tunnel rat posted on December 15, 2009 08:16

The INSURGENCY is the winning this battle.  We have managed to convince the American I.T. industry that the typical H-1B from India is a fraud.  Now that American corporations know it, they are treating slumdogs like a plague of locusts and forcing them to self-deport.  Even the Punjabi Professor, Vivek Wadhwa, aka Fraudwha, admits it, in that organ for USINPAC, the Wall Street Journal: 

Displaced workers with H-1B work visas find themselves with no options other than returning home, says Michael Wildes, managing partner of Wildes & Weinberg PC, a New York-based immigration-law firm. Mr. Wildes says there is no official grace period after a worker with an H-1B visa is laid off, so there's pressure to find a new job immediately, a daunting task in today's hiring climate. The only legal option for these displaced workers is a plane ticket home or a change to visitor status—often limited to a six-month stay—he says.

Many home countries have made significant economic strides in the past decade, making them more appealing to expats living in the U.S.

"When people came here a decade ago from India and China, they left behind a land where the opportunities aren't nearly what they are today," says Mr. Wadhwa. He expects more than 100,000 expats to return to India in the next five years and says human-resource directors in India and China he has surveyed have noticed a tenfold increase in the number of résumés from the U.S.


Ironically, that same damn paper has the Indian bigot and head of WiPro, Azim Premji, talking about how his company is going to hire non-Indians in America -- TO CLEAN FUCKIN' TOILETS.



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United States Mike
December 15. 2009 18:55

We are winning slowly - but 100,000 is a drop in the bucket if 2-3 million are still here. When I started writing my book 7 years ago about the fraud everyone laughed and told me the fraud angle wouldn't work. Now we realize it's the ONLY angle. The only way to get rid of these leeches is to expose them for the incompetents they are in the minds of American business managers who don't know they've been hoodwinked. We need to expose the damage they are doing to actual companies in America. We need to keep up the fight - ne - pour even more on harder and harder.

Someone needs to email Fraudwha and tell him Indians and Chinese only have more ops now in their home countries due to the great wealth siphoning from the USA called trade deficits, WTO violations, and remittances over the last decade. Allow me to stack the deck like that against my competitors and I wouldn't help but win.

Fraudwha keeps crying that USA will suffer as newly minted foreign trainees trained by Americans go home to compete, but the scare tactics won't work - no one cares and no one is listening. Full speed ahead Americans - the turd world is finished.

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Germany Gavrick
December 16. 2009 04:35

I fear, too, that the 100K represents a drop in the bucket compared to the number of Americans being laid off due to the American Depression we are now experiencing.

We stoked economic growth via the 2K bug and the Internet, then via credit with the Real Estate bubble.  There was no real growth at all generated by upward mobility in employment.  There was no income growth due to offshoring and importation of cheap labor.

The Depression was inevitable and it will hurt everyone not among the privileged elite.  This includes the H1-Bs and L-1s who ironically were instrumental in bringing about the destruction of the American economy.  They were tools of those who were attempting to gain wealth by making things ever cheaper, while dispossessing American workers of their jobs and ability to buy those ever cheaper products.

In short, we will revert to the mean at some level.  The only question I have is, how many of the SD will be allowed to remain in the US, and what will the US look like once that level is hit.

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United Kingdom fred mandell
December 16. 2009 08:45
fred mandell

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Canada ezygoer
December 16. 2009 14:47

H1-B cap almost reached in a depression when the unemployment rate hit 10% so Corporate America has a strong case to keep visa worker employment going. Most Masters/PhD courses 90% "turd" world - Indian/Chinese/Others (soon to be exempt from visa caps and an instant green card?) as US students find reasonable employment with their bachelors degrees or strapped with enough debt to not continue academics etc etc.

So I predict the exodus will REMAIN a drop in the bucket and the status quo will be restored when the economy recovers and unemp. rate drops to 4%. If not I will have to rexamine my portfolio of HP,IBM,Cognizant,Accenture,CapGemini etc. Difficult to bet against Corporate America but let's see - there was no insurgency till tunnel rat came along !!

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Germany Gavrick
December 17. 2009 03:24

Fred, good link!  It explains nicely how "climate chanbge" is being used as yet another excuse to destroy lives in the West in favor of cheap labor in the East.

Not to get too far off the subject, but where does the UKIP stand on third world immigration into the UK?  I understand they are against integration into the EU.

Best Wishes,


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December 17. 2009 13:39
Bobby Jindal

"H1-B cap almost reached in a depression when the unemployment rate hit 10% so Corporate America has a strong case to keep visa worker employment going."...

Welcome to the "free enterprise" rule of America! You don't want to be called liberal activist or loonie left or worse a commie to oppose it, do you?


