Well, it looks like I am headed to Richmond Virginia, to testify before a federal grand jury.  I'll be flying in on March 14th and testifying the next day.

Now that I know what the case is about, I have no problems appearing as a witness.  What I do have problems with is the this was handled.  For three months a rogue FBI agent (Mr. Joey H. Abelon) and a bullying DOJ lawyer (Mr. Thomas Dukes) have been playing games with my lawyers, acting like they wanted to talk to me about this case (the hacking of the Virginia government web site).  All they really wanted to do was serve me a subpoena.  For about three fuckin' months.

All I know about this case is what I read on the internet at the time.  What I saw was that VITA (Virginia Information Technologies Agency) is one of the most fucked up organizations in I.T. and that most of Virginia's I.T. work has been outsourced to HCL, who's racist pig CEO, Vineet Nayer, said that most American grads are "Unemployable."

I look forward to meeting Mr. Thomas Dukes (*67 1-202-307-9945) and asking him why he felt compelled to fuck with an American techie the way he did with me.  Even targets of a grand jury investigation get a subpoena indicating what case the grand jury is investigating.  Of course, there is not much I can do.  It did file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General and the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility, but probably nothing will come of that. 

Guys like Dukes only fuel the anti-government fever that this country is currently in the grip off.  I am no conspiracy theorist, and although I am a proud tea-bagger, I am not a follower of the Alex Jones crowd.   Thomas Dukes of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. is no fascist agent of a corrupt regime, he is just an inept gov't lawyer who doesn't respect the constitutional rights of some Americans.

I did some research on the guy that fucked my life up for a few months and it looks like he has a LinkedIn profile showing that he works as a Trail Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and is a Lt. Col. JAG officer with the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  That's pretty shitty when a fellow military guy goes after a Marine, but there are assholes in every organization.  Many gravitate to the U.S. government because they are on a power trip and like to fuck with people.

To date, it looks like his biggest DOJ case was the prosecution of a spammer.  He also had something to do with a case in Houston, and nailed an identify theft ring in 2005.

Now, the Virginia hacking case looks like it might have been a prank by an amateur and no data was stolen .  Either way, it was embarrassing for the State of Virginia, the Department of Health Professions, and director Sandra Whitley Ryals.  But it is especially embarrassing for Aneesh Chopra, who was the tech czar in Virginia before joining the Obama administration to become his CTO.

After all, it was Chopra who outsourced most of Virginia's I.T. work to his Desi buddies at HCL.  He got a lot of heat for the outsourcing contracts he signed while at his Virginia post.

If you Goggle Chopra's name, my blog shows up a lot, and it is not a flattering portrait.  So here is the guy, running the U.S. government's I.T., and this American techie named Tunnel Rat is reminding people of how fucked up Virginia's I.T. is.  How hard is it for him to get on the phone, call Thomas Dukes, have him read some shit on my blog, and order him to hassle me for a few months -- all at taxpayer expense?

Dukes is probably reluctant at first.  He knows I have nothing to do with the hacking case -- if he had any suspicions, he would have the FBI confiscate my computers along time ago.  So he cuts a deal with Chopra; he can't target Tunnel Rat because there is no evidence, but he can subpoena me as a witness.  And he can do it in a very manipulative, aggressive, and dishonest way that will make things difficult for this disobedient honkey blogger. 

And that is what he did.  He has the FBI contact my lawyer, does not reveal the nature of the case, and then plays mindfuck games with me and my attorneys for about three months.  When he has had enough fun, he orders Abelon to serve me with a subpoena while I am having dinner with my family.  Only then does he tell me what this case is about, and in a rather rude manner, I must add.  What a prick.

This is just plain sadism that borders of illegality.  At least it is misconduct, which is why have filed a complaint with the DOJ about Mr. Thomas Dukes' behavior.  I think some of these JAG guys can't separate military law from civilian practice, and they treat targets and witnesses the same way.  Thomas Dukes of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice is cut from the same cloth as disgraced DA Michael Nifong, who railroaded the Duke lacrosse players and got his ass disbarred.

I am not that worried about what this sadist Thomas Dukes wants to do to me.  But my parents, who fled a communist regime where interaction with the government was never a good thing, are totally freaked out.  They don't trust the government, and people like Dukes only give them more reason to fear the feds.  My little Hungarian mother had to go on medication because the stress of this case has now totally fucked up her heart.  My dad told me not to even go to Virginia; he thinks I may not come back.  I had to inform him that if I don't, sadist DOJ lawyer Thomas Dukes will throw me in jail for contempt of court, just like he threatened to do when we chatted on Friday.  My dad has issues with government hauling people away.  He saw it a lot in Hungary, and when he crossed the powers that be in that country, he got his teeth kicked in.  Literally. 

There has been much talk about all these militant anti-government groups sprouting like mushrooms, and lone-wolf gunman with issues committing violent acts.  Most are nuts.  But the Thomas Dukes' of the world sure give their rants some more credibility.

But at the end of the day, I have to think that Aneesh Chopra is behind all of this.  These Desis are a pack of vindictive fucks.

