Frustrated by the constant death threats he is receiving and the destruction of his Desi bodyshop business due to the Neufeld Memo and Tunnel Rat's blog, Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan orders the "Final Solution" to get rid of the Marine that has ruined his high-tech slave trade:

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Hungary mader "chud"
March 3. 2010 02:31
mader "chud"

Funny!  but not the least  bit original, just like your coding, you camina ;)

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March 3. 2010 10:46
Tunnel Rat

Imagine that -- a slumdog talking about originality.  Even the Bollywood name is a rip off.

Hungary mader "chud"
March 3. 2010 13:24
mader "chud"

Hey u fat lazy american slob,  swallow that Big Mac down ( the way you do with dongs ;) ) before you sit down to undertake any creative endeavor, it might make you think better

Bollywood is what YOU lazy Americans call our film Industry, typical, trying to put your stamp on everywhere.

Get original, make your own image avatar, don't steal and insult the iconic "Marlboro Soldier", write your own code, you faggot.

We Indians have put you in your place, from "polishing the Baretta" you've come down to " cream pies", you've spent $$$ while we've laughed at the misery your double chinned face has faced ;)

Desi 1     TR -5

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United States I don't speak curry language
March 3. 2010 22:34
I don't speak curry language

Excellent video!

Can you translate these terms?
Bahen chod
Bhoot-nee ka
Bur ki chatani!
Vile American tatti
Gori lawyers
Gaandu programmers
Get that camina

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March 4. 2010 00:11
Tunnel Rat

Bahen chod - Sister Fucker
Haraami - bastard
Bhoot-nee ka - Son of a Witch
Bur ki chatani! - Ketchup of cunt [my favorite]
Vile American tatti - shit
Gori lawyers - Anglo lawyers
Gaandu programmers - Asshole programmers
Get that camina - Get that bastard

United States Just another crusader
March 4. 2010 10:46
Just another crusader

Tunnel Rat,

I know about a company in Kansas City which indulges in the shady body shopping business, I would be able to provide you more information if you can give me your email ID, I hope you make their case popular too so that the USCIS can crack down on their company

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United States TaxiDriver
March 4. 2010 23:32

This is hilarious.  It's good to see that you can keep your sense of humor under the circumstances.

I represented myself in two libel suits, once as defendant and once as plaintiff (against a major newspaper) and did pretty well, but when I was being sued it was tough to keep a positive attitude.  Keep up the good fight.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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