United States Mike
December 17. 2009 15:29

Everyone knows most Asians cheat their way through school so all those "degrees" produce brainless morons who act smart but can't create or produce anything. The IT industry was started by college dropouts - Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - neither of whom have "advanced degrees" - degrees today are worthless pieces of paper that make 3rd world losers look smart so they can get into our companies and grift out all our wealth and send it home.
The U.S. economy will never recover until AMERICANS specifically are put back to work.

I have been in the "insurgency" since 1998 - long before TR and long before turd worlders got into U.S. companies and destroyed all the jobs. In fact, I lived in Silicon Valley and watched the invasion with my own eyes.

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United States screweddesi
December 17. 2009 15:46

Actually, its not 'good riddance', but a sign of the times. The US grew and prospered mostly because the world was in turmoil. But the world has started to get their act together. On the other hand, the US concept of 'individuality' and lack of social responsibility is becoming its biggest liability. In Germany if you get laid off, little is disrupted in your life, and it is so not by accident. For years they have worked on their public transport, health care and unemployment management systems. In the US, we have wasted the prosperity we had by blowing it on individual greed, -our trains and roads are pathetic, our health care benefits the insurance companies and lawyers (both friends of Obama), we have no school standards. The foreigners were low liability hardworking people. When the leave, -you are left with lots high-liability Americans who are too ignorant about their low rank in the world and thus unlikely to be proactive. Industrial competitiveness, with only natives as the work-force, will be affected. Most Americans think getting rich is just finding the next racket, be it flipping houses or playing the stock market or something like that. Hard work, respect for trades or craft are not American, at the moment. But of course, pain of one generation leads to wisdom in the next. Europe is benefiting from that right now. For the US the pain is just starting. In the next decade the US will be the joke of the world, -lots of guns, but a poor country. The humiliation and pain, hopefully, will lead to a better generation, -but for the current generation (X, Y whatever) its going to pretty bad.

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Canada ezygoer
December 17. 2009 22:01


I'm a capitalist at heart so own the stock of all major outsourcers - IBM,HP etc got in 2001 when I noticed work moving overseas - it was easy to see thru Corp. Americas's gameplan to destroy the local workforce for quick easy profits. But I do feel for the US techie as I am one too and was wondering when they would wake up to the systemic destruction of the local STEM workforce.

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United States Taxi Driver
December 19. 2009 06:46
Taxi Driver

The quote says "Displaced workers with H-1B visas...."  Huh? Displaced???  Displaced ALIENS?  Whatever does that mean?  One is "displaced" when one is removed from one's station to be replaced by another.  Boats "displace" water.  Pistons "displace" fluid in a cylinder (hence the term engine "displacement).  When someone is laid off, they aren't displaced, since the position they once occupied remains unfilled.

Even if the aliens were displaced, it begs the question, displaced by whom?  Aliens being displaced by CITIZENS?  Oh, the horror!  The horror!

It seems that Vivek Wadshot (sic) is playing his word games again.  He is trying to gain sympathy for the LAID-OFF aliens.  He knows that if he complains about ALIENS being laid-off, Americans won't care.  But if the aliens are "displaced," then the public, he hopes, will feel sorry for them.

Saying that these workers were diaplced is nothing short of a bald-faced lie, but it seems that Wadshot's only real skill is crafting such lies with enough subtlety that his opponents will start conversing in his cancerous terminology, to their detriment.

Wadshot pulled the same thing on CNBC, when he and the CNBC anchor colluded to sandbag the Grassley amendment to the bailout bill, which said that anyone receiving TARP funds could not turn around and hire aliens. Wadwhot and the anchor described the bill as excluding "foreign born" workers from being hired by TARP recipients.  The people defending the amendment totally failed to pick up on this sandbag, and ended up looking like they were arguing in favor of discrimination on the basis of national origin!  I was screaming at the screen  "DOOFUS, it's ALIENS, not FOREIGN BORN WORKERS!"

I couldn't believe it, but there it was.  Wadshot and CNN (if the 'C' stood for communist, Stalin would have been proud of their leechcraft) successfuly won the debate on the basis of a lie, and the defenders of the bill let them get away with it.  Wadshot even clarified his point by planting another lie -- he stated that the essence of the bill was that workers would have to give up their jobs to descendants of Mayflower pilgrims if they couldn't prove an equal claim dating back as far.  The defenders of the bill failed to pick up on that one as well, although that part was broadcast before the defenders were introduced, so they might not have heard it.

Of course nobody wants discrimination on the basis of national origin.  But the Grassley amendment said no such thing.  The amendment turns on the basis of CITIZENSHIP, not national origin.  While virtually all aliens are foreign born (with the possible exception of ex-pats), not all foreign born (including, I believe, Tunnel Rat himself) are aliens.  A citizen is a citizen is a citizen, and was protected under the Grassley amendment whether he or she is from Mayflower stock, or was sworn in yesterday.  Wadshot and the CNN anchor b-word managed to totally sandbag the debate by substituting the term "foreign born" for non-immigrant alien, and the other side bought it!

