Geez, Desis are so fuckin' dumb. I'm talking about the ones that showed up here in the last few years and write at a 3rd grade level and think that they can bully and harass the locals. Are all you curry-scented scumbags dumb, delusional, or both? 

Take for instance this cow-urine drinker from Apex Technology Group that is harassing our fellow insurgents at  After that site posted a testimonial from that forum for H-1B horror stories,, the Desi douchebag at Apex thought that he could start threating legal action and get to not only remove the post, but reveal the identity of the slumdog that was victimized by that bodyshop.  The post at issue was on Desicrunch but has since been removed (after Apex threatened to kill the owner of Desicrunch, rape his wife, and throw acid in the face of his children, allegedly), but is available on :


Fraud,cheating,lies and legal agreement @ Apex Technology Group Inc This information is being mailed to you as a reply to your post regarding fraud @ Apex Technology Group Inc ( Please find the employment agreement letter, which I received after I started working for Apex at a client location. None of the terms were part of the initial agreement between me and Apex Technology Group Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight several aspect''s of the 9 page legal agreement which might be important for you. For example: 30 day termination notice or forget your last paycheck when you quit, If you join a company (including any level between you and Apex) then pay $35000 or face a law suit, $9000 for legal,training and guest services when you quit. $35000 if you quit in between a contract...etc. The legalities of the agreement are convoluted,complex and can/will be used against you if you displease Apex technology Group Inc. So once you sign that document you are at the mercy of the employer and much worse than a bonded labour in India. Apart from above, employees don''t receive their salary at the end of the month. It is usually received @ a random date in the following month, provided you are lucky. Else you would have to chase HR/Accounting to get your pay check. This process helps Apex technology group inc to hold back pay incase you choose to accept employment at another location. The most important aspect of your transaction''s with Apex Technology Group Inc is that they tell you one thing before you transfer your H1B to their consulting firm and then later do not stick to what they say(aka lies & cheating). In other words once you file/transfer your H1B to them you more or less become their slave and you will get entangled in their web of lies and legal documents. They run the company, they are very unprofessional and treat employees ...


Yesterday, the administrator at received this Hinglish email from a "Shawn Gibson" with nebulous threats of legal action:


Dear Sir or Madam;

On 11/23/2009 Apex Technology Group, Inc.  came to an attention about your website which provided artificial and untruthful statement to the public which can't even confirmed by this specific individuals who claim himself as Mr. Pankaj Jain and is defaming Apex Technology Group reputation in many other websites which are currently cooperating with our Attorney. I would like to bring this to you attention that our Attorney has went forward with legal proceedings against this culprit. As per you if owner is not responsible for the information posted on this website has full right to remove the article requested by Apex TGI.

I am disappointed because your services didn't  check the authenticity of the person who posted our legal document which has defamed our Apex Technology Group's image and could lead to heavy losses to the revenue which has reputation and been in the business since 2001. To further minimizing the damage to Apex Technology Group's reputation I purpose you remove the article linked to your website. I further request you to provide us the contact details of the individual who posted this legal agreement without permission since we are the copyright owner of the legal document. We request that you investigate the substance of our complaint, and provide us with the contact details of the individual in fault, pursuant to Section 512(f) of the DMCA, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability, as suggested in your website, if these allegation are found valid. Please respond to us in writing.

To resolve the problem I would appreciate and require you to take the action to remove the link attached below:

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. I will wait till 12/04/2009 before arranging for the matter to be removed from your website by a third party (Company's Attorney) at your cost or seeking help from Consumer Protection Agency. Please feel free to reach me for any further inquiries at the contact information below.

Thanks and Regards

Shawn Gibson
HR/Legal Department
Apex Technology Group Inc.

2 Kilmer Road., Suite# C
Edison, NJ 08817

Tel: (732) 572-1800
Direct: (732) 964-1300
Fax: (732) 572-7900





Well, fuck you very much, "Shawn."  First off this is nothing more than an Indian's attempt at thuggery, the kind practiced in India.  There is clearly no obligation for to remove the post, much less help Apex track down a one "Mr. Pankaj Jain" so that his family can be attacked by the agents of Apex in India.  This is not surprising -- Indians are some of the dumbest, most delusional creeps that have ever walked the face of the earth, and the Desi bodyshop owner is in a class of its own.  Even the Indians hate them. 

But this maderchad, "Shawn" has made the mistake of fucking with the wrong people.  The folks over at published his threats in their newsletter, which goes out to thousands of I.T. professionals, and hundreds of media personalities, not to mention a few federal agencies like the USCIS, DOL, and DOJ.  Apex also happened to get a copy of the newsletter in their inbox, and here was their response:


Dear Sir or Madam;


Our email was not to threat your organization instead a request to cooperate with us to guide us through a process in which we could reach out to the individual who has been harassing and defaming our companies reputation by posting wrong information on the other websites. Our company has been in good standing from the day 1 it started. Again I would really appreciate if you could come out with a feedback on this issue. Looking forward to hear from you.



