Jesus, don't these Feds have anything better to do?  The prick left a message and of course didn't give any details.  His name is special agent Nick Geridla or something.

I called the FBI office on Wilshire where my homeboy Agent Abalon works and filed a complaint and raised a little bit of hell.  Then I gave agent Nick The Prick my lawyer's number.  I also suggested that he contact the JTTF agent that bugged me a few months ago about the bogus terrorist threat on some Georgia college that was traced back to a dormant email address of mine.  I told him to use whatever communications medium the Dept. of Jihad has, probably carrier pigeon.

Did you ever wonder how the Ft. Hood killer got away with his massacre?  Or why the FBI missed the 9/11 plot?  Or Madoff? 

The feds were too busy following bogus leads sent in by scum like the slumdogs.  When Americans die, you can blame the slumdogs.  They are so so so fuckin' busy trying to ethnically cleanse Americans out of our I.T. industry and reporting Patriots like me, distracting the Feds from chasing terrorists and child molesters.  They fabricate phony emails, call the FBI hotlines, and bitch about some blogger.  Then some poor FBI douchebag has to go through the motions and call a decent hard working American like myself.

This is a real nice pack of rabid jackals we have imported to take all the I.T. jobs. 




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United States Rodney
March 30. 2010 12:21

It appears like "they" have figured out a way to harass you - temporarily.

My guess: FBI's Wilshire is a big office.  Agent Nick didn't know about Abalon.  Yes, the feds have a lot more important things to do.

The feds won't take much of this if they think someone is using them.  They will visit the complainant in the most public way possible (at work, in front of everyone, flashing badges, with senior management alerted).  It sends a very clear message.

Bonus points if:
there are more than two agents
agents wear hat/windbreaker emblazoned with "FBI"
Further, those who abuse law enforcement (especially federal) by wasting time with bogus reports attract the attention of other federal agencies.  Examples:
The DEA happens to be in the area training a new drug sniffing dog.
Their employer gets a random IRS letter.
If the employer has government contracts, they get audited by GAO.
The Social Security Administration sends "no match" letters.
and on and on...
Offer to consult for the FBI.

no site

March 30. 2010 22:55
tunnel rat

Good point Rodney.  I had another chat with Special Agent Nick The Prick today.  He had the balls to call me after I left a message for him with my lawyer's number and told him not to contact me anymore.  I told him about the pranks and death threats I've been getting.  He said he wanted my "help" which was a totally con -- he was hoping that I would say something incriminating.

He wanted to know what my email address was, and I told him I have many, some may even match the phony threat he was investigating.  

Then what was really interesting -- he wanted to know what country these threats came from.  I said India.  That makes me assume that he has the email header, and the mail server can be traced to some Indian domain.  He finally got the hint and said that he would call my lawyer and follow protocal.

I still called in a complaint with his supervisor in the Wilshire office and don't expect to hear from Nick The Prick again.  Just for good measure, I left him another message tonight asking him to let me know if my lawyer is not returning his phone calls, which is what Joey Abalon said happened.  I also urged him to call the JTTF agent that first contacted me about some bogus email threat last year.  In addition, I told him to check out this blog and I gave him the URL.  I said my enemies like to take content from many posts and fabricate lies for the FBI.

You are correct, these clowns need to be investigating the real criminals -- the Indian outsourcing regime that is targeting me.  I really want to find the slumdog that is sending the "I'll kill niggers" emails that are being traced back to me.

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