We absolutely must learn a lesson from these defeats.  It is *imperative* that we watch these weasels closely on their little word bombs, or they will destroy us with them!  If they use substitute terms, call them on it immediately!  

The biggest lie that we have already let them plant, under the fear of being branded as not politically correct (a term coined by Stalin, I believe), is the term "undocumented immigrant."  They may be many things, but they are NOT undocumented immigrants, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!  An immigrant is a person to comes to a country with the intent of becoming a citizen of that country, and nothing less than that.  Whether or not the person ever actually does become a citizen is less relevant than the intent.  Someone who does not intend to become a citizen is an ALIEN, even if that person has permanent resident status.  By this definition, illegal aliens are not immigrants, because they do not intend to raise their right hand and swear allegiance to the United States of America, forsaking all other allegiances.  By this definition, immigrants, in moderation, are our friends, and should be considered to be on our side.  

However, by calling illegal aliens "immigrants," they mix the enemy with the ally in a single word, so that the debate on the subject becomes convoluted, and easy for the weasels to twist the argument to make us look bad.  When they succeed in this, WE LOSE!

A few weeks ago, I caught Rob Sanchez (author of the Job Destruction Newsletter) using the word "immigrant" in reference to a non-immigrant ALIEN!  I fired off a letter to him begging him to please be more careful in the future.  He wrote back admitting that he was guilty as charged, but promised not to cowtail to the PC demons in the future.  He went on to explain that he had considered using the term "non-immigrant," but he correctly feared that if he said that, very few people would know what that meant.

Newsflash... They don't WANT people to know what non-immigrant means!  It's up to US to tell people what it means.  I honestly believe that if the term non-immigrant alien guest worker were known in all households in the USA, then we might not even be having these little discussions because we would be too busy writing code for a living wage.

The American public feels sympathy for immigrants because they know that at some point they shared that label.  This is why the enemy wants to say "immigrant" in place of alien every chance they get.  DON'T LET THEM!!!

Don't let Vivek Wadshot get away with calling non-immigrant aliens "foreign born workers."  Don't let them get away with calling illegal aliens "immigrants."  And please don't let Wadshot get away with calling laid-off H-1B holders "displaced!"  I cannot stress enough how letting this kind of thing slid can kill us!

A call to arms:  Tell everyone you know what the term "non-immigrant" means.  Tell them that it means someone who wants to work here, and take from us, but doesn't want to join us!  Nobody will feel sorry for them if they understand this.  Nobody will think that bringing them here is a good idea of they understand this.  If are to ever get our jobs back, the American people must first understand these WORDS.

Taxi Driver - about to "celebrate" his 7th year as a taxi driver (following his 14 year career as a software engineer).

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United States Mike
December 20. 2009 04:37

The US grew and prospered mostly because it invented and created every new product and industry that rest of the world now enjoys. Where would India and China be without U.S. industries handed to them on a silver platter? Nowhere. They'd still be in the mud puddle. Only by transferring all of America's industries and inventions to the mud puddle can those people thrive. The rest of the world is "getting its act together" - by raping the U.S. of everything the U.S. worker has created.

Now that we have replaced evil whitey with the turd worlders, the world economy isn't doing so well is it? No new inventions or industries to come along in the 12 years since globalization started. Where are the new industries for America created by India and China. Globalization is the New World Communism. And like all communist systems, the econ has collapsed.

India & China are not pulling their weight in terms of creating new industries for the rest of the world. India has been taking taking taking for over a decade from the rest of the world and giving nothing back. They are all useless workers - all they know is they want want want - what other people have worked for.

Those "ignorant American workers" have the highest standing in the world - which is what this is really all about - can't have evil whitey having something mud puddlers don't have. Hence the wholesale giveaway of jobs and industries by America to barbarians in India and China.

Why don't you people actually try creating something new in your own countries instead of robbing others. If this robbery of productive countries continues, there won't be any economy left at all. It's high time we DEPORT all these faking Asian frauds from our clean country before they turn us all into open-defecators like they are.

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United States Non-IT Indian American
December 20. 2009 06:45
Non-IT Indian American

Designing/developing hygeine infrastructure should be the goal of the returnees. Coin-operated port-a-potties, any entrepreneur?

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United States Dalia
December 20. 2009 14:46

The real issue is the abuse of L1 and B1 visas by consulting/outsourcing companies (TCS, CTS, Satyam, Wipro, Patni.etc), and these folks get placed at the client site and work there for peanuts, hence displacing the job that could be performed by a local (resident/Citizen). Durbin and Grassley should open their eyes and amend their reform bill and add a clause saying that "L1 visa holders have to work only in their company premises, and cannot be rented out to work in a client location" & B1 visa holders cannot work at all!!! :-o

I was making $50/hour, and was replaced by a bloke from India who I heard was making 1000$/month for the same job as mine!

- A disgruntled resident alien who lost her job to a Cognizant (CTS) contractor.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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