tunnel rat posted on March 27, 2010 13:07

Man, it has been so peaceful lately.  I think all the slumdogs at Immigration Voice that used to harass me finally got deported.  No more death threats, no more creepy emails, no more posts on their forum to "get" me. 

You can notice the difference whenever an H-1B related article comes out.  The slumdogs are completely outnumbered and pretty much silent.  American techies are now vocal and militant, and flood the comment sections.  No more surly posts written in Hinglish about how dumb Americans are, and how Indians will rule the world. 

Good riddance.

Meanwhile, I am hunting for a lawyer to file an anti-SLAPP suit in California against Apex so that I can recover my legal costs and damages.  If you know of anyone, send me an email.

In the meantime, I offer you this pathetic video I found on YouTube, featuring none other than fat fuck Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan.  Just look at all the slumdogs -- not a cracker in sight.  It is one hell of a curry den!


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United States Bobby Jindal
March 28. 2010 11:58
Bobby Jindal

Nah....Its just that nobody cares anymore. With economy improving corporations, CEOs and shareholders need Indians.

With American kids still making fun of science nerd, A big chunk of H1b will again be used up in 2 weeks.

no site

March 28. 2010 12:33
tunnel rat

CEOs and shareholders my be conned into thinking they need low-wage, low-skill slumdogs, but the American techies know better.  Now that Americans refuse to train or work with the scabs, they will end up being worthless.


United States The Goulash that got curried
March 28. 2010 15:57
The Goulash that got curried


the reason we've stopped writing to you is, because we've won and you lost, game over, your entertainment value to us is nil now, we used you like a cheap whore, put you in your place and kicked you out.

We got you butt fcked by the Feds, made you spend $$$ for NOTHING, made you a laughing stock among your "insurgents" and everyone else, kicked you in that excuse of a groin till you got down to "Cream pies" from "USMC Barretes,  got your family to hate you  and got you to report up some desi bodyshops, so smart Indians graduating from US uni's can get now get those H-1B's, yes, we'll still kick you fat lazy douchebags out ( note: this doesn't apply to the smart majority americans, just the fat big-mac chewing turdbags like you).

So, TR, you're of little consequence to us.

Next please

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United States Bart
March 28. 2010 17:53

No, I'm a regular lurker over on IV and their asses are in a sling these days. Bunches of them are running out of lame excuses and alphabet soup work permits to stay here, their documents are being run through naked airport scanners, and their "American Dreams" are getting the word 'cancelled' stamped on them in increasing numbers. They are feeling discriminated against and persecuted, and are starting to figure out that the H-1B really isn't an immigration visa, Emma Lazarus was never a member of Congress, and that America really doesn't love them.

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United States KumarNation
March 28. 2010 18:42

I am going to send this video to Apex's clients.  Apex's days are numbered.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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