tunnel rat posted on March 13, 2010 17:58

Slashdot picked up the story of Indian Bowel Movement hiding their US headcount, and one IBM insider has some great comments:

"We're projected to have more Indian employees than American in the next year or two. We already have over 100k in India, and we're ramping up in Argentina and Brazil.

Meanwhile, internal outsourcing has been an absolute mess. Our Indian-based helpdesks are reviled, both inside IBM and by our customers who use them. Indian technical resources are likewise extremely difficult to work with, and it has nothing to do with language or timezones - they refuse to speak up (from what we're told, "it's cultural", meaning don't make an issue of it or you'll get sent to sensitivity training). A solution can be completely wrong - as in, the contract says we were supposed to start work two months in the past or numbers literally don't add up, yet they won't question blatant errors, and won't respond if you question them. Apparently questioning someone else is deeply frowned upon, and makes them next to useless as anything but strict, brainless order takers. They have no initiative whatsoever, and seemingly no capability of independent creative thought. Maybe it's "cultural", maybe it's poor training - I don't know. I do know it's not working, but all executive management sees is that they cost a fraction to hire as western workers. You get what you pay for, and all that...

None of this applies to the many Indians I work with who are based in other geographies. But for whatever reason, Indians in India are just extremely poor replacements for western workers."


Americans can't make an issue out of crappy co-workers in India?  Jesus Fuckin' Christ!


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March 14. 2010 16:34
Drunken Economist

Yeah, well, what did you expect? Probably until the end of the Obama administration Indians are a 'protected group' -- Seeing as we have that brilliant grifter as CIO of 'America, Inc' Vivek Kundra.

Even John C Dvorak can't ignore that the guy is a fraud from the ground up. 'Fake it til you make it' on steroids.


Canada ezygoer
March 15. 2010 00:27

Well IBM has more foreign workers than American and India should be the majority among the foreign. I've made money on IBM stock when I heard about the "Master Plan" to build a better planet by doing this. I now face the dilemma of when to sell my IBM shares when the results of this "experiment" will be out there for all to see e.g Adobe and other failed companies where the foreign content of the workforce went up driving up the stock price for the first few years. HP is another example of this - used to work at a bank that outsourced heavily to them and is now in shit. HP stock is holding up but looks like the US techie is getting shafted from all over still !!

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United States James
March 15. 2010 04:51

The commie managers who took over IBM fríen On speaking up because their plan is yo use u.s. Corporations as Vehicles to Transfer America's wealth overseas. The want to jeep Americans who see IT quiet ling enough to effect The Transfer.

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India Aneesh Chopra
March 16. 2010 19:59
Aneesh Chopra

Two letters for Tunnel Rat: KY.  You can probably get it in the prison store.  The last thing you want is chafing.

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March 16. 2010 23:33
tunnel rat

I still can't understand why slumdogs keep coming to my site.  All they are going to get insults and redicule.  I don't go to sites that want mock Americans, or insult Hungarians, or Marines.  WTF would be the point?


United States KicktheRat ;)
March 17. 2010 00:59
KicktheRat ;)

Fucker, only a real life pussy ass like you would call us INdians slumdogs with such fervour, you say that to my face and see that lump with a double chin get shoved up your buggered goulash arse, oh wait, thats going to happen soon, in prison, use that KY Wink

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March 17. 2010 10:22
tunnel rat

Prison?  Why would I go to prison, my tandoori-tainted cyberstalker?  This is America, not India.  We can say what we want here.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  It is like I am some guy on a street corner, whispering to myself and a few passerby.  You overhear me, don't like what I say, and then want to kill me.  You slumdogs really should learn a bit about the values and rights in the country you are a guest of.


United States High Plains Drifter
March 19. 2010 23:27
High Plains Drifter

It must be wonderful to be in a country where nobody wants you to there.

Green card check!!! Oh - sorry  : P

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