Ah, so talk about getting a "Company's attorney at your cost" was not a threat, just an attempt to track down a disobedient slumdog.  This "Shawn" guy is one sick fuck.  My research into Apex revealed the following:

a.  2 Kilmer Rd, Edison N.J., the address of "Shawn", appears to be either a dumpy apartment above a seedy dinner, or a farmer's market.

b.  Apex appears to have a history of human trafficking and visa fraud:


This employer filed numerous Labor applications before retrogression with all the resumes from Internet; some without the candidates signature. He has been selling those pre-approved labors to people who approach him; above all when approached for some employee references, he boasted of 1 million turnover etc., but never gave a single employee reference. It looks like these guys are into squeezing your $$s with the lure of green card. BEWARE!!!

c.  According to LinkedIn, they have 9 employees, one with the name of "Waiting Opportunity" but no one with the name of "Shawn Gibson"


At last word, the folks over at had pretty much told "Shawn Gibson" to go take a flying fuck:


Mr./Ms. Gibson:

I doubt that your name is Shawn Gibson.  You sound like an Indian who is trying to intimidate American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.  We are not in the business of helping exploitative Desi bodyshops target their H-1B victims for harassment, retribution, or violence.


Since you are not a U.S. citizen, you have no standing and your empty threats will be ignored.  We have already contacted the USCIS to investigate your firm.  And this newsletter goes out to thousands of executives in the I.T. industry and hundreds of media contacts.  Be prepared to answer some questions from the feds and the press.


BTW, one of the members of our organization is Business Week writer Steve Hamm and he has received this newsletter.  You may be familiar with him -- he wrote this cover story:


America's High-Tech Sweatshops

U.S. companies may be contributing unwittingly to the exploitation of workers imported from India and elsewhere by tech-services outfits




Comments (7) -

United States gander
December 2. 2009 12:07

wow... Also, can you please find out names of all the owners of such type of companies? Including any sister or subsidiary company they own or operate under in the United States or in India. People could be hiding behind these company names. All information should be sent to SEC, client names that these body shops have put on their web sites, Feds, IRS, etc..

great jon

no site

United States madness
December 2. 2009 12:14

what a shame! Worse than Mexican labor. Sounds similar to child/human trafficking/prostitution series that I watched on MSNBC sometime back.

Do me a favor send this story to MSNBC and see if they would like to cover it! Also, try BBC, CNN, FOX and other major networks.

what a shame!!  

no site

United States Mike
December 2. 2009 15:41

There is nothing more amusing than an slumdog making a threat and not even being able to do it using correct English. Funny how they ALWAYS back down instanty when you challenge them. They think all Americans are stupid and can be talked down to.

no site

United States Arrow
December 2. 2009 21:20

Funny Slumdog Sweatshops crying over defamation - Seriously they deserve to be hurt as badly as possible.. These cunts scour rural india for gullible takers, give them fat promises and liberally explooit them here in USA. Among other Cunt companies

INFINITE ( Infinite Cheating Solutions)
JeanMartin (Mean Fartin)
R Systems ( Run by a towelheaded cunt)

no site

United States Taxi Driver
December 2. 2009 22:57
Taxi Driver

     Evidently, the law of defamation is slightly different in India than it is here.  The tone of "Shawn's" letter seemed to labor under the assumption that in a lawsuit for defamation, it is the responsibility of the defendant to prove the truth of the material alleged to be defamatory.  In fact, most state laws providing a rememdy for defamation "suggest" agreement with this stance.  Back in the day, the state courts took the "suggestion" of the state legislatures and required that in order to defend against an action for defamation, the defendant would have to prove the truth of the statement in order to avoid judgment against him.

     But that was then, this is now, and this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  In the line of FEDERAL cases starting with New York Times v. Sullivan (c. 1964), et al., the rule in the United States was changed (well, clarified under the First Amendment) such that it is up to the *plaintiff* to prove that the alleged defamation is *false.*

     So, it seems that "Shawn" and possibly his attorney (if the cheapskate really bothered to shell out the money instead of idly bluffing), don't know what they are talking about.  The federal first amendment rule is that "erroneous" statement is protected.  If the plaintiff can prove the statement false, THEN he has the uphill battle of having to prove that the publisher should have known that it was false.  That is significant because "republishing" an already published statement does not extend liability to the republisher, if it's acknowledged as a republication of someone else's statement, will full credit given to the original speaker.  

     For example, say the API issued a defamatory statement about John Doe.  Then the Boston Herald printed the story, beginning with the expression "API - ...".  The Boston herald is indemnified from liability for defamation because they truthfully republished a story from the API newswire with full credit given to the source.  In other words, what the Boston Herald hypothetically did was to truthfully report: "The API said this..."  Thus, nothing can be proved false against the Boston Herald.

    If the posting is anonymous, and given credit as such, then the reader can consider the source in deeming how much credibility to give the allegedly defamatory statement.

    Bottom line:  so long as full credit is given to the source of the story, and the story was already published (even on a myspace page), then there isn't a damn thing that Mr. "Shawn" Hinglish can do (aside from bitch, moan, and make idle threats) unless he can prove that published with full knowledge that the story was false.  Fat chance of that.

Taxi Driver

no site

United States john
December 3. 2009 05:07

Nobody backs down unless they know everything they do is illegal.

Nobody is above law, I would really like to see owners of these companies behind bars alongwith hefty fines and media coverage so that people will think twice before exploiting labor.    

no site

December 3. 2009 08:19
Tunnel Rut

Taxi Driver:

Awesome analysis.  I was just reading about Sullivan in the Weekly Standard.

This is thuggery, pure and simple.  They thought was one of those sites like Desicrunch or Goolti where slumdogs went to share intel on the corrupt bodyshops, and thought that they could use their sordid tactics on that forum.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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