tunnel rat posted on December 5, 2009 13:19

I've been following the goings on at our fellow insurgent's site, www.endh1b.com, concerning Apex Technology Group, a Desi bodyshop that is trying to intimidate that site by threatening harassing legal action so that the slumdogs that have been exposing Apex's shady activities can be exposed.

The admin at endh1b.com is doing the right thing by refusing to turn over I.P. logs and contact info of the people who posted these allegations:

... I would like to take this oppurtunity to highlight several aspect''s of the 9 page legal agreement which might be important for you. For example: 30 day termination notice or forget your last paycheck when you quit, If you join a company (including any level between you and Apex) then pay $35000 or face a law suit, $9000 for legal,training and guest services when you quit. $35000 if you quit in between a contract...etc. The legalities of the agreement are convoluted,complex and can/will be used against you if you displease Apex technology Group Inc. So once you sign that document you are at the mercy of the employer and much worse than a bonded labour in India. Apart from above, employees don''t receive their salary at the end of the month. It is usually received @ a random date in the following month, provided you are lucky. Else you would have to chase HR/Accounting to get your pay check. This process helps Apex technology group inc to hold back pay incase you choose to accept employment at another location. The most important aspect of your transaction''s with Apex Technology Group Inc is that they tell you one thing before you transfer your H1B to their consulting firm and then later do not stick to what they say(aka lies & cheating). In other words once you file/transfer your H1B to them you more or less become their slave and you will get entangled in thier web of lies and legal documents...

It is common knowledge amongst the Indian H-1B community (aka, "The Kennel") that Desi bodyshops exploit slumdogs and even threaten their families in India if they get out of line.  Once the slumdogs arrive, many find that the promised jobs at large American companies don't exist, and they are packed into guest quarters (aka, "doghouses") while the Desi bodyshop tries to pimp them out.  To get these indentured servants placed in jobs, a Desi bodyshop like Apex trolls for American resumes on sites Dice.com, and then copies the skill set onto the C.V. of newly arrived slumdog.  Some bodyshops put the H-1Bs to work cold-calling potential clients and hustling American techies for leads and resume fodder.

I've been doing some Googleing of Apex, and found out some interesting stuff.  The profiles they have on LinkedIn make them appear to be a pack of gangsters.  Wifey and I watched "Slumdog Millionaire" last week, and I can't help but be struck by the similarity of the thugs in that movie and the goons at Apex.  BTW, "Slumdog Millionaire" is an excellent movie.  A great story, and an appalling expose of the sewer that is India.  Of course the victims in that movie, the kids from the slums, were Muslim Indians.  The portrayal of the oppressive upper-caste Hindus was not very flattering -- it shows them attacking and burning innocent slumdwellers.  Now I can understand why Hindus are so upset about the term "slumdog" -- it refers to the lower-castes and the Muslims who by fate are victims of the facist Hindu regime.

Now, I can safely assume that Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, aka "Shawn Gibson" and the rest of the creeps at Apex are upper-caste Hindu thugs.  Just look at their pictures from LinkedIn:



So the question we have to ask ourselves is:



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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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