tunnel rat posted on March 12, 2010 10:06

NY set to replace IT consultants with state workers

Legislation could add up to 500 IT jobs; calls for bypassing H-1B workers

Patrick Thibodeau

March 11, 2010 (Computerworld) New York State has embarked on a plan to shift a number of jobs filled by IT contractors and consultants to the state payroll as part of an effort to save millions of dollars.

"As many as 500 new state IT jobs may be created under a new in-sourcing program that was recently approved by the legislature and backed by Gov. David Patterson.

This law creates "term appointments" for state IT workers, which strip away some hiring and firing rules that apply to permanent workers. The maximum tenure for "term appointments" is five years.

The state estimates that it can save approximately $25,000 annually for each contracting position that is shifted to the state payroll. The annual savings is pegged at as much as $15 million, but that estimate is contingent on whether the contracted positions can be replaced.

"I think most managers here would be very happy if we didn't need to outsource," said Mark Leinung, deputy director for state operations, said yesterday in a presentation to state managers that was made available on the Web...

...The state has contractors now using H-1B visa holders, but the state is recommending that any state agencies "avoid hiring candidates who require visa adjudication" to the term positions..."


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United States James
March 12. 2010 14:41

It's about time governments around the U.S. wake up and realize that killing their own workforce is also killing them.

no site

March 12. 2010 20:48

I smell a rat (no offense TR, just a figure of speech).  

Seems more likely to me that the real reason for this "shift" is due to the Neufeld Memo.  So, the state is creating a new classification of employee - a temporary permanent employee, with a new set of hiring and firing rules.  I would bet dollars to donuts that the state is doing nothing more than planning to direct-hire the formerly body-shopped H-1B's in order to comply with the newly clarified Neufeld predicates (which were always part of the law) against giving H-1B visas to consultants, and possibly revoking existing visas if abuse is found.


no site

March 12. 2010 20:56

Oh and another thing, the cheesy language about avoiding candidates who "require visa adjudication" is another telling construct.  These weasel words were intended to sound like they would give preference to hiring Americans.  But reading between the lines, if someone was already issued a visa, then they aren't facing "adjudication" unless they have been summoned to a deportation hearing.  Also, as used here, the word "avoid" merely means "make an effort to stay away from," which falls far short of an absolute command.  In other words, it means "try not to hire H-1B beneficiaries who might have a court date in the future, but if you have to, then you have to, it's all good."  Based on that slimeball wording, I'm thinking that not a single American will be hired under this plan, but they try to get good press out of it anyway.  Buncha snakes if you ask me.


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United States Unemployed in Detroit
March 13. 2010 14:15
Unemployed in Detroit

I see these vague mandates going on everywhere. Michigan State University has just announced that the social networking company "INgage" will hire 24 new "jobs"; both the press and the university try to tout this is as some sort of "rehire Michigan" initiative which will help reduce Michigan unemployment and bring more tech business to Michigan so that the Governor Granholm can look like she is "doing something" to address the worst economic disaster Michigan has had since the Great Depression and have all sorts of self-congratulatory dinners featuring expensive foods and other tax-payer funded "entertainment". What they are not telling you is that INgage really opened up an office at MSU so that they can hire foreign students on the OPT student visa which usually amount to foreign students who work at low-wage internships and can be "body shopped" out to the local business community at next to nothing. No "high tech" jobs here, and certainly no "permanent" jobs for Michigan's hundreds of thousands of unemployed.


"INgage Networks will open a research and development office on the MSU campus at the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and with initial plans for 24 high-tech jobs. While multiple projects are in development, several are already under way, leveraging online collaboration throughout the State to create jobs, retain workers, and ‘green’ Michigan."

no site

United States Unemployed in Detroit
March 13. 2010 14:28
Unemployed in Detroit


Likewise, when you heard Congress requiring some American businesses to make a "pledge" to hire Americans over foreign visas, you could tell that the word was a completely dishonest attempt into fooling the American public that some enforceable law was about to take place. A pledge is worthless. It's like telling businesses to "try really, really hard to hire Americans, pretty please, pretty please..."

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United States Rodney
March 13. 2010 16:43

Taxi Driver
This is a result of NY state's $750 million annual budget deficit.  There was a public hearing Nov 17, 2009 examining the state's IT workforce, contractors, etc.  
If the link dies, Google "Managing the State Information Technology Workforce".  (It's too soon to see this big a reaction to Mr Neufeld's memo.  God bless that man!)

The Computerworld article states a new employment category is like "employment at will".  Meaning - "an employee can be hired or fired for good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all".

That said, I agree something seems odd with "require visa adjudication" - whatever that means.

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United States Rodney
March 13. 2010 16:45

What does "Operation Uganda II" refer to?  

no site

March 13. 2010 17:50
tunnel rat


Idi Amin deported all the Indians out of Uganda.  When I first started blogging, people would mention that in the comments and I thought it was in bad taste to post it.  That was before my transformation into an insurgent.


United States Rodney
March 13. 2010 18:25

TR: I'd forgotten about Amin.  India's "best and brightest" then came to the US to run flea bag hotels.  The movie Mississippi Masala is about a family expelled from Uganda.

Taxi Driver:
I just read many of NY State's documents.  The change definitely came because of money.
They won't be hiring new H1Bs, nor will they be transferring H1Bs from existing contractors/body shops.  The phrase "require visa adjudication" was in an answer to the question: (I'm paraphrasing.) "Some IT positions currently are held by H1B contractors.  Can we hire them?"  No.
Apply now.  Tell your friends.  The sooner Americans take these positions, the sooner contractors get axed.  Maybe some H1Bs will be required to train their replacements before being fired and deported.  
I'd pay to see that!!!

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