tunnel rat posted on February 20, 2010 12:03

A while back, I wrote a post called "The Hunt For The Disobedient White Male Programmer" where I joked about how the slumdogs were obsessed with revealing my identity.  Now, I don't kid myself; I am sure some curry-scented scumbag would love to hunt me down, and, ah, I don't know, slap me in the face, or, uh, call me names, or something like that. 

But this whole Apex case really has me a little upset.  Here is a Indian national, Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, head of Apex Technology Group, going out of his way to have his mob (not a confirmed fact, just my opinion) lawyer , Patrick Papalia convince a corrupt (IMHO) judge on the verge of retirement to issue an order to my hosting company DiscountASP and my domain registrar GoDaddy to turn over my personal info so that he can take out a hit on me.  You can read the order here.

BTW, I think Mr. Papalia bears a striking resemblance to the Jordanian CIA double agent who blew himself and seven CIA officers up in Afghanistan.  A "separated at birth" kinda thing, don't ya' think?


That's our friend Patrick on the right, and what I believe is his long-lost brother, Humam Khalil Mohammed, on the left.

Mr. Papalia is a somewhat strange gumba (IMHO) who works for a rather notorious law firm, Herten, Burnstein, Sheridan, Cevasco, Bottinelli, Litt, & Harz, L.L.C.   I say strange because one of my many lawyers told me about an incident where Patrick was opposing counselor in an immigration fraud case, and he went all ghetto on a federal prosecutor, throwing around words like "fuck" and "asshole" in court.  Many of the people that I've talked to about the Apex case know about his firm, even the Dept. Of Labor guy who handled the W-H4 complaint I filed against Apex Technology Group.

(Don't worry, Sarvesh, Mr. Pat Reilly, District Director, Southern New Jersey District Office, U.S. Dept. of Labor, ESA Wage and Hour Division, wrote me a nice letter indicating that he couldn't give a shit less about any of the alleged labor violations going on at Apex, and besides, he probably liked the "gifts" you were giving him so that he would look the other way while you allegedly warehoused slumdogs and forced them to work under bonded contracts.  This was after I informed him that sponsoring H-1Bs to work at client sites was now illegal.)

So this fuckin' guido, Patrick Papalia, was not content to shut down numerous domains and harass many Americans at the behest of his Desi douchebag client Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan.  In typical gumba fashion, he fucked up the original injunction signed by the corrupt (IMHO), maybe senile, possibly alcoholic judge (IMHO) James P. Hurley  and forgot to order my ISP and GoDaddy to turn over my private information so that Sarvish could pass it on to his hit squad of slumdog assassins.  You can read the original injunction here, and you will see that the only party that had to supply personal info was Comcast. Well, technically, Facebook and Yahoo also, but California-based companies generally ignore bogus orders from bribe-taking (so I hear) judges in New Jersey.

Why Comcast, you may ask.  Well, slumdog slave trader (IMHO) Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, got a terse email from another insurgent, and in the email header it had a Comcast IP address.  Sarvesh told Patrick to go after Comcast, thinking that the guy who sent the email was me.  He also went after the guy who runs GuestWorkerFraud.com, thinking that was my site also.  In short, this stupid Indian demonstrated the typical slumdog mentality that is void of logic and reasoning -- he thought ONE GUY WAS BEHIND ALL OF THE NEGATIVE WEB POSTINGS. 

Trust me, Sarvesh and Apex Technology Group was in deep shit long before the insurgency got hold of his fat Desi ass and destroyed his now-illegal (I'll explain later) slave trade (IMHO) business.  His victims have been posting stories about his illegal bonded contracts since at least September of 2009.

Now without going into a manifesto ala Joe Stark, aka American Patriot Pilot (we'll miss you, Joe),  I'll try break it down for you folks, especially the Indian readers, many of who suffer from reading disabilities:

1.  Dec. 23, 2009 -  Apex Technology Group gets a judge to shut down my domains, but does not ask that my domain registrar or hosting company turnover my private data.  Instead, the order demands that Comcast reveal the identity of an innocent American who did nothing more than send an email to Apex.  

