tunnel rat posted on March 5, 2010 01:09

Shortly after I filed a W-H4 report with the Dept. of Labor, I started getting harrasing visits from a DOL agent based in SoCal. 

WTF?  This guy was a creep.  Eye-fucking my wife, calling me at work, and then showing up outside an Italian restaurant when my family was enjoying dinner, with a DOJ agent in tow to serve me a federal subpoena  [more on that later].  Doesn't this prick have anything better to do?

He kept asking about some mysterious "email threat" and when I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, he got aggressive.  This douchebag should be cracking down on illegal aliens, yet he is hassling me.

So what is going on?  You report some scumbag Desi bodyshop for H-1B fraud, and the Feds come after YOU? This is why Muslim terrorists have free reign in America -- the Feds are targeting the locals.  Pussies.


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United States kumarnation
March 5. 2010 04:10

I am not surprised at all.  American worker wages have been going down for over a decade,  thanks to the department of cheap labor.

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March 5. 2010 13:23

Hey camina burchutney, you should be ashamed of yourself bitch, i really don't care if the feds wrist slap you and make you eat a cock meat sandwich at G'bay, but think about how your selfish egoistical manic  meandering is traumatizing your wife and more so your child, grow up you doucebag and sober up.

btw,  how did the DOL find you at the non existent restaurant you claim you went to?, is the Big Brother listening to every fart and sneeze you do?

Rule no 1 of Fiction writing #    Make it believable

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United States Get Involved
March 5. 2010 13:43
Get Involved

IMO, DOL & USCIS take their directions from elected officials.  

The politicians (including my family) I've known are heavily influenced by those around them.  There is always someone asking for something or advocating for something.  Make this call.  Write this agency.  Support this bill.  
If 10 people tell a congressman there is a tech labor shortage, then in his mind, it's true.  The biggest reason why he believes it is that no one close refutes it.

To everyone who reads this, GET INVOLVED in elected politics.  You do not have to donate money, but you do need to show up.

At the very least, meet your (one) Representative and (two) Senators and their staff.   Congress is in session Tuesday through Thursday, so often they are back home Friday through Monday.  Go to their offices or try local events.

Give everyone your business card.  Make sure every business card has your personal email and personal cell number.
Prepare a 15 second speech.  "I'm in the computer business and live in _________(name your town).  I want you to hear from someone local, 'immigrant visas, H1B, green cards and such, have been very harmful to a lot of good Americans.  H1Bs have lowered wages and put many people out of work.  Some companies want H1B numbers increased because it's cheap labor.  But that's short-sighted, especially when your constituents suffer as a result.  Don't you agree?
Let me know if there is anything I can do.
Thank you for your service."

Optional comment:
Relate it to employment in the state or Congressional district.  (Handing them a piece of paper.)  "Here's a list of employers that have hired immigrants instead of locals.  
Also, go to You Tube and watch the Cohen & Grigsby video.  Its a seminar of lawyers showing companies how to Not hire Americans."  

Have the video's name in writing also.

Try it with staffers first.

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United States Dave Chappelle
March 5. 2010 14:56
Dave Chappelle

Showing up at an Italian restaurant is just weird... Did they follow you from home?

I'm not taking their side by writing this - just trying to give perspective.  Law enforcement types spend their days dealing with crap.  (Cops have a thankless job, unlike firemen.)  They need to know your report has merit.  Some people submit or withdraw complaints when aggressively questioned.  

You're free to visit him at his office.  (Better yet, send a friend on an intel run before you actually go.)  Observe his work space.  Is there anything indicating he was in the service?  If so, you have something in common.  

As always, take doughnuts.

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United States TaxiDriver
March 5. 2010 22:14

He served you a subpoena himself?  Don't they have process servers to do that?  That seems weird to me.  Any idea what's up with that?


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