Last month, I blogged about another Desi bodyshop, Fulcrum Logic that ran an illegal "H-1B only" ad.  BTW, that fuckin' ad is still online.

At the time, I placed a call to Fulcrum Logic, wanting to apply for this position.  They asked me if I was an H-1B, and I said no, I am a U.S. citizen.  They hung up.

So, for the second time in recent history, I filed a charge form with the DOJ Civil Rights Division.  It is very easy to do, and I encourage all Insurgents to do so whenever they encounter the slightest bit of nepotism, bigotry, or outright discrimination from the Indian outsourcing regime.  You can get the form here.

I think every American should file this easy-to-use form whenever they get to an interview and have to answer questions from a crew of Indians, with not a single cracker in sight.  They should also do this if they are displaced during some ethnic cleansing operation, like an outsourcing initiative. 

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March 21. 2010 16:10

It's hard to read the letter.  Do you have your jpeg image quality parameter in WordPress set at the default 75%?  If you kick it up to 100% and re-upload the letter then it would appear a lot clearer to the readers.


Canada ezygoer
March 22. 2010 22:54

Does this outfit get a contract from a US firm or places their H1-B's in US firms ? Then is'nt the US firm also equally culpable ? Greed always has many co-conspirators !!

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United States ME
March 24. 2010 21:27

I saw this and though of you:

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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