The last we heard, our fellow insurgents were getting threatening emails from a one Patrick Papalia, Esq. of the law firm Herten, Burstein, Sheridan, Cevasco, Bottinelli, Litt & Harz, LLC, who appears to be representing the Desi douchebags at notorious bodyshop Apex Technology Group:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please provide me with the name of your lawyer and law firm. This is a serious matter and the false, tortious and defamatory statements you have made as to Apex will not go unaddressed. Any further unlawful action at this time by you will further expose you to punitive damages for your intentional and malicious conduct in any ensuing litigation.

Patrick Papalia, Esq.


Judging by his online profile, Patrick Papalia appears to be more suited for defending clients in the "sanitation" industry, if you know what I mean. 


But corrupt Desi bodyshops like Apex are not far removed from that industry, so they are a good source of income for folks like Mr. Papalia, Esq.


The admin at had a good response to Mr. Desi Doucebag Lawyer, and it revealed that many of Apex's clients got TARP funds.  Yep, this is how B of A, etc. get around TARP restrictions and hire slumdogs -- they go through bodyshops like Apex.  And WTF is the NBA doing hiring slumdogs?



We need to get to the bottom of this, people.  If you work at anyone of these firms mentioned in this email to Mr. Papalia, Esq., please provide us with some info on who is responsible for using contractors from Apex.  We want to make life hell for those collaborators:


Mr. Papalia,

Sorry, we are not some exploited visa workers that take your threats seriously.  Our organization knows that you are in the business of intimidating the H-1B workers who Apex has sponsored and abused by sending them phony legal threats.  And I have evidence that Apex threatens the families in India of visa workers who dare to expose the labor violations and visa fraud committed by Apex.

You are complicate in human trafficking and have now encountered an adversary that is more than happy to engage in a public battle over the practices of bodyshops like Apex and predatory law firms like yours.

Be prepared to account for your actions and the actions of your client in the court of public opinion.  We have contacted the media and groups like Programmer's Guild, WashTech, the Communications Workers Of America, Numbers USA, Bright Future Jobs and FAIR.

Together we are talking about tens of thousands of I.T. workers that can donate funds and resources to take on thugs like you and your illiterate client.  You and I both know that there are no "unlawful and disparaging publications" and your case has no merit.  The only thing we have ever published is a comment from another website.

But it is useful for our cause -- to expose the high-tech slave trade that you profit from and the bullying tactics of agencies like Apex that have helped displace millions of American tech workers.  And we have more information from other victims of Apex, and will decimate that when the time comes.

As for your client, you should counsel them not to pick a fight with well-funded groups who are not afraid of their tactics.  They picked this fight, not  And because of that, our organization is preparing to share this entire dialogue with all the alleged "clients" of Apex.  Once we begin our protest, it is highly unlikely these companies will want to do business with a firm engaged in such sordid tactics:

# AIG Insurance

# Ajilon

# All State Insurance

# Alliance Consulting

# Ameriprise Financial

# Avon

# AT&T

# AXA Financial, Inc.

# Bank of America

# Bank of New York

# Barclays Capital

# Blue Cross Blue Shield

# BMW North America

# Brown Brothers Harriman

# Bunge

# Capital One

# Cingular Wireless

# Cognizant Technology Solutions

# Comcast

# Commerce Bank

# Comsys

# CooperVision

# Country Wide Insurance

# Credit Suisse

# Doreen Evans Associates

# Dow Jones

# Eliassen Group

# emc


# Fannie Mae

# Fairleigh Dickinson University

# Fidelity Investments

# Goldman Sachs

# Heinz

# Helios & Matheson


# JP Morgan Chase

# Kforce Technology Staffing


# Loews Corporation

# McGraw Hill

# Medco

# Mercer

# Merck

# Merrill Lynch

# MetLife

# Miami Dade County

# Microsoft Corportation

# Modis IT

# Moody's Investors Service

# National Basketball Association

# National City Corporation

# Nationwide Insurance

# New York Stock Exchange

# Optical Research Associates

# Pfizer, Inc

# Price Waterhouse Coopers

# Sapphire Technologies

# Scanbuy

# Schering Plough

# Siemens Health Services

# State Street

# Sun Microsystems

# Sun Trust Bank

# Tek Systems

# The Hartford

# Thompson Reuters



# United Healthcare

# Verizon Wireless

# Wells Fargo

# Willkie Farr & Gallagher





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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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