2.  Dec. 28, 2009 - Apex Technology Group contacts my lawyer with an offer to settle. 

3.  Jan. 4, 2010 - Martin C. Daks reports that Apex is not seeking damages, but instead, according to mob lawyer Papalia, "we want to permanently prevent the poster from continuing to defame Apex.”  Permanently, as in "we want to have a Mafia hitman kill him so that Apex pays me a big chunk of change."  At least that is how I interpreted it.

4.  Jan. 7, 2010 - Comcast complies and violates the privacy of an innocent insurgent who sent an email.  Said insurgent buys a small handgun.

5.  Feb. 5, 2010 - Jersey Boy Patrick Papalia, realizing that Comcast turned over the identity of someone other than Tunnel Rat, pen-fucks a new injunction and gets the corrupt (allegedly) judge James P. Hurley to sign it ON HIS LAST DAY IN OFFICE.

6.  Feb. 18th, 2010 - I get this email from GoDaddy:

This email is to inform you that we have received a properly formatted subpoena for documents in the following civil action: Apex Technology Group, Inc. v John Does issued by the Middlesex County, New Jersey Superior Court, Docket No. MID-007879-09.  Our response to this subpoena may require us to disclose some of your personally identifiable information.  Therefore, we are providing this notice as a courtesy to give you an opportunity to object to the subpoena.  The only way to object to a properly filed subpoena is by filing an objection with the court in which the matter is pending.  If we do not receive an objection notice within 3 business days indicating that you have filed an objection, we will continue with producing the documents requested and charge your account according to our registration agreement.


In order to obtain further information related to the pending litigation or a copy of the subpoena, you may contact counsel for the requesting party as follows:


Patrick Papalia, Esq.

Herten Burnstein

21 Main St., Suite 353

Court Plaza South – West Wing

Hackensack, NJ 07601

201.498.5804 Telephone




C. Lovetro

Compliance Specialist

(480)624-2546 Facsimile

That's correct -- I had THREE FUCKIN' BUSINESS DAYS to find a lawyer on the other side of the country, have him write up a motion, and show up in Middlesex County Superior Court to quash the subpoena.  For two weeks, GoDaddy sat on this bogus order.   And by bogus, I mean absolutely FABCRICATED BY PATRICK PAPALIA.  There is no case in Middlesex Superior Court with that docket number.  My attorney's staff has been trying to find the complaint related to the original injunction FOR WEEKS.  They have nothing.  I called the court clerk and the court ombudsman on Friday, and they have no record of a case with docket number MID-007879-09.  So that means that Apex, after getting a shitload of death threats (according to my lawyer John Dozier, who got that info from Mr. Papalia), dropped the case and ran away.  I am sure the media attention they were getting didn't help matters.  Since the defamation case blew up in their face, they had no recourse but to take matters into their own hands -- BY KILLING ME.

Well, a man's  gotta do what a man's gotta do.  I loaded up the pickup, stopped to get more 9mm ammo, picked up a black market Tec-9 from an MS-13 gangsta' in Santa Ana, and started heading for New Jersey to meet with Mr. Papalia and the folks at Apex Technology Group.


I made that last part up.

Anyway, this is serious shit.  How did I get here?  We'll, I'll be posting all the sordid details of the Apex case in the next few days.  This will include, amongst other things,  the absurd settlement offer from Apex Technology Group.  All also be discussing my engagement with noted internet lawyer, John Dozier, who I retained to handle negotions in the case.  In addition, I'll keep you posted on the efforts of my Jew lawyer in New York to quash this virtual death warrant.  Finally, I'll bring everybody up to speed on my dealing with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

But before I disgorge all these juicy details, I need to raise some funds.  You folks need to buy a coffee cup or make a donation.  These fuckin' Jew lawyers ain't cheap.  Once I get $100 in donations, I'll start posting more info. 



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United States James
February 20. 2010 16:41

The 3 days thing is typical of courts. One of the things Stark mentioned was how the IRS & courts did this to him - issued orders or hearings without time for him to respond. They do this all the time. It's their way of winning cases they otherwise have no way of winning. The best thing is to have a network of lawyer friends in all states who can go local and file replies and motions instantly with the courts. You can also fax them which is instantaneous. File a Motion For Time which all courts must honor if the amount of time is reasonable - like 30 days or 60 days to prepare your case. Just fax the motion to the court yourself - there are plenty of templates on the net for doing it all orderly and perfect-like so that the courts can't ignore them.

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April 14. 2010 21:40
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