tunnel rat posted on February 13, 2010 20:08

I've been looking over some of the internet coverage about my case, where a corrupt New Jersey judge collaborated with a Desi bodyshop and got numerous domains shut down, including my own.  Much of the online commentary from the slumdogs centers around my "hate speech" and "death threats" that I allegedly posted on my blog.  The slumdogs take special umbrage at my hyperbole and rhetoric, because English is their second language, and they do not understand nuance and irony.   That, BTW, is why they can't develop software.

The judge that over reached and abused his position did so about a libel case, not hate speech.  Nobody went to him and said that he must shut down Tunnel Rat because I was threatening to kill Indians.  I merely documented some scenarios where violence could occur.  In India, there is no freedom of speech and tribes, clans, religious sects, and casts are constantly killing each other over perceived slights.  The newly arrived slumdogs expect the same barbaric society when they come to America, so they are shocked to see that I can write whatever the fuck I want.  Censorship, thuggery, and bullying are ingrained in their DNA.  Just look at what is happening in Mumbai over a silly Bollywood movie:

"Hindu nationalist mobs rampaged through India's cultural center Wednesday, tearing up movie posters and stoning a theater in protest of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's comments in support of Pakistani cricketers."

Don't belive for a second that all these slumdogs working in IT are modest, humble people.  They are mostly upper-caste Hindus that would cut your Anglo throat in a second if they could get away with it.  And that is why Americans must oppose them in every way possible.

That means not backing down to them when they use our legal system to assault Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.  Prior to this shut down, there were vast sections of the Internet community that didn't even know what a "bodyshop" was, much less an H-1B.  Now they equate Indians with the hi-tech slave trade, exploitation, and legal brutality.   For that, I am grateful. 

You can read the comments on Slashdot, and see that slumdogs are bearing the brunt of the blame for the malaise in Silicon Valley: 

"All the federal government's interference in the US labor market has driven down wages and increased fear. It has also discouraged the best and brightest American students from entering tech. And what people seem to not understand is that Americans bring unique skills to technology. A diverse workplace is good. We had that back in the '90s. But today, we are way past that. In my office I am the only American. Mostly we have Indians. When you get over 25% Indians on a team you start to see their cultural influence. Hindus believe in a cast system where certain people are just better than others.
It starts to kill the team. And that's were I see most teams today in my company. They are Hindu teams where it matters which cast you are from more than anything else..."

"...You're right about their irrational hatred Indians have of each other being a big problem in the workplace, but the bigger problem is the lack of education among the Indians. After three decades of managing software development in the area, I've found that a masters from most of the Indian schools is equivalent to about an associate degree from a US community college. Having, given your example, 25% of your employees unable to contribute really hurts the company."

It makes absolutely no sense to flood a particular segment of the American economy with low-wage, low-skill guest workers and not expect entire communities to suffer.  Wages have been stagnant in IT for over a decade, and the sociapaths in SV keep demanding more cheap labor.  But now no one has the money to buy their crappy, slumdog designed software.  Adobe, a vast kennel of maderchods, is on the ropes after Apple basically told them to take their tandoori-tainted product and shove it up their ass.  Yes, Steve Jobs called Adobe LAZY.  What do you expect when you purge Americans out a company and replace them with greedy, corrupt slumdogs who are only eager to command a large dowry? 




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United States MIke
February 13. 2010 23:50

We have clearly won. The whole Apex casse blew up in India, Inc.'s face. This one case and the judge's actions have galvanized Americans against India, Inc. All of America now knows of the true nature of Indiots: lying, cheating, stealing, manipulative, conmen ripping off America's economy with their little IT song and dance that has produce nothing but total destruction of Silicon Valley and America's economy. I remember back in '98 when SV was mostly (white) Americans  and the U.S. econ was BOOMING. "Let us help you" the Indiots said. So we let them in, they took over, and are now ARROGANT. They think delude themselves into thinking they are superior to everyone else when in fact they are all DELUSIONAL idiots who have never produced ANYTHING anyone can sell. Every economy these people work in dies. U.S., UK, Dubai, you name it. Importing Indiots is like the kiss of death, economically.

no site

February 15. 2010 01:28
Drunken Economist


I seriously need to add some 'action figures' to the Computer Engineer Barbie line:

* "Corrupt NJ Judge Whopper" - He hates teh internets and eats at McDonalds.

* "Desi Bodyshop Overseer Ram / Ricky" - Cheap sunglasses, impossible labor contracts, and a stack of Passports ('bonded' from H1Bs).

* "Mumbai Donald" - Puffy resume, even puffier logic, white, old, Liberal  with a suitcase full of rupees from NASSCOM.

* "Berkeley Bill" - A 'research fellow' and 'guest professor' of a number of Universities who now extensively blogs. Same suitcase, different currency as above.

* "Sad Mikey" - Self styled 'Venture Capitalist', actually trust fund baby from the 'bay, boned by a Tamil for a product that sounds like 'Poo-Poo'.


United States Bobby Jindal
February 16. 2010 13:33
Bobby Jindal

"They think delude themselves into thinking they are superior to everyone else when in fact they are all DELUSIONAL idiots"..

Really...? We will see in about 2 months how much of H1bs (2010 - 2011 quota) will be used by American companies.

Looking at current political picture, republicans are poised to gain large number of seats in both senate and house. With a new business friendly supreme court decision and a conservative business friendly political scenario in few months, I can guarantee you about the increase of H1bs (and therby Indians) in 2011 or at least in 2012.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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