am thrown into a 10 foot by 10 foot windowless room with Sanjeep, Rajiv and Kumar. They have no personalities, rarelyspeak english, smell like **bleep** (haven't figured out what a shower is), wear the same clothes everyday, and eat their hideously smelling lunches and dinners at their desks. I am making 40 dollars an hour corp-to-corp. I have no insurance.   

Where did it all go wrong?

I hear ya' brother.

"computergeek08" has a great response:

I hear you loud and clear.  At my last job you would be lucky to see 2 non Indians at any given meeting except upper management of course.  And when the last Americans like me got traded off for yet another H1b, i decided that the IT train left the station.  I am switching careers.  Not that it is easy.  Not that I really want to.  However, if I go down I am going down with a fight.  I will at least try to make a living albeit not as good as I did in the 90's but at least I will wake up and have a job.   I think the key is to choose a field that has a union and strong requirements.  Also, specialize so it will be harder to outsource you.  Just think about what you always wanted to do and do it.  Better to do that than be put in a room with people who have no idea what a shower is.

If I am going down, I am taking some H1b's down with me.  I have a friend at ICE and I try to point him in the direction of possible H1b fraud.  Even if i send ONE H1b home, it is a victory.  I always think of one thing.  They may have jobs NOW, but it is just siutational.  It will change as the next low wage country emerges.  Bu think Fred,  would you really want to be an Indian?  I can go anywhere I want (Mexico, Europe, Israel, Canada) with just a passport.  THEY need visas for every country because their country is such a piece of **Bleep** that no country wants them.  When i go to Mexico for my upcoming vacation,  I will breeze through both borders with my US passport and the border officers will smile and wave at me. When I am in Mexico, I will ride the buses with the natives and they will  go out of their way to be polite to me.  They treat me like I am a neighbor.  Then, back at the airport I will laugh as I see the  line of THEM being questioned by ICE, Border Patrol, etc and  being put in those rooms for further questioning......  I try to think of the big picture.  Yes, right now they are winning but nothing lasts forever.   This is a temporary situation,  they are opportunists stealing jobs and RIGHT NOW the MNC's are in power The balance of power will eventually shift  - we have all seen it  before and  the Indians will either be DEPORTED  or leave because their precious visa ends.  They are not getting green cards. so easily.  My aunt who works for Homeland Security tells me that green cards these days are harder to get than winning lottery tickets.  IT is not a given that they come here on an H1b, and a green card is waiting for them. There are other countries that are way preferred and will get green cards first.  They and the Phillipines are DEAD LAST. 

The balance of power will shift back, maybe not today but eventually it will..  The Indians may have jobs (they are indentured slaves essentially) but seriously they are prisoners without a jail.  They will have to return to their stinkhole in the ground soon enough and I will still be here as a free citizen.

When I think of that I feel better. 


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United States Bobby Jindal
April 6. 2010 11:36
Bobby Jindal

>"I think the key is to choose a field that has a union and strong requirements"...

No way...that woudl be so libtardish...All you RINO tebaggers and suburbanites will always vote big-business friendly union-hating republicans.

no site

April 6. 2010 18:06

It's important to be careful not to bark up the wrong tree.  There will always be people from some country or other who will figure out how to game the system.  It's OUR GOVERNMENT that sold us out, not India.  Yes, the aliens are opportunists, but opportunists require opportunity.  It is our illustrious Feral* Government who gave them that opportunity in droves, motivated by the corpratocrats whose requests are considered on a one-dollar-one-vote basis.

Pretty soon, you will able to read the Wolpe hearing (1992) online, with a publication guide that will take you through the steps of how the National Science Foundation willfully contrived the bogus report that started all the shortage shouting.  Then you can see how deep and long ago the seeds of corruption have been sown.

In any insurgency, it's crucial to keep in mind who the real enemy is.


* Not sure I spelled that right.


April 9. 2010 02:57

By the way, what are all these people who are supposedly working doing posting on the dice forums from work anyway?  Dice is an employment site.  Go figure.



April 9. 2010 02:58

Ok, I think I answered my own question.  The H-1B's go on the dice forums so that they can rub in the face of job seekers that they have the jobs, and the Americans don't.



Canada ezygoer
April 9. 2010 23:51

The more Americans give up on IT the more H1-b's will get in - catch 22 situation with all the outsourcing that is going on why would one be in IT as your job will go to an L-1 if you stay in IT and say the H1-B is eliminated.

Solutions :-

Get rid of H1-B and deport all the existing ones when their visas expire or sooner ( not likely given the cost advantage to Corp. America)

Ablolish L-1 visas and outsourcing - not at all likely so extinction of the US IT worker is the only sure thing !

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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