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United States imam
March 8. 2010 14:29

First off - I'm unemployed because of you-know-who, so I can only give lip service to your cause at this time.  Yes, I am a Vietnam Veteran also.
I don't think the government would spend money to call you to VA without having a reason to request the funds to do so.  To give expert testimony?  There are plenty of those types of people in the DC beltway.  My scenario is that Apex wrote/called the curry den around the White House to get you to come to the East Coast for reasons you can imagine quite well without me saying anything. To fear-monger at this time would not be beneficial to you.  Good luck and make sure you have an escape plan in effect!

no site

United States camina
March 8. 2010 15:39

yawn!  boring lies, atleast make your lies interesting to read you asshole

no site

United States TaxiDriver
March 9. 2010 16:52

What about filing a motion to quash the subpoena?  

The basis for such a motion would be:

You have blogged on the subject, but only based on what you read on the internet, and therefore have no personal knowledge.

This subpoena, absent any compelling reason for it, appears to be nothing more than an attempt to harrass and/or intimidate you for exercising your First Amendment rights.  In that light, the subpoena is unconstitutional in that it is being used solely to chill free speech.

Make them show cause as to why they need you to testify.


no site

March 9. 2010 16:57

Oh, and another thing...

Due process means that you have a right to know why your presence is being compelled.  If you haven't been given official notice of that reason in writing, they are violating your due process rights.  For all you know, this could be some kind of back-door extradition, which, in turn, would also be a violation of your due process rights.

Due process begins with notice and the opportunity to respond on your own behalf.  From where I sit, you haven't been given official notice, even if some clown told you on the phone what it's "supposedly" about.

If you have specific reasons for not filing a motion to quash, I'll shut up, but I would be drafing the motion right now if I were in your shoes.


no site

March 9. 2010 16:58

Also, google "slapdash subpoena."  Looks like that's what this is.

no site

March 9. 2010 22:01
tunnel rat

TD -

They are refusing to deal with my lawyer, so I don't have much choice.  I think Grand Juries have unlimited powers.

Spending money to fight this is not worth it.  It is better to publicize how the "Department of Jihad" wastes taxpayer money chasing bogus leads.

I know exactly what happened.  Some slumdog read my blog post, sent it to the FBI, saying "check this guy out -- he says he knows who did the hack" and the DOJ ran with it.  

I'll show up, answer their questions, and move on.  They will be wasting time and money.  


March 10. 2010 05:39

Well, in that case, see if you can get them to send a ticket for your wife and kid too.  Make a vacation out of it.


no site

March 10. 2010 10:11
tunnel rat

We thought about it, and at first I thought I was going to DC.  But I'm going to Virginia.  I have some business to take of there anyway.  John Dozier ripped me off and I have to settle the bill with him.  That guy had five people on this case doing nothing and he owes me about 2K.


India Aneesh Chopra
March 12. 2010 22:30
Aneesh Chopra

You're going to your own grand jury.  Maybe this will teach you to exercise a little restraint when it comes to making threats against people.  

no site

March 12. 2010 22:50
tunnel rat


Fuck you, slumdog. I am witness, not target.  Me wishing someone would go kill a guy with IP address of is not the same as me saying I will go kill you.  

This isn't India.


United States proamerica
March 12. 2010 23:35

Chopra take your stinking marblemouth back to the world's slum.
Don't forget to bend over when you get to an American's job tomorrow.
I swapped bengay for the ky.

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India Aneesh Chopra
March 13. 2010 01:23
Aneesh Chopra

Oh it's so fun to watch IT Grunt sweat bullets.  I think the grand jury will decide what's OK and what's not OK.  Seriously - why in the fuck would they call YOU to be a witness?  LOL.

They are trying to decide if you should be charged with a federal crime asshole.  Make another threat right now - and make it easy on them.

I can guarantee you that a grand jury will be reading your comments - and don't worry we saved them all.  Even the last one you made.  Oh this is just too much.  Please don't hurt my IP address.  Please!

no site

March 13. 2010 12:15
tunnel rat


No sweating here, fuckwad.  It will be you that will be sweating bullets when I have my lawyer subpoena Verizon and get the exact address of some slumdog in Tampa that has been sending me death treats.  No court order needed, no law enforcement.  An ISP will turn over the records of any subscriber when a lawyer demands it.  


India Aneesh Chopra
March 13. 2010 16:34
Aneesh Chopra

You still have a lawyer willing to help you?  Yet another surprise.  

Please share this so-called threat.  There is nothing to share since you are lying.  If you want to spend good money on a lawyer to find out who I am, have fun.  However, your wife may need that money to keep the lights on while you're at club-fed.  

The freedom clock is ticking for you.  It's only a matter of time until you are someone's prison bitch.  Tick-tock.  

Jesus may love you, but everyone else thinks you're a fucking asshole.

no site

India Aneesh Chopra
March 13. 2010 16:53
Aneesh Chopra

BTW, if you do subpoena my records I will fight it and seek repayment of legal fees.  You can fuck with me, but it won't be cheap amigo.

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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