When you get your sites shut down and find a court injunction in your inbox the day before Christmas Eve, there is not much you can do.  Everything about this legal assault by Apex was like a mob hit.  Originally, a Judge Pincus was supposed to hear the case.  Then, at the last minute, I got word that the case would be heard by soon-to-be retired judge James. P. Hurley.  What could me more convenient?  Do we really think a judge with one foot out the door, with a mere two months left on bench, gives a shit about the finer details of an online pissing contest?  Especially if it is presented in an 88-page pile of feces written by a second-rate lawyer? 

Of course not.  That is why Patrick Papalia maneuvered to get corrupt (IMHO) judge James P. Hurley to hear Apex's bogus case.  And I mean bogus.

I don't think the complaint ever existed.  It was fabricated by Papalia in order to trick a senile and corrupt (IMHO) judge James P. Hurley into signing a sweeping injunction.  For that, he should be disbarred.

Plus, a back room deal was probably made to have the judge issue his temporary and preliminary injunction on the eve of a major holiday.  Once gumba attorney Patrick Papalia found out that John Miano was off the case, he swung for the fences.  He revised the order ex post facto, and tacked on anybody that had recently pissed off Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, especially Americans that had been reporting his criminal enterprise to the feds.  One of the John Does named in the case was thrown in to the mix merely because he CC'd Apex and Papalia with his emails to federal agencies about Apex's racket.

Word to the wise -- when you report these Desi douchebags to the feds, keep it on the down low.  Many of them are in bed with DOL agents and USCIS folks in New Jersey; that is how the corruption flourishes.  When I reported Apex to the DOL office of Patrick Reilly, the agent I spoke to knew nothing about the recent USCIS memo that made Apex Technology Group's activities illegal, and in a rather rude manner, basically told me to fuck off.

Anyway, it wasn't until the next week that I was able contact some lawyers.  I had already been talking to Eva, the intake person at EFF, and she told me to call them back if I ever did get a takedown order; so EFF was the first place I called.  She was very helpful, but no dice; they just didn't have the bandwidth.  At the time EFF was helping a blogger fight the TSA.  Paul Levy at Public Citizen was someone else I had reached out to, so I emailed him again. 

But things got real interesting when I did a Google search for "internet lawyer" and found John Dozier at the top of the results.  That guy had some out-fuckin-standing SEO.

I made the call.


To be continued...

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United States James
February 23. 2010 15:31

USCIS, etc. won't do jack because it is the unstated policy f the Federal government to increase America's population via mass immigration. So, they're not going to listen. Besides, as you said their agents are almost certainly taking bribes from scumbags from India where bribery is a way of life. No wonder America is going down the tubes with such corrupt people running our government at every turn. My advice is to head for the hills and learn some